God of High School Review

Hello fellow otaku, this page will be intended for my review for the best anime yet in 2020 – God of High School. This review page will be updated as I continue to watch all its episodes.  By far, I have watched the recent 4th Episode.


The anime is about a fighting tournament known as God of High School. This fighting event is participated by strong students in Korea. Among the participant is the main character Mori Jin who is a Taekwando specialist.

Jin meets some friends in the tournament – Yu Mira and Han DaeWi. The anime will be about the story of these 3 characters who have different goals in reaching the top of the tournament.

Do you recommend this anime? 

It’s a big YES.



Episode 4:Marriage/Bonds

When I watch an anime, it has to make me laugh or smile to keep me interested and this is where GOH is really good at.

The opening song is also pretty cool, I could use it on my exercise routines. I love the beat and intensity.

Episode 4 gives us some highlights on the exciting fight that’s about to happen in the next episodes. 

Its focus is on the life of Mira and its Moon Light Sword Style. Though there are funny scenes in this episode, it will surely touch your heart knowing the sacrifices of a girl who was bestowed with big responsibility since she was a child.  

So you might be wondering why she is dressed that way, you have to watch this episode to find out. Would you agree that we looked way better without glasses and when dressed elegantly? 

Now don’t get fooled. You might think at first that this episode will be non-sense, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll uncover later parts in the episode aside from Mira’s life. 

And when we talk about GOH, it’s impossible not to have an entertaining fight scene. But I think they could have given more to it. It would have been more interesting if the fights lasted for even just a minute longer.

Overall, it’s still a great episode. Lookin

Episode 3: Wisdom/Kingdom

The start of episode 3 introduces us to some of the main villains in the anime. They are a group of hooded people. It would certainly be great to see what this group is up to and how they will face our main characters. And as expected, episode 3 has some great action scenes that will surely make you fall in love with this anime.

When its time to get serious, everything gets serious from the action scenes, character design, and animation. The best part is that they also know how to add some fun in the anime.

Episode 2: Renewal/Soul

In episode 2 we were entertained with more actions fights with the start of the God of High School tournament. Here, there are already characters that standouts because of their unique fighting style. Among these is the guy who reads a book while fighting.

Aside from the excellent fight scenes, the characters are very interesting as well.

Episode 1: Set up/Stand up

Right from the bat, episode 1 offers an exciting event where our main character is chasing a vehicle using a bicycle. Along the way, he encounters the other main characters in the anime Mira and Daewi. We also got a sneak peek of their potential strength.

After watching the first episode, I immediately have known that this anime would be one of the greatest this year 2020.  I think that the hype is real.

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