List of Saddest Anime Deaths

Hi guys, I decided to compile a great list of Saddest Anime Deaths. Check out below and let me know in the comment section if I happened to miss one that should be on this list.

Death of Jiraiya

Anime Series: Naruto

Jiraiya is one of the legendary Sannin together with Orochimaru and Tsunade. He is also one of the people who trained Naruto. He died in the Hands of Pain, a member of the Akatsuki.

Death of L

Anime Series: Death Note

L is a famous detective who aims to put Yagami Light known as Kira. His hunt for Kira eventually led into his own death. The very moment he learned who Kira is, is also the time of his death. Very sad and tragic.


Death of Kite

Anime Series: Hunter X Hunter

Kite is among the strong characters in this anime series and among the close friends of Gin Freecss, the father of Gon who is one of the main characters. When Gon learned that Kite is dead, we were very angered and vowed to get his revenge.



Death of Kaori

Anime Series: Lie In April

Kaori is the female protagonist of the anime series Lie In April. She loves playing the violin. The death of Kaori really left a big impact on everyone who has watched this anime. The cause of Kaori’s Death is cancer in the Bone Marrow.


Death of Ace

Anime Series: One Piece

Ace is the older brother of Luffy, one of the main characters of the anime series One Piece. Luffy is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates and the same as we are without family, he loves his older brother so much. So it was really pretty painful that his brother died in front of him. I personally cried watching this episode.





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