Top 10 New Must Read Manga You Should Not Miss!

Top 10 New Must Read Manga You Should Not Miss!

Are you fed up on reading mainstream manga?  Does exploring new stories and getting to know interesting characters excite you?  Then why not try reading a new manga series the next time you have free time?  Reading manga is a fun way to pass time.  Do it during a long bus ride on the way home or while you are waiting for your laundry to be done.  And don’t simply settle with the most famous titles like One Piece and Naruto. You should never be afraid to try reading new ones.  Simply do a bit of research about the manga series that caught your attention to make sure that it has good reviews and you’re good to go.  I know the research part can be quite cumbersome so have compiled this list of must read manga to help you out.  You can thank me later by giving us a LIKE or sharing this list to our fellow manga lovers.


Are you a functional adult who has a stable job?  Do you love what you do for a living?  Or is it far from what your true passion is?  Naoki, an exterminator, can answer these questions instantly.  He loves his job and he is very good at it.  But he died and was transported to another world.  I know, you might be thinking that this is like the many transported to another world manga nowadays which follows an overused plot and generic characters.  You’re wrong.  Exterminator offers a new take to the common transported to another world story.  The main characters are very likable, the new fantasy world is vast and opens tons of possibilities, and it will only take a few chapters to convince anyone that it’s among the best manga to read.


Very Pure

Have you ever wonder what would you do if you can see through everything like having superman’s X-ray vision? I hope you don’t have dirty thoughts like me and the main protagonist of this manga series, Yang Ming.  He is the typical delinquent who hates studying and would rather go out for a stroll than stay within the four corners of a room while listening to a teacher’s endless babble.

His life eventually turned upside down when he saved an old man from a group of thugs and he was rewarded with a pair of magic glasses.  They don’t simply give him a clearer vision but a cool ability to see through anything he wishes.  But just like what Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility.  Will Yang use his newfound ability just to satisfy his perverted mind or for a much nobler cause?


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Dungeon Nursery

Are you a fan of RPGs?  If you are then you most likely have at least a slight idea about the various things required to survive a dungeon teeming with monsters and traps.  If you ask me, I simply want the best equipment available. I would also prefer being a tank so I won’t die easily even if I make a mishap or two.  Having an ally who can serve as a lookout or support during battles is also very handy.  This was in the mind of Takashi Koizumi when he was transported to a fantasy world with an RPG-like setting and finding out that he has the talent to be a summoner.

Yet his high hopes for an easier new life instantly evaporated when he figured out that his current level only allows him to summon a young lvl1 goblin.  Can he survive with all the odds against him?  How can a summoner with a very weak summon last inside a dangerous dungeon?


Kenja No Mago

Magic is truly handy.  Imagine if it exists in our world.  We don’t have to worry about pollution from cars since we can use wind magic to fly towards our destination.  Cooking without gas won’t be an issue as well because we can use fire magic.  Water magic is also very handy in cleaning clothes, bathing, and keeping ourselves hydrated anytime and anywhere.  Water bottles and other wastes will be a thing of the past. This is how humanity strived in the fantasy world.  Magic did not only gave them comfort but also served as their main tool to ward off invaders and powerful monsters.

Shin was resurrected to this world while retaining knowledge about his previous life in our world.  He was adopted by the Magi and was thought powerful magic because of his potent magical talent.  But there’s one big problem about Shin as he grew as a young man.  He lacks social skills.  And there’s no better way to solve this issue other than sending him to a magic school where he can mingle with other aspiring magicians and learn at the same time.  But will everything go smoothly as planned?

Aside from being a magic/action manga, it's also promising and is bound to be among best romance manga to read.


Buchimaru Chaos

How far will you go to save or be with someone?  This manga series is not the typical one.  It is a mix of brutal action and drama.  It’s one of those serious manga series which you mysteriously enjoy.  There are no light scenes in this manga.  It starts off with Buchimaru helping Byakuya, his master, eliminating one lord after another.  Byakuya’s purpose is to eliminate the other lords in order to release the Blink Lord which has the power to bring anyone from the dead back to life.  Buchimaru on the other hand simply wants to be with Byakuya’s side and enjoy her smell.

I know it’s a weird fetish but it’s cute if you think of him as a child seeking for a mother’s love. Buchimaru Chaos is not for the weak-hearted but those who seek for brutal and bloody manga action will surely love it!


Seirei Gensouki - Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni

It’s normally hard to settle your thoughts and make decisions during tricky and time-constrained situations on your own.  Can you imagine being on the same situation while having someone’s soul which contributes his own idea inside your body?  It would be a disaster especially if you two have completely different approaches in the matter.  Nevertheless, Rio and Amakawa Haruto found a way to live coherently inside a single body.  In fact, they perform better than the common person because they are more knowledgeable and experienced.

This is true especially for Haruto because he came from our modern world.  The knowledge of his previous world is a great advantage for Rio who is struggling to avenge the death of his mother.  Will they be able to surpass the challenges ahead without getting the way of each other?  How can they use their special case to strive in life and achieve their personal goals?


Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

Among all the manga series mentioned in this list, Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko is my favorite. It may follow the typical resurrected to another world story but it comes with a lot of twists.  First of all, the main protagonist Ryouma doesn’t aim for a glamorous life in the fantasy world.  His only wish is to live as simple as possible and if given the chance to make friends because he failed to do so in his previous life.  The god felt pity towards Ryouma so he gave him several gifts and an absurdly strong body to help him survive in the new world.

Will Ryouma’s life in the new world be different from his previous one?  What things can he contribute with his accumulated knowledge of the modern world and the strong body given by the god?


Domestic na Kanojo

Let’s move away a bit from fantasy and action.  Domestic na Kanojo is your best bet if you want a slice-of-life manga with tons of humor and a good amount of romance sprinkled on top.  It’s great for manga lovers who simply want to distress after a long and tiring day.  This manga’s plot is pretty basic but the characters are unique, lovable, and very relatable.  The story revolves around the life and struggles of two families who joined after both single parents decided to take their relationship to the next level.  Tension easily built up because the siblings involved were somehow connected prior the union.  Will their new family live harmoniously?  Can the step-siblings set aside their personal feelings for the sake of their parent’s happiness?



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Eden (TSURUOKA Nobuhisa)

Being trapped in a VR game is a heaven-sent gift for gamers.  But what if it’s not just for a few days or months but three long years?  If all comes down to life or death, can it still be called a game?  This happened in the game Eden.  After realizing their fate, the players took various paths.  Some gave up and stayed in the game’s starting point while the braver ones ventured on and did their best to be the strongest.  The manga series main character is known as “Teacher”.  He decided to play the game alone and experience it from the bottom up.  This gave him unequaled knowledge about the game mechanics, a great advantage not just in exploring dangerous dungeons but also in battling against abusive players.  Will he be able to find a way out of this prison game?  I know what you’re thinking.  It’s basically a pirated version of Sword Art Online.  There’s a bit of truth behind that statement but not entirely.  It gives new things on the table and the story is a bit more detailed and realistic compared to SAO.  So don’t hesitate to give it a try my fellow otaku friends!




Isekai Omotenashi Gohan

Do you like food and cooking?  Read no more and jump right into this manga.  It’ great for passing time especially for those who appreciate preparing food more than eating.  I know you need to belong to the special few to have this kind of disposition in food but it’s also fun to read for normal people.  The foods are drawn with great detail to the extent that you’ll be hungry after a few pages.  The art style is very refreshing and the main characters have relatable personalities.  I just hope the creators don’t give this up because it’s a very promising manga series.

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So that’s all of them. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts about every single one of them and somehow convinced you to check out at least one.  If a Manga gains enough fan-base, it’s most likely to be adapted into an anime series so don’t say your patronage is useless.  It’s exciting to see our favorite manga characters in action so let’s keep our hopes up that these new manga titles follow that route.  As always, thank you for reading this list and I hope you give it a LIKE and SHARE it to all of your fellow MANGA and ANIME friends mina!

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