Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game is an anime series that was launched in January 2020 and is definitely a must-watched. The very first thing that you’ll notice in this anime is its 40 min. first episode. I personally think it was a good decision by the creators since it gave me more time to really appreciate the anime. After around 20 mins. of watching, I have this feeling that this anime would be big. Of course, it still depends on what would unfold in the following episodes. There is definitely a lot of exciting anime 2020 and Darwin’s Game is definitely among them.


The anime is about a mysterious game called Darwin’s Game. I will not dive into the details of the game to avoid any spoilers. So once you enter the game, you can play with other players. However, this is not your typical friendly game since there is a high reward and of course a very high risk.

Upon entering that game, you will be given a certain skill or power and it’s called Sigil. For example, one Sigil could let you manipulate plants, water, fire, make you disappear and a lot more. So you’ll be able to get one. The more you get used to using your Sigil, the more powerful you become.

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Main Characters

The main characters in this anime series are Shuka and Kaname. Shuka is already a veteran in the game and has a very powerful sigil. She is able to use it naturally. Kaname will be our newbie protagonist who just entered the game and is doing his best to survive.


I like the mysterious character of Shuka. There seems to be something deep in her that you could see through her eyes. Aside from the nice red outfit she wears, her personality is also captivating. She remains calm in every situation and is very confident when it comes to dealing with opponents.


On the other hand, Kaname is somehow the opposite of Shuka. He doesn’t want any fight and as much as possible try to avoid any unwanted situations that would put him at risk. He also has a powerful Sigil but he still has a long way to master it. It’s interesting to see the development of Kaname as the anime progresses. To give you an idea, Kaname’s Sigil lets him get in his hand anything that he would think of, as long as he has touched or seen that certain thing already. Looks like insane right? But of course, it has some limitations which is something that you need to find out yourself. So go watch this anime now.


Anime Genre

This anime falls mainly to the fictional game genre with a serious theme. But, though it a serious anime, it still has some good light moments. Since most of the characters here have powers, so you could also categorize it as an anime with supernatural power and action.

Animation and Soundtrack

I would say the developers did a great job on the soundtrack of this anime. It simply makes watching more exciting. Plus it has a nice opening and ending song theme.

The overall animation is quite good as well. It makes the action more interesting to watch. If I rate animation as 8/10, I would say the characters are 7/10. I personally did not fight the character design outstanding. It does not have a feeling that would make it stand out among the other new anime series this year compared to Plunderer.

Episode 1 was thrilling enough for me to watch the whole 40 mins and to continue watching until the current 5th episode.

Overall 8/10

I would highly recommend you watch this anime if you are looking for an anime to watch this 2020. It has an interesting concept, nice animation, and a great story so far. The developers were also able to successfully make this anime fast pace, without overdoing it. The pacing is good and every episode has something new to offer.

Important Anime Details:

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Darwin’s game anime release date

  • Darwin’s Game was released January 4, 2020

Other Characters

  • Rein
  • Souta
  • Sui
  • Ryuugi

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