Anime Monsters You Need to Know as an Otaku!

Anime Monsters You Need to Know as an Otaku!

In the anime world, monsters take a lot of forms in different sizes and horrifying features. These anime monsters are also the ones who make an anime show more interesting to watch. Check out some of these unusual yet interesting creatures and demons.


Titans  – Attack on Titans



Titans are man-eating giants that vary in sizes from a monster as tall as a house to one that is as tall as a wall. They are the main villains in the anime series Attack on Titan.


Deep Sea King – One Punch Man



This monster is the Lord of the seas. He is one of the main antagonists in the anime series One Punch Man.


Goblins – Goblin Slayer



These goblins are man-eating creatures who torture their victims and do something horrible, especially to women before killing them. These are nasty creatures who will not hesitate to kill humans they meet. They attack in large numbers.


Ryuk – Death Note



Ryuk is a shinigami who got bored in their realm, thus decided to drop his notebook in the world of humans. A persons’ name who is written on the notebook will die.


Ghouls – Tokyo Ghoul



Ghouls are humans but unlike the usual human, they only eat the flesh of humans and other ghouls. They puke even when usual foods eaten my humans are near them. They appear and act like humans but has difference mainly in the diet (what they eat) and inner biology since ghouls have some certain powers within them.


Miia – Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou



Miia is a snake girl with long bright red hair.


Ulquiorra –  Bleach



Ulquiorra is among the top ranking fighters (4th) of Aizen’s army called Arrancar.  He is fast and extremely skilled when it comes to fighting. Plus overflowing with enormous spiritual power.


The Three Kings – Yu Yu Hakushu



These three kings are Raizen (Father of Yusuke), Mukuro and Yomi. They lead their own army in the demon world.


Sea Kings – One Piece



They are huge sea creatures found around the Grand Line. Each one of these creatures is unique in build and physique. Though they seem to be ruthless they are actually intelligent creatures and less violent.


Monster Plants – The Rising of the Shield Hero



The bio plant or plant monsters is a boss level monster that is similar to a giant tree with a big eyeball at the center. It uses its vines to attack.


Orc Disaster – That time I got reincarnated as a slime



After consuming Gelmudo, the Orc Lord evolved into a stronger form called the Orc disaster.


Monsters – Monster Rancher



Majin Buu – Dragon Ball Z



King Ant with Royal Guards – Hunter X Hunter



Floor Guardians Overlord


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