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The Ancient Magus Bride Anime Review – First 3 Episodes

The ancient magus bride or mahō tsukai no yome in Japanese started streaming for free users in the last week of October 2017. As mentioned in the title, this post will be a review after watching the first 3 episodes. In a short summary, the ancient magus anime is a story of a mage who recently had his apprentice. Since it involves a mage, except that it will involve fairies, magical creatures, and magic and sorcery. In their time, mages live with humans and magic is considered to be a science. The ancient magus bride episode 1 The very  first thing I noticed in this anime series is the commendable design of the characters and its background. During close-ups, you’ll appreciate the character design even more. And since it involves magic, I can say that the effects were greatly done as well. I have a personal preference for animes thatRead More »The Ancient Magus Bride Anime Review – First 3 Episodes