Top 10 Coolest Anime Boys with White Hair

Anime characters come in all shapes, sizes, and color.  Yet it’s expected for anime characters to have black hair since it’s what Japanese are usually born with.  They might be not well-represented in terms of number but anime boys with white hair does not disappoint in terms of look, personality, and overall charisma.  In fact, many would agree if I say that they are usually the anime characters with dark secrets, hidden powers, or bizarre personalities which made them very fun to watch.  Have you just been starting to watch anime and haven’t seen a lot of white-haired characters?  Look nowhere else since this article is the right place to be! Read further and get to know the coolest anime guys who looks cool in their white hair you’ll ever find.


Sebas Tian from Overlord

What separates men among boys?  Well for me, it’s all about attitude. Although he is worthy of being a part of this list, I can’t really say that Sebas Tian from Overlord can referred as a boy.  He is far too gentle and wise to be called one yet his charm and looks can easily surpass those who are several years younger.  Sebas  Tian is the loyal butler of Ainz Ooal Gown.  He was designed to be nothing more or less but he eventually inherited the passionate and merciful heart of his creator.  This was manifested when he got out of his way to save a dying girl in the street even though it would compromise his mission.  Being a gentleman alone makes him worthy to be a part of this list.  Counting his stunning looks, manly posture, and outstanding martial art skills makes it unquestionable.

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Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter

There are only a few anime characters who are as well-loved as Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter.  He is one of the sons of a well-known assassin family. He is one of the cutest white haired male anime characters, but also one of the deadliest.

His adventure in the series started when he met Gon during the Hunter exam.  This boy is not like the usual assassin.  He is not emotionless and would never kill in cold blood.  Killua is a complete opposite of his other brothers because he values family and friendship.  His strong dedication in protecting the innocent Gon made him more like a brother towards him than a simple friend.  If you’re look for an ultimate bromance experience then you should watch Killua and Gon’s wild adventures!


Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

A world where humans and ghouls coexist would sound absurd for anyone.  Yet, Ken Kaneki considers this scenario as his dream.  He was once a normal human but unpredictable series of events turned him into a half-human and half-ghoul. People around him think of ghouls as nothing more than wild monsters who treat humans as food.  But Kaneki, through his unique condition, is able to understand both sides.  There are also ghouls who mean no harm and only seek for a place to belong in the community.  As the story progresses, Ken Kaneki’s point of view regarding ghouls changed and he began his journey towards realizing his seemingly impossible dream, a world where humans and goals can live together peacefully.  This white-haired dreamer might turn from a charming young lad to a ruthless beast through his ghoul form in a split second but his admirable and equal compassion towards both man and ghoul should be enough to land him a spot in this list.

Kaneki is not only charming but considered as a hot anime guy as well. Aside from the physical aspect, this is also because of his character and actions. There are many events in the anime series where fans have seen this feat as well.


Gin from Gintama

The perfect combination of anime and humor is a dish only a few anime shows was able to pull off.  One of them is Gintama where the lead character is a samurai-wielding man-for-hire called Gin.  He is the founder and active leader of a company composed of only three individuals who are willing to do anything for a price as long as it does not go against their morals.  Whether it’s a rescue mission or a simple household chore, Gin and his gang will happily help you out.  But don’t let his laidback attitude and funny facial expressions fool you.  Gin is a skilled and well-known swordsman.  His companions also have several tricks in their sleeves that can help them escape dangerous situations and even capture notorious criminals.  A list of the coolest anime characters in white hair is definitely incomplete without Gintama!


Soul from Soul Eater

Soul is not the average battle junky.  He may look like one but he actually came from a wealthy family of musicians. Soul was frustrated after failing to live up to his family’s expectations so upon discovering his weapon heritage, he did not hesitate in joining DWMA to prove his worth.  Soul has a laid back personality and would prefer doing everything in a cool way than do his best and look bad in the process.  But his attempts to be cool backfire in most occasions.  One of his friends even describes him as careless and arrogant as he tries so hard to look cool.  There are a lot of hilarious scenes in Soul Eater that can attest to this but before you criticize his clumsiness and foolishness, be sure to appreciate how he usually ends up saving the day for everyone.


Ja’far from Magi:  The Labyrinth of Magic

Do you have a best friend?  Someone who is always by your side through thick and thin?  Consider yourself among the luckiest persons on earth.  It’s envious to be Sinbad from the anime series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic not just because of his position as king but also for having loyal right-hand, Ja’far.  He was forced to become an assassin and kill his own parents at a young age. Sinbad became his savior as their paths cross and from that day onwards they became allies bound by loyalty and friendship.  Ja’far is a friend anyone would love to have simply because he is willing to sacrifice everything just to guarantee his friend’s well-being.  He might have a sincere and calm attitude but Ja’far is always ready to bring out the hidden rage in him whenever the situation dictates.


Isana Yashiro from K

The world has several faces.  For people who are living in peaceful and prosperous lands, the world is teeming with reasons to smile and be hopeful for a better future every day.  On the other hand, for those who live in warring countries, the world is dark and a hopeless place.  No one wins in a war.  This message has been spread worldwide in various mediums even in anime.  Among several anime shows that aim to pass this idea to its viewers is K where Isana Yashiro plays the lead role.  In this anime show, he is a scientist and researcher whose main goal is to stop war through science.  His thought was transferred to the body of a young boy before he could do so and that’s how his struggles to return to his former body and form a world of peace started.  Who could not love this peace-loving, kind, and handsome white-haired anime boy?


Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul

Quiet and reserved persons are prone to having hidden evil personalities or dark origins.  This is why many are reluctant about loving ominous anime characters especially if they are introduced early in the show and various questions about where they came from and how their personality developed remained unanswered.  But don’t worry too much if we are talking about Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul.  For starters, he is one of the main protagonists of the anime show so expect him to be on the side of justice.  He may not be a fan of justice and doing good acts for the sake of others but he is true to his words.  He is also a dependable ally.  Haise started as a character with unreadable personality.  It can even be said that he was designed to be an enemy but rollercoaster of events turned him into Kaneki’s ally.


Zen Wistalia from Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime

Every girl anime fan has already imagined their favorite character as a knight in shining armor riding a white horse approaching towards them. This sweet moment is every woman’s dream and it can be made sweeter if the one playing as prince is the real deal like Zen Wistalia from Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime.  He is the main hero in the anime show. Zen may not be the first prince but he is more suitable to be king than anyone in their kingdom.  He is kind-hearted, witty, brave, and strong.  These traits alone should be more than enough to capture any woman’s heart. His handsome face and white shiny hair completes the package turning him into the ideal anime boy character every girl fan is dreaming of.


Bell Cranel from Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon

Are you a fan of RPG games? If you played a few before, you might be familiar with dungeons and how parties of players explore their dangerous sections just to find treasures.  This is basically the situation where Bell Cranel from Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is in.  The only difference is that he started doing it alone.  He wanted to become a great adventurer yet his only ally at first is a goddess who also lacks both money and influence just like him.  Nonetheless, Bell’s honest personality, perseverance, and innate talent attracted several eyes including trustworthy individuals who will eventually become his own party members and make his dungeon explorations way easier.  Would you go out with Bell Cranel even if it would mean venturing in the dark depths of a monster-filled dungeon?

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Although most white haired anime boys are popular, having such kind of hairstyle in real life does not really guarantee the same effect.  In fact, discovering white hair strands is like a nightmare as we grow old as it would mean age is slowly creeping up.  White hair, black hair, or green, it doesn’t really matter.  Keep in mind that attitude more than hair color is the best way to express yourself!  Keep up your constant effort in making others happy.  Respect your elders.  Commit to participate in social responsibilities like throwing your garbage in the right place.  These simple acts can color your personality and overall being more than anything else!  Like always LIKE AND SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA! 

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Hot Anime Guys You Would Want To Date

Anime introduces a world where everything is possible.  It features various stories ranging from everyday school interactions among a group of friends to adventures in a new world ruled by magic and monsters.  It’s not unusual for an anime title to feature a handsome and hot main character. This is why many anime fans have their own collection of hot anime guys who they wish to be real.  Are you one of them? Who is your anime guy crush? Do you prefer outgoing types like Uzumaki Naruto or those who have a mysterious feel around them like Yamato Kira?

Regardless of your taste, don’t settle on mainstream anime in search for a crush.  Why not explore other hot anime characters who are equally or to an extent even more lovable than the popular ones?  If you don’t know where to start, then you’re at the right place. Read further and discover some of the hottest anime guys you would want to date in real life.  All of them come from an anime series that do not receive a lot of audience and is overshadowed by mainstream ones.  But don’t worry since their unique and interesting personalities as well as their awesome anime looks will easily capture your heart.


Rin Okamura

Have you tried dating a troublemaker?  If not then, Rin Okamura can be your first time.  He is an aspiring demon hunter who is often caught up in dangerous situations because of his origin.  Although it might be intimidating to think that you’ll be dating the son of Satan, it’s not that bad if you consider the possibilities. He is strong so you don’t need to worry about thugs ruining your date.  Rin is also sweet and caring so he will surely find a way to make your date extra special. And most importantly, Rin cares for his friends and family so much.  Being a part of the circle of people who he loves most is definitely worth the risk of meeting a few dangerous demons along the way.

Kakashi Hatake

A ninja as a date would be cool.  You can visit scenic places in a piggy back ride as he jump from one tree after another to cover ground in an instant.  Kakashi Hatake can turn this kind of date to another level silent but cute personality.  It’s easy to judge him as a boring person but he also has a humorous side which he only shows to people close to him.  If you manage to do so then you’re in for a treat.  There will be no boring moments during a date with Kakashi especially if you share the same love for books.  You can enjoy an afternoon read a top a beautiful mountain overseeing the sunset.  No woman can resist such a simple yet memorable date.

L Lawliet

What would happen if you date a famous detective?  That would be exciting at first until you are reminded that keeping secrets is pointless.  This is true particularly if the one you are dating is L Lawliet.  He is weird but its what makes this anime boy hot. A detective who was assigned to a case involving the appearance and use of death note in our world.  L is talented in patching up simple clues and turning them into elaborate evidences to solve crimes.  Having him as a date will surely mean unexpected surprises and interesting dates.  With his brilliant mid, L can come up with interesting gifts for your anniversary and new ways to celebrate the occasion.  Don’t be intimidated by his look since it’s obvious that with just a little make-over, L can transform into the prince charming of your dreams.


How would you react if you end up trapped in a MMORPG?  Would you desperately seek for a way out or lock yourself up in a room? If you choose the first option, how will you approach the upcoming adventure?  Do you prefer moving through challenges on your own or by forming a party to make things easier?  Having someone to watch your back is a safer way but it also comes with risks.  You can’t just choose a random guy you just met unless it’s Kirito.  He is an anime guy who you can fully trust especially in protecting party members.  Kirito already experienced losing a party member in front of him so he will do everything within his power to prevent that from happening again.  This is why having a date with a handsome and gentle anime guy like Kirito while venturing on a magical world is a dream come true to most anime fans. Kirito is also included in the list of hot anime boys because he still look young and very innocent.

Haruka Nanase

Swimming is not just a good form of physical exercise but it can also be a sweet activity for couples.  Imagine having a cute anime guy teach you how to swim in a pretty beach with sparkling white sand.  This is a summer dream for a lot of anime fans.  How would you feel doing it with Haruka Nanase?  He might be a competitive swimmer but he also has a sweet and caring side.  This character is one of the many reasons why this sports anime is among the most popular of all time.

Having Haruka as your date in the beach will guarantee your safety since he can save you from any kind of danger in the waters with his powerful legs and impeccable swimming skills.  You can also enjoy a talk while lying on the beach and watching at the clear night sky at night as the both of you share the calming sound of the sea waves.


There are a lot of problems if you date a humanoid.  It’s likely that he needs to be charged from time to time.  Your humanoid might also have limited sets of emotions so he can’t express himself well.  Nonetheless, it might not be a bad idea if you date Genos.  Unlike the usual half man half robot, Genos has the ability to express emotions.  He has a complicated brain so he can move and think like a normal human being.             He is also a skilled fighter and can even defeat dangerous monsters so being with him is probably the safest place you can be in the event of an emergency.  Genos is also good looking if you set aside his robotic arms and laser-like eyes.


They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  But is this true the other away around?  How would you like having a date with a skillful cook like Sanji?  You may gain a few pounds after several dates with this handsome anime guy due to his mouthwatering dishes but it won’t be a problem since Sanji is loyal.  He tends to disregard a person’s background and other unnecessary clutter after deciding confessing his love.  Others may think of him as a womanizer because of how he reacts after seeing sexy women but it just shows his honest side.  He appreciates lady curves and pretty faces but in the end comes back to the woman who owns his heart.  With Sanji as your date, both your stomach and heart will be filled to the brim.

Aomine Daiki

Men who are good at sports are often popular among women.  This is also true in the anime world. Nonetheless, Aomine Daiki is a special case.  His basketball skills is impressive to the point that it’s almost impossible to beat him in a one on one match but his selfish personality and stingy attitude stops people around from getting close to him.  Only a few who managed to get to know Aomine’s true self considers him as a good friend.  Despite how rude he might be, Aomine can still be a great date particularly for women who prefer bad guys.  He might be harsh and cold but that would only make a few sweet gestures from him from time to time extra special.  You’ll definitely hit the jackpot if you manage to capture this hot anime guy’s heart.

Ken Kaneki

Dating a monster is something we only wish to happen in nightmares.  But what if it’s Ken Kaneki?  He was once a normal being until attacked by a ghoul.  After the incident, the doctor was left with no choice but to transplant an organ from the ghoul to Kaneki in order to save his life.  The result is Kaneki having the characteristic of both human and ghoul.  Dating him might be dangerous since ghoul’s are known to treat humans as food but it’s a different story if we talk about Kaneki.  He refuse to give up his humanity in spite how the constant taunt of the ghoul in him.  Setting aside his struggles as a half ghoul, Kaneki is a sweet guy.  He considers friends as precious and would do anything to protect them from harm.  As long as you trust Kaneki, dating him can be a sweet and exciting experience.

Kyouya Sata

A prince as a date is not a bad idea.  In fact, each one of the girl anime fans has dreamt in becoming a princess inside an anime world at least once.  Kyouya Sata might be the prince charming you are searching for.  He may not be the standard prince but his protective personality and cunning mindset should be more than enough to change your impression about him.  Kyouya is a sadist and it might turn you off at some point but don’t give up on him.  Try to know this guy some more and you’ll realize that there is much more to him than his weird fetish.  His idol-like face and figure can be considered as freebies making him not just an ideal date but a boyfriend and partner in life as well.

Have I missed the hot anime guys that are worth mentioning in this list?  If you have some great suggestions in mind, feel free to share them below!

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