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Whoooaaa! You're actually reading a website description?! We'll it can't be helped right?  How can anyone resist not knowing the humble beginnings of this awesome website.  To start with, Source-Anime is a collaboration of two brothers who share the same strong passion towards Anime.  It started way back in the 90's when Dragonball Z and Yuyu Hakusho occupied the center stage.  Those were the exciting days when we rush back home every afternoon just to reach it in time before our favorite anime series is aired.  I'm pretty sure you can relate to this gem-like childhood experience!  Check out our reviews, lists, news, and other cool contents about the latest and hottest anime series today!

If you just done watching the final episode of the anime series you've been hooked to and is hungry for more anime entertainment, spend some time with us and who knows you might find something interesting.  Who else would share the experience and fun of anime than fellow otakus right?  See you in the comment section!

And by the way, leaving a LIKE or SHARING our ANIME LOVE won't be so hard right? PEACE!


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