Best Sports Anime 2019 You Should Be Watching Now

Best Sports Anime 2019 You Should Be Watching Now

Check out this list of best sports anime to watch if you are looking for sport-inspired anime shows in 2019.  This list includes new anime titles so there’s a huge possibility that you’ve never heard of them before.  So enjoy binge-watching these awesome anime related to sports and be inspired to be the best sportsman you can be!

1. Diamond no Ace: Act II (2019)

Baseball Anime

Season 2 continues the story of Eijun Sawamura, a southpaw baseball pitcher with an unusual pitching style. He still plays for the Seidou High School in West Tokyo.  The ace of their team in season 2 is the rival of Eijun, Saturo Furuya. Thus, the whole story of this season is still Sawamura trying to come the ace someday. The team continues in its pursuit to get to the Nationals.

The same as in the first season, the anime was still able to give us a lot of excellent actions on the baseball field. The humor of Sawamura and his unusual character still plays a major role in making this sports anime interesting. This time, the character development is not only centered on the main character but also other characters on the team as well.


2. Hoshiai no Sora (2019)

The best thing about this anime is it’s thrilling and emotional plus it makes you want to watch more.  The main proof that its a good anime is the fact that a lot of people are looking forward to a season 2.  The main character is Kazuki Akane​ who is a student and a member of a tennis club. Sadly, he is in a bad family situation. This is not your usual sports anime since it touches deep topics like LGBTQ, family issues, self-harm, and depression.


3. Kandagawa Jet Girls (2019)

This sports anime is about girls competing on jet skis. However, this is not your typical racing sport. The goal of the game is to stop the jet ski of the other team or to shoot a certain part of the other players. The name of the main character in this anime is Rin with her partner Misa who is a shooter. Overall, the anime is fun to watch and entertaining.  It’s an all-girl anime so you know what to expect already.

4. Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora is a basketball anime. The main character is Kurumatani, Sora who loves to play basketball but lacks the height. Amidst being short, he has a very strong drive when it comes to playing basketball. He believes that anyone could be a great basketball player regardless of height as long as he perseveres and practices hard. He joins the Kuzuryuu High School basketball club and competed in various tournaments. You should not miss watching this new sports anime 2019 basketball.

5. Try Knights (2019)

This sports anime is about a rugby game. The main character is Riku Haruma who lacks strength makes it up with a brilliant mind. Due to this brilliance, he is considered a prodigy in the game of rugby. He met Kariya Akira who is his direct opposite. Kariya is a powerful rugby player and only think about how to attack. Their combination makes them an unstoppable duo.

Best Sports Anime of 2018

Yowamushi Pedal (2018)

Yowamushi Pedal combines the fun and competition in road racing with humorous and lovable main characters to create an anime that can make anyone smile even on a bad day.  There are other anime shows out there that focuses on biking but only Yowamushi Pedal offers the complete package. With this, arguably one of the top anime series in the sports category.

The story revolves around Sakamichi Onoda and the Sohoku Cycling Club. Onoda is not the usual anime protagonist.  He doesn’t have overpowered tools or inborn talents that can help him surpass challenges with ease. Onoda only has one dream as he starts his high school days and that is to be a member of the Anime Club and to have conversations with fellow Otakus.  Sports was never on his mind but everything changed when he learned that the Anime Club in his new school has been closed as it lacks members. Out of desperation to revive the club, Onoda found himself having a race with Shunsuke Imaizumi, a passionate road racer who has been practicing since childhood.  From that time on, Onoda slowly realized his potential in cycling and gained new friends in the process.  How can the clumsy Onoda help Sohoku High Cycling Club win against other strong school teams?  Will his dream as an Otaku come true?

Diamond no Ace  (2018)

Imagine stepping on the diamond in a large baseball field. The crowd is cheering wildly and your team is leading but by only one point.   One more strike and the batter will be out but your arm is in pain after throwing since the start of the game.   This kind of intense moment and many more are highlighted in Ace of Diamond.

This anime show is inspired by baseball, a sport that is able to gather a huge fan base because of its drama as mind-blowing strategies and techniques are displayed every game.  Eijun Sawamura is the main protagonist in Ace of Diamond.  He is a hardworking and talented pitcher.

His unique way of pitching was good enough to give him a place in the Seido High School. Although it wasn’t easy at first, Sawamura gradually improved.  He was able to gain the trust of his teammates and seniors one game after another.  They all shared the hardships of training and defeat which strengthened not just their baseball skills but most importantly the bond they formed as close friends.  Ace of Diamond is an anime with a lot of heart-breaking scenes so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.  Will Sawamura’s pitch debut in the nationals?  How can he lead his team to victory against teams that have overflowing talent?

Haikyu!! (2018)

Volleyball is a sport often associated with pretty girls wearing sexy shorts.  Of course it’s far from the truth because volleyball offers a lot more.  Volleyball is an intense sport where a team would need flawless teamwork, members that have undergone physical and mental training, and an experienced coaching staff to compete.

Among the many anime sports out there, only Haikyu!! featured volleyball and all the wondrous things that come with playing it with your friends.  This sports anime volleyball​ has all the elements every Otaku is searching for including a protagonist who initially has a lot of disadvantages but is slowly growing to become the best, budding friendship between rivals, cute anime girls, cool animation fight scenes, and heart-warming situations every now and then.

Shoyo Hinata, the main protagonist of Haikyu!! will surely keep you at the edge of your seat every time he jumps to spike the ball.  He is an enthusiastic junior High School student who has no other goal other than reaching the level of his idol, Tobio Kageyama who is also known as the “King of the Court”.  Climbing to the top stage is impossible with his skills alone but with the help of his equally talented and passionate teammates, standing on the same court with his idol won’t remain as a dream for long.

Kuroko’s Basketball (2018)

Basketball Anime

Basketball is one of the most famous team sports of all time.  To be a good basketball player, one needs to know how to dribble on both hands, shoot the ball precisely, and guard the rim to disallow easy points for the opposing team.  It’s an intense multibillion sports which is why a couple of anime series have been inspired by it. The old-school anime Slam Dunk is one of them and was quite popular because of its humorous take on basketball.  However, if you’re looking for a new and a more serious one, Kuroko’s Basketball is the best choice.  This basketball anime features  a protagonist named Tetsuya Kuroko.  He belongs to the basketball era known as Generation of Miracles and was known as the Phantom Six Man.  Unlike average basketball players, Kuroko’s stamina, strength, and agility are subpar.  He is also not a good shooter when he started playing for Seirin High School.  What makes him standout and worthy of becoming a starter despite being a first year is his unbelievable passes.  He hides his presence and initiates plays that are almost impossible to anticipate.  Kuroko’s lack of presence is good in both offense and defense.  He can sneak behind a player or disrupt passing lanes to steal the ball.  But can a player who lacks both talent and physical gifts to play basketball win against those that are gifted?  How will Kuroko prove that basketball is more than just scoring?

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Swimming Anime

Do you know another anime made to promote tourism for a certain town?  Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is probably the first one.  Aside from featuring wonderful places in Iwatobi, this anime series is also about friendship, love, and rivalry.  The story revolves around Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin.  The first three founded the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.   It was out of a whim but the club turned out to be a success even though its base is just their school’s rundown outdoor pool. If you were once part of a pioneer group, you’ll easily relate to both their hardships and successes while building a new club from scratch.  Rin is their rival. They all thought that he was in Australia but he suddenly challenged Haruka to a race and won.  This is one of the few anime show that is inspired by swimming making it unique.  You’ll also learn various swimming techniques while watching the anime making it a good watch for those who want to learn.  Free! has distinct humor that can easily brighten up your day.  Watching this anime is a must not just for swimming enthusiasts but most importantly for Otakus who are searching for a different kind offsetting while still enjoying the vibrant feel and easy-going atmosphere that school anime brings.


Hajime No Ippo

Boxing Anime

One power punch after another, Makunouchi Ippo’s opponent is thrown from side to side until he falls on the ground.  This is just one of the jaw-dropping fight scenes in Hajime No Ippo.  This martial arts anime show features boxing, one of the most popular and among the oldest combat sports in the world.  The story started as the main protagonist Ippo was saved by an aspiring light-heavy weight boxer Mamoru Takamura from bullies.  Ippo admired his savior’s strength and pleaded to help him train and be a boxer.  Takamura gave Ippo a seemingly impossible task for a beginner to discourage Ippo but the youngster pulled through it somehow.  It was then clear to Takamura that Ippo has both the needed physique and attitude to be a formidable boxer in the near future.

His trainer also had the same realization after witnessing Ippo’s sparring match against an upcoming boxing genius. Ichirou Miyata.  From that day onwards, Ippo faced numerous boxers with different attitudes and fighting styles.  His boxing improved after every fight. Supplemented with rigorous training and guidance from a coach who is a former boxing champion, Ippo became a champion.  Despite being a boxing champion, Ippo remained hungry.  Will Ippo eventually know the true meaning of strength?  Can Ippo’s punch, which managed to conquer Japan, be enough to reach the world stage?


Baby Steps

Tennis Anime

To some, Tennis is a boring sport.  It’s like an upsized version of Ping-Pong.  However, there is more to tennis than meets the eye.  To start, it requires crazy amount of training to become a good tennis player.  This is true especially if you are preparing for a single match.  You’ll be alone in the court and you’re expected to receive every ball passed to your side regardless if it’s on the farthest corner from you.  A good tennis player must have inexhaustible stamina and impeccable reaction.  Having a good idea about what goes behind every tennis match can help you enjoy Baby Steps.  This anime series that is inspired by Tennis is all about Eiichiro Maruo.  He is an honor student known for taking notes.  His notes are made in great detail which is why most of his classmates depend on him greatly.  Who would have thought that his peculiar talent of taking notes could help him become a great tennis player?  His strength as a tennis player is not the power of his smashes or his agile movements but on how he carefully laid out strategies prior a match.  His game plans are created based on his notes and prior research about his opponents making him the greatest enemy of those who look down on others just because they are physically inferior.  But will this way of playing tennis be enough for him to be professional?  Can his notes defy the norm and make his tennis be known worldwide?


Underrated Sports Anime


Soccer Anime

Soccer is a famous team sport especially in European countries. It is best played with friends though s due to its physicality.  Those who play soccer together develop a strong bond after diving for the ball, using their own skills to advance the ball, and yelling cheers after scoring a goal.  This is why the new soccer-inspired anime sport entitled Days is steadily gaining fans.  Days is about friendship, hard-work, overcoming trials, and standing up after defeat.  This anime revolves around the personal and school life of Tsukushi Tsukamoto, Jin Kazama, and their teammates in the Seiseki High Soccer Club. Tsukamoto and Jin became friends after a futsal.  The invitation came from Jin and Tsukamoto accepted it despite being doubtful of the intention because he is weak and is often bullied.  For Tsukamoto, being invited by someone to any sports event and having the chance to gain new friends is like a dream come true.  He worked hard during the match and even injured himself to not disappoint Jin.  It worked out well as Jin was amazed about Tsukamoto’s perseverance.    Tsukamoto decided to join the Seiseki High School Soccer Club to be with Jin but it was not easy.  His weak body was a major hindrance but he overcame the challenge by training more than his peers.  How will Tsukamoto help their soccer team achieve new heights?  Is he truly a one in a million talent like Jin and his seniors expect him to be?


All Out!

Football Anime

Are you tired of re-watching Eye Shield 21 to satisfy your hunger for more football anime action?  Eye Shield 21 is a classic anime about sports that deserves a place in the top ten best in its category but it’s about time to move on.  How about trying All Out! for a change? This anime is inspired by football like Eye Shield 21 but it offer a refreshing art style and new characters that you’ll surely love.  The story starts with Kenji Gion and his passion towards football.  He wants to be strong and be the best in the sport despite being short.  Both height and bulk are required to be a good football player since this sport is very physical.  You need to stop the opposing team from scoring by tackling the ball handler and submersing him in the ground.  If you’re short, you’ll only be ran over or tossed aside.  Gion plans to overcome his height disadvantage through training and technique.  As expected, his road to be the best football player and to help his team win against tough opponents is far from being a walk in the park. Both his body’s condition and mind’s resolve are tested in every match.  Can Gion become his team’s secret weapon?  How will he prove everyone wrong and become the best football player in Japan?


Prince of Stride: Alternative

Parkour Anime

Parkour is about ingenuity, reflexes, speed, and endurance.  It is an increasingly popular street performance nowadays.  Although it’s not yet considered a sport, it won’t be long until it is considered as one if you look at its growing fan base community.  Would it be cool if we combine Parkour and anime?  The creators of Prince of Stride: Alternative had the same idea and it was welcomed far better than they expected.  This anime boasts mind blowing animation and choreography as the characters move from through a course while skillfully passing over obstacles. The first one to reach the finish line is the winner.  It’s like an anime-version of obstacle racing done in the streets or the school premise.  The race course also offers various paths and challenges so the participant needs good intuition to choose the shortest and easiest one.  Our main protagonist in this anime is Riku Yagami.  He is a talented freshman who can excel in almost every sport.  A lot of clubs have scouted him but Stride caught his attention the most due to its intense nature.  He also met rivals along the way which made him love the sport even more.  Can Riku Yagami and the newly established Honan Stride Club live up to everyone’s expectation? Or will their personal life struggles and misunderstandings derail their journey towards becoming the best Stride Club in Japan?


Other Sports Anime Worth Mentioning

Megalo Box

Boxing Anime

In this anime series, the sport of boxing has been influenced by a technology named ‘Gear’. This is the reason why you see some sort of machines in the body of the boxers in the image. One fighter is determined to create a name in the sports and there will be no one who could stop him in his quest.

Uma Musume:

Futuristic Horse Racing

In this anime show, horce racing is a thing in the past. What’s popular is racing with ‘Horse Girls’ involved. These girls have earns and tails of horses plus the speed. Find out how these horse girls will be able to achieve their dream of becoming the horse girls in Japan.

Captain Tsubasa

Soccer Anime

This anime is a story of an 11 year old  boy named Tsubasa who feel in love with soccer at a very young age. He experiences a different kind of joy when playing soccer which is one of the reason why he wanted to excel and give it all his best.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Skating Anime

The story revolves around Yuri who is a great skating athlete. After he experienced a heart breaking lost, it made a big impact on him. Found out how he was able to bounce back and get on the winning track.

Air Gear

Skating Anime

Air Gear is starred by the anime character Ikki who is also known in the nickname ‘Unbeatable Babyface’.  Check out how Ikki got addicted in the technology called ‘Air Trecks’ and how he was able to use it to achieve greater heights.

Slam Dunk

Basketball Anime

Prince of Tennis

Tennis Anime

Baki the Grappler

Mix Martial Arts Anime

So that’s it, these are the top 10 anime shows inspired by sports. Any reaction? Suggestions or recommendations? We would definitely lot to hear from you guys. We all love sports, regardless of what sports we do from Basketball, Soccer to Tennis, the important thing is that we love what we do. That’s just simply the most important thing right? In the anime world even if you do not play any of the sports mentioned above, you would certainly fall in love in at least one of these. The best thing I like about watching this type of anime is the fact that it gets me motivated. It’s one of the reasons why I get up early and do my regular morning run.


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