Best Romance Anime Series Of All Time

Best Romance Anime Series Of All Time

Among the most popular genre in the anime world is definitely romance anime. It is just nice to see anime characters showing love, care and affection. The best thing is all is that these anime series does not only revolve around drama, there is also magic, adventure and comedy.
Being an anime fan for a long time now, I have already seen a lot of romance anime series and below I have listed my top recommendation. You surely would have your own list of best romance anime so why not share them in the comment below. But before that, check out the list I have prepared for you.


Golden Time

Due to an accident, Banri Tada sadly lost all his memories. Life continues and he was admitted at a Law School in Tokyo hoping to get a new start in life. Here he met Kaga Kouko. After their first meeting, there was already a spark and like somehow they have already known each other for a long time.

As the story continues, the main character discovered a lot about college life and all the emotions that comes with it which of course involve falling in love – both pain and happiness.  The best thing about this anime is that it reflects life situation in all corners, not just around the school premises which makes the experience of the characters more realistic.


Fruits Basket



The same with Golden Time, the main character in this anime series Tohru also encountered a misfortune. Her mother died in a car crash and because of this, she decided to live with her grandfather. But, things did not go well in that place so she ended up living all by herself in a tent. Fate came into the picture allowing her to meet Yuki Sohma, Shigure and Kyo who are cousins. Since then, things changed and Tohru is about to discover a great secret of the Sohmas.

This anime is one of the most loved anime ever made so its no surprise that it is very popular and from its first release around year 2000, it is now re-animated in 2019 where currently the series is still on-going.

You can watch it here:


Snow White with the Red Hair



The anime title already reveals what is very special in this anime which is the main character Shirayuki having an apple-red hair unlike anyone have seen – at least in their time. She seems to be one of a kind with her hair which even draws the attention of the prince in their place and wanted her to be a mistress. Of course, Shirayuki does not agree with this and decided to flee the kingdom by going to the forest where she met Zen.

This charming guy who also is a prince easily got the trust of Shirkayuki so she went with Zen in his castle. In this kingdom she continued her pursuit in becoming a great palace pharmacist.  The question now is how will the relationship of Zen and Shirayuki develop considering that our main character attracts a lot of attention not only because of her red hair but also because of her kindness. Eventually, other characters get to fall in love with her.


Your Lie in April

This best romance anime list would never be complete without Your Lie in April.

Kousei Arima our main character is a genius in playing the piano, but due to the sudden death of his mother he forgot about his passion to play the piano. This was inevitable since losing your mother is definitely one of the biggest stones that life would throw at you. He had lived a dull life not until he meets Kaori Miyazono who is a violinist. This meetup is about to change the life of Kousei significantly. Slowly his life turned from monotonous to one which lots of color.

This anime will definitely make you cry due to the emotions that each character shows. Soon you will realize that the death of his mother is not the only reason why he stopped playing the piano. Though most of the time, it’s serious drama, there is still some slice of comedy in this anime which gives off a lighter feeling. The anime shows how one true love could change a persons life.



Clannad is a love story of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya is the kind of person who does not take seriously his future that is why the somehow lacks interest in his studies and finds school life boring. On the other hand, Nagisa is a repeating 3rd year since she missed of a lot of the previous year. And since most of the student she knows already graduated, she had become lonely, but not until she met Tomoya.

As they continue to be together Tomoya slowly realized their life is interesting and it has a lot to offer. In short, he slowly found meaning into his life the moment he met Nagisa. It’s definitely a love story that one should not miss. You could easily relate to it and not to mention it also have a lot of funny scenes. And some also consider this as their best romance anime of all time. What do you think?



Best Romance Anime 2017

After talking about the top 5 among the best when it comes to anime about romance, let us introduce you to the anime considered to be the best in the romance anime category in the year 2017.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

This anime is also known as (Masamune-kun’s Revenge). The main characters in this anime series are Adagaki, Aki and Makabe, Masamune. The word revenge in the title is due to Makabe’s vengeful plan against Aki. And he has set the grandest plan to accomplish this without fail. The reason is that he was called “piggy” because he is overweight when he was still a child. And even though the great plan is set, of course, not all things will go according to plan. That’s just simply how life goes and this is what you need to watch out in this anime

Aside from being a romantic anime, you’ll also have lots of fun and laugh watching this anime especially if you are into Witty Anime Humor. Also, its good to point out that the animation of this show is great.  Since the animation is good and characters are well presented, it makes important scenes more significant and praiseworthy.

The same as with all other anime series, it has its negative sides but it is also overflowing with positive sides as well.


Best Romance Comedy Anime

High Score Girl II

The Season 2 of High School Girl is the continuation of where it ended on Season 1. So of course, our main characters Haruo Yaguchi, Akira Oono, and Koharu Hidaka are still very passionate about video games. If you are looking for a fun anime in the romance genre, then this show will surely satisfy.
Aside from being comedic, there are also a lot of scenes in this anime that would place you at the edge of your seat as it tries to play with your emotions. In this season, Harou and Akira are going through important stages in their life where they display intense emotions in dealing with various life situations.
Though many do not want to see CGI in an anime show, it actually has blended well in this show. Maybe because of its video gaming part. You’ll certainly enjoy watching this anime where each episode offers something new to the table. In general, this anime did great and is something you need to watch.

Best Romance Anime 2019

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2

If you have followed season 1 of this anime, you’ll also love season 2.  You will definitely fall in love with this anime again. Though it’s something closely similar to season 1 it’s still fun and enjoyable to watch for a romance anime. The couple Takagi and Nishikat are simply very cute to watch.
The big difference from season 1 would be that they are not in 2nd-year high school. While they are still in their first year, it’s clear that they have a crush on each other but both are too shy to admit it. This second season their relationship somehow is taking shape but still not official. We could see that both of them are now more comfortable and natural with each other.
In general, those who made this anime did a great job of improving the show from season 1. It’s certainly the best romance anime for me in 2019.




Considered to be one of the best romantic comedy anime of all time. Torodora should not be missed for anyone looking to watch an anime in the romance genre. The love journey of the main characters Taiga and Ryuji is about learning the true meaning of love. They resort to some silly decisions or action just to get the attention of their crushes and they both end up failing in achieving their goals.

The show does not show how silly you become when you have crushes especially when its your first time having this kind of feeling. But it portrays that eventually, you will learn from all your love experience and you grow with it. You will just be looking back in time and smile at how silly you have been before. And before I forget, expect to get tons of laugh with this anime.


Anohana:  The Flower We Saw That Day



Anohana is one of those anime that is pretty much interesting and has a unique story. It’s actually about a ghost who could not get into the afterlife since she still has to fulfill her final wish. The problem is she does not anymore have the memory on what her final wish is. She will be aided by her group of friends led my Jinta who is the only person who could see her. Their goal is to help their ghost friend discover what would make her rest in peace.

This anime really packs a lot of emotion and is considered as one of those shows that would certainly make you cry.  The love story here is more of the love for a friend type of relationship.





Inuyasha is one of those classic anime. It’s under the genre of demon romance anime. The main characters here are Kagome and Inuyasha. Kagome is human – a high school girl while Inuyasha is a half-demon. Their love story is unique, human and demon though this kind of theme is not new in the anime world.

It all started when Kagome who is from the modern-day was sent to the world of Inuyasha in the feudal era of Japan. She was able to free Inuyasha from the magic that binds him in a tree and from then on their journey together begins.

It is still nice to see true love in a world with demons and the fact that a human girl would find love and care in one of the strongest demons. This just proves that love does not have any boundaries.


Yona of the Dawn


Yona lives a wonderful life as a Princess in their Kingdom, but things changed on the night of her 16th birthday. She suddenly lost everything and was forced to live their castle. The only person she had left is Hak who is her bodyguard. Together with Hak she is now on a journey to find allies to help her in her goal of reclaiming her kingdom.

This is a love story about giving your life to protect the one you love and helping her to reach her ultimate goal in life. Aside from the love story, this anime is also full of action.


Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara


The anime revolves around the life of Hitomi who was send back in time by her grandmother through the use of a certain magic spell. The Year is 2018 and it was the time when her grandmother was in her high school days. Hitomi is the kind of person who does not show off her feelings that much and this is something that she will have to overcome and as she goes on with life. The overall story is about the quest of Hitomi to find real happiness and loving herself would play a big role in it.

And of course, this leads to her also finding the love of her life. Aside from the story, what’s most interesting about this anime is the overall art style. It’s generally very pleasing and just nice to watch especially considering that this anime is not just about normal life, but a life with magic.

So there you go guys, our list of best romance anime. Surely, there are anime series here that you have watched already and fallen in love with. Let us know your comment regarding the list. Is there something we missed? It would certainly be our pleasure to hear from you

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