Best Isekai Anime to Watch [Updated]

Isekai is a growing anime genre recently. If you are among the millions who wanted to watch isekai anime or in another world anime, you landed on the right page. On this article, we listed the most popular other world anime series.

Top 10 Isekai Anime

Lets start this list with our top 10  Isekai anime. Take note that  these anime series are completed. We did not include those that are still on-going.

1. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Year Released:  2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Art Style: 4/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

The sword, arrow, spear, and wand are the most popular weapons of choice in RPG games.  They are weapons which greatly help players survive by improving their offensive ability.  But what if you can’t use none of them and be restricted to only a shield?  A shield is good for defense but it’s not ideal in inflicting damage to enemies.  This is the predicament Iwatani Naofumi in The Rising of the Shield Hero faced upon being transported in a fantasy world.  Right from the start, he was told that he needs to be the hero of a kingdom and save them against invading demons.  Anyone with a right mind would say that it’s an absurd request.  Yet, everyone in the throne room where he was summoned acted like it’s expected to happen.  Naofumi objected but he was framed and bad mouthed after refusing to be the people’s savior.  He decided to live independently while the other summoned heroes who specialize on other weapons stayed after being promised with fame and riches.  How will he survive in a new world as a newcomer?  Will his shield and the skills that come with it be enough to help him live freely in a fantasy world?

2. GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There


Year Released:  2015

No. of Seasons: 3

Anime Score:

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 3/5

Art Style: 4/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

What would you do if a portal to another world suddenly appears at the heart of your city?  I won’t blame you if you end up among the crowd that will surround the portal hoping to at least have a little peak of what’s found beyond.  But don’t you think this is a really reckless move?  What if the beings that created the portal appear while harboring ill intentions?  How would you react if they slaughter the people around you without even saying a word?  The protagonist of GATE, Yoji Itama, had to answer all these tricky questions and respond as soon as possible.  He had the option to run like everybody else but since he is a member of JSDF, his sworn oath to protect the citizens got the better of him and gave him enough courage to fight a mysterious primeval army that came through the portal.

So how does this isekai anime belong to this list?  Our main protagonist along with his subordinates eventually led the first expedition to the world beyond the portal.  The setup is quite unique because he was not transported without his prior permission and by force but he simply responded to his duty as a soldier.  This anime perfectly combines guns and other modern warfare equipment with magic and mythical monsters only found in a fantasy world.  Added with pretty anime girls and a little bit harem, GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There offers a complete package to cater anime lovers across different age categories and genre preferences.


3. Re: Zero Starting Life in another World


Year Released:  2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 4/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

Subaru Natsuki is someone who would rather stay hut in his room than go out and hang out with friends.  In Japan, he is referred to as a hikikomori.   Yet his stagnant life spun around in an instant after being summoned to a fantasy world.  The new environment and the crowd that surrounded him almost placed Subaru in a state of panic but he endured. He befriended a silver-haired elf girl called Stella but unexpected turn of events led to Subaru along with her newfound friend dying.  He was ready to accept his unlucky fate but the phenomenon happened again.

This time around, he came back to the time when he first met the elf girl.  He retains the memory of everything that happened prior to his death which gave him clues on how to avoid the same path in the future. Can it be called a cheat skill? Of course!  Whether he can do this indefinitely is still unknown but being given another chance every time you die like game characters can literally turn you invincible!


4. Overlord

Year Released:  2015

No. of Seasons: 2

Anime Score:

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 5/5

Is it worth watching? Yes

Suzuki Satoru loves Ygdarasil.  It’s a VRMMORPG which showcases an open world which you can do almost anything through magic.  He plays the character Momonga, an Elder Lich, while being the guild leader of an all-succubus group called Ainz Ooal Gown.

They had a lot of fun exploring the fantasy world, finding rare items, and protecting their base, The Tomb of Nazarick against intruders. Nevertheless, the game’s glorious days ended after 12 long years and only Satoru was the only guild member left in the game’s last day before its servers are officially deactivated.

It was a sad moment for Satoru but what he thought was a saddening farewell turned out to an astonishing surprise when he found himself still in the game world after the announced server shutdown.  What happened? Is this a glitch or the developers decided to extend the game?

He eventually realized that he was transported to the game world with his character’s body after noticing the NPC’s exhibit facial expressions other normal gestures when talking.  It marked the start of Satoru’s adventure in the new world where magic, dangerous monsters, and warring kingdoms, are the norm. The anime Overlord is for me among the best isekai anime created.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Date aired: Oct 2, 2018 to Mar 26, 2019

This isekai anime is the story of Satoru Mikami who is your typical guy who doesn't do well when it comes to getting a girlfriend. He was stabbed to death by a stranger on the street and wakes up in another world.

To his surprise, he woke up not as a human anymore but as a slime. His background when it comes to online games made it easy for him to adapt to the new world he is in.

What you need to watch out in this anime is how a small and weak looking slime became a ruler. Yes, you heard that right, the slime became known as Rimuru Tempest and became a strong and influential ruler.

I would consider Reincarnated as a Slime to be among the best isekai anime 2019.

6. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Date aired: Jul 5, 2018 to Sep 20, 2018

In the real world, our main character comes with the name of Sakamoto Takuma. He is a well-known MMORPG player for the game called Cross Reverie the most popular MMORPG at that time. Sakamoto is known to other players as the Demon King. One day, he was suddenly summoned to another world.

This was made possible through a summoning ritual done by 2 girls. The summoned guy has to become a slave of the 2 girls but since our main character has a Magic Reflect ability, the 2 girls became his slaves instead. In this other world, Sakamoto is known as Diablo.

Since Sakamoto is an expert in MMO games, you'll see how we easily beat everyone. Those who are fun of Overpowered MC would surely love this anime.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is among the best isekai anime 2018.

7. In Another World with my Smartphone

Year Released:  2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Art Style: 3/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

Most of us nowadays can’t even spend an hour without looking at our smartphone.  It has become a necessity in our daily lives from making important calls to simply passing time.  But what if you transported to another world with it? I know you’ll say that the battery will eventually run out and it will turn out useless if there are no network providers in the new world.  Well, all of these issues can be solved in an instant with magic.  This is what happened to Touya Mochizuki.  He died from the previous world because of gods own fault so he was given a perk in the new one.  It made Touya confused at first but he simply had no choice since it was something arranged by god himself.  To his amazement, the new world he was transported to isn’t bad at all.  He met new friends and went on a journey while using his handy smartphone and its cheat-like functions to get out from dangerous situations, save his companions, and help others solve their problems.

This is like another version of Death march to the Parallel World Rhapsody. Sadly, it suffered from the same flaw as it was serialized.  The art style looks rushed and a lot of good parts in the novel were skipped.  I know the story is intended to be light and it’s designed for kids but it’s hard to overlook obvious plot holes like nobles easily acknowledging someone with no background and the main character instantly becoming a genius detective who can easily deduce complicated situations as if he is Sherlock’s apprentice.

In another world with my smartphone anime is still a good anime to watch.

8. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Date aired: Jan 14, 2016 to Mar 17, 2016

Year Released:  2016

No. of Seasons: 2

Anime Score:

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 4/5

Is it worth watching? Yes

Just when Kazume Sato thought that his life would continue to be a boring and lonely one, he was transported to another world.  He was involved in an accident after trying to safe someone and it turns out he died in the process.  Such heroic act needs to be rewarded right?  Technically, he did nothing remarkable since the person he tried to save will eventually turn out just fine even without his help.  This was explained by the god he met after dying and it hit him hard.  He was given the option to either rest eternally or be reincarnated into another world.  Obviously, like him all of us would choose reincarnation right?  In his new life, he met weird but trustworthy friends who also have their own issues to deal with.  This anime series is not the usual transported to another world story simply because its plot is nowhere to be found.  It’s simply a collection of funny stories about the adventure of Kazume Sato and his friends.  Although a slight resemblance of a grand plot is there, in the end this anime series is designed to be humorous with a few action scenes perfectly sprinkled in several episodes.  It’s hard not to love an anime series like KonoSuba: God’s Blessing in this Wonderful World that can draw out a smile in your face after watching it.


Our main character in this anime is a person who just wants to spend most of his time at home playing online games - Kazuma Satou. A certain accident happened which ended his life. He was faced by a Goddess to determine what he would like to do in the afterlife. Since he is a gamer, he ended up choosing to start again his life in a new game world - a real fantasy world. His goal would be to defeat the Demon King.

What you should watch out in this exciting other world anime series is what item he would choose to aid him in his new journey. You'll be surprised by his choice. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! is a fun adventure anime which you will definitely love to watch.

9. No game no Life

Apr 9, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014

This anime follows the gaming journey of siblings Sora and Shiro. When it comes to online games and any other type of game, they are considered a genius. One day, their fantasy became a reality when they were transported to another world where everything is decided through games. 

The siblings are fed up with the real world they live in and consider it as boring. This is why they don't have much complain of being in another world where they could play games. Since Sora and Shiro are excellent games, they are on the upper hand in this world.

It is exciting to see what adventures await them in this new world and how their skills in gaming could help. It is also nice to know if they would still want to go back to the real world if the fantasy world they've been trapped with is the world they have been dreaming of to experience.

10. The devil is a Part-timer

Date aired: Apr 4, 2013 to Jun 27, 2013

In the land of Ente Esla, the Demon Lord Satan begins to conquer everything. However, his efforts were stopped by the heroes of the land. In order to escape defeat, Lord Satan used a time portal to escape and ended up in the modern world. 

This another world anime is somewhat unique since its the other way around, the main character is from a fantasy world and got transported to the real/modern world. And in here, they could not use magic. 

It is quite interesting too see how our Demon Lord Satan would survie the modern Japan - in his new name Sadao Maou. How will he cope up together with his side kick?

This anime is an excellent comedy anime with a touch of transported to another world theme. It will surely make you laugh and also think about some different aspects of life.  

Isekai Anime 2019

After our top 10 anime in the isekai genre, it's certainly worth your time to watch these recently completed anime in 2019

11. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Date aired: Oct 2, 2019 to Dec 27, 2019

In this anime, the saying "you can never too careful" is put into practice. Our main character Seiya Ryuuguuin is someone who prepares for every situation even if it's not that necessary. He is addicted to victory that is why he always wanted to defeat his enemies.

Though being careful is necessary, considering that he has overpowered stats, its something that is quite rare. In this another world anime, our main protagonist was transported in a new world and is tasked to save it.

Even if he is battling weak enemies he still uses his full power just to make sure they are defeated. Also, he always has a good amount of supplies and potions in order to be safe at all times.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious is a nice comedy anime about a hero is very powerful but also very cautious.

12. High School Prodigies

Date aired: Oct 3, 2019 to Dec 19, 2019

This is another isekai anime 2019 that you should watch. It is the story of seven high school students who are known for their talent. A plane accident led them to another world where there are 2 human races - Byuma and Hyuma. Since they were rescued by Byuma people, they have pledged their loyalty and talent to them. They are willing to pay back the help they got from these people while trying to figure out how to return back home.

High School Prodigies is a nice anime of high school adventure in the medieval time. It's a fantasy isekai anime that you wouldn't want to miss.

13. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Year Released: 2019

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 3/5

Art Style: 3/5

This another world anime is the story of Hajime Nagumo who is an everyday Otaku. Together with his classmates, they were transported to another world where they emerge as heroes with a duty to save the human race. Though its a dream for all otaku, Hajime Nagumo is quite unlucky since he got a weak power or skill. As a matter of fact, he is the weakest in their group.

When they went to a Labyrinth to train, something happened that would forever change his life. How will our main protagonist survive with his weak status? Will he ever learn something that could help him become stronger? Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest is an anime that is surely fun to watch for isekai fans. If you are looking for isekai anime 2019, this one is a good pick.

Another World Anime Worth Mentioning

These other world anime series did not make it on our top 10 however, these are still highly recommended. You should watch these if you are done watching the list above.

14. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Year Released:  2016

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 5/5

Art Style: 5/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

Usually in transported to another world anime, the main protagonist gains a cheat ability which makes his life in the new world easier.  But this is not what happened in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.  It is a story of a group of young people who were transported to a game-like world without anything other than hazy memories of their past.  They have nothing to start with which is why they struggled to survive.  Although they managed to live on by adapting to both the unwritten and written laws of the new world, mistakes were made along the way.  The world they were forced to live in is a dangerous place.  Since they are not overpowered, the group needs to work together in perfect harmony to boost their individual strengths while hiding their weaknesses.


Watch Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash in DVD/Blu-ray Now!

Can they continue to survive while gathering new leads on how and why they ended up in such a dire situation?  This anime illustrates a realistic picture of what will happen when a person is transported to a strange and dangerous world.  It may not have the usual humor-filled and bright vibe of most anime series of the same genre but everyone will definitely enjoy how each of the featured characters is developed and how their perspective about life changes as they encounter hardships and losses.

15. Zero no Tsukaima


Year Released:  2006

No. of Seasons: 4

Anime Score:

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 3/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

This is a classic anime series which features a light story filled with humorous and romantic situations.  Basically, it’s the typical rom-com anime with frills of fantasy and action here and there.  The story revolves around the chaotic love-hate relationship between Saito Hiraga and Louise de la Valliere.  Saito was summoned by Louise to her world when she used a familiar-summoning spell.  She is known as Zero because an explosion always happens if she uses magic and summoning a normal human during their most awaited event as a magician even solidified the bad impressions of many that she is a failure.  Saito was confused at first but was left with no choice but to go with what his new master wants.

Watch Familiar of Zero in DVD/Blu-ray Now!

Eventually, Saito realizes that being he is the successor of a legendary mage who managed to cross worlds as he found evidences of weapons and vehicles from his world being used.  Being the only one who can use these powerful arsenals made him a strong companion for Louise and their love story progressed as they protect each other and their friends from all sorts of adversaries.


16. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Year Released:  2018

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 5/5

Art Style: 2/5

Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe

It was a normal work day for Ichirou Suzuki as a game developer.  Or that’s what he thought.  He was working almost 3 days straight to meet deadlines as he was working on upcoming game while fixing the issues of the already released one.  He decided to take nap to freshen up a bit but woken up in a different place.  Like any of us would think, his first guess was that everything is just part of a dream.  But then again, that hypothesis was easily disproved by how realistic the people, buildings, and the overall environment he had seen after being transported.  He also concluded that it’s not like the previous world since lizard-like warriors greeted him with flying spears right from the start.  Although he managed to eliminate an entire army of them in one hit using a skill from the game he was working on in his world, he was still cautious about the dangers of living in a world where monsters and demons exist.  Can a normal game developer strive in a fantasy world? How will he use his vast game knowledge and overpowered skills in the new world?

Although the light novel where this other world anime series is based from is pretty good, the anime adaptation is obviously rushed.  You can tell by how the fight scenes were made.  The characters seem lifeless which is why it got a very low score in the visual department.

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17. Knights & Magic

Year Released:  2017

No. of Seasons: 1

Anime Score:

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 4/5

Is it worth watching? Yes

Tsubasa Kurata was a mecca otaku in his previous life.  He was killed in a car accident and was reincarnated in a fantasy world with all the memory from his previous world still intact.  He is now Ernesti Echavalier and he plans to use his vast knowledge about mecca anime to his full advantage.  The world where he was resurrected is a dangerous one.  It is ravaged by demon beasts that can instantly devour anything in its path through brute strength. Ernesti vowed to change everything and build his own Silhouette Knight, a huge robot-like machine that acts like the people’s hero, to save his friends, family, and the whole kingdom.  Can a simple mecca otaku take up such a heavy responsibility?  How will he exploit his previous knowledge and defeat the dangerous demon beasts that come his way?

18. Sword Art Online

This anime series is to be precise not a transported to another world anime.  But then again, it follows the concept of the MC being forced to live in another out worldly dimension. This time around, our hero, Kazuto Kirigaya was trapped in a VRMMO. He is a social outcast who prefers spending most of his free time in games which is why unlike newbies he instantly responded to the problem without being confused and clueless.

Satou, his game name, decided to play solo.  This is not because he doesn’t need anyone or he dislikes making friends but since the game became real including the dangers, he simply doesn’t want to see his newfound companions meeting their ends.  Eventually, he met Asuna and his worries and fears even heightened as he developed feelings toward her.  How can he save Asuna from the game and its dangerous elements?  Can’t both of them escape from the virtual prison and reunite in real life?

This anime series was a hit not only because it is very much relatable but it also has a lot of great anime fights. The franchise even extended to several movies which also feature Satou along with his friends as they try new VRMMOs and encounter new foes.

19. Log Horizon

MMORPGs have lost their shine thee past few years.  But then again, this sad reality should not stop us from reminiscing its golden times.  There was no better way to spend the weekend before than grinding a dungeon with friends or ambushing enemy guilds as your group rally towards being the best in the server.  This is what Log Horizon was designed to be as a game but it turned out to be a virtual prison for players.  Log Horizon is very similar to Sword Art Online but with more depth when it comes to character development and integrated game elements.  Any MMORPG enthusiast would love Log Horizon.  It even spent several episodes where the group raided a dungeon and faced a troublesome boss just to farm for rare items and treasures.

Although critics say that Log Horizon’s pace is too slow to be enjoyable, I disagree.  It’s just enough to keep us wanting for more every episode ends while satisfying our daily dose of anime action, camaraderie among characters even with various differences, and even a little bit of romance.




20. Restaurant To Another World

Date aired: Jul 4, 2017 to Sep 19, 2017

Restaurant To Another World is a unique anime about a certain cafeteria known as "Youshoku no Nekoya". It's a popular cafeteria located on the bottom floor of a certain building. A lot of people in the nearby area consider this a special place due to the delicious foods they offer.

However, this is not the only thing that makes this place special. Nekoya is closed on Saturdays. The reason is to make way for creatures from other worlds to get a task of their food. So during Saturdays, creatures from another world visit the cafeteria to taste their delicious foods. They are called "special guests". For this reason, the place is called Restaurant To Another World.


21. Monster Rancher

The new generation won’t be able to experience the excitement and frustration of waiting, watching, and wanting for more anime every day.  Monster Hunter was released when there was still no free online streaming so we have no other option than to patiently watch every episode one day after another.  But if you think about it, that’s the exciting part.  You’ll have something to look forward to everyday and there are no spoilers since internet social media back then was also non-existent.  Going back to Monster Rancher, this anime show tells the story of Genki and his adventures in a new world where monsters rule.   Some are friends while others are foes.  Genki’s mission along with his newly formed team is to defeat the Monster King and bring peace to the land. The animation may be outdated but this show is truly a must-watch.  Classic anime at its finest!




22. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was your average high school delinquent student.  He skips classes and often fights with gangs for fun.  But he’s not what he seems to be.  Yusuke is in fact a kind-hearted person who frowns upon the weak being bullied and abused.  He is even willing to lay down his own life just to save a stranger in danger.  He has proven this by jumping in between a child and a car.  Yusuke died but was revived by the afterlife administrator for him to serve as an agent whose duty is to maintain

order in both the land of the living and the dead.

This anime series is one of my favorites simply because it offers everything including lessons about friendship, selfless brotherhood and sisterhood, high-intensity action scenes, and heart-warming romance.  You simply can’t ask for more!  According to trustworthy sources, Yu Yu Hakusho 2018 which makes me excited more than anything else!  This is truly an anime series the current generation would love to experience!



23. Magic Knight Rayearth

Field trips excite us above anything else when we were in high school.  But what if it would lead us to another world?  This is what happened to the three girls who are the main protagonists of Magic Knight Rayearth.  This classic anime is a must-watch especially for those who are into magic, knighthood, heroines, and romance.  The three have different personalities and gained unique powers after being transported to another world.  Although I have not completely watched this series, most of my girlfriends love it so I’m giving this one the benefit of the doubt.   Have you watched at least an episode of Magic Knight Rayearth before? How would you feel about a remake? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!






24. Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

This is an old transported to another world anime but still nice to watch. Our main protagonists are Miaka and Yui who were transported to a magic world. In this world, Miyaka is considered a saviour. This anime is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a taste of love story and action. It's among the most popular anime in the 90's

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Having second thoughts about being transported to another world after reading the list?  I don’t blame you.  It’s cool that you’ll be able to see new things and places, make new friends, and start a grand adventure but the hazards will also be real.  What if you don’t have a cheat-like ability like most of MCs in transported to another world anime?  That’s truly a disaster right?  You might even experience more hardships in a fantasy world than the one we have now so I think it’s best to think about it carefully if ever you’ll be given a chance to choose.   In the end, contentment is nothing but an elusive dream regardless if you live in a normal or fantasy world.  We always want what we don’t have, it’s the sad reality so might as well enjoy what you already have to the fullest.  As always, give us a LIKE and continue SHARING the ANIME LOVE MINA! 

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Best Anime Figures of Famous Girl Characters – High Rated Products

Anime girl characters come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are tall and curvaceous with blond curly hair resembling the common female westerner look while others are petite and skinny with black straight hair like women from Asian countries.  These representations are not only intended to introduce variety but also to make sure that everyone is well represented.

As we all know, the Anime fever has spread across the globe through the years and already captured the heart of billions regardless of age, gender, and social standing.  It’s probably the few things that are enjoyed by everyone equally.  And famous anime girl characters like Nami of One Piece and Asuna of Sword Art Online played major roles in increasing their respective show’s fan base.

One proof to this is the growing number of their action figures sold online.  Do you have an anime action figure collection?  Are you looking for wonderful additions but is struggling with so many options in front of you?  You don’t have to stress yourself anymore since I’ve compiled the best anime figures of famous anime girl characters that I found online and made a list out of it.

Browse through each of them below and I’m sure you’ll find one that is worthy to be the center piece of your anime action figure collection! And take now, all these recommendations are products with high quality rating more specifically above 4 start rating.


Ruby rose Action Figure

If you never heard or read about Ruby Rose, she is the main protagonist in the hit anime series RWBY.  She is a feisty girl who boasts both beauty and strength.  I know it’s easy to be envious of her but don’t be since she has her fair share of problems and challenges.  You’ll definitely have second thoughts about being her once you get a clearer picture about her current struggles and enemies she is bound to encounter.  If having her beauty and powers is impossible, you can always purchase her action figure to admire her every once in a while. This Ruby Rose Action Figure in particular nailed her look from head to toe including minute details which makes it a must have.


Rem Action Figure

What would you do if you always end up several days before your death and given the chance to redo everything and change the future?  It sounds cool right because this phenomenon because you basically become an immortal!  However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Subaru who ended up in a similar situation in the anime series Re: Zero.  If you think about it carefully, such kind of power also carries various disadvantages.  You’ll realize that the pain you’ll suffer from every time you die does not wither regardless how many times it is repeated.  You also see people close to you die just to see them alive and well right after you turn back the time which could be awkward.  Subaru met Rem along his journey in the new world while trying to figure out the ins and outs of his weird ability.  Rem is one of the prettiest anime girls introduced in Re: Zero so having her action figure is a great idea to express how you love the series.  The action figure can also serve as a constant reminder to be thankful of what you have and cherish every moment of your life since unlike Subaru, you only go through it all once.



Boa Hancock Action Figure

Anime action figures are mostly child-friendly but those who portray Boa Hancock are exemptions.  Don’t blame the artist for this since Boa Hancock is an exaggerated version of female beauty.  She belongs to the One Piece anime show where she is one of the snake princesses in an island solely governed and inhabited by women.  Boa Hancock’s facial features are as dazzling as her body.  Her huge bumpers paired with a bumper of almost equal size further emphasized her abnormally thin waist.  She looks a bit funny if you compare her to normal women but it can’t be denied that her figure is the epitome of sexiness base on common social standards.   Having a Boa Hancock Action figure in your collection will make it irresistible to look at especially among male anime fans who are tuning in to One Piece and have already been captivated by the snake princess’s beauty.



Megumin Action Figure

Have you ever reached a point in life where you just want to let all your frustrations out and turn them into a huge ball of explosion?  Megumin from the anime series Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo can relate to your qualms.  She is a frustrated magician who specializes in explosion.  The power of her magic is out of the question but no one wants her as a party member since all she can do is unleash everything she got to the point of losing consciousness after casting a single spell.  Megumin is also terrible in controlling her magic so in most cases, everyone including her allies are caught up in her explosions.  So why get an action figure of this disastrous magician?  First of all, Loli is justice. That alone should be more than enough as a reason to get one of her action figures. But if you are still unconvinced, then look at her hidden qualities.  Megumin may be self-centered but she usually changes her mind and realizes the importance of loyalty and friendship before irreversible consequences happen.  She is not the type who will lay down their life for a party member but be rest assured that she will try her best and do something to help even though it usually just worsens the situation.



Yorha No.2 Type B Action Figure

Conspiracy theorists around the world are convinced that robots with human intelligence will someday become a reality.  They are often featured in movies and even in anime shows like Nier: Automata.  Yorha No.2 Type B or in short 2B is among the many android characters introduced in Nier: Automata.  She is a battle android made to aid humans in their struggle against invading alien machine life-forms.  2B might be a bit too pretty to participate in a war but don’t let her looks fool you.  She is equipped with various destructive weapons and her hand to hand combat skills are only second to a few.  This Yorha No.2 Type B Action Figure is not just a thing of beauty but is also a premonition of our future.  Well, if a horrible future would mean pretty and sexy human-like robots freely roaming the streets then it might not be as bad as it seems.



Asuna Action Figure

Asuna  is inarguably the most popular female anime character today which is the reason why she is included in our list of hot anime girls.  She is the main love interest of Kirito in the anime s show Sword Art Online.  One look at her overall feature would explain her current and growing popularity.  She is also depicted as a sweet and kind-hearted partner making her more appealing to SAO fans.  Her changing outfits from one season to another made Asuna a common target among anime action figure collectors.  I’ve encountered a lot of them sold online and this one is the best I can find in terms of detail and quality.  The size might be an issue but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  In the end, how good an action figure is depends on its colors, details, and how closely it represents an anime character and this Asuna Action Figure got them all spot on!


Nami Action Figure

Pirates are known as thieves of the sea.  They are notoriously greedy and merciless which made them an object of fear among sailors and sea travelers especially during the Middle Ages where the navy and other security measures in the sea were nonexistent.  However, this bad reputation has been gradually turned  upside down due to movies and other forms of media featuring pirates as protagonists having just and fun personalities.  One of them is One Piece where Nami belongs.  She is the navigator of Straw Hat Luffy’s pirate crew.  Nami might look like an innocent pretty girl but don’t be deceived since she is quite cunning.  Many admire her for representing strong women who defy the norm that only men deserve to be on top in the dangerous world of pirates.

Hestia Familia Action Figure

Are you a lolicon?  Whether you admit it or not, we can’t deny the fact that loli characters are quite lovable.  They are often innocent, cute, but sexy.  Most anime shows even feature Lolita lead protagonists because of their unique charm.  I’ve seen hundreds of them yet only a few can be compared to Hestia from the anime show Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon.  You should check out this anime series if you are looking for an anime series like Overlord.

She plays as a newbie goddess in the show who is broke and struggles in maintaining her party even though it only has one member, Bell Cranel.  Nevertheless, Hestia works hard and is willing to even lay down her pride for the sake of her partner.  She may be simpleton but this goddess’s loyalty and perseverance is more than anyone can ask for.

Aiz Wallenstein Action Figure

There is always someone around your circle of friends who has everything.  Good looks, high IQ, superb talent in something, and famous and rich family are just a few of things she enjoys.  It’s normal for someone to end up complacent by simply having this outrageous advantages but not Aiz Wallenstein.  She became one of the strongest and most popular adventurer in the anime series Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon not just because of her in-born luxuries but due to hard work and perseverance.  She sacrificed most of her childhood years honing her ability to wield the sword and practicing certain magic to compliment her style.  Having an Aiz Wallenstein action figure in your room as part of your collection can serve as a wakeup call every time you succumbed to laziness.


Hatsune Miku Action Figure

Anime has evolved through the years. It even managed to jump from one platform to another.  One proof to this claim is Hatsune Miku’s popularity as an anime-inspired digital singer.  She is the first vocaloid introduced by Yamaha, a famous Japanese technology brand.  She is an existing proof that androids that were once just a thing of fiction several years ago can turn to reality in the near future.  She may not be a part of an anime show but Miku’s popularity worldwide is unquestionable.  Her ability to interact might be a bit limited as of now but with our fast-growing technology, it will only be a matter of time when we see her on stage doing her own concert while singing and dancing as if she’s a real human.

Female Corrin Action Figure

If you both love video games and anime then it’s most likely that you already played at least one of the titles in the Fire Emblem Game Series.  Along the way, you might have met Corrin, one of the many support characters in the game.  Many prefer her over others because of her useful skills and decent stat.  Her versatility makes it easy for her to blend in a party no matter what build you are focusing on.  Having a Female Corrin Action Figure within sight as you play Fire Emblem will surely improve the overall experience by several notches.  This one in particular is a must have because of its details and vibrant colors.

Have you decided which one to grab?  No pressure though. You have all the time in the world to decide, but do you really? To be honest, these action figures are quite popular so you might miss your rare chance by simply having second thoughts.  Take it from another anime-lover and action figure collector, follow your passion and everything good will follow!  If you stumbled upon other anime character action figures that deserve to be featured, don’t hesitate to give us a heads up! It’s always awesome to hear your feedback good or bad and introduce more cool content from your ideas!  Like always, SHARE AND SPREAD THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

Best Female Anime Cosplay Costumes To Slay Your Next Anime Convention

Anime Conventions are big and must-go-to events for true anime fans. Thus, female anime cosplay costumes become in demand when such events are near. Regardless of age, gender, and race, anime fans across the globe attend and enjoy this kind of event.

To give you a head start, we collected some of the best ideas for Anime Cosplay Costumes for women.  Rest assured these options have the highest rating and nice reviews.


Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Costume


Costume Rating: 4/5 Stars from 338 Amazon Reviews


Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Costume


Ochaco Uraraka is part of one of the most popular anime series in 2019 is My Hero Academia. She is a student in U.A. High School and is in pursuit to become a Pro Hero. She is a short girl with a slender body. Uraraka is bubbly and fun to be with.



Ryuko Matoi Dress Outfit Cosplay Costume


Costume Rating: 4/5 stars from 113 Amazon Reviews



Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of the anime Kill La Kill. So if you want to have a killer look and aura in a cosplay event, this costume would surely kill it.


In the anime, she on a journey to find the person who murdered her father using the twin of her red sword. Ryuto is just a simple girl, but very fierce and doesn’t know the word fear.



Miku Hatsune Halloween Costume Dress


Costume Rating: 4/5 stars from 107 Amazon Reviews


miku halloween costume dress


Miku Hatsune is not a character from an anime show, but still its costume from Amazon is an excellent choice for cosplay. Hatsune is the very first Janapese Vocaloid which as released 2007.



Hinata Women’s Cosplay Costume


Costume Rating:  4.5 / 5 Stars from 62 Amazon Reviews

Hinata is a character from the popular anime show Naruto. She is soft-spoken and always kind to everyone.  Though she might look pretty shy and simple, she is still very powerful and could be reliable in combat.


Hinata wants to improve herself constantly in order to be useful to her team and the village. As well as being able to protect everyone she loves when the need arise.



Vampire Knight Yuki Cosplay Costume


Costume Rating:  4.5 / 5 Stars from 38 Amazon Reviews



Yuki Kuran is the main protagonist of the anime series Vampire Knight. She is a petite and slender girl often seen wearing her black uniform. Yuki posessess a loving smile which is why many likes her. Generally, she is cheerful and caring to everyone.


And since she is a pureblood Vampire, she has the ability to heal



Yuuki Asuna Cosplay Costume

Costume Rating:  4 / 5 Stars from 54 Amazon Reviews

Yuuki Asuna is one of the most famous female anime characters today.  This is not surprising since Sword Art Online’s fan base stretch up to billions worldwide.  She is the main female protagonist of the show and shares a romantic relationship with the main male protagonist, Kirito.   The best thing about being Asuna while attending an Anime Convention is that everyone will know who you are portraying in just one look.  Her costume might be a bit complicated but there are a lot of online anime shops today that sell it and ordering one that fits your size is just a call away.

Nami Cosplay Costume

There’s no better way to start a list of the best female cosplay costume ideas than Nami, from the hit anime series about a pirates called One Piece.  She is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlikely common first impressions, Nami is more than just a hot anime girl.  She can stand her ground even against giants and wild beasts as she can use tools which allow her to control the weather.  Nami is also cunning so she can easily get out of tight situations in no time.  Her costume is rather simple so you won’t have to spend so much to achieve her look. A pair of jeans and a bra preferably having the same design as one she wears in the anime should be enough.  Having the pole which she uses to cast magic is not a requirement but it could serve as a cherry on top to achieve a complete Nami look.

Mirajane Strauss Cosplay Costume

 Mirajane Strauss is the older sister of Elf man and is one of the lead female protagonists in the anime series titled Fairy Tail.  There was one point in her life when she was feared by both magicians and criminals due to her impatient attitude and brutality.  Some ever referred to her as a demon with a human body.  Nonetheless, she reformed after an incident and became a sweet and caring member of the Fairy Tail Guild.  Achieving Marijane’s look may not be easy but it’s definitely worthwhile.  It has both playfulness and class.  You can also choose between her previous or current look.  Her look when she was younger is perfect for those who love punk and rock while the current one is the best choice for those who aims for a mature, formal, yet sexy anime look.


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Best Anime School Girl Uniform for Cosplay Enthusiasts

Tsunade Cosplay Costume

 Are you worried that your figure is not fit for cosplay?  That extra bumper and bust might help you if you just know who of the many female anime characters to portray.  And probably the best option for women who has a little bit more weight than normal is Tsunade.  She is a previous Hokage of Konoha, the village where Naruto’s journey started in the anime series of the same name.  Tsunade’s costume is simple yet very sexy.  It greatly relies on a woman’s breast size to be successfully pulled of making it perfect for larger women.  The costume is basically a robe and you can add a slug-like stuff toy and a paper fan to complete the whole Tsunade look.


Taiga Aisaka Cosplay Costume

 Taiga Aisaka is a typical Japan school girl.  In the anime series Toradora, she pairs up with Ryuji to form a romantic couple with completely opposite personalities but somehow manage to satisfy each other’s longings.  A Taiga Aisaka  cosplay can be achieved by simple wearing a Japanese school girl uniform that matches the one she wears in the series.  You can also copy her P.E uniform or her casual look.  The school girl uniform is your best option as it is the most famous.  Attitude is everything if you want to be like Taiga Aisaka.  You need to be outgoing and loud.  Your anime poses should focus on her wild and grumpy expressions.


Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay Costume

 What if you don’t have enough time and money to prepare an elaborate anime cosplay costume?  That’s not a problem since you can always buy a black robe and borrow your little brother’s samurai sword toy to achieve a Rukia Kuchiki look.  You can add her signature accessories later on but these alone should be enough to convince everyone in an Anime Convention who you are portraying.  Copying Rukia’s short black hair would also be very helpful. Bleach is a famous anime so expect to meet new friends during the convention as Rukia.  In the anime series, she is portrayed as a silent girl who tends to hide her feelings and desires for the sake of keeping the ones she care about safe.  Avoid a full smile when you are in character and highlight Rukia’s mysterious and serious personality in your cosplay.


Erza Scarlet Cosplay Costume

 Erza  Scarlet is a famous female character among cosplayers because of her beautiful armors.  She is one of the lead female protagonists in the anime series Fairy Tail where she possesses a peculiar type of magic which allows her to equip various weapons and armors anytime.  She usually wears a plain knight armor so it’s your best bet if you can’t afford expensive costumes.  Nonetheless, if you have both the time and money, up it by several notches by portraying Erza on her sophisticated armor complete with wings and matching sword. You’ll surely be a head turner if you successfully pull it off.


Kagome Higurashi Cosplay Costume

 Do you prefer old school anime series? Then why not cosplay the most famous female characters decades ago like Kagome Higurashi?  She is the lead female protagonist in the anime series titled Inuyasha.  She wears a school girl uniform and has a bow and arrow as weapon.  She is also distinguished by her long and silky black hair.  Simplicity is the key to achieve the Kagome look.  It also has to do with her silent and simple personality so try to pose meekly while being in character.  Cute and romantic poses are also good especially if you can pair up with someone wearing an Inuyasha costume.


Albedo Cosplay Costume

 Are you confident about having an attractive body?  Then you should put it to good use by wearing an Albedo Cosplay costume.  Albedo is one of the main characters of the hit series titled Overlord.  In the show, she is a demon who obsessively loves her master.  Despite having a pair of horns and wings, Albedo’s sexiness is described as out of this world.  If you are planning to be Albedo for the next Anime Convention you are attending, be ready to show some curves and skin.  Watching Overlord is also  a great idea so you can know some of her poses as she discriminate humans or express loyalty towards her master.


Saeko Busujima Cosplay Costume

 Who said we can’t combine anime school girls, guns, and gore?  If you have the body, then pulling of Saeko Busujima’s look is a perfect idea to impress everyone in the upcoming Anime Convention.  Saeko belongs to the group of students who managed to survive after a zombie outbreak in the anime series titled High School of the Dead.  This heroin wields a samurai sword and a rifle while wearing a sexy tattered Japanese school girl uniform.  You can also put blood stains in her uniform to achieve a look close to the real one when Saeko was brutally decapitating zombies as they make their way out of the school.


If you have other female anime cosplay ideas, be sure to share them in the comment section below!  You can also post images of your recent cosplay to inspire those who are still struggling to find an anime cosplay costume that fits them.




Cute Anime Boys You Would Want as Little Brothers

Are you looking for a cute anime boy to check out? There are a lot of anime boys you’ll find on the internet and most of them are really cute. This list presents some of them. As what japanese word says they are ‘kawaii’. These boys are cute mainly because of their face and hair. But above all, we find them lovable because of their fun and unique character.

Little brothers are thought of as both gifts and curses.  They can be cute and funny at times but they can also be very annoying.  At some point, their toys will be all around the floor waiting for an unfortunate victim.  They won’t bother flushing the toilet. At night, they tend to make loud noises while playing as if they know you need to concentrate as you study for an important exam tomorrow.

Nonetheless, you can ask every big brother or sister and they’ll honestly say that they won’t exchange their little brother to any treasure in the world. Well, unless it’s at least a million dollars, then they might have second thoughts.  Joking aside, seeing a cute little boy grow to a responsible man and influencing him in the process one way or another can be very fulfilling.  If you’re in search of a cute little brother?  What about those cut anime boys who are very popular nowadays?  Check out this list to know some of them and who knows you might find one who exactly resembles the one you already have or want to have.

Gon Freecss

Having a brother who loves venturing to the woods can be considered a gift from god for adventure seekers. There’s no point to seeing wonderful sceneries and discovering the unknown if you won’t experience it with someone.  Gon Freecss is the best candidate if you’re finding one for this purpose.  He grew up in the country side and his hobby was exploring the woods near his home. Gon Freecss is also a licensed Hunter so he can protect you if dire situations arise.  He is strong and agile. Since he possesses Nen, he can easily sense hostility and keep you safe wherever you want to go. Having a little brother like Gon will surely make your weekend hiking in the mountains extra special.


As a certified anime fan, you probably already watched a few Dragonball Z episodes.    If that’s the case, you might also be familiar with the main protagonist of the series named Son Goku.  He is considered as the strongest fighter not just in his universe but among all universes as well.  Having him as an ally during a fight will surely guarantee victory.  However,  this discussion is not about him but his son, Goten.  He is equally as innocent and simple-minded as his father.  Goten is a typical country boy who loves to play around all day while hating studies.   Having him as your little brother will make your afternoon family times more enjoyable.  His guiltless remarks can be a great icebreaker if ever your family is having a serious discussion.  Although he is cute, just be careful since Goten usually miscalculates his strength.  If you won’t pay this heed, you’ll most likely end up with a bruise or two after playing around with him.


Genki is a boy who loves playing video games. His favorite is one called Monster 200X. It is a game where the player can summon monsters and let them battle in an arena.  Genki was looking forward to participating in the frontlines of the game someday but due to unexpected turn of events he found himself sucked into the game.  There he met new friends and monsters who aided him in defeating the tyrant monster that is threatening the peace of the monster world.  Genki is more than just a video gamer. He also finds joy in playing around with his rollerblades.  He is also brave especially when it comes to saving his friends.  What more if it’s his older brother or sister?


Real magic is something that we dreamt of using or at least witnessing when we were young.  This explains why illusions and magic tricks are very popular forms of entertainment.  But what if your one among the many cute anime boys can use magic? Would you be excited if he turns out to be your little brother?  Aladdin is not just a common magician.  He is prophesized as the savior of his nation.  Alongside with his trusted companions, they embark on various adventurers to free their land from the grip of fear and evil doers.  Having him as a little brother would expose you to the world of magic.  Who knows he might even take you as a disciple so you can also use magic as you please.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

A baby little brother is both adorable and annoying.   A baby can muster cute and innocent expressions effortlessly.  Nonetheless, we can’t simply disregard the fact that taking care of one can be a hassle.  This is true especially if it’s your first time and there is no one experienced to give you tips.  Such predicament would intensify a couple of folds if the baby is not a human but the son of the devil himself.  But don’t get me wrong, he still looks like an ordinary baby but with added special powers and weird servants who would immediately come to rescue him at times of trouble.  This is the situation you’ll be in if you happen to be the older sibling of Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.  Is it misfortune or a gift?  That will be for you to find out but one thing that is certain is that your life will turn out to be a little more exciting and dangerous than usual.

Shinichi Kudo (kid form)

Have you ever hid something from your little sibling?  Was it about the last piece of his favorite cookie you ate and passed the crime to his dog?  Or was it the time when you used underhanded tactics to convince your parents that your little brother is too young to go on a summer trip with you so you can enjoy everything by yourself?  Unfortunately, these tricks won’t happen if your younger sibling is Shinichi Kudo.  He is in fact not a child but was transformed into one after being caught by a secret organization during a dangerous mission.  Although he has the body of a kid, Shinichi still has the mind of a well-known detective.  Having him as your little brother might be a little bit bothersome since you can’t fool him for your own advantage but he can be very handy in solving crimes in your neighborhood or even simple tasks that involve great thinking like answering your math homework.


Younger siblings are fun to be with because they are vulnerable.  You can easily tease and make fun of them. This would force these adorable beings to let out cute and innocent reactions.  Some may call this bullying, but for a truly loving older brother it’s simply spending quality time and sharing good memories with family. But would you still treat your younger sibling in a bullish way if he is a member of the knight order?  Climb for instance is a young knight who is directly under the first princess of their kingdom.  Unlike common knights, he is not a member of a noble family.  Climb started from being a commoner and was elected to his current position through hard work and determination. Can you imagine the possibilities of having a loyal and brave knight-like little brother beside you?  It would be really fun spending a sunny day playing outside with him knowing that you’ll be safe and that you won’t be abandoned regardless how dire a situation may come up.

Kozuki Momonosuke

Samurai warriors are known as respectful but cunning swordsmen.  They have devoted all their life to the way of the sword.  So what would happen if you have one like Kozuki Momonosuke as a little brother?  He can teach you how to properly use a katana but such knowledge would be useless in the current time.  Nonetheless, you’ll surely be thrilled since he can transform into a small dragon capable of flight.  You can wander around your neighborhood or visit wonderful places without worrying about travel expenses.  It’s also safe since there would be no one who would dare harass someone riding a dragon. Lastly and probably the best part of all is that you’ll gain a loyal and lovable ally.  Kozuki has proved in several occasions that he has unequalled determination in guaranteeing the safety of the people he cherishes.

Rock Lee

Does martial art interest you? If that’s the case, then having Rock Lee as a younger brother will definitely excite you.  He is a famous ninja in Konoha who specializes in unarmed combat style.  Others often take him lightly because of his innocent face and relatively small body compared to most of his peers.  Nevertheless, underestimating Rock Lee just because of his looks is probably the gravest mistake you can make in a duel against him.  He is capable of unleashing punches and kicks that can break huge boulders like they are made of soft bread.  Having him as a little brother will not only grant you security but also the chance to learn self-defense so you can also help others.


Who would want an annoying little brother?  The common answer is no one but yours might change if we are talking about Shippo.  He is considered a fox monster but has a human boy figure.  The only thing that would give a hint regarding his true identity is his tail.  Shippo might look adorable at first but his feisty attitude will immediately change your impression about him after a few moments of interaction.  He is not fun to be with to the point that even his close friends want to get rid of them.  So what’s the catch?  What makes Shippo an ideal little brother?  He might hide it but Shippo is actually a caring and sweet kid.  He is frank and insensitive most of the time but he also has a cute and lovable side.

Share this list to your little brother and friends who have their own tiny devil to tease them and see if they deny that at least one of these characters resemble them!

Hot Anime Guys You Would Want To Date

Anime introduces a world where everything is possible.  It features various stories ranging from everyday school interactions among a group of friends to adventures in a new world ruled by magic and monsters.  It’s not unusual for an anime title to feature a handsome and hot main character. This is why many anime fans have their own collection of hot anime guys who they wish to be real.  Are you one of them? Who is your anime guy crush? Do you prefer outgoing types like Uzumaki Naruto or those who have a mysterious feel around them like Yamato Kira?

Regardless of your taste, don’t settle on mainstream anime in search for a crush.  Why not explore other hot anime characters who are equally or to an extent even more lovable than the popular ones?  If you don’t know where to start, then you’re at the right place. Read further and discover some of the hottest anime guys you would want to date in real life.  All of them come from an anime series that do not receive a lot of audience and is overshadowed by mainstream ones.  But don’t worry since their unique and interesting personalities as well as their awesome anime looks will easily capture your heart.


Rin Okamura

Have you tried dating a troublemaker?  If not then, Rin Okamura can be your first time.  He is an aspiring demon hunter who is often caught up in dangerous situations because of his origin.  Although it might be intimidating to think that you’ll be dating the son of Satan, it’s not that bad if you consider the possibilities. He is strong so you don’t need to worry about thugs ruining your date.  Rin is also sweet and caring so he will surely find a way to make your date extra special. And most importantly, Rin cares for his friends and family so much.  Being a part of the circle of people who he loves most is definitely worth the risk of meeting a few dangerous demons along the way.

Kakashi Hatake

A ninja as a date would be cool.  You can visit scenic places in a piggy back ride as he jump from one tree after another to cover ground in an instant.  Kakashi Hatake can turn this kind of date to another level silent but cute personality.  It’s easy to judge him as a boring person but he also has a humorous side which he only shows to people close to him.  If you manage to do so then you’re in for a treat.  There will be no boring moments during a date with Kakashi especially if you share the same love for books.  You can enjoy an afternoon read a top a beautiful mountain overseeing the sunset.  No woman can resist such a simple yet memorable date.

L Lawliet

What would happen if you date a famous detective?  That would be exciting at first until you are reminded that keeping secrets is pointless.  This is true particularly if the one you are dating is L Lawliet.  He is weird but its what makes this anime boy hot. A detective who was assigned to a case involving the appearance and use of death note in our world.  L is talented in patching up simple clues and turning them into elaborate evidences to solve crimes.  Having him as a date will surely mean unexpected surprises and interesting dates.  With his brilliant mid, L can come up with interesting gifts for your anniversary and new ways to celebrate the occasion.  Don’t be intimidated by his look since it’s obvious that with just a little make-over, L can transform into the prince charming of your dreams.


How would you react if you end up trapped in a MMORPG?  Would you desperately seek for a way out or lock yourself up in a room? If you choose the first option, how will you approach the upcoming adventure?  Do you prefer moving through challenges on your own or by forming a party to make things easier?  Having someone to watch your back is a safer way but it also comes with risks.  You can’t just choose a random guy you just met unless it’s Kirito.  He is an anime guy who you can fully trust especially in protecting party members.  Kirito already experienced losing a party member in front of him so he will do everything within his power to prevent that from happening again.  This is why having a date with a handsome and gentle anime guy like Kirito while venturing on a magical world is a dream come true to most anime fans. Kirito is also included in the list of hot anime boys because he still look young and very innocent.

Haruka Nanase

Swimming is not just a good form of physical exercise but it can also be a sweet activity for couples.  Imagine having a cute anime guy teach you how to swim in a pretty beach with sparkling white sand.  This is a summer dream for a lot of anime fans.  How would you feel doing it with Haruka Nanase?  He might be a competitive swimmer but he also has a sweet and caring side.  This character is one of the many reasons why this sports anime is among the most popular of all time.

Having Haruka as your date in the beach will guarantee your safety since he can save you from any kind of danger in the waters with his powerful legs and impeccable swimming skills.  You can also enjoy a talk while lying on the beach and watching at the clear night sky at night as the both of you share the calming sound of the sea waves.


There are a lot of problems if you date a humanoid.  It’s likely that he needs to be charged from time to time.  Your humanoid might also have limited sets of emotions so he can’t express himself well.  Nonetheless, it might not be a bad idea if you date Genos.  Unlike the usual half man half robot, Genos has the ability to express emotions.  He has a complicated brain so he can move and think like a normal human being.             He is also a skilled fighter and can even defeat dangerous monsters so being with him is probably the safest place you can be in the event of an emergency.  Genos is also good looking if you set aside his robotic arms and laser-like eyes.


They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  But is this true the other away around?  How would you like having a date with a skillful cook like Sanji?  You may gain a few pounds after several dates with this handsome anime guy due to his mouthwatering dishes but it won’t be a problem since Sanji is loyal.  He tends to disregard a person’s background and other unnecessary clutter after deciding confessing his love.  Others may think of him as a womanizer because of how he reacts after seeing sexy women but it just shows his honest side.  He appreciates lady curves and pretty faces but in the end comes back to the woman who owns his heart.  With Sanji as your date, both your stomach and heart will be filled to the brim.

Aomine Daiki

Men who are good at sports are often popular among women.  This is also true in the anime world. Nonetheless, Aomine Daiki is a special case.  His basketball skills is impressive to the point that it’s almost impossible to beat him in a one on one match but his selfish personality and stingy attitude stops people around from getting close to him.  Only a few who managed to get to know Aomine’s true self considers him as a good friend.  Despite how rude he might be, Aomine can still be a great date particularly for women who prefer bad guys.  He might be harsh and cold but that would only make a few sweet gestures from him from time to time extra special.  You’ll definitely hit the jackpot if you manage to capture this hot anime guy’s heart.

Ken Kaneki

Dating a monster is something we only wish to happen in nightmares.  But what if it’s Ken Kaneki?  He was once a normal being until attacked by a ghoul.  After the incident, the doctor was left with no choice but to transplant an organ from the ghoul to Kaneki in order to save his life.  The result is Kaneki having the characteristic of both human and ghoul.  Dating him might be dangerous since ghoul’s are known to treat humans as food but it’s a different story if we talk about Kaneki.  He refuse to give up his humanity in spite how the constant taunt of the ghoul in him.  Setting aside his struggles as a half ghoul, Kaneki is a sweet guy.  He considers friends as precious and would do anything to protect them from harm.  As long as you trust Kaneki, dating him can be a sweet and exciting experience.

Kyouya Sata

A prince as a date is not a bad idea.  In fact, each one of the girl anime fans has dreamt in becoming a princess inside an anime world at least once.  Kyouya Sata might be the prince charming you are searching for.  He may not be the standard prince but his protective personality and cunning mindset should be more than enough to change your impression about him.  Kyouya is a sadist and it might turn you off at some point but don’t give up on him.  Try to know this guy some more and you’ll realize that there is much more to him than his weird fetish.  His idol-like face and figure can be considered as freebies making him not just an ideal date but a boyfriend and partner in life as well.

Have I missed the hot anime guys that are worth mentioning in this list?  If you have some great suggestions in mind, feel free to share them below!

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Best Action Anime Movies: A List of You Shouldn’t Miss

This article will feature the best action anime movies you need to watch if you're an anime fan. There are good anime movies but there are also those considered to be great which are the ones featured here. Anime fans differ from the kind of movie they are interested in. This list contains movies to watch for those who are into action and fighting scenes. A lot of the featured anime movies here are already old but definitely will satisfy you, but if you are more interested in new anime movies in the action genre check the list below for a fast reference.
  • Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
  • Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic
  • Overlord: Fushisha no Ou
  • Trinity Seven Movie: Yuukyuu Toshokan to Renkinjutsu Shoujo
  • One Piece Film Gold

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

It's no doubt that by far, one of the best anime series is Cowboy Bebop. Thus, there is no surprise that one of the top actions movies is from this anime with the title: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Even though the anime started some years ago, it still looks graphically appealing to viewers these days. There are those certain characteristics of this show that easily hooks anyone who watches it especially anime fanatics.
This is a movie that everyone would certainly love even for those who have not watched the anime series yet. Needless to say, if you are a fan of this series, you'll definitely appreciate the movie. Overall, the story is great which is what most of us is looking for in a movie. Plus, it has moments where you'll certainly not take your eyes off the screen. When you try to do your research most of the fight scenes in this movie is on most list of great anime fight scene. This only proves that its animation is great, the background is good and characters were captivating even those who are not main characters.
There are also a lot of people who have commended this movie for its great soundtrack.

Sword of the stranger

If you are looking for an action-packed anime movie, Sword of the Stranger is a must see. It is a classic samurai film with a lot of excellent action scenes and it's not only nice to watch but satisfying as well. You will definitely not regret watching it.
In this movie, you'll be introduced to the main character "Nanashi" which means "No Name". After getting to know this character in the movie, you'll definitely remember Rurouni Kenshin the character who tried to atone for his violent past. But, things that are happening around him or in his life is slowly giving him enough reason to do draw his sword.
The gorgeous anime fight choreography in this movie makes it an all-time best and the recommended anime movies to watch . After seeing this, you'll agree with this statement. I have to warn you that there are scenes here which are too bloody like head and limbs getting cut-off. But this is something you might have already expected from the start since its a samurai movie. If you are not troubled with bloody action fights, then there's nothing to worry. As the story continues, everything just seems to get more exciting and involving.
Though its an action movie, its fun to watch and highly enjoyable.

My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia The Movie Two Heroes_

This movie is considered as the best action anime movie of 2018. Its the first movie of this anime and it features its 2 main characters : All Might and his successor Izuku Midoriya. The story happend in an Island where there is a big research facility related to Quirks.

This movie as fun and very much enjoyable where you see most of the main characters in action. The good thing about this movie is that you will learn more about the past of All Might.

And the same as always, our heroes work together to defeat the villain in this movie. If you are a new fan of this anime, make sure not to miss this.

Berserk: The Golden Age Trilogy Movie

To fully appreciate this movie, you have to watch the 3 movies. Since this list is for best anime action movies, it would not be appropriate not to include this as Berserk is an anime known for its action scenes. If I rate the first movie, it will just be average, just right for anyone looking for an action-packed anime to watch. Watch out for the  Zodd fight and Griffith’s assassination attempts as these are some of the highlights in the movie.
The 2nd movie was still an average for me. I think on this part, I was looking for more action fights but it was not satisfied. I do not say that there are fewer fights, still the fights are there are really cool for me. Also, I would just like to say that in this 2nd movie, I saw the strongest action scene in the series so you have to watch out for it. The battle scenes I was referring to was greatly executed.
Of course since this is a trilogy, the most anticipating and exciting part would be the last one. I personally think that there are parts of this last movie that was really greatly done especially in the highlight fights. Being a trilogy, you will also appreciate the story of this anime movie, the personal stories and conflicts of the main characters and how these were settles.
Rest assured that after watching this trilogy, you will not only remember and appreciate the main characters but the supporting characters as well. There are times in the movies where these characters shine especially when it comes to the battle/actions scenes.

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Which of these Action Anime Movies Is the Best?

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One Piece Stampede

One Piece Stampede

Considered to be the best action anime movie of 2019. It's a real treat for all one piece fans. It's a movie of pure fun, action and lots of highlight scenes from different characters. Some might not want it for it lacks a good story of plots, still generally its a great action packed movie.

The good thing about this movie its standalone. So even if you are not that much interested with Once Piece as a whole, you could still enjoy it.

Graphics and animation is pretty good. It's definitely worth your time especially for anime fans.

DanMachi: Arrow of the Orion

DanMachi Arrow of the Orion

This anime movie follow the adventure of Bell, Hestia and the rest of thir Familia as they explore a dungeon in the City of Orario. In this movie, something happened that entitled Bell for an adventure that only He needs to take. However, that's not how it goes with their Family especially Hestia. She certainly would not want Bell to be going alone so their entire party prepares for the adventure.

Though it seems pretty predictable going to the end part, still the anime is fun and enjoyable and one of the best adventure action anime movies of all time. A great adventure anime with nice graphics and animation. If you are a fan of this anime series, you already know how impressive the animation and design of this anime.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Hyoketsu no Kizuna

Re Zero − Starting Life in Another World Hyoketsu no Kizuna

Considered as one of the best new fantasy action anime movies, it's something that you should not miss. Re:Zero is a popular Isekai anime series and watching this movie will give you more information about it. It's a prequel before the beginning of the Re:Zero Series.

Afro samurai resurrection

When there are swords and samurais, expect that anime movie to be action-packed. This made Afro Samurai Resurrection on of the best fighting anime movies of all time.  The best thing I would like to stress-out first about this movie is the great animation. When we watch any anime movie, most often, we could easily determine if it the people behind it invested time and effort in its animation. And again, I would like to reiterate that the animation will satisfy you most especially for fans looking for some unforgettable fight scenes.
The villain here is a girl. Yah, I know what you are thinking, its a mismatch. However, her desire for revenge makes her someone you don't want to mess with.
The movie is not all about action and fights, its comedy relief is also priceless. So after some intense fights, you'll have a nice laugh with some comedy lines. One thing that you have to watch out for this movie is its ending, some loved it, but many are saying that it's quite predictable. For me, it's kinda predictable but still a great ending in general.

One Piece: Strong World

If you are the kind of person who is looking for action and a lot of fun, then the best anime movie for you is One Piece: Strong World. There is no need to explain why this movie will definitely be fun to watch with Luffy around. Most Otaku knows about Luffy and how funny and candid he is. A happy go lucky caption who sees everything in a very plain perspective. However, it doesn't mean that One Piece is just all about adventure and laughs, it also has a lot of fight scenes. All main characters in Luffy's team know how to fight so expect a non-stop action movie.
Expect that this movie was crafted well because the movie production was overseen by its creator, no other than Eiichiro Oda. This movie is one of those best movies of this franchise because there are tones of designs provided by its original author. This only means that most designs will be consistent with what you see on the original anime series - which is definitely a great news.
As usual, when it comes to One Piece fights, you certainly wouldn't want to take your eyes off the screen. You will appreciate the animation and character designs which would not be a surprise because the movie was well budgeted. If you're a One Piece fan, you definitely must not miss this movie.

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (Bleach: The Movie 2)

There are millions of Bleach fans out there mainly because it has a lot of great fight scenes. So if you are looking for an anime movie with lots of action,  you shouldn't miss Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion. Animation and sound are both good making everything in the movie look more interesting and dramatic. Bleach is an anime series with blades and swords so expect a good samurai movie. However, this is not the typical samurai movie as it involves super-powers, magic and spells.
The story, in general, is quite common, but something you can disregard because its Bleach and what's more important than the story is the action scenes. If you have watched this anime series for some time now, you know what I mean. So overall, it's still a great action movie for anime fans, again great animation and sound.
If you love the characters in this anime series, you wouldn't mind the short time you see them in this movie. As we all know, Bleach movie has a lot of main characters and since this is a movie, expect that there are some that will only get tiny cameos. Most of the scenes happened in soul society, so if you are a fan of the characters in the real world, then it might be a bit disappointing. This movie is for the fans of Toshiro Hitsugaya, so if you're a fan, watch this. Of course, the main characters like Ichigo Kurosaki and the other captains will always be on the center stage.
These are the movies we recommend you watch if you looking for movies with top-notched fight scenes. When the action starts, it would be non-stop and could get you at the edge of your seat. Enjoy!

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

If you're an anime fan for a long time already, you definitely would have heard about Vash The Stampeded and you also know that when this character is around, it only means action. This action movie will definitely fill your thirst for gunfights. Though Vash is a person who loves guns and is pretty good at it, he has this philosophy to preserve life. This leads to unwanted fights in the future as the persons he beat would somehow make a comeback in the days to come for vengeance.
When it comes to the overall design and presentation of the movie, actions scenes and characters often look sharp and great details.
In general, this is a not a bad movie to watch if you want to see some action. The story might lack some substance but anime fanatics who are looking for a good action film, this would be a great pick.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

The Elric brothers stars in this movie. For those who have followed the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, this movie happened at some point after Ed and Al gained knowledge about the Philosopher's Stones.
The movie became popular due to the great action fights both on hand-on-hand scenes and those that involved magic or alchemy where the anime movie actions were closely the same if not better than in the anime series  . Creators of the movie were very successful in making the fights look really interesting and thrilling. There is a part at the beginning of the movie where the main characters have to deal with a runaway train. It was definitely one of the most thrilling moments in the movie.
There are parts of the story where you can say that it's really a solid one making this movie a must-watch. However, do expect that it would still somehow end to common cliches.

Dragon ball Z battle of Gods

As what I have researched, this is the first Dragon Ball Z movie brought to theaters. This only means that its an excellent movie deserving to be one of the good movies with outstanding action scenes.  Animation is highly commended and characters were well polished.
The good thing about this anime series is it's not all about fights as what most of us would expect in a Dragon Ball Z movie. I personally loved how many of the characters especially the main characters were just goofing around and showing more about their self/characters - these are funny stuff you surely would laugh about.
I would also like to note that most probably, there will be a part of this movie, that you'll be emotional or teary-eyed especially if you have been watching this anime series since the beginning.
Here's a nice review of the movie

Ghost in the Shell Movie (1995)

For those who are into crime investigating kind of stuff, this anime movie is highly recommended. It is for those who are fund of watching anime that provokes thinking and discussion. Of course, actions scenes are also abundant in the movie. Visual effects are great so you will definitely appreciate every fight scenes.
Check the movie rating and more about the movie here:
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And if you have some suggestions or reactions, we would love to hear from you.
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List of Pretty Anime Girls: Famous And Less Known

The anime world is filled with pretty, cute and gorgeous girls. This is the main reason why we created this list of pretty anime girls – to know who’s on top. However, it would also be nice to know some pretty faces in anime who are less known but we are confident they will be popular as well in the future. Thus, this list contains a list of the famous characters, as well as characters who we think, has the potential to be well-known in the days to come.

Famous Pretty Anime Characters

These are some of the most popular pretty women in the anime world you surely have heard about.

Asuna Yuuki: Swort Art Online








Asuna is one of the main characters in the anime series Sword Art Online. She is a rich girl since her father is a former CEO of a big company. However, unlike other rich girls, she is kind hearted and someone whom anyone could easily get along with. In the game, she is a healer, but at the same time, she wants to be in action which earned her the name Berserk Healer. Her long brown hair makes her really gorgeous looking with hazel eyes. Aside from being pretty, what made Kirito fell in love with Asuna is above all her personality. She is kind and is always willing to give her life for the safety of the people who care about.


Inoue Orihime: Bleach








Orihime is a high school student and is one of the closest friends of Kurusaki Ichigo in Bleach Anime. Inoue has a long orange hair with brown eyes. When you look at her physically, one of the first thing you will notice is her nicely curved body plus an above average breast size. She looks pretty regardless of what she wears but what I liked most is her outfit when she was captured by Aizen. She’s not only dazzling but very sexy as well. When it comes to her personality, she is friendly, kind-hearted and most of the time clueless about what is happening around her. However, you can depend on her as she will never leave a friend behind.

Elizabeth Liones: The Seven Deadly Sins








Elizabeth is the third princes of the Kingdom Liones. She looks pretty in her look where only her one eye is shown because the other eye is covered by her white hair. She looks really pretty with her long legs which are high lighted and easily noticeable since she is often wearing a skirt. Her light blue eyes fit well in her really innocent looking face.

Elizabeth is a caring person and wants to settle everything in a peaceful manner. Amidst the war, she is showing care to everyone even to the enemies. Though she is perceived as a weak and fragile character, she has a strong will and personality especially when her friends are in danger.

Erza Scarlet: Fairy Tail








Erza is a young and pretty woman with a long red hair. Her brown eyes look pretty perfect especially when she is in serious mode. She has a slender figure and her sexiness depends on what outfit she wears. Though she looks really cute and pretty, everyone has to watch out since she is a real fighter and can be very dependable on fights when she gets serious. She is usually seen in her armored outfit with blue skirts and boots. Others don’t find her appealing since she has a strict personality which is also the reason why she is feared by other members of her guild. But, when you get to know her more, you will definitely discover a different kind of sweetness in her.

Kagome Higurashi : Inuyasha








This list would be incomplete without the character who won the heart of Inuyasha and she is Kagome. She is the main female protagonist of the anime series. She has a cute and expressive eye which makes her really pretty and adorable. The same as other famous female characters she also has a long black hair.

Less Known Pretty Anime Characters

There are hundreds of supporting characters from less famous shows out there that can rival or even surpass the beauty of mainstream characters. Of course it’s our duty to investigate! One thing that Anime and Manga thought us is to be passionate in everything we do and achieve greater heights in spite of dangerous trials ahead. Fooling around aside, below are the anime girls who are not that popular but still can be considered among the prettiest.

Chitoge Kirisaki

A promise between childhood friends to marry in the future is a common anime scenario.  However, it’s a different story if they both forget the other party’s face. They are only left with mementos of their childhood as clues to know who they made a promise with.  Making the situation even more confusing is a third party who also has the same memory and proofs the she received the same kind of promise. Chitoge Kirisaki is a pretty anime girl who is trapped in this peculiar situation.  She is an innocent and outgoing girl.  Despite looking like an average student, she is in fact the heir of one of the wealthiest and most influential gangs in Japan.


“Now before you continue, if you would like to buy your first anime action figure, check out this post: Best Anime Figures of Famous Anime Girls.”

Levy Mcgarden

Levy is a young mage with blue wavy hair.  She loves wearing colorful bandanas and dresses.  She has been a member of Fairy Tail since 11 years old.  Despite, Levy’s carefree and childish attitude, she is quite dependable. Every one of her guild mates acknowledges and trusts her.  When she was saved by Gajeel during the Edolas Arc, Levy started to feel something strange towards him.  Their relationship turned awkward at first because both are clueless about their feelings toward each other.  The cute and bubbly side of Levy Mcgarden is often displayed when she interacts with Gajeel. Levy is a perfect girlfriend for those who wants a date who won’t mind simple dates or gifts.  Her simple attitude denotes that Levy will be happy as long as she can spend quality time with her special someone.


Loli is justice! If you belong to the millions of loli fans out there, then Shana is an anime character worth looking up to.  She is one of the main characters in the anime series Shakugan No Shana.  Most anime lolis are cute, caring, and innocent. Nonetheless, Shan can’t be described by any of them.  She started out as very cold and uncaring.  Shana is the type that will disregard unnecessary details as long as she fulfills her duty as a Flame Haze.  It was to the point where she considers human life as sacrificial pawns just to maintain world balance. Are you turned off? Don’t be since Shana eventually changes as she meets new friends.  She may not have the typical loli demeanor but she definitely have the cute and irresistible looks that comes with being a loli.


Anime girls are often depicted as elegant maids, skillful elf archers, or typical clumsy and easy-go-lucky students. Lisbeth on the other hand is different.  She is a blacksmith in the Sword Art Online Anime Series.  She first met Kirito, the main protagonist, when he was in need of a new sword. He was browsing the products displayed on Lisbeth’s shop but none caught his interest.  This is why Lisbeth suggested that they look for a better material for her to make a sword that would satisfy Kirito.  The two of them bonded while fighting an ice dragon just to acquire a precious metal.  During those times, Lisbeth’s beauty shined as she displayed both her courage and weakness.  She felt like a princess in distress when Kirito carried her to safety.  If you are looking for an anime girl crush who is strong-willed, skillful, and pretty, Lisbeth should be on top of your choices.

Saeko Busujima

Just looking at the image, you would already know that aside from being one of the prettiest, Saeko, could also be part of the hottest female anime characters.

What would you do if a zombie outbreak happens when you are at school? It’s likely that you’ll panic and run straight towards the main gate and seek for help. This is a normal reaction especially for students who are clueless as to how to properly react during dire situations.  But not everyone would fall on this trap.  A few outstanding students can remain calm and come up with a logical escape plan even when cornered.  This scenario took place in the anime series High School of the Dead and Saeko Busujima is one of the students who successfully escaped from her school.  She is a beautiful protagonist with a nice figure which is highlighted when she eliminates zombies using her peerless swordsmanship.

Akiyama Mio

There bass guitar has a peculiar appeal.  Although not considered as the highlight of a band, bass guitarists play a major role in giving depth and life to a performance. If you are looking for a pretty anime girl who knows how to play the bass and can also sing, then you should get to know Akiyama Mio.  She is the guitarist and secondary vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time in the anime series K-On.  Mio acts mature despite being young but she is easily scared.  Her jumpy personality is often a source of humor in her interactions with band mates and friends.  Aside from being a music lover, Mio also values friendship and won’t think twice in helping friends who are in trouble.

Nao Tomori

There will always be that one friend who wants to capture every interesting moment with a camera.  If an anime girl with this kind of hobby excites you then you should meet Nao Tomori.  She is a member of the Student Council and is always eager to get proof about people having special abilities by recording them. She is a friend of Yu, the main protagonist of the anime series entitled Charlotte.   Nao is not the usual simple and sweet girl.  She is outgoing and energetic.  It’s also common to see her lying just to achieve her goals.  Nonetheless, her petty lies and harsh attitude are not enough to completely hide her beautiful heart.  She was the one who helped Yu get over from the death of a close friend.

Sena Kashiwazaki

What would you do if you classmate treats you as a servant?  Most of you would definitely deny that notion but what if it comes from a pretty girl with long blond hair and captivating blue eyes?  Don’t worry if you’ll feel spell bounded after seeing Sena Kashiwazaki since it’s completely normal to be at awe in front of a princess-like beauty.  It can’t be denied that Sena would have been the perfect girlfriend if only her personality is a toned down a bit.  Unlike most girls of her age,  Sena is stubborn and self-righteous which is probably the main reason why she has no female friends.  Nonetheless, Sena is just like a delicious candy with a thick wrapper.  Beneath the façade of self-centeredness is a girl who simply wants to be acknowledged by her peers.


Have you ever thought of what will you do if transferred to a fantasy world?  Would you take it easy or will you aim to be an achiever in the new world despite the unknown dangers up ahead?  How would you react if the first thing you’ll see is a pretty demon lady?  The main protagonist of the anime series Overlord faced a similar circumstance.  He was lucky to have Albedo by her side at that time. Albedo is not just a pretty face.  She is also strong and responsible.  Albedo is the head of the Floor Guardians in the Tomb of Nazarick.  She acts as the overseer every time Ainz is away.  Leaving her obsession towards her master aside, Albedo is an anime girl who can easily capture any man’s heart making her among the top anime girls in 2018. This is among the reasons why Albedo cosplay is now very popular.

If you are a fan of Albedo or Overlord in general, here is a nice facebook group to follow:


Do you love fantasy anime girls and princesses? Well, Yona from the anime series Akatsuki no Yona will surely capture your heart since she is the combination of both.  This heroine started out as an ignorant royalty.  She does not know about the terrible things that are happening within their kingdom particularly the impending crisis that would bring its fall.  After one disaster after another including the death of her father, Yona was almost left with nothing.  Despite these misfortunes, her despair was cleared by the presence of Hak.  He is a skillful warrior who possesses unwavering loyalty to the princess.  From that point onwards, both of them started a journey to gather allies and reclaim their lost kingdom.

Who do you think is the prettiest anime girl?

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If you think your favorite pretty anime girl was left out, leave a comment below explaining why she deserves a spot on this list!



Best Sports Anime 2019 You Should Be Watching Now

Check out this list of best sports anime to watch if you are looking for sport-inspired anime shows in 2019.  This list includes new anime titles so there’s a huge possibility that you’ve never heard of them before.  So enjoy binge-watching these awesome anime related to sports and be inspired to be the best sportsman you can be!

1. Diamond no Ace: Act II (2019)

Baseball Anime

Season 2 continues the story of Eijun Sawamura, a southpaw baseball pitcher with an unusual pitching style. He still plays for the Seidou High School in West Tokyo.  The ace of their team in season 2 is the rival of Eijun, Saturo Furuya. Thus, the whole story of this season is still Sawamura trying to come the ace someday. The team continues in its pursuit to get to the Nationals.

The same as in the first season, the anime was still able to give us a lot of excellent actions on the baseball field. The humor of Sawamura and his unusual character still plays a major role in making this sports anime interesting. This time, the character development is not only centered on the main character but also other characters on the team as well.


2. Hoshiai no Sora (2019)

The best thing about this anime is it’s thrilling and emotional plus it makes you want to watch more.  The main proof that its a good anime is the fact that a lot of people are looking forward to a season 2.  The main character is Kazuki Akane​ who is a student and a member of a tennis club. Sadly, he is in a bad family situation. This is not your usual sports anime since it touches deep topics like LGBTQ, family issues, self-harm, and depression.


3. Kandagawa Jet Girls (2019)

This sports anime is about girls competing on jet skis. However, this is not your typical racing sport. The goal of the game is to stop the jet ski of the other team or to shoot a certain part of the other players. The name of the main character in this anime is Rin with her partner Misa who is a shooter. Overall, the anime is fun to watch and entertaining.  It’s an all-girl anime so you know what to expect already.

4. Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora is a basketball anime. The main character is Kurumatani, Sora who loves to play basketball but lacks the height. Amidst being short, he has a very strong drive when it comes to playing basketball. He believes that anyone could be a great basketball player regardless of height as long as he perseveres and practices hard. He joins the Kuzuryuu High School basketball club and competed in various tournaments. You should not miss watching this new sports anime 2019 basketball.

5. Try Knights (2019)

This sports anime is about a rugby game. The main character is Riku Haruma who lacks strength makes it up with a brilliant mind. Due to this brilliance, he is considered a prodigy in the game of rugby. He met Kariya Akira who is his direct opposite. Kariya is a powerful rugby player and only think about how to attack. Their combination makes them an unstoppable duo.

Best Sports Anime of 2018

Yowamushi Pedal (2018)

Yowamushi Pedal combines the fun and competition in road racing with humorous and lovable main characters to create an anime that can make anyone smile even on a bad day.  There are other anime shows out there that focuses on biking but only Yowamushi Pedal offers the complete package. With this, arguably one of the top anime series in the sports category.

The story revolves around Sakamichi Onoda and the Sohoku Cycling Club. Onoda is not the usual anime protagonist.  He doesn’t have overpowered tools or inborn talents that can help him surpass challenges with ease. Onoda only has one dream as he starts his high school days and that is to be a member of the Anime Club and to have conversations with fellow Otakus.  Sports was never on his mind but everything changed when he learned that the Anime Club in his new school has been closed as it lacks members. Out of desperation to revive the club, Onoda found himself having a race with Shunsuke Imaizumi, a passionate road racer who has been practicing since childhood.  From that time on, Onoda slowly realized his potential in cycling and gained new friends in the process.  How can the clumsy Onoda help Sohoku High Cycling Club win against other strong school teams?  Will his dream as an Otaku come true?

Diamond no Ace  (2018)

Imagine stepping on the diamond in a large baseball field. The crowd is cheering wildly and your team is leading but by only one point.   One more strike and the batter will be out but your arm is in pain after throwing since the start of the game.   This kind of intense moment and many more are highlighted in Ace of Diamond.

This anime show is inspired by baseball, a sport that is able to gather a huge fan base because of its drama as mind-blowing strategies and techniques are displayed every game.  Eijun Sawamura is the main protagonist in Ace of Diamond.  He is a hardworking and talented pitcher.

His unique way of pitching was good enough to give him a place in the Seido High School. Although it wasn’t easy at first, Sawamura gradually improved.  He was able to gain the trust of his teammates and seniors one game after another.  They all shared the hardships of training and defeat which strengthened not just their baseball skills but most importantly the bond they formed as close friends.  Ace of Diamond is an anime with a lot of heart-breaking scenes so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.  Will Sawamura’s pitch debut in the nationals?  How can he lead his team to victory against teams that have overflowing talent?

Haikyu!! (2018)

Volleyball is a sport often associated with pretty girls wearing sexy shorts.  Of course it’s far from the truth because volleyball offers a lot more.  Volleyball is an intense sport where a team would need flawless teamwork, members that have undergone physical and mental training, and an experienced coaching staff to compete.

Among the many anime sports out there, only Haikyu!! featured volleyball and all the wondrous things that come with playing it with your friends.  This sports anime volleyball​ has all the elements every Otaku is searching for including a protagonist who initially has a lot of disadvantages but is slowly growing to become the best, budding friendship between rivals, cute anime girls, cool animation fight scenes, and heart-warming situations every now and then.

Shoyo Hinata, the main protagonist of Haikyu!! will surely keep you at the edge of your seat every time he jumps to spike the ball.  He is an enthusiastic junior High School student who has no other goal other than reaching the level of his idol, Tobio Kageyama who is also known as the “King of the Court”.  Climbing to the top stage is impossible with his skills alone but with the help of his equally talented and passionate teammates, standing on the same court with his idol won’t remain as a dream for long.

Kuroko’s Basketball (2018)

Basketball Anime

Basketball is one of the most famous team sports of all time.  To be a good basketball player, one needs to know how to dribble on both hands, shoot the ball precisely, and guard the rim to disallow easy points for the opposing team.  It’s an intense multibillion sports which is why a couple of anime series have been inspired by it. The old-school anime Slam Dunk is one of them and was quite popular because of its humorous take on basketball.  However, if you’re looking for a new and a more serious one, Kuroko’s Basketball is the best choice.  This basketball anime features  a protagonist named Tetsuya Kuroko.  He belongs to the basketball era known as Generation of Miracles and was known as the Phantom Six Man.  Unlike average basketball players, Kuroko’s stamina, strength, and agility are subpar.  He is also not a good shooter when he started playing for Seirin High School.  What makes him standout and worthy of becoming a starter despite being a first year is his unbelievable passes.  He hides his presence and initiates plays that are almost impossible to anticipate.  Kuroko’s lack of presence is good in both offense and defense.  He can sneak behind a player or disrupt passing lanes to steal the ball.  But can a player who lacks both talent and physical gifts to play basketball win against those that are gifted?  How will Kuroko prove that basketball is more than just scoring?

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Swimming Anime

Do you know another anime made to promote tourism for a certain town?  Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is probably the first one.  Aside from featuring wonderful places in Iwatobi, this anime series is also about friendship, love, and rivalry.  The story revolves around Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin.  The first three founded the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.   It was out of a whim but the club turned out to be a success even though its base is just their school’s rundown outdoor pool. If you were once part of a pioneer group, you’ll easily relate to both their hardships and successes while building a new club from scratch.  Rin is their rival. They all thought that he was in Australia but he suddenly challenged Haruka to a race and won.  This is one of the few anime show that is inspired by swimming making it unique.  You’ll also learn various swimming techniques while watching the anime making it a good watch for those who want to learn.  Free! has distinct humor that can easily brighten up your day.  Watching this anime is a must not just for swimming enthusiasts but most importantly for Otakus who are searching for a different kind offsetting while still enjoying the vibrant feel and easy-going atmosphere that school anime brings.


Hajime No Ippo

Boxing Anime

One power punch after another, Makunouchi Ippo’s opponent is thrown from side to side until he falls on the ground.  This is just one of the jaw-dropping fight scenes in Hajime No Ippo.  This martial arts anime show features boxing, one of the most popular and among the oldest combat sports in the world.  The story started as the main protagonist Ippo was saved by an aspiring light-heavy weight boxer Mamoru Takamura from bullies.  Ippo admired his savior’s strength and pleaded to help him train and be a boxer.  Takamura gave Ippo a seemingly impossible task for a beginner to discourage Ippo but the youngster pulled through it somehow.  It was then clear to Takamura that Ippo has both the needed physique and attitude to be a formidable boxer in the near future.

His trainer also had the same realization after witnessing Ippo’s sparring match against an upcoming boxing genius. Ichirou Miyata.  From that day onwards, Ippo faced numerous boxers with different attitudes and fighting styles.  His boxing improved after every fight. Supplemented with rigorous training and guidance from a coach who is a former boxing champion, Ippo became a champion.  Despite being a boxing champion, Ippo remained hungry.  Will Ippo eventually know the true meaning of strength?  Can Ippo’s punch, which managed to conquer Japan, be enough to reach the world stage?


Baby Steps

Tennis Anime

To some, Tennis is a boring sport.  It’s like an upsized version of Ping-Pong.  However, there is more to tennis than meets the eye.  To start, it requires crazy amount of training to become a good tennis player.  This is true especially if you are preparing for a single match.  You’ll be alone in the court and you’re expected to receive every ball passed to your side regardless if it’s on the farthest corner from you.  A good tennis player must have inexhaustible stamina and impeccable reaction.  Having a good idea about what goes behind every tennis match can help you enjoy Baby Steps.  This anime series that is inspired by Tennis is all about Eiichiro Maruo.  He is an honor student known for taking notes.  His notes are made in great detail which is why most of his classmates depend on him greatly.  Who would have thought that his peculiar talent of taking notes could help him become a great tennis player?  His strength as a tennis player is not the power of his smashes or his agile movements but on how he carefully laid out strategies prior a match.  His game plans are created based on his notes and prior research about his opponents making him the greatest enemy of those who look down on others just because they are physically inferior.  But will this way of playing tennis be enough for him to be professional?  Can his notes defy the norm and make his tennis be known worldwide?


Underrated Sports Anime


Soccer Anime

Soccer is a famous team sport especially in European countries. It is best played with friends though s due to its physicality.  Those who play soccer together develop a strong bond after diving for the ball, using their own skills to advance the ball, and yelling cheers after scoring a goal.  This is why the new soccer-inspired anime sport entitled Days is steadily gaining fans.  Days is about friendship, hard-work, overcoming trials, and standing up after defeat.  This anime revolves around the personal and school life of Tsukushi Tsukamoto, Jin Kazama, and their teammates in the Seiseki High Soccer Club. Tsukamoto and Jin became friends after a futsal.  The invitation came from Jin and Tsukamoto accepted it despite being doubtful of the intention because he is weak and is often bullied.  For Tsukamoto, being invited by someone to any sports event and having the chance to gain new friends is like a dream come true.  He worked hard during the match and even injured himself to not disappoint Jin.  It worked out well as Jin was amazed about Tsukamoto’s perseverance.    Tsukamoto decided to join the Seiseki High School Soccer Club to be with Jin but it was not easy.  His weak body was a major hindrance but he overcame the challenge by training more than his peers.  How will Tsukamoto help their soccer team achieve new heights?  Is he truly a one in a million talent like Jin and his seniors expect him to be?


All Out!

Football Anime

Are you tired of re-watching Eye Shield 21 to satisfy your hunger for more football anime action?  Eye Shield 21 is a classic anime about sports that deserves a place in the top ten best in its category but it’s about time to move on.  How about trying All Out! for a change? This anime is inspired by football like Eye Shield 21 but it offer a refreshing art style and new characters that you’ll surely love.  The story starts with Kenji Gion and his passion towards football.  He wants to be strong and be the best in the sport despite being short.  Both height and bulk are required to be a good football player since this sport is very physical.  You need to stop the opposing team from scoring by tackling the ball handler and submersing him in the ground.  If you’re short, you’ll only be ran over or tossed aside.  Gion plans to overcome his height disadvantage through training and technique.  As expected, his road to be the best football player and to help his team win against tough opponents is far from being a walk in the park. Both his body’s condition and mind’s resolve are tested in every match.  Can Gion become his team’s secret weapon?  How will he prove everyone wrong and become the best football player in Japan?


Prince of Stride: Alternative

Parkour Anime

Parkour is about ingenuity, reflexes, speed, and endurance.  It is an increasingly popular street performance nowadays.  Although it’s not yet considered a sport, it won’t be long until it is considered as one if you look at its growing fan base community.  Would it be cool if we combine Parkour and anime?  The creators of Prince of Stride: Alternative had the same idea and it was welcomed far better than they expected.  This anime boasts mind blowing animation and choreography as the characters move from through a course while skillfully passing over obstacles. The first one to reach the finish line is the winner.  It’s like an anime-version of obstacle racing done in the streets or the school premise.  The race course also offers various paths and challenges so the participant needs good intuition to choose the shortest and easiest one.  Our main protagonist in this anime is Riku Yagami.  He is a talented freshman who can excel in almost every sport.  A lot of clubs have scouted him but Stride caught his attention the most due to its intense nature.  He also met rivals along the way which made him love the sport even more.  Can Riku Yagami and the newly established Honan Stride Club live up to everyone’s expectation? Or will their personal life struggles and misunderstandings derail their journey towards becoming the best Stride Club in Japan?


Other Sports Anime Worth Mentioning

Megalo Box

Boxing Anime

In this anime series, the sport of boxing has been influenced by a technology named ‘Gear’. This is the reason why you see some sort of machines in the body of the boxers in the image. One fighter is determined to create a name in the sports and there will be no one who could stop him in his quest.

Uma Musume:

Futuristic Horse Racing

In this anime show, horce racing is a thing in the past. What’s popular is racing with ‘Horse Girls’ involved. These girls have earns and tails of horses plus the speed. Find out how these horse girls will be able to achieve their dream of becoming the horse girls in Japan.

Captain Tsubasa

Soccer Anime

This anime is a story of an 11 year old  boy named Tsubasa who feel in love with soccer at a very young age. He experiences a different kind of joy when playing soccer which is one of the reason why he wanted to excel and give it all his best.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Skating Anime

The story revolves around Yuri who is a great skating athlete. After he experienced a heart breaking lost, it made a big impact on him. Found out how he was able to bounce back and get on the winning track.

Air Gear

Skating Anime

Air Gear is starred by the anime character Ikki who is also known in the nickname ‘Unbeatable Babyface’.  Check out how Ikki got addicted in the technology called ‘Air Trecks’ and how he was able to use it to achieve greater heights.

Slam Dunk

Basketball Anime

Prince of Tennis

Tennis Anime

Baki the Grappler

Mix Martial Arts Anime

So that’s it, these are the top 10 anime shows inspired by sports. Any reaction? Suggestions or recommendations? We would definitely lot to hear from you guys. We all love sports, regardless of what sports we do from Basketball, Soccer to Tennis, the important thing is that we love what we do. That’s just simply the most important thing right? In the anime world even if you do not play any of the sports mentioned above, you would certainly fall in love in at least one of these. The best thing I like about watching this type of anime is the fact that it gets me motivated. It’s one of the reasons why I get up early and do my regular morning run.


Hajime No Ippo Season 1 Best Fights

Boxing is a popular sport world-wide. Countless fans across the globe are excited every time skillful and well-renowned boxers beat each other up with precise and powerful punches in the ring. Some of them are even willing to spend a crazy amount just to see it firsthand. With the established fame of boxing, it’s not surprising that a lot of manga and anime creators have tried harboring inspiration from this and thus the creation of many spectacular sports anime. Boxing is a sport that could also be considered martial arts. Among hundreds of titles out there, none can match Hajime No Ippo. This might be a debatable claim especially for those who prefer old-school anime but every otaku will definitely agree that Hajime No Ippo perfectly captured the excitement and drama behind boxing.

Are you among the few who still haven’t watched Hajime No Ippo? Don’t be discouraged upon knowing that this anime title was aired way back 2000.  The animation may not be as flashy compared to the current line up but it will definitely meet or even surpass your expectations when it comes to humor and action. As the series progress, you’ll find yourself rooting for the main character, Makunouchi Ippo without even trying.

He is a lovable protagonist. It’s the typical story where he is a weakling at first and gets stronger as he works hard in achieving his goals but there’s something magical on how it is portrayed in Hajime No Ippo which made it an instant hit. I can’t explain it but you’ll definitely agree with me after watching a couple of episodes. Is the hype not enough? Browse through this list of the Best Hajime No Ippo Season 1 Fights. If these awesome clips won’t urge you to watch the series, nothing will.



Makunouchi Ippo vs Miyata Ichirou

Ippo is a complete beginner in boxing yet he finds himself against Miyata who is regarded as the best in the gym when it comes to technical boxing.  The first match between these two rookies is supposed to be just a form of initiation to test Ippo’s resolve to be a boxer. However, the atmosphere eventually changed as Miyata realizes the incredible potential of his opponent. Ippo is sluggish and has no sense of balance but his punches pack and absurd amount of power. Even his jabs are strong enough to intimidate the composed Miyata.  The result was as expected though. Miyata was able to defeat Ippo but a rematch was decided after three months. Will Ippo’s power added with a few experience be enough to defeat Miyata as they clash the second time around?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Yosuke Oda

Yosuke Oda was once regarded as a strong boxer. He held his pride on his strong straight punch which can easily knock out opponents especially if he gets serious. However, Oda rarely does so. He is not a hard worker and is usually goofing off with his coach’s daughter. He is the complete opposite of Ippo who devotes his time and effort in the gym until his body reaches its limit.  Ippo is excited and his confident about his training but having nerves in your first amateur boxing match is completely normal. But then again, this will be one of his disadvantages among with his lack of experience and overall boxing technique. Will this be an outstanding debut for Ippo? Or will Oda turn it around just in the neck of time?–8hCi_9Iw

Makunouchi Ippo vs Yoshio Fujigawa

This time around, Ippo faces a tricky opponent. Yoshi Fujigawa is pretty much an average boxer. However, he uses underhanded techniques like head-butts to turn the tides of battle in his favor. Newcomers like Ippo usually fall prey to this way of fighting. Head-butts are inevitable in boxing especially during furious exchanges but it is another story if it’s intentional. Ippo failed to read the situation and got himself into trouble after suffering from a cut. His enemy deliberately aimed his injury to worsen it and force the referee to stop the fight. Will this be Ippo’s first loss? Or can he somehow surprise everyone with a comeback victory?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Jason Ozma

Jason Ozma is an American soldier stationed in Japan.  Unlike Ippo’s previous enemy, he is a compassionate one. He wants glory not just for himself but also for the people who helped him along the way. He boasts an intimidating physique and a powerful hook that rivaled Ippo’s. The fight was brutal. Ippo staggers every time Ozma lands a solid hook. Normally, such kind of exchange would end with Ozma’s opponent laying on the matt but that’s not the case with Ippo.  He absorbs every blow and retaliates. This is only possible because of his unmatched determination and well-trained body. Is Ozma’s powerful hook enough to beat our hero? Or will it be another hard-earned win for Ippo?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Hayami Ryuuichi

Hayami Ryuuichi is Ippo’s most popular opponent yet. He is regarded as a prodigy. Sports newspapers feature him as an amateur to look out for. Although Ippo has been undefeated, his fights were close ones. Hayami on the other hand overpowers his opponents with his fast and destructive jabs called “shotgun”. The eyes can barely follow his jab making it almost impossible to dodge. Hayami also has good footwork since he trains hard like Ippo. Probably the only deciding factor between these two amazing rookies is their heart. Who wants it more? Will Ippo prove his worth by defeating a prodigy? Or will the odds favor Hayami and his shotgun?


Miyata Ichirou vs Mashiba Ryou

Miyata and Ippo promised to meet in the all-rookie championship. It was supposed to be their deciding match to see who really the best is. However, their plan was derailed because of Mashiba Ryou. Miyata is known for his composure in the ring and amazing footwork. He seems like dancing instead of fighting as he barrage opponents with precise punches.  Miyata also has a trump card. By finding a slight opening as his opponent delivers a punch, he can deliver a devastating blow that is reinforced by his enemy’s momentum. This is known in boxing as a “counter”.  Mashiba on the other hand is the opposite of elegant. He is known to do anything just to win. Mashiba’s perseverance and hunger for winning can be explained by his current financial struggle. He is also a loving brother who vowed to provide for his little sister no matter what. Can Miyata overcome this unsuspected hurdle to fight Ippo in the ring once more? Or will Mashiba upset everyone and be the dark horse of the all-rookie boxing tournament?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Mashiba Ryou

The championship match of the all-rookie boxing tournament has finally come. However, everyone was dumbfounded to see the two unexpected parties. Ippo replaced the highly favored Hayami while Mashiba got Miyata‘s spot.  Various speculations erupted. Although a few sided with Mashiba because of his attitude and intimidating aura, boxing analysts favored him over Ippo. They all believe that it’s impossible for Ippo to establish his fighting range against Mashiba with long arms. Mashiba’s arms are not just long but extremely powerful and fast. His jabs look like whips from a far. Even with good defense and dodging maneuvers, any boxer will find it hard to deal with someone who uses the jab so well. Ippo’s advantage against his previous opponent is his power and tenacity. The latter is a trait that Mashiba possesses. It can even be argued that his willpower and drive to win surpasses Ippo’s.  How can Ippo win against Mashiba? Will this be Ippo’s first huge step towards greater heights in boxing?


Best Sword Art Online Season 1 Fights

Sword Art Online Season 1 easily climbed up the list of popular anime titles of all time when it was released in 2012.  There are a lot of factors that contributed to its success but possible the most obvious one is its art style. Sword Art Online introduced a refreshing feel. It’s as if every scene is carved out from all our expectations of what a fantasy world would be. The sceneries and overall beauty of the fantasy world is just a small part of it. Both the main and supporting characters were well thought-of. Their equipment and skills were carefully laid out to match their personality and affiliations.

The RPG elements introduced all throughout the series were also new flavors back then. Currently, there are now a lot of anime series similar to SAO like Overlord. It’s fun to watch an anime that makes you remember fun-filled memories when you were playing a MMORPG with friends. Slaying monsters to gain experience points and ganging up a powerful boss monster just to obtain rare loot are just two scenarios that will surely hype RPG fanatics while watching Sword Art Online. The love story between the two main characters, Kirito and Asuna, served as a delightful cherry on top.  However, some fans are a bit disappointed that the development of their feelings toward each other seemed rush.



As Kirito and Silica were heading out after harvesting a rare item which can revive dead pets, Rosaia and a group of thieves blocked their way. Silica was scared because they were outnumbered and she had yet to know Kirito’s combat ability. Rosalia and his companions had red names. This means that they already killed players in the past. It was a dire situation for Silica but Kirito remained his cool. He was confident because of the level difference. Despite having the numbers, Rosalia’s group can’t damage Kirito enough to overcome his passive regeneration. No matter how hard they try, their efforts ended up pointless. This did not only affirm Kirito’s strength but also revealed how being trapped in a game can corrupt people. Rosalia and his group were evidently denying the fact that they will die in real life if they lose all their hit points in the game.


Kirito is the hero. He was chosen from the start to save everyone from the being trapped in SAO. It was not explained whether it was by chance or if Akihiko found something special in Kirito. He was also clueless about his destiny until a rare skill suddenly appeared. It gave him the ability to dual-wield. Kirito was still confused why he got the skill. The only thing clear to him is that he will eventually be put on a tight spot in the near future and be forced to use the skill. This is why he decided to get a spare sword. Everything displayed on the blacksmith shop he went to were not on par with his requirements. He want his second sword to be at least as strong as his main weapon. He was lucky to meet Asuna’s friend, Rika. She personally accompanied Kirito in search for a Frost dragon. The scales of an ice dragon can be used to form a strong and sharp blade. Their adventure was short-lived but Rika can’t help but admire Kirito’s bravery and skills.


After catching a rare ingredient, Kirito was searching for someone with a high cooking level. He went to his friend to discuss it and found. Fate clearly smiled on Kirito as he met Asuna there.  Kirito was very excited after knowing that Asuna maxed out her cooking skill and the feeling is mutual since Asuna could barely believe that a rare ingredient is in front of her. Since Kirito is doesn’t have cooking tools, Asuna invited him to her house. Kuradeel, Asuna’s bodyguard immediately objected. He portrayed that it was his duty to protect his Vice-Captain but he clearly has ulterior motives. Asuna insisted that it was alright and shed dragged Kirito away from Kuradeel. The day after, Kuradeel was relentless in pursuing Asuna and preventing her from making a party with Kirito. His persistence even qualifies as an act of obsession as he continued to chase Asuna until Kirito stopped him. Kuradeel insisted to have a duel with Kirito. Although it ended in just a few seconds, it was long enough for Kirito to prove that he can protect Asuna.

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Heathcliff was the avatar of Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of Sword Art Online.  He placed himself as the leader of the Knights of the Blood guild, the biggest and most powerful in SAO. Their guild led every expedition under the objective of clearing all the floors as soon as possible. Asuna is her Vice-Captain. Although their relationship as depicted in the anime series is only as companions, Heathcliff is protective towards Asuna. He thought of Asuna as an important piece in their guild which is why he challenged Kirito to a duel. If Kirito wins, he can leave with Asuna without further complications concerning the Knights of the Blood. However, if the duel’s result favors Heathcliff, Kirito will be forced to join their guild.

The duel did not last long. Kirito’s gear is far from shabby. He can even hold his ground against a couple of monsters without a party. Despite being an offensive behemoth, Kirito was clearly outmatched against Heathcliff’s defense. He wielded a huge shield which blocked every attack Kirito mustered.. This was happening while Kirito is slowly losing hit points from Heathcliff’s weak but precise attacks. Kirito turned the tide of the battle around by using dual swords. He somehow overpowered Heathcliff’s defense and was about to land the decisive blow when Heathcliff did something that shocked Kirito.


Gleam Eyes was the 74th Floor boss. They needed to beat 100 floors in order to finish the game and come back to the real world. Although it’s the boss of a floor that is still considerably far from their intended final destination, Gleam Eyes is a fearful opponent.  It’s huge and muscular frame alone are enough to scare even the bravest vanguards in the front line.

Every previous boss battle were carefully planned to minimize casualty and optimize the use of resources but it was not the case against Gleam Eyes. Kirito and Asuna long with Klien and his guild members were force to engage it. They were left with no choice since they need to do so in order to save a group of soldiers from being slaughtered. Despite Kirito’s warning, they mindlessly fought the boss thinking that their superiority in numbers alone is enough to deal with it. Kirito was hesitant at first but Asuna gave in to her compassion and rushed to help the weary soldiers before it was too late. Her growing feelings toward Asuna and his past experience when he lost party members convinced Kirito to step in. It was obviously hopeless battle. At one point, Asuna and Klein already accepted their inevitable fate. But then again, they were clueless about Kirito’s trump card.

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