The Best Reincarnation Manga You Should Be Reading Now!

The Best Reincarnation Manga You Should Be Reading Now!

Are you a fan of Reincarnation Manga?  Have you read the popular ones and is starting to run out of new series to read?  Worry not my Otaku friends since I’m here to save your day! And is the reason why I created this list.  Like you, I’ve jumped to the hype of transported or reincarnated to a fantasy world manga. They are really fun to read especially if the author spends a serious amount of effort in building a new world and describing even the minute details that make it different from what we have.  Although I’m not a fan of overpowered MCs which is a common storyline in a reincarnated manga, it still depends on the story.  For instance, I enjoyed Overlord a lot even though the main protagonist is currently the most powerful being in the story if both his strategic skills and cash shop items are all accounted.

Let’s leave my Overlord fandom aside from now and focus more on reincarnated manga series.  Why do you love reading them?  Which element of this increasingly popular story excites you most even though you’ve already read almost the same narrative over and over again from different authors?  Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. But before that, let me fuel your addiction for more reincarnated manga by sharing some of the best titles I’ve read recently.  These reincarnated manga series successfully created a new version of this common story and transformed it into a unique experience you’ll surely love.  Check them all out and enjoy!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The main character is named Mikami and his life has not been that satisfying and to make things worst, he got stabbed to death. The only good thing that happened to him is that he woke up in a fantasy RPG world.
Even on this new world, he somehow is still unlucky since he was not a wizard or a knight, he was reincarnated as a slime.
Now what can this slime do? Can he still do something worthwhile? Or will his life continue to be a disappointing one and will end up as it is.

Mushoku Tensei - Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Rudy is definitely not a normal child!  Although he is the son of famous adventurers, it’s beyond genius to be able to use powerful magic at a very young age.  On top of that, he pulled off casting a magic spell before properly learning how to read.  Of course his parents are proud but it can be scary for the people around him knowing that a child of unlimited destructive potential is living right next to them.  His absurd magic talent is expected since he is a reincarnated person.  In his previous life, he was a neet and was bullied even by his own family.


He never felt love and it came to the point where he was left with no reason to live.   A reckless truck driver somehow heard his prayers during a rainy day and he died after being involved in an accident.  After realizing that he is reincarnated in a world of sword and magic, he steeled himself and aimed to become a better person than he was in his previous life.  Since he is now under the protection and guidance of loving parents, it gives him confidence that his life won’t be the same like before.  Can Rudy achieve his full potential?  Will his new life be really different than the old?  Who are the persons he’ll meet along the way to help him achieve his goals?  This Isekai manga is definitely worth looking forward to every week!

Re: Monster

This one takes reincarnation stories to a different perspective.  It’s usual for the protagonist of this kind of setup to be reincarnated as a human with cheat abilities and a good family background to support his inevitable path to greatness.  The author of Re: Monster gave the story a twist by having our hero reincarnated as a goblin which is known as the weakest monsters in an RPG-like world setting.  Although he was not a common goblin due to his special abilities, starting off as the weakest monster is a great ordeal to overcome especially if everyone around him expects nothing out of him.  It’s easy to lose motivation and go with the flow to become a normal goblin.  The story starts a bit slow but progressively improves as it goes on not just in terms of pace but also in action and character development.  Not only the main character but the friends he manages to make along his journey improve after every challenge making them worthy of becoming his henchmen.  This RPG manga definitely a must-read especially for those who want a manga with interesting characters, a unique story, and won’t mind a couple of rape scenes here and there.

Murabito desu ga Nani ka?

Texting while driving is dangerous guys!  Stop doing it because you’re not only endangering yourself but the pedestrian as well. Sadly, this warning did not reach the careless driver who drove right into the main protagonist of this manga series while looking down on his phone.  He died right after complaining about dying as a virgin.  Unlike other Isekai mangas, he did not meet a god but was instantly reincarnated to another world right after his death.  Confusion filled his mind at first because he could not feel his ligaments but he eventually realized that his soul was reincarnated not in a human’s body but in a sword.  Being a tool in your next life is not that bad.  First, you won’t feel hunger so you don’t need to eat.  Second, you can choose a solitary life. As long no one picks you up, you can peacefully spend your days without having to worry about responsibilities.


And lastly, you’ll be saved from all the negative feelings and experiences a man would have to endure all throughout the course of his life.  But our hero thinks differently.  He wants to be wielded.  Since he is a magic sword, he wants a master who can bring out his utmost potential.  He waited for quite some time and was about to give up when a young lady with cat ears appeared out of nowhere.  Is she a worthy master?  How can they help each other achieve their individual goals?  Is it really worthwhile to be a magic sword in a fantasy world?


Reincarnation Manga 2019

This part is an update of this content. There are some good reincarnation manga released in the year 2019 and we would like to let you guys know some of these.

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

This manga in 2019 is a story of the greatest Demon Lord named Varvatos. Since he as been a ruler for a long time already, he dreamed about living a normal life, an average commoner. He was reincarnated as a villager in a certain town. The only problem is he is still too strong even if he holds back. People slowly noticed his strength and the quiet life he dreamed of may be far from reality.

It's a manga about demons, fantasy with a touch of life.

Actually, Am I the Strongest?

Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?

This is the story of a shut-in otaku who was reborn in another world and made a promise to enjoy a peaceful life. However, due to his inhumanly strong magic power, living a peaceful life would certainly be a big challenge.

This is a romance, comedy manga with a slight Ecchi. If some fan service is not a problem with you, this is a must-read manga in 2019.

Kougekiryoku Kyokuburi no Saikyou Majutsushi: Kinryokuchi 9999 no Taikenshi, Tenseishite Nidoume no Jinsei wo Ayumu

The manga is the story of a great warrior named Uranus. In recent times, he was reincarnated as Agil. Since he has the blood of a warrior he wants to make his father proud by becoming a warrior. He enrolled in the Hero Academy to train and be stronger.

In this school, he will meet someone that will surprise him. This will surely be a great reincarnation manga knowing that Agil will have overwhelming stats due to his past life.

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

What’s the point of strength if you’ll end up alone and have no one to protect?  The main protagonist in this manga series is considered the strongest martial artist.  He was accused of being a murderer and a danger to humanity which is why a team of elite warriors was sent to kill him.  The group is comprised of famous individuals in the martial arts world who are strong in their own right.  Nonetheless, none of them can match our hero.  They were about to give up when a monk sacrificed himself to achieve their goal.


The monk is an acquaintance of our hero which is why he somehow let his guard down a bit in order to suppress the monk’s attack without gravely harming him.  This decision came back to haunt him as the monk was ready to die for his cause.  He reincarnated as the son of a rural town’s chieftain.  His father is famous and influential so everybody has high hopes for his future.  Little do they know that the soul inside the boy is from the man who once reached the pinnacle of martial arts.  Will his previous knowledge and martial arts skills be enough to deter enemies who have ill intentions toward his family and subordinates?  Can he become the great man he is destined to be or will his lonely and brutal past adversely affect his present life?

Doctor Elise

A Fantasy manga with Romance and comedy is the perfect fit for the right readers. If this is the kind of genre you are looking for Doctor Elise is a must read manga. It's about the life of Dr. Song who is young professor in a popular College of Medicine. Everything in life is good for her.
However, she has some memories of her previous life where she lives as Royal person who brought trouble to her Kingdom. Her life turned 360 degrees until she met an untimely death and work up as the person in her previous life as Princess Elise.
Is she destined to repeat what happened in her previous life or will she able to do something different and help her Kingdom.

So I'm a Spider, So What

Though the title is this manga is so weird, you will find it surprising that you'll enjoy reading it. The story is your typical way a reincarnation managa would go. The main character suddenly passes out and when she woke up, we is already in a different world.
The interesting part is she work up as a crawling creature, a spider. This is the best option for those who are looking for something interesting. Many have loved reading it because they pretty much appreciate the character of the protagonist who accepted her faith in the game world and perseveres hard in order to survive.
You will be amazed on how the creators of this manga was able to put in a lot of emotion and interest into the character who is in the form of a spider.





(5 Star Rating & Amazon Choice)

Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari

Are you a fan of stories about knights and princesses?  Well, you’re in a treat in this manga series.  Our hero in this story finds himself reincarnated into a body of a man saved by a young lady noble.  She is the daughter of an influential aristocrat.  Although it’s safe to say that he is in good hands, it’s definitely temporary since their kingdom is now in turmoil.  He lost everything in his past life including the woman he loves which is why he is determined to avoid committing the same mistake this time around. Where did he come from and what is his real identity?  How can a man of mysterious origin save the kingdom?  Will his knowledge of the previous world and his current resolve be enough to repay his benefactors and change the history of their kingdom?




Tenseishichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)

Do gods mess up?  This time around they did!  The god dropped a pot from above and it tragically ended the life of a young boy, Shou.  Probably the only good side of this accident is that the Shou is living independently.  Aside from his best friend who was with him when it all happened, no one would notice his absence after a couple of months.  At some point in the past, he lived with his mother but was left alone when she died.  In spite of living together, the two of them did not have a good relationship.  The mother was constantly reminded of the man who left her every time she sees Shou. This explains her cold treatment towards him.  In his new life, Shou decides to live differently.  He aims to become a person his parents would be very proud of.  Since god gave him cheat abilities as a form of compensation for his grievous mistake that cost Shou’s life, it will only be a matter of time before he accomplishes great things.  As to how and in what circumstances would he stand out and showcase his talents is for all of us to find out!

Hachinantte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!

Anyone who currently has a job that takes more than 8 hours a day would simply jump right into bed every night after work without minding about anything else.   This is true not just for laborers but even for office workers since working in front of a computer for extended periods is very stressful.  It was supposed to be a normal night for our hero in this manga series but he never imagined everything would change the moment he woke up the next day.  He found himself in the body of a young boy living in a world far different from where he came from. Unlike modern Japan, the new world is comparable to medieval times where kings and queens reign.  He adapted quite well and after a couple of years managed to live normally in the new world normally.  Luckily, he reincarnated as a son of a noble so life initially was not hard for him.  Although it’s a poor noble family, their resources are enough to properly bring up a child while providing all his necessities including education.    But then he again, he remained vigilant since he is still ignorant of all the dangers that come with living in a world of swords and magic.  What great deeds would he accomplish in the future?  Will he become a hero just like most of the reincarnated persons featured in other manga series?

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

Our reincarnated hero this time is Renya.  He was dumbfounded after a young lady popped out in front of him proclaiming that he is already dead and she is god.  Renya was reluctant to believe everything she said at first but accepted everything after the god explained herself.  Of course, like anyone would do, he agrees to be reincarnated to a fantasy world.  In his previous life, Renya was a skilled martial artist so he cares less about being safe in a world with magic and monsters.  By training diligently every day in his past life, he was able to reach an old age but he died without even given the chance to test the result of his lifelong effort and dedication in refining his craft since he lived in a peaceful time.  The god chose him to be a catalyst of change in the new world.  She explained that the world is on the brink of falling into despair without the intervention of a new ray of hope and she thinks Renya can carry out such an important role.  And right out of the bat of being reincarnated, Renya faced a predicament as he found two women surrounded by armed men in the middle of the forest.  Will he save them?  How can Renya, with the help of all the knowledge and skills he acquired from his long past life, change the world he is reincarnated to into a better one?

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

If ever you’ll be given the chance to be reincarnated to a fantasy world and have the chance to choose your profession and destiny, what would it be?  A mighty and well-known warrior would be a great choice right?  How about a magician who can exterminate even the most powerful monsters with just a single spell? Or would it be better to be a priest who received the blessings of the gods to heal any kind of ailment and protect allies during battle?  Sadly, these awesome ideas were shunned by the hero of this reincarnation manga, Machio Hiraku.  He was a normal employee in his previous life who needed to work hard in order to survive.  Hiraku neglected his health in the process which caused him his life.  He was not even given the time to enjoy the pleasures of life as all his time and energy were invested in his day-to-day job.  He was given the chance to be reincarnated.  He did not go to the typical path of most reincarnated persons in manga.  Hiraku decided to live peacefully and be a farmer which is the profession he wants to pursue during his previous life but was not given the chance to do so.  Will he enjoy being a plain farmer in a fantasy world filled with magical and dangerous creatures?  Most importantly, is he really just a simple farmer?

Isekai Tensei Soudouki

Normally, the majority of people who believes about reincarnation thinks of it as a one soul per body phenomenon.  But this is entirely the opposite of what happened to Oka Sadatoshi and Oka Masaharu as they were reincarnated inside the body of a young noble, Balud Cornelius, in a world of swords and magic.  Oka Sadatoshi is an accomplished general during his time.  He was feared not just because of his unpredictable war strategies but also of his own fighting abilities.  It was even said that he was never defeated in a duel until he breathed his last.  Oka Masaharu, on the other hand, is an otaku.  Now we can relate, right?  He came from a modern world like ours making him superior when it comes to knowledge about innovative technologies and sciences than even the brightest minds in the current world he is in.  The two of them are determined to survive in this new world so they have no better choice than to help Balud become the man he wishes to be.  With all the skills and knowledge they have from their previous life, it’s almost impossible for Balud not to accomplish heroic deeds and outstanding discoveries in the near future.

Have you decided which one to read first?  Don’t stress yourself since I guarantee that all of the reincarnated manga mentioned above are good reads.  Just be a bit patient since some of them start out slow but their story eventually becomes interesting as the main protagonist gains new skills, allies, and foes.

Reading these reincarnated manga stories might give you an idea that a complete restart is the best way to turn a sad and lonely life around but it’s not the case in real life.  Keep in mind that you don’t need overflowing riches, cheat skills, and superpowers to enjoy life to its fullest.  Don’t focus too much on what you lack.  Have you ever thought about the things that you currently have? Always appreciate the things you have because there are surely other people out there who are envious of you for having them. Like always, LIKE AND SHARE THE ANIME AND MANGA LOVE MINA!

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