Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Are you looking for the next martial arts anime to watch? This list is for you. I have compiled all the best and top-rated anime with martial arts action. You’ll certainly agree that the fight scenes of this type of anime series are pretty much exciting and very fun to watch. Plus, if the anime creators did a great job with the animation, it makes things even better.


Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

I would confidently say that one of the most epic martial arts anime would be Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. It’s the story of a guy named Kanichi who has been bullied for a long time and then decided to learn martial arts. The show has a lot of intense fight scenes thus violence is a common scene on most episodes.  The good side is that the violence part is not exaggerated. Its an excellent martial arts anime since it has a lot of punching and kicking in most of the fight scenes.  Overall, the anime is pretty amazing and our protagonist is very much likable. You’ll see the progression of the main character from being a weak person slowly learning different fighting techniques the hard way. So if you are interested in watching an anime with lots of action where the protagonist is not overpowered right from the start, then go watch this anime.


Tenjho Tenge

When we talk about anime related to martial arts, the one that rises among the others would be Tenjou Tenge. The story is about students in a martial arts school. Due to the nature of the school, its natural to see groups of students with different fighting styles competing against each other of course to determine who is the strongest and which fighting style rules.
All eyes are on the Jyukenbo Club led by their very sexy captain Natsume. She may be a girl, but she definitely could fight. Other members of the club that would get your attention would be Nagi and Aya. When we talk about fight scenes, this anime is great, just don’t mind the story since it did not perform well on this part.
Number of Episodes: 26


Baki the Grappler

Most of the anime fans who watch Baki the Grappler decided to watch it for the rights. If you are looking for amazing fight scenes displaying different martial art techniques, then this is a must-see. The great thing about this anime is it also discusses a lot of things about the different martial art styles, it gives info on its history, techniques and different moves. Thus, viewers would somehow have more idea about these various fighting styles.
In general, you will love this anime due to its great art, insane fight scenes which will leave you at the edge of your seat and interesting characters with different backgrounds. Each of the strong characters was also given enough air time so you would know them more and how they became that strong in the martial art they have chosen to master.
One of the new martial arts anime is Baki(Ona) and if you have loved this anime in the previous years, you’ll even get hooked with the latest season with better animation and more insane fight scenes.
Baki the Grappler (2001): 24 Episodes
Baki the Grapper 2 (2001): 24 Episodes
Baki (Ona) 2018 : 26 Episodes


Dragon Ball Z

Among the oldest anime in the martial arts genre would be Dragon Ball Z. If you are the kind of person who craves a lot for fight scenes with supernatural powers, then you should watch Dragon Ball. I think if you have not watched this anime yet, you are among the few anime lovers who haven’t watch it yet. There are already a lot of versions or should I say seasons for this anime and the most recent I think is Dragon Ball Heroes.
Check the full list of series/saga here:
Now in terms of martial arts, this anime is more of supernatural powers especially after son Goku became a super saiyan, but still the fight scenes have some martial arts components. You’ll appreciate the martial arts of this anime on the first few series where Goku is still not a Saiyan.



For martial arts enthusiasts, Naruto certainly has a lot to offer. Majority of the fight scenes in this anime series has something to do with martial arts. Fistfights are a common scenario in this anime and though there are lots of fight scenes, you’ll never grow tired of watching it.
If there is one character that you have to watch out who is very much interesting when it comes to martial arts, that would be Rock Lee and his master Gai. Both of them are excellent in hand to hand combat.



Is an entertaining samurai anime with great fight scenes. It has a unique art style which for me is a big childish but still great enough to get my interest. The main character in this anime is Shichika who is the son of a person who is very much adept in using the martial art technique called Kyoto Ryu. Even though its the Samura era, this technique is still feared by many. Shichika was able to master the technique of his father and is leaving peacefully on a small island with his sister.
Samurai action fights plus excellent martial arts technique makes this anime a much watch for anime fans. Like other anime series, it has its short-comings but for me, it still is interesting enough to watch especially for those love to watch anime fights.


Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic anime that features martial arts. Though there is already supernatural powers involved in this anime, martial arts action is still there. It became widely popular in the 90s due to its nice story, interesting characters and lots wonderful action scenes. It’s an action-packed anime that featured a group of 4 friends lead by Yusuke.
If you have watched this anime before, you will definitely be excited in the New Yu Yu Hakusho OVA coming soon.


Kengan Ashura

Its a new martial arts anime that was released July 2019 and is closely similar to Baki the Grappler. So if you have already finished watching Baki, try checking this out. This anime features underground Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fights which makes it bloody and full of muscles guys frighting to death. Its a recommended anime for martial art lovers due to the MMA nature of this anime and its definitely packed with lots of fights. Similar to Baki, the anime also did a great job of explaining the principles behind the techniques that the anime characters are using in their fights.


Hajime no Ippo


Who said boxing is not a martial arts? Boxing is considered to be one of the oldest martial arts of all time. And for me, the best anime that highlights this discipline is no other than Hajime no Ippo. This anime is not only full of fight scenes, but above all, it’s pretty much exciting and inspiring. You will see the struggles of the main character Ippo and how he had transitioned from a guy who lacks the confidence to one that is able to face his fears like a true man would.
In an anime story, it’s just excellent to watch someone who started from the group slowly climbing into popularity due to his perseverance and dedication in the sport he becomes to love.


Ranma 1/2

This anime is a unique one, you will know why the moment you watch it. You are given a hint in the title on why this anime is unique. It’s an anime that became popular during the time when Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakushu were also the talk of the town. This anime is more of a sitcom anime where the episodes are somehow not connected to each other. Aside from having a taste of action and martial arts, the anime has a high dose of comedy. So aside from appreciating the fight scenes, you will also have a good laugh watching Ranma 1/2.


Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen also is known as Battle Vixens, is an action-packed anime, but if you are annoyed of too much fan service, this is not the anime for you. To give you an idea, most of the fight scenes with girls end up with deconstruction of clothing so by now, you know what to expect. Plus, huge boobs + fight scenes means boobs flying left and right so be also prepared for that.
If you are among those who are very much particular with the story of an anime, you should first have a good grasp of Chinese History before watching this. When it comes to action, yes there will be lots of it.


Taboo Tattoo

If you are looking for hand to hand combat, this anime will suffice. Its a story of Seigi who is a martial arts students and due to a certain event that happened in his life he was able to gain incredible power. Our main character is the type of person who wants to master the craft of his martial art and become stronger than his current state. This anime has lots of fight scenes where our hero is even faced with opponents who are stronger than him.
I really appreciate the fight scenes in this anime. It’s brutal and pretty much interesting while still being close to reality. Though there are superpowers involved, the hand to hand combat outshines it.


One Punch Man

I believe almost all anime lovers today know or have heard about One Punch Man, even if you have not watched it yet, surely you have heard about it from a friend or have seen it on social media. Saitama, who is the main character of this anime is considered to be the strongest human on earth(though I really doubt he is a human in the first place). Even though he looks like a natural bald guy, he has an out of this world strength and speed as well.
Well yeah, due to his strength, you won’t appreciate much of his fights since he could finish enemies with one punch only(now you have an idea regarding the title). The outstanding fight scenes would come from the other hero characters in the anime like Genos, White Fang and others.
If you have not watched this anime yet, your definitely missing a lot of fun so go watch it now. You’ll never regret it.



This anime has 26 episodes and for those in the action genre, it’s a good show to watch. Though the fight scenes are great, you somehow would not appreciate it that much in terms of martial art skills since the main enemy are big bugs. Yes, it is set in a time or world where there are big buys eating humans and so we have the good guys to protect us.
Personally, I do like the show mainly because of its satisfying fight scenes and interesting characters. However, there is something in this anime that tells me that it lacks something that would make it great. Nonetheless, it’s still entertaining even though the story is not good. If gory and fan service your thing, then you will not have any problem watching this show.


Hinomaru-Zumou 2018

This anime is about a unique martial art style which is Sumo. If you have watch Hajime no Ippo he story is closely similar, but of course in a different sport. The main character had to endure a lot of struggle before achieving his goals. Its an inspiring anime to watch since you will see the effort of the main character to be stronger win every match he enters.
I think the good thing about this anime aside from being inspiring is it also educates people about the sport Sumo. It definitely is a good sports anime that delivers the essence of this genre.



Surprisingly, even though this is an old anime, it got a lot of good reviews from various anime fans. Since the main characters are mostly girls, what one might think that it only rests on fan service, however it delivers more. The best thing with this anime is the fight scenes. A lot of martial art styles were displayed on the fight scenes so for those who love to watch action, you will get hooked with this anime. It is bloody with an incredible amount of fan service, but in general it still an enjoyable series.

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