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My Hero Academia

My hero academia is a superhero anime featuring Izuku Midoriya and his hero friends.  The anime is now on its 3rd Season making it one of the most popular anime in recent times.

The main character of the anime is Midoriya who was born without a power or known as "quirk". In a world where quirk is the new norm, its pretty hard to cope up with not being gifted with one. Good thing he was able to meet the  greatest hero of all time - All Might. Their meeting changed everything for deku.

When it comes to animation and art, you'll immediately see the production value of this anime. It has nice and detailed character art and excellent animation especially when it comes to fight scenes. This is one of the reason why many love this anime. There are now a lot of breath-taking moments in this anime considering that it is now on its 3rd Season.

Audio and general sound effects are pretty great as well.

In general, My Heor Academia is something that you have to check out if you are a fan of anime. For me its an adventure anime that has a lot to offer to viewers. Its exciting and heartwarming enough to make it among the best anime so far for me.