Best Action Anime Movies: A List of You Shouldn’t Miss

This article will feature the best action anime movies you need to watch if you're an anime fan. There are good anime movies but there are also those considered to be great which are the ones featured here. Anime fans differ from the kind of movie they are interested in. This list contains movies to watch for those who are into action and fighting scenes. A lot of the featured anime movies here are already old but definitely will satisfy you, but if you are more interested in new anime movies in the action genre check the list below for a fast reference.
  • Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
  • Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic
  • Overlord: Fushisha no Ou
  • Trinity Seven Movie: Yuukyuu Toshokan to Renkinjutsu Shoujo
  • One Piece Film Gold

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

It's no doubt that by far, one of the best anime series is Cowboy Bebop. Thus, there is no surprise that one of the top actions movies is from this anime with the title: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Even though the anime started some years ago, it still looks graphically appealing to viewers these days. There are those certain characteristics of this show that easily hooks anyone who watches it especially anime fanatics.
This is a movie that everyone would certainly love even for those who have not watched the anime series yet. Needless to say, if you are a fan of this series, you'll definitely appreciate the movie. Overall, the story is great which is what most of us is looking for in a movie. Plus, it has moments where you'll certainly not take your eyes off the screen. When you try to do your research most of the fight scenes in this movie is on most list of great anime fight scene. This only proves that its animation is great, the background is good and characters were captivating even those who are not main characters.
There are also a lot of people who have commended this movie for its great soundtrack.

Sword of the stranger

If you are looking for an action-packed anime movie, Sword of the Stranger is a must see. It is a classic samurai film with a lot of excellent action scenes and it's not only nice to watch but satisfying as well. You will definitely not regret watching it.
In this movie, you'll be introduced to the main character "Nanashi" which means "No Name". After getting to know this character in the movie, you'll definitely remember Rurouni Kenshin the character who tried to atone for his violent past. But, things that are happening around him or in his life is slowly giving him enough reason to do draw his sword.
The gorgeous anime fight choreography in this movie makes it an all-time best and the recommended anime movies to watch . After seeing this, you'll agree with this statement. I have to warn you that there are scenes here which are too bloody like head and limbs getting cut-off. But this is something you might have already expected from the start since its a samurai movie. If you are not troubled with bloody action fights, then there's nothing to worry. As the story continues, everything just seems to get more exciting and involving.
Though its an action movie, its fun to watch and highly enjoyable.

My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia The Movie Two Heroes_

This movie is considered as the best action anime movie of 2018. Its the first movie of this anime and it features its 2 main characters : All Might and his successor Izuku Midoriya. The story happend in an Island where there is a big research facility related to Quirks.

This movie as fun and very much enjoyable where you see most of the main characters in action. The good thing about this movie is that you will learn more about the past of All Might.

And the same as always, our heroes work together to defeat the villain in this movie. If you are a new fan of this anime, make sure not to miss this.

Berserk: The Golden Age Trilogy Movie

To fully appreciate this movie, you have to watch the 3 movies. Since this list is for best anime action movies, it would not be appropriate not to include this as Berserk is an anime known for its action scenes. If I rate the first movie, it will just be average, just right for anyone looking for an action-packed anime to watch. Watch out for the  Zodd fight and Griffith’s assassination attempts as these are some of the highlights in the movie.
The 2nd movie was still an average for me. I think on this part, I was looking for more action fights but it was not satisfied. I do not say that there are fewer fights, still the fights are there are really cool for me. Also, I would just like to say that in this 2nd movie, I saw the strongest action scene in the series so you have to watch out for it. The battle scenes I was referring to was greatly executed.
Of course since this is a trilogy, the most anticipating and exciting part would be the last one. I personally think that there are parts of this last movie that was really greatly done especially in the highlight fights. Being a trilogy, you will also appreciate the story of this anime movie, the personal stories and conflicts of the main characters and how these were settles.
Rest assured that after watching this trilogy, you will not only remember and appreciate the main characters but the supporting characters as well. There are times in the movies where these characters shine especially when it comes to the battle/actions scenes.

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One Piece Stampede

One Piece Stampede

Considered to be the best action anime movie of 2019. It's a real treat for all one piece fans. It's a movie of pure fun, action and lots of highlight scenes from different characters. Some might not want it for it lacks a good story of plots, still generally its a great action packed movie.

The good thing about this movie its standalone. So even if you are not that much interested with Once Piece as a whole, you could still enjoy it.

Graphics and animation is pretty good. It's definitely worth your time especially for anime fans.

DanMachi: Arrow of the Orion

DanMachi Arrow of the Orion

This anime movie follow the adventure of Bell, Hestia and the rest of thir Familia as they explore a dungeon in the City of Orario. In this movie, something happened that entitled Bell for an adventure that only He needs to take. However, that's not how it goes with their Family especially Hestia. She certainly would not want Bell to be going alone so their entire party prepares for the adventure.

Though it seems pretty predictable going to the end part, still the anime is fun and enjoyable and one of the best adventure action anime movies of all time. A great adventure anime with nice graphics and animation. If you are a fan of this anime series, you already know how impressive the animation and design of this anime.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Hyoketsu no Kizuna

Re Zero − Starting Life in Another World Hyoketsu no Kizuna

Considered as one of the best new fantasy action anime movies, it's something that you should not miss. Re:Zero is a popular Isekai anime series and watching this movie will give you more information about it. It's a prequel before the beginning of the Re:Zero Series.

Afro samurai resurrection

When there are swords and samurais, expect that anime movie to be action-packed. This made Afro Samurai Resurrection on of the best fighting anime movies of all time.  The best thing I would like to stress-out first about this movie is the great animation. When we watch any anime movie, most often, we could easily determine if it the people behind it invested time and effort in its animation. And again, I would like to reiterate that the animation will satisfy you most especially for fans looking for some unforgettable fight scenes.
The villain here is a girl. Yah, I know what you are thinking, its a mismatch. However, her desire for revenge makes her someone you don't want to mess with.
The movie is not all about action and fights, its comedy relief is also priceless. So after some intense fights, you'll have a nice laugh with some comedy lines. One thing that you have to watch out for this movie is its ending, some loved it, but many are saying that it's quite predictable. For me, it's kinda predictable but still a great ending in general.

One Piece: Strong World

If you are the kind of person who is looking for action and a lot of fun, then the best anime movie for you is One Piece: Strong World. There is no need to explain why this movie will definitely be fun to watch with Luffy around. Most Otaku knows about Luffy and how funny and candid he is. A happy go lucky caption who sees everything in a very plain perspective. However, it doesn't mean that One Piece is just all about adventure and laughs, it also has a lot of fight scenes. All main characters in Luffy's team know how to fight so expect a non-stop action movie.
Expect that this movie was crafted well because the movie production was overseen by its creator, no other than Eiichiro Oda. This movie is one of those best movies of this franchise because there are tones of designs provided by its original author. This only means that most designs will be consistent with what you see on the original anime series - which is definitely a great news.
As usual, when it comes to One Piece fights, you certainly wouldn't want to take your eyes off the screen. You will appreciate the animation and character designs which would not be a surprise because the movie was well budgeted. If you're a One Piece fan, you definitely must not miss this movie.

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (Bleach: The Movie 2)

There are millions of Bleach fans out there mainly because it has a lot of great fight scenes. So if you are looking for an anime movie with lots of action,  you shouldn't miss Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion. Animation and sound are both good making everything in the movie look more interesting and dramatic. Bleach is an anime series with blades and swords so expect a good samurai movie. However, this is not the typical samurai movie as it involves super-powers, magic and spells.
The story, in general, is quite common, but something you can disregard because its Bleach and what's more important than the story is the action scenes. If you have watched this anime series for some time now, you know what I mean. So overall, it's still a great action movie for anime fans, again great animation and sound.
If you love the characters in this anime series, you wouldn't mind the short time you see them in this movie. As we all know, Bleach movie has a lot of main characters and since this is a movie, expect that there are some that will only get tiny cameos. Most of the scenes happened in soul society, so if you are a fan of the characters in the real world, then it might be a bit disappointing. This movie is for the fans of Toshiro Hitsugaya, so if you're a fan, watch this. Of course, the main characters like Ichigo Kurosaki and the other captains will always be on the center stage.
These are the movies we recommend you watch if you looking for movies with top-notched fight scenes. When the action starts, it would be non-stop and could get you at the edge of your seat. Enjoy!

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

If you're an anime fan for a long time already, you definitely would have heard about Vash The Stampeded and you also know that when this character is around, it only means action. This action movie will definitely fill your thirst for gunfights. Though Vash is a person who loves guns and is pretty good at it, he has this philosophy to preserve life. This leads to unwanted fights in the future as the persons he beat would somehow make a comeback in the days to come for vengeance.
When it comes to the overall design and presentation of the movie, actions scenes and characters often look sharp and great details.
In general, this is a not a bad movie to watch if you want to see some action. The story might lack some substance but anime fanatics who are looking for a good action film, this would be a great pick.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

The Elric brothers stars in this movie. For those who have followed the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, this movie happened at some point after Ed and Al gained knowledge about the Philosopher's Stones.
The movie became popular due to the great action fights both on hand-on-hand scenes and those that involved magic or alchemy where the anime movie actions were closely the same if not better than in the anime series  . Creators of the movie were very successful in making the fights look really interesting and thrilling. There is a part at the beginning of the movie where the main characters have to deal with a runaway train. It was definitely one of the most thrilling moments in the movie.
There are parts of the story where you can say that it's really a solid one making this movie a must-watch. However, do expect that it would still somehow end to common cliches.

Dragon ball Z battle of Gods

As what I have researched, this is the first Dragon Ball Z movie brought to theaters. This only means that its an excellent movie deserving to be one of the good movies with outstanding action scenes.  Animation is highly commended and characters were well polished.
The good thing about this anime series is it's not all about fights as what most of us would expect in a Dragon Ball Z movie. I personally loved how many of the characters especially the main characters were just goofing around and showing more about their self/characters - these are funny stuff you surely would laugh about.
I would also like to note that most probably, there will be a part of this movie, that you'll be emotional or teary-eyed especially if you have been watching this anime series since the beginning.
Here's a nice review of the movie

Ghost in the Shell Movie (1995)

For those who are into crime investigating kind of stuff, this anime movie is highly recommended. It is for those who are fund of watching anime that provokes thinking and discussion. Of course, actions scenes are also abundant in the movie. Visual effects are great so you will definitely appreciate every fight scenes.
Check the movie rating and more about the movie here:
So there you go, our Top 10 Action Anime Movies recommendation. If you love to get articles related to anime movies from different genres, simply subscribe to our anime blog.
And if you have some suggestions or reactions, we would love to hear from you.
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Best Overlord Anime Season 1 Fights

Overlord is one of the newest MMROPG-inspired anime to hit the market- it’s now among the best anime mmorpg. Recently, this genre has been flooded with titles of different setup and characters but there seem to be something unique about Overlord that made it a notch higher in terms of popularity. I personally think it’s because of its the heart-pounding overlord fights. It started out as a light novel and immediately jumped towards the manga platform and finally got an anime version within such a surprisingly short period. This is nothing but just one indication of its popularity along with its huge fan base and high views in majority of anime websites where you can watch titles for free. It’s popularity is one of the reasons why this post about best fights  in overlord is the first article published in Source Anime.

Is there something unique about Overlord Season 1 which made it so popular? The overall theme as well as the main overlord characters and environment are far from being unique. Overlord’s art style is also not as impressive compared to newly released anime titles like Sword Art Online and Gate. There can only be one reason behind the warm welcome of anime fans toward this title and that is its well-balanced mixture of comic relief and action. Overlord‘s story is also seasoned with mystery and unpredictability since the main character has various personal and intrapersonal struggles.

Some may say that the overpowered main character makes this anime title lame but anyone who experienced playing a MMORPG for a long time can relate to his problems and won’t consider them a walk in the park. How can anyone maintain their cool after being transported to an unknown world without having a clear bearing of your own strength and the loyalty and behavior of the people around you? Would you remain carefree and live a peaceful life? Or would you aspire to make a name for yourself despite the dangers? The MC took the latter road which marked the start of his new adventure. What the opening below and decide if you want to continue watching it. Surely, you will do.

Overlord Opening


Overlord Characters – Ainz Gown, Momon, Nabe and more

Another notable feature of Overlord that made it an interesting title for most anime fanatics is its fight scenes. MMORPG players will surely feel nostalgic as they watch Ainz Ooal Gown cast various buffs to himself prior an intense battle versus his own guardian Shalltear Bloodfallen. This also goes true as a team of adventurers called Sword of Darkness along with Momon and Nabe slew a group of orcs and goblins on their way to Carne Village. If mentioning these fight scenes already awakened your hunger for anime fights then read further and feast on this list of the Best Overlord Season 1 Fights. The arrangement from great to best is of personal taste but feel free to leave a comment if you deem it’s completely messed up or if another fight scene is better than any in the list.

Swords of Darkness vs Goblins and Ogres

Sword of Darkness is an adventure team composed of Peter Mauk (warrior), Lukrut Volve (ranger), Ninya (magic caster) and Dyne Woodwonder (druid). The group is said to exclusive to boys which is why Ninya is forced to hide her true gender. They seem to share a close relationship during their adventure with Momon the adventurer which indicates that the team has been formed for quite some time.  The fight broke out when they accepted the request of Momon the adventurer to help them in escorting Nfirea Bareare. The fight did not last long but it was the first time Momon displayed his unequalled strength as a warrior. Sword of Darkness was left with nothing but admiration as they witness Momon’s  swords slice through one enemy after another like they were soft puddings.

Ainz ooal Gown vs Clementine

Ainz Ooal Gown decided to hide his true identity and become an adventurer named Momon. A series of events led him facing an assassin known for her speed and cruelty, Clementine. She was the one who murdered every member of Sword of Darkness which somehow annoyed Momon. He was planning to use the team as a stepping stone to increase his fame and spread words about his greatness yet it was all for nothing. Clementine is clueless that she is facing the greatest magical caster that ever set foot in the New World, Ainz Ooal Gown.   She is confident that their fight will turn out just like her previous battles where she kills her opponents using swift and brutal combination of blows and collects their adventurer plate.

Nabe vs Khajiit

While Momon is facing Clementine, Nabe was tasked to deal with Khajiit. She obviously outclassed Khajiit in every aspect. However, the latter has a trump card. He gained possession of magic item which allows him to control two skeletal dragons. These ferocious undead creatures are said to be immune to any kind of magic which made them a nightmare to magic casters. Khajiit believes that Nabe is a plain magic caster so his overconfidence during the first part of the battle was clear as water. Nonetheless, he slowly realized that he might end up paying a high price for his recklessness as Nabe unveils her true identity.

Gazef Stronoff vs Slane Theocracy

Gazef Stronoff is unmatched within the Re-Estize Kingdom as being a warrior. He holds the title Warrior Captain. Clementine also mentioned him during her fight against Momon as one of the few warriors that can hold ground against her. He loyally serves that king and this time it led him to a trap. Although it was not the intention of his master since he was forced by pressure coming from royal families who oppose his rule, it’s clear that he had a heavy heart upon ordering his precious soldier to a mission which is obviously a trap. Gazef fully understood his situation and after assuring the safety of the village that was used as a bait to lure him out he bravely faced the forces of Slane Theocracy which overwhelmed him in both numbers and power.

Overlord Ainz vs Shaltear Bloodfallen

Shaltear Bloodfallen is the strongest among the Floor Guardians of Nazarick. This is one of the reasons why having Ainz Ooal Gown personally subdue her after being controlled by an unknown enemy imposed huge risk. Another reason is that she specializes in Holy attacks, which is lethal to those of the undead class like Ainz. Her creator also gave Shaltear a healing item making the battle a lot trickier.  Despite the known disadvantages, Ainz was determined to solve the problem on his own. There are a lot of reasons for this action but the most important one is that he does not want the Guardians to fight among themselves to the death. He may be able to revive any of them who perish during the battle but having a memory of killing an ally is a burden Ainz does not what his loyal subordinates to bear. This battle is a test for Ainz not just as a strategist but a ruler of Nazarick.

Overlord Season 2

If you are many the many who already have watched Overlord Season 1, you will certainly love overlord saison 2. Here is a link to: overlord season 2 episode 1. As the moment of writing, there are only 3 episodes so far from the season 2 of this anime. So its not yet too late for you to catch up.

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