Top 10 Hottest Female Anime Characters of all Time [Updated]

The anime world is filled with anime girls who are not only pretty but hot as well. In this article, we list down our choice for hottest female anime characters of all time who do not only have big boobs but those who are beautiful as well.  If your choice is not on this list, comment below.

1. Yuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Yuki is not your typical wife material.  She may look meek and silent but she knows how to be aggressive and brave if the situation demands.  She never fails to carry herself elegantly even during fierce battles against corrupt players or wild monsters.  But probably the single trait that made Asuna stand out among the many gorgeous female anime characters is her innocence.

She forgives easily and gives her full trust in people instinctively.  It may seem like a naïve thing to do but these acts of kindness only proves how warm and beautiful her heart is.

2. Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

At first glance, Orihime is a plain and shy High School girl.  She is sweet towards her friends and has a mother-like aura surrounding her. She can see ghosts and also has the ability to use spiritual powers.  In particular, she can use spirits to heal people.

3. Nami (One Piece)

Nami is a member of the Straw Hat pirates. She is slender and slim with an orange hair. Looking at her overall physical attributes, you can say that she is pretty attractive and beautiful. Oftentimes, she wears just a bra for her top paired with pants or skirt. Her big breasts can easily be noticed.




4. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

One of the main protagonist of the anime series Fairy Tail. She has a curvaceous body with big butt and large boobs. She wears different clothes and most of the time its a mini shirt and the upper dress shows off her big breasts.

5. Mirajane (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane is not only alluring but very beautiful as well which is the main reason why she is a model of a Sorcerer Magazine. She has a long white hair, slim curvy body, and a captivating eye. You would usually find her having a friendly conversation with others which shows she is able to mingle effectively with anyone.

6. Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)

One day, you find yourself running away from a horde of zombies.  You are cornered and already given up on finding an escape route, when the zombie who is about to pounce you instantly got beheaded.  The person in front of you is not a zombie but a pretty and sexy woman wearing a Japanese High School uniform.  Would this be an ideal scene for “love at first sight”?  No? How about if I say that her name is Saeko Busujima from the anime series High School of the Dead?  This gorgeous female anime protagonist has both the body and sword skills to leave any man in awe.  She is undeniably the perfect anime girlfriend during a zombie apocalypse. Thus, earning her sport on this list of hottest female anime characters of all time


7. Rias Gremory (High-School-DxD)

Rias Gremory is the main girl character in High School DxD. Though she is just a first-year college student, she already has very healthy, bouncy and very big boobs.  She is often seen wearing their sexy school uniform. Her long red hair and blue eyes add to her beauty and distinctive feature.  She is the kind of person who doesn’t want to see cruelty towards other people.


8. Nico Robin (One Piece)

Do you appreciate historical events and artifacts?  Are you among the few who would rather shut in a library reading interesting facts about ancient civilizations than partying with your friends all night?  If you answered yes to these questions, then Nico Robin is surely your perfect anime girl partner.  She is a member of the Straw Hat pirates in the anime One Piece.  She is mysterious and very knowledgeable about history.  Nico Robin craves for knowledge and new discoveries and the two of you can pair up to explore the unknown and enlighten everyone about the hidden secrets of our past.



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9. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza is one of the strongest characters in the anime Fairy Tail. She is an S-class Mage with the ability to easily change armor and weapons depending on the situation. Her strict personality is one of the reasons why he is feared by most of the members of the same guild. However, as you know her character more, you’ll find out that she is not only sexy but cool, warm and a person full of passion that you could easily get along with.

10. Tsunade Senju (Naruto)

Tsunade’s name should be mentioned if we talk about the hottest anime girls.  She boasts a mountainous pair who bewilders almost every man that crosses her path.  There’s also a secret charm to her smirk and gestures that easily turns on men and turn them to hungry wolves teeming with sexual desires.  But don’t underestimate her during a fight just because of her ladylike features.  She can land a destructive punch enough to level huge boulders.  Having Tsunade as your girlfriend is a privilege, not just because she is a previous Hokage of Konoha but because she is the embodiment of a strong and compassionate woman.


Other Hot Girl Anime Characters Worth Mentioning


Ikaros is basically an angel who fell from the sky in the anime series Sora No Otoshimono.  She treats Tomoki, the one who saved her from the incident, as her master.   Normally, she is just a simple girl with short blonde hair and a pair of angel wings but her personality would turn upside down once Tomoki is in danger.  She is overly protective towards her master and would even destroy and kill anyone in her path in securing her master’s safety.  I know some of you might be turned off to this since an obsessive anime girlfriend is the last thing you would want to wish for after a hard breakup but Ikaros might be the only exemption.  Her intentions are pure to the point that there’s no argument about here selfless personality which makes her overprotective stunts very adorable.


C.C. is a female anime character from the series titled Code Geass.  She turned out emotionless after her memories were taken away.  Knowing this, it might seem a bad idea to have her as a girlfriend.  Nevertheless, I can assure you that there is more to her than being apathetic.  First, she loves pizza. Unlike usual hot anime girls who would avoid extra calories to maintain their sexy figure, C.C. doesn’t care and is always willing to indulge on several slices of pizza every day.  Second, she can stand on her own and might even be the one protecting you at times of trouble.  Although this might threaten your manhood, worry not since it’s just normal for an immortal and skilled warrior to be better than you at fighting.  Lastly, C.C. is loyal and caring.  She may not directly show it but her actions are enough to prove that she would do anything for the people she cares about.


Elizabeth  (The 7 Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth is the main reason why the famous 7 deadly sins group was reunited. Her main goal is to save the kingdom that her father ruled. She is very sexy physically which is highlighted by her sexy dress. She has big boobs, long hair, long legs and expressive eyes.

Hestia – is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

Hestia accepted Bell Cranel as part of her familia during the time when Bell was desperate to belong to a certain family. Even though she seems to be selfish and wants Bell all by herself, she is actually a nice and loving goddess and sees the good of everyone. She looks really cute and sexy in her outfit where her cleavage seems to burst at any time. She may be small but she is well gifted with big breasts.

Aiz Wallenstein (is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon)

Aiz Wallenstein is known to as the ‘Sword Princess’. This is not surprising due to her high level of sword skills. She was able to defeat very strong monsters even when she was still a Level 1 adventurer. She looks sexy especially when her clothes are torn apart during fights with monsters where about 60% of her breast is already seen. Her big breasts and sexy dress is also something that you would easily notice.

Esdeath – Aka Mega Kill

Esdeath is undeniably the strongest among the generals in their kingdom. She is the main reason why the Night Raids are having a hard time overthrowing the people who rule the kingdom. When it comes to her looks, she is beautiful, tall, slender and generally has a sexy boxy. She is usually seen in a general’s outfit. Her breasts are exaggeratedly big making her someone men would easily adore and fantasize for.


This list of hot anime characters female will not be complete without someone who is not just sexy but strong  as well in terms of character. It’s every man’s dream to be the knight in shining armor for a princess in distress.  Yona from the anime Akatsuki no Yona might help you turn it into reality.  She is a princess who is on a journey to reclaim her kingdom.  Yona is not a fighter so it’s up to you to protect her from forces who want to completely eliminate their family’s blood line.

You may want to study martial arts before thinking about being her boyfriend.  Is it worth the time and bruises? It definitely is since Yona is not your average princess.  She might be selfish and idealistic at times but she is also honest and kind. More importantly, Yona genuinely cares for her friends and would take any length to guarantee their safety.  No sane man could say no to that!


Stephanie Dola

This cute girl is the granddaughter of a king.  You might conclude that she is like an arrogant noble after knowing this trivia but it’s the other way around.  Stephanie is emotional and kind.  However, she easily angers if someone talk bad things toward her grandfather.  Having her, a loving granddaughter as a girlfriend is surely something to look forward to.  She would cherish you more than anything else and would constantly remind you of her honest feelings. But that’s not Stephanie’s most endearing trait.  It’s her kind heart.  She is good at mediating conflicts and in finding peaceful solutions to even the most impossible situation.

Haruhi Fujioka

Are you turned on to boyish girls?  Do you prefer having a girlfriend who can also be your gaming buddy and basketball teammate?  Then you should get to know Haruhi Fujuioka from the anime Ouran High School Host Club.  She is a determined, intelligent, and highly resourceful girl.  Nothing can stop her in getting what she really wants.  Haruhi proved it by posing as the opposite gender just to attend an infamous all-boy school.  Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a relationship with such kind of girl?  She can understand your needs as a man and will be willing to make compromises just to make sure you are satisfied and happy.  She may not have the body to be considered a hot anime girl but she has a glowing personality that is more than enough to overshadow what she lacks.

Itching to start a relationship with any of the super hot anime girls mentioned in this list?  Hit the brakes for a bit since you should first check your schedule before watching any of them in their respective anime series.  Anime shows are designed to be addictive so you may want more spare time before embarking your journey as a new fan.  And if by chance you stumble upon an anime girl worthy to be a part of this list, don’t be shy to leave a comment below describing her and the reason why she can overthrow the ones already featured. Share this as well to spread the anime virus among your family and friends!

If you are intimidated with hot girls, why not check out some simple yet pretty anime girls.

Top Anime Like Overlord

Overlord anime is growing in popularity today so if you are already finished with watching season 1 and season 2 episodes and wanted to watch an anime with resemblance, this is the page you are looking for. This page will contain the top anime like overlord and we will do our best to keep this updated when a new one comes up. This is just a recommendation so you are free to watch which anime show you want to try watching.
There are actually a lot of anime identical to Overlord and this list recommends the best ones. Due to the growing popularity of anime like rpg, Overlord is also a popular option for fanatics these days. Aside from this fact, most of the characters of Overlord are very interesting. And to name a few we have Sebas, Demiurge and Cocytus.

1. Log Horizon




Log Horizon and Overlord are closely similar mainly because both the protagonist and other characters in the anime series are transferred and stuck in a role-playing game RPG. They do not know and could not explain how they end up being inside the game. Much more how to get out from their current world. Both the main characters are overpowered OP, but I think Ainz Gowl of Overlord is more OP.Though Shiroe of Log Horizon is also powerful, there are also other characters closely as powerful as he is. In overlord, so far the original community in the game is not that much of a threat. But in Log Horizon, the established community already is a threat to the good guys in the anime series.
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Though these 2 anime series are closely the same, there are also differences. So far, in Overlord the main protagonist is the only known person transported to the game while on Log Horizon many players were stuck. There is also a big difference in the plot as Ainz Gowl wanted to stay in the game as he does not have any reason to go back to reality as he thinks life n the real world is boring. For Log horizon players, they are doing their best to stay safe, alive with hopes of going back to the real world soon in the guidance of the main character Shiroe.

2. Sword Art Online



Sword Art Online is on top of this list mainly because both the main characters are stuck in the MMORPG game they are played. We can also say that both protagonists are overpowered due to their significant familiarity with the game aside from the skill and power they have. In Overlord only one player, the protagonist was stuck in the game while in Sword Art Online, there were many.  They are currently logged in when something happened in the game and their log out button suddenly became inaccessible.


The big difference with SAO is the fact that what happens in the game also happens in reality. When you die in the game, you end up dying in the real world as well. As to how this happens, it would be best that you watch the anime series. So this means that all players in SAO are doing their best to complete the game in order to get out while making sure that they survive.
If you think about it and you are an MMORPG player as well, this would be same how difficult especially for those who play the role of tanks right?


Personally, after I watched the first episode of this anime series, it only took me several days to finish the whole season 1. It's how interesting this anime is so I highly suggest you check it out.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime


One of the biggest anime like overlord in 2018 is That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime. As the title suggests, this anime is about the story of a man named Satoru Mikami who got kiled and was reincarnated in another world as a slime. It is definitely among the top anime like overlord due to the nature of its story and the OP main character. The only difference is that the main character here did not start as the strongest. He slowly climbed to the top using his abilities as a slime and his personality.

Amidst all te difficulties he experienced as a slime like being unable to talk and see, he was still able to mange on his own until he met some friends. What I liked most about this anime aside from the action scenes is its unique story. I could not remember a part of this anime that i got bored. Everything was just exciting similar to Overlord.

Animation and sounds in this anime series is excellent. You will certainly appreciate the character designs and all the action scenes.

4. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri



Though Gate and Overlord are matching when it comes to the fact that people from real world are going to another virtual or different world, there is a big difference. This is the fact that the whole concept of Gate is not in a game. Again, they are still similar due to the fact that main characters enter a different world. In Gate Anime, this is done through a big gate that suddenly appeared in Japan. This gate leads to another world which is connected to a different time or civilization. The main concept of the anime is solving political issues which also happens on any RPG. In both anime series, there are other creatures aside from people like elves, monsters, dragons, a devil, and others.
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My main opinion Gate Anime is that it offers a different type of anime series because two different worlds suddenly became connected where people from the modern world enters the other world where guns and technology yet did not exist. The same thing as with the other characters in the other world, they were able to enter the modern world and are surprised by the things they see and discover. It's a fun anime series and light but when the battle starts, it's really good to watch.

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Another anime similar to overlord is The Rising of the Shield Hero. This anime has a story that a lot of Otaku would like to experience. An otaku in the name of Naofumi Iwatani found himself in another world. The surprise did not end there, since he became one of the four legendary heroes in that new world.
One unfortunate thing though is that his weapon is a shield which does not have an offensive ability. This is the reason he got a slave - Raphtalia who could provide the offense he needs.
In this anime, you will find the protagonist doing most defensive fight style to protect his comrades.  This makes the anime unique since you dont see the usual where enemies immediately get defeated by swords of the protgonist.

6. No Game No Life



When anime fans talk about similar anime to overlord, most probabyly someone would mention No Game No Life. Did it come into your mind that a fictional world would be better than the real world? Well, if you are too bored and doesn't have many things to do in life, this might come into your mind. In the anime, No Game No Life, 2 siblings (Sora and Shiro) were suddenly transported into a different world - more like a gaming world. This fact makes it similar to Overlord. These 2 immediately had an advantage as they are pretty much good when it comes to playing games online. They do it better than interacting with other people in real life. And since the world is about gaming, these 2 good excited and feel in love with the new place.
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If you are looking for an anime series with a comedy value, this is it. Plus, it does not have the high degree of violence, unlike Overlord. And above all, the animation was well created. You will see that there was an effort in making the animation - from the background, characters to fights screens. A lot of reviews say good stuff about this anime saying the hype is real and most of them immediately got hooked when they watched the first few episodes.


An obvious thing that is common in No Game No Life is the impeccable fanservice. You'll understand when you watch it. The same as with other anime series like Overlord, this one is also set in a mysterious world where gaming settles everything. It highlights strategic game play plus comedy making it good to watch for online gamers.


7. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash



The story is about some teenagers who were transported to the fantasy/different world which resembles the environment of a video game. This is the main reason it earned its spot on this list. If you have already done some research and found out about this anime, you would have probably read some negative comments. But, I would like to remind you that every one of us is different and to some, this might not satisfy, but to others, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is excellent to watch. You do have to lower your expectations when it comes to fights scenes since it is not as fast paced as other anime series like SAO.

Watch Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash in DVD/Blu-ray Now!

Most of the main characters for me looks cool and you can easily relate to their characters and their experience, especially considering that they suddenly appeared to the new world. The overall idea for me with this anime is the development of the individual characters. How they cope up and adapt to their current conditions and everything in between trying to live in a different world and discovering their own strengths and weaknesses which is somehow the same in the real world but just in a different environment or perspective. Thus, you have to prepare yourself for this anime has the high chance of getting to your emotions.

I also would like to mention that I give a 5 star to the overall design and animation of this anime series. The feel is very new and you'll see that the scenes were greatly produced which you will surely appreciate.


8. Re:Zero



Another overlord like anime that is really popular is Re:Zero. This anime series fits this list because the setting is in a fantasy world where you would usually see the environment in bright colors, the use of magic, fighting knights and more. And one person was suddenly transported to this world. The unique thing is that the main character has to constantly die to figure out has to go through with certain situations. Unlike other anime series like Overlord, the main characters do not die, mainly because they are just very powerful or they want to survive because dying would be the end of them. Here, the main character dies and then resurrected. Making it more like a game where one can just get started again when its Game Over.

One thing that you have to watch out is the lots of blood in this anime due to the killings, especially on moments when someone is about to die. If you are OK with this, like what you see in Tokyo Ghoul, then this is fine. But, if you think it's too gross, then you're better off trying out other series. Additionally, it will come to a point where it becomes irritating seeing the main character die and be brought to life again. Still, the anime is great to watch due to the fight scenes and what the main character has to experience and endure.

New Anime like Overlord

Now if you are looking for some new anime like Overlord to start watching here are three anime shows that you might want to consider.

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

The main character of this anime is Takuma Sakamoto also known as Diablo in the new world. He is an elite gamer in the real world that is why being in a new world where there are skills and powers is not new to him. Plus, lucky for him he woke up in the body of a powerful MMO character which of course is a big relief and advantage.

One thing I noticed about this anime is how crazily powerful Diablo is. It's similar to Overlord because the main character wakes up in their favorite video game. One admirable thing about this anime is it was able to apply the good sites of the other Isekai anime like Log Horizon, Gate and Overlord. 

You'll enjoy this anime more because of its nice animation. And the character details are also well done.

Demon Lord, Retry!

This anime follows the story of Akira who is a game manager. He was transported to the game he is playing in his character Demon Lord Kunai. And in the story, since the fact that he is a Demon Lord, he easily attracts enemies trying to defeat him. Good thing he meets a girl Aku, which would help him in his journey.

The main reasons to watch this anime is its touch of Adventure and the nice action scenes. And as mentioned earlier, as the main character attracts enemies, expect a lot of great action scenes to happen.

Seven Senses of the Re'Union

This anime is the story of six gamers where one of them died in the game and real life. After several years, something happened that led to their reunion. 

One thing I liked about this anime is its unique story. And since it's more centered about friendly of six people, the story is overall heartwarming making it worth your while. And of course, anyone who is a fan of MMORPG would certainly like this.

Anime like Overlord and Slime

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

A programmer somehow ended up in a game world where he is currently in level 1. He is in for an adventure where he will eventually learn a lot from this new world and his level would slowly progress. And of course, he will meet and be accompanied by wonderful characters like a blonde haired elf girl and some beast girls.
This anime is similar to Overlord and Slime mainly because its Isekai and the main characters are OP. The main character Suzuki, Ichirou started in Level 1 but easily got to higher level and learned about the new world quite naturally.

Anime Like Sao and Overlord

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?



Even with the title itself, you will immediately know that it will have an RPG concept in it due to the word Dungeon. However, the title itself is way too long and it simply doesn't help in selling to the anime enthusiasts. Let's be real, most of the time, we decide which anime show to watch through the title and with a title like this, you most likely would turn to a different option. However, when you seek for an anime that is close to Overlord, this is still a good option.

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The story revolves around Bell and his goal to become stronger and reach higher level in the fantasy world he is currently in. He doesn't feel trapped in this game like world, but instead, he tried to live in it. The same as in a game, this anime involves learning skills, getting items, increasing stats and leveling up which means you become stronger than your previous state.


Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? anime has a lot of good fight scenes so you will most probably enjoy it if you like action. The characters are also fun to watch so you'll easily fall in love with the main characters.  And contrary to what the title might convey, the main character doesn't have any plan of picking up girls in a dungeon. He's a nice person which might be the reason why the main girl characters in the anime would fall for him.
What makes this anime like SAO is that the main character has a lot of potentials and leveling is not a problem with them. The overlord part of this anime is the fact that it's Isekai.


Overlord Similar Anime Worth Mentioning

Knight's & Magic

This is generally an action fantasy anime. The main reason why it is similar to Overlord is that something happened to the main character and somehow he ended up in a different world or kingdom. The title somehow describes what the anime is all about, knights in the form of MECHAs (gigantic machines/robots) and magic since people in this world can use magic and the main characters is also great at it too due to what he does in the real world. Magics can be used to create weapons and a lot of stuff. In general, animation and music is great in this anime. This is an excellent watch for anime lovers who are into Mechs, monsters, and action. There is just a different feeling when you watch Mechas in a fight scene, it is something that's really cool and fun to watch.

Another common thing for overlord similar anime is the life of the main character prior to being sent to the new world.  And this is the experience of the main character in fulfilling something that he really loves which is somehow difficult to have in the real world.

For those who want to see a lot of fights scenes, this anime will not fail you as there are a lot of great fights against beasts and monsters.

Ixion Saga DT



Still another fantasy anime but with a lighter side when it comes to action with lots of fun stuff. It's definitely the anime you are looking for it you are looking for a nice anime brighten you up. It's an adaptation of an online game which is the main reason why it is similar to the famous anime series Overlord. The main character was just literally thrown into a different world after talking to a character of the game. The characters are interesting with very peculiar names which will help you realize what this anime is all about.

This anime series is best for those who are looking for adventure with a great amount of fun stuff from jokes you can surely relate in time. Whether you like the joke or not, somehow it would make you laugh. You might also observe that some scenes in this show are just stupid, but it's what makes it fun. Remember, this is light anime. If you are not the serious type of an anime enthusiast, go check this out.


If you are familiar with the hunger game, you will have an idea of what this anime will be all about. It's much like a game get-real scenario that is why it got to this list. If you like explosions, killing and the idea to kill or be killed, then go ahead and watch this anime. It's a survival story where the main character has to play the game where he is good at. Btoom has a lot of action and fun part so in general its a great anime to watch.


The Devil Is A Part-Timer!



This is not the typical anime similar to Overlord because it is somehow the opposite. Instead of the main character getting into the fantasy world, the main character entered the real world. Quite an interesting story right? This anime series got a lot of good recommendations online mainly because it's a fun-filled series with some great action fights as well.

Newest Anime Identical to Overlord

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

If you are an RPG player, you will certainly understand the goal of the main character Sakamoto in creating an unbeatable and very strong game character. Somehow, he was transported to the game world and luckily with the powers of the character he created. Thus, making him very powerful in this new world. And its the beginning of a great adventure for our new Demon Lord.

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So are you among the millions who are a fan of Overlord Anime? If you are that's great since I am a fan too. And like you there came a time that I also searched for animes like overlord. Something that has the same scenario where the main character was transported to a different world. For me, it's great to see this type of anime since we see how the character adapts to the situation.  It’s always awesome to hear your feedback good or bad and introduce more cool content from your ideas! Like always, SHARE AND SPREAD THE ANIME LOVE MINA!