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Best Horror Anime Movies to Watch this Coming Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching my Otaku friends.  Have you thought of amazing plans on how to celebrate with family and friends?  Are you going on a trip?  Or do you prefer relaxing at home and giving out candies to horrifyingly cute trick-or-treaters?  If you ask me, I rather stay at home than be exposed to all the stresses that come with traveling.  Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring new places and meeting new friends but Halloween for me is not just a holiday but a chance to relax and step outside all the everyday life hustle and bustles.  And what better way to spend the Halloween night than watching horror movies, right?  For Otakus like us, it’s ten times better if they are horror anime movies. There are hundreds of titles to choose from ranging from old school anime horror to new ones complete with 3D effects and newRead More »Best Horror Anime Movies to Watch this Coming Halloween