My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie (2018) – It’s Awesome!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie (2018) – It’s Awesome!

As expected of this action-packed anime, it immediately kicked off strong with great fight scenes featuring the past of All Might together with his buddy Dave. I think starting the movie strong and interesting was great which immediately got me hooked. From here, I somehow expected that the move would be a good one.

So right of the bat, I would give my hero academia movie 2018 an 8/10 rating – highly recommended. Its a great movie for those who are a fan of this anime series and even for those who have not watched the series yet. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I highly suggest you, but first please watch the movie trailer below before you do so.

A Wonderful Start

After the wonderful start, the focus came to the story where our main characters – Deku and All Might were invited to a certain island for scientists. Somehow Deku surprisingly met his friends there from the U.A. High School University. This is where the action slowly started to heat up again and the overall vibe changed. It’s just great to see Deku with his friends enjoying their moment on the Island.

Excellent Fight Scenes

The action fights were really great. For me, the animators of this movie did a great job when it comes to the fights scenes. The details on the characters are still good amidst the cool fights of our heroes and the villains.

One thing that distracted me though is that the Island setting and aura reminded me of a place in pokemon. I think the animators would have thought of a much better look of the island which suits the anime. I personally do not know what it is, but something that dives away from being pokemon like environment. Aside from this, everything deserves a thumbs up.

Movie with Emotion

Of course, aside from the action, the movie also did a great job of touching our emotions. We could easily relate to Deku and All Might as well as to the desire of Melissa to follow the footsteps of his father who is a well-known scientist. I mean we all have that certain desire in our hearts to follow those whom we look-up too which most often than not are our parents or close friends. We give our all and strive in whatever we do so we could be a better version of ourselves and one that could be compared to our idols.

Could Have Been Better

Though the movie was already good enough, I mean its already a great movie and a must-watch, but it could have been better if more time was given to the past story of All Might. It would have also been kick-ass to see the younger version of other Pro Heroes. It could also be possible that they intentionally did this since this past story of All Might could be one solid movie. What do you think?

Another thing that could have been improved was the use of those small security machine robots. For me, they were just used too much. It would have been better if there were other characters actual villain fighters that our young heroes were able to face climbing up the tower.


I guess that would be all. Again, I highly recommend this movie even to those who have not watched the anime series yet. You’ll be amazed by the fight scenes and will be touched by the emotion of the characters. It will definitely give you the satisfaction of seeing Deku and his friends do their best to save the day. Plus, the fight scene on the ending part of the movie could be considered as one of the best. Personally, I enjoyed the whole movie.

Have you watched the movie? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.


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