Best Violent Anime 2020

A lot of anime fans including me loves anime series with violence. For today I have compiled the best violent anime 2020. Feel free to go through this list below and let me know your thoughts.


The God of High School


The number one on my list would be the very famous anime in 2020 which is The God of High School. The general theme of the show is to determine who is the strongest of them all. And on this note, expect the show to highlight violence. There will be a lot of fights to the extent of killing their enemy. 

The character will use whatever it takes to win. They will use all means possible to achieve victory and to be on top. By the time of writing this article the anime only has 3 Episodes. But, it is already very promising. 


It has a lot of action fights starting from episode 1. If you love violent fighting anime, you should not miss watching this GOH. 


The anime also has a lot of interesting main characters – Jin Mo-ri, Han Dae-wi, and Yu Mi-ra. For me, The God of High School is an anime that got it all making it thus far the best anime 2020.




Another promising violent anime in 2020 is Gibiate.  The show is set in a world where there is a virus that transforms people into monsters. The violence in this anime is targeted mostly towards these monsters. However, there are also times when violence is on other human beings. 

As we all know, in an apocalyptic scenario like this where a virus takes over the world and turns everyone into monsters, people will not only be dealing with monsters to survive. They also have to survive from being killed by other humans who also just wanted to survive. 


With monsters all around the place, expect to see a Gorefest anime. We could also label this anime as Violent sci-fi anime due to the emergence of mutants or monsters. If you are into an anime genre were people fight against monsters, then you need to watch this anime.


This Gore anime 2020 will surely be a hit considering that the main character – Sensui is using a sword as his main weapon and all hush comrades also use unique weapons with the main purpose of killing the enemy.


So far, these are the only anime I have seen in the violent anime genre 2020. What are your thoughts? Do you know an anime show this year that we could add to this list? Comment down below. We would surely love to hear from you.

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