Death Note Anime

Death Note features a “Death Note” – it’s a notebook where a Shinigami writes the name of the person who is about to die. Simply put, when your name is written on this note, you’re dead.

Can you imagine what happens when this kind of notebook gets into the hands of a human? You immediately got pumped up right? And excited to watch this anime series. This is the main reason why Death Note Anime is very popular. Plus, it has interesting characters making it more interesting. These people are Light and L. Kira is the wanna God who wants to get rid of all evil in the world regardless of how it’s done. L is the best detective in the world and aims to stop anyone who does something wrong in general especially when it involves the death of a lot of people.

With this kind of notebook and if its true, it can definitely create a new world where people would be afraid to do evil or else their name will be written in the note. However, human as we are, it will certainly be used the wrong way to some extent. There is a reason why it was given to shinigamis and not to humans.

If you love an anime that keeps you thinking of one episode to the next. This is the anime series you are looking for.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is the next big series of the Naruto Anime where Naruto came back to Konoha after leaving for training for about 2 and a half year. His training was fueled by his desire to become stronger and become more competent in protecting the people he loved. In this series, one of the main protagonists is a group called Akatsuki.

Of course, since 2 years had passed, Naruto is now a bit different physically, but he is still childish and wild. The good part is he definitely became stronger and is now more confident that he can protect his friends and everyone in their village. Regardless who the enemy is, Naruto would certainly carry the fight to them especially when they threaten his friends. And of course, his desire to be the next Hokage never faded.

The main goal of Naruto aside from protecting his friend is saving one of his best friend Uchiha Sasuke. He believes that when he gets stronger, the more he has the chance to rescue Sasuke. Though Naruto became stronger, the enemies also have become more dangerous and stronger as well. This only means that Naruto is up for a big fight if he wants to accomplish his goals.



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