Best Disturbing Horror Anime to Watch

Best Disturbing Horror Anime to Watch

Are you looking for a distubring horror anime to watch? You cam to the right page. We have listed the best anime shows in this genre. Feel free to check out the anime in our list below and give us a comment if you find something missing.

Monster (2004)

One of the masterpiece anime when it comes to the horror genre is Monster. It's a work of art. Though the animation is old, since it was released years ago, still it's a great anime. It was directed well. One thing that makes this horror anime outstanding is that it has effectively depicted reality. The sound effect is pretty much effective in making scenarios more thrilling. Each episode comes with its exciting twist and turns. Though the pace is somewhat slow, you'll definitely enjoy watching this anime. It's among the most underrated old anime produced.

Monster Trailer


The Promised Neverland (2019)

The Promised Neverland anime is among the greatest anime of 2019. It's an excellent horror anime to watch with an amazing ending. The main story is this anime is the quest of some kids trying to break away from their cruel fate. It has interesting characters, the main protagonists are not monotonous. You'll discover more about them as the episodes unfold. In general, when it comes to animation and art, though it's not exceptional, it's still good. This new anime definitely has exceeded a lot of expectations. It has an excellent story, interesting characters, and a good animation.

The Promised Neverland Trailer

Parasyte (2014)

Another excellent anime in the horror genre is Parasyte. The very first time I saw it, I was immediately hooked. Maybe it's because of the interesting character and the story itself. I find the story unique and very much entertaining that is why watching from one episode to another is not a problem. It is set in an apocalyptic time which one of my preferences in watching an anime. Aside from being a horror anime, I also find it full of heart and emotion. You will know once you watch the anime.

Parasyte Trailer


When we Cry (2006)

Though not that much of a horror anime, since this anime comes with a lot of brutalities, this earned its slot on our list. Generally, when you watch this anime, it will be mostly about trying to find the hidden truths. It's an anime with a big amount of mystery. The setting is in a village with a bloody practice and beliefs. And during this time, people could just suddenly disappear and people believe that such incident the action of their patron God. The anime is a series of stories or arcs that start in a terrifying scene then everything goes back to the time before such a scene was reached.


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016)

This horror anime got me hooked right from the first episode. The main characters are cool and exciting to watch especially on the fight scenes. It has an engaging story plus even the antagonists are something that you'll also look forward to watching. The setting is in the horrific and apocalyptic time of Zombies. If you are a fan of the walking dead and Attack on Titan, you should consider watching this one. Aside from being a horror anime it still has a taste of drama and some good funny moments.


Deadman Wonderland (2011)

This anime is certainly one of the best thriller, horror anime I have watched. It's an underrated anime with good action scenes. The story of the anime is about the survival of humankind after a great earthquake occurred that destroyed most of Tokyo. The introduction of the main character comes with a terrific murder scene where his entire class was murdered. As to what happens next after this, its for you to find out. The best thing about this anime is its unique battles and interesting characters. And for a horror show, it's dark and bloody.


Devilman Crybaby (2018)

This anime is excellent. I like the amazing characters in this story and the unusual, unique art style. It's an entertaining anime that will surely make you cry. There are scenes in this show that are very disturbing and gory. This anime in 2018 is a remake of a classic anime. And personally, I think the people behind this were able to do it well. The anime and soundtrack are both great. The fight scenes are awesome and you will surely appreciate how detailed the character designs were. This anime will keep you excited till the end with its story about blood, drugs and community horror.


From the New World (2008)

This is a multi-layered mystery anime series a very interesting villain. Though the art is kind of cheap on some occasions, the weight of the characters filled this gap. The anime is full of suspense, horror, and mystery. The story started showing the simple life of students then it slowly changed into a dangerous adventure. The art style and animation are not that great, but it's still good enough. I would recommend watching this anime mainly because of its interesting story. It's an excellent anime for mystery and horror fans in the anime world.


Tokyo Ghoul (2018)

This is a must-see anime for those who are into the violent and horror genre. One of the good things about this anime is that you could feel the intense feeling of the characters. Like when they are stressed, in fear and about to die. It had successfully lived up to its genre by making its audience feel intense emotions. The anime is set in a world where there are Ghouls. These are creatures who do not eat regular food. Instead, they take as food the blood, flesh, and organs of human beings. The anime revolves around the story of Kanenki who simply wanted to have a normal life but ended up becoming a Ghoul.


School-Live! (2015)

It's another zombie outbreak anime and since Zombies are here, it's an anime I did not miss. It has a unique story and a unique main character. Though it does not stand-out among the zombie-horror anime, it's still a good one to watch. The art style and animation are not that good and the story is not that much compelling as well. However, I would way that I still have fun watching it.


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