A list of famous anime characters chosen from different categories. So, how can we say that an anime character is famous or popular? This list ranks according to details we got from our social media pages, Facebook groups and Google searches.

Hot Anime Guys

Haruka Nanase

He is the most famous character from the anime Free!. The main protagonist who is a member of the Iwatobi Swim Club. Due to his sport which is swimming it developed his body making him among the hottest characters in the anime world. As they say, swimming is one of the best exercises one could do which develops both the upper and lower body. Thus, it’s no surprise why Haruka is now enjoying a hot body figure. Aside from having a well-developed body he is also known to be sweet and caring making him a complete package for all the girl fans.

Aomine Daiki


One of the most popular anime characters when it comes to sports is Aomine. He is one of the main characters in the sports anime series Koroko No Basket. Aomine has a top-notched basketball skills to the point that beating him in basketball would be close to impossible. He is hot mainly because of his characters who is something that wants to be alone. The typical hot guy who doesn’t want a lot of people around him. Though he might be seen as rude by others, many girls fall in love with him especially those who have the preference in men with some bad guy attitude. However, amidst his rude personality, he still is a good friend. His teammates on the Generation of Miracles could prove it.


Kyouya Sata

Kyouya Sata is one of the main characters of the anime Wolf Girl and Black Prince. He is definitely a hot anime character with a messy blonde hair and red eyes. He’s tall and most of the time in clothes that make him look like a model. Though he has this cruel attitude, he couldn’t hide his natural character of being protective and sweet to the girl he loves. Which is exactly what hot anime guys are all about. It is not just the looks but more importantly the attitude. In the anime series, you’ll find Kyouya with his love interest Erika. Their meeting might not be the typical one, but certainly, you’ll fall in love in the way these two become lovers. Guys who are hot are not that easy to be with and Kyouya is one of the proofs.

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Hot Anime Girls

Saeko Busujima

From the anime High School of the Dead, Saeko is one of the strongest and most dependable characters. She has excellent samurai skills which was pretty much useful when zombies started invading their school. That in itself is pretty hot for a girl. But adding more to it is her body figure highlighted with big boobs. This anime character is even hotter when she is fighting with zombies and is not concerned about any of her private parts almost completely showing up to the public. If you are in her place, defending yourself against zombies, you surely could not think any more about which part of your body is already revealed. Right? She is literally the ideal hot girl wearing a Japanese High School Uniform.

Nico Robin

If you are a fan of One Piece, you definitely know Nico Robin. She is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She’s definitely you’ll ideal girl who simply loves a peaceful environment where she often read books. She’s a fan of historical events and artifacts. What makes her hot is her body figure, big boobs, eyes and when her hair is not straightened up. As you can see in the anime series, Robin and Nami and often dressed up in a very sexy outfit which is the main reason why Sanji, one of their comrade is always having a nosebleed. The best thing about Robin is she has this aura of being friendly and approachable It seems like she welcomes anyone who wanted to be her friend. Additionally, she looks weak, but never underestimate her power, she could get you killed in an instant.


Though we often see angels as divine creatures and we want to treat them differently, its somehow different in the anime world since angels could also be very hot like Ikaros. She’s an angel who fell from the sky and got saved by Tomoki who became her master and lover at the same time. What makes Ikaros hot is her sexy angel costume where only a small part of the costume covers her boobs plus coupled with her short skirt. She has a very beautiful and innocent face though it can easily change when her master is in danger. Because she’s an angel we could expect her to be protective especially to her master, but sometimes, it just goes beyond the line. Of course, that is never a problem especially if you are in the shoes of her master.

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Cute Anime Boys

Gon Freecss

Gon is one of the main characters and most powerful one in the anime series Hunter X Hunter. Though he has this tremendous power, he is often perceived as a cute boy with the ultimate goal of finding his father whom he has not met. He has this fun and happy go lucky personality and what makes him even great is his positive outlook towards adventure. He easily gets excited when he and his friends are bound to an adventure where they go to places they have never been before. He is a selfless boy who would give up his life for the people he loves. Even from the start when he was not yet that powerful, you could see his genuine concern to his friends and his willingness to help them in dire times.


I am a Saiyan fan so it would be impossible not to mention a character from DragonBall Z. And when it comes to the cutest, no doubt, it would be Goten. Goten is the youngest son of Goku. At an early age, he managed to become a super saiyan already. Unlike his father and Vegata who are already big guys when they learned how to transform into a super saiyan. Goten is playful which is one of the reasons why he is cute. He is easily pleased with toys especially toys from Trunks. Goten got the playfulness and innocence of his father. When his character is around, expect that it would be an enjoyable moment for everyone.


Genki is a cute kid who loves video games and was suddenly brought to the game itself. The cute and nice personality of this character was the main reason why he easily made friends with the monsters in this new world. Even for those monsters that don’t easily trust anyone, he was still able to befriend them. He was a big help in defeating an enemy that threatens the peace and order of the new world he is in. What makes him even cuter is when he uses his rollerblades. Though he often uses it when fighting it quite cool and cute to see a boy with this footwear. The same as with other anime main characters, Genki values friendship a lot and would do anything to protect his friends.

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Pretty Anime Girls


From the Anime series Akatsuki no Yona, Yona is a princess who had to survive due to what had happened in their kingdom. What we usually think about princesses are they are modest and pretty. Yona is different because she has to be strong and fight in order to live. Being a princess, she is definitely pretty and lovely as well, but amidst all the troubles she had been through you could still see how pretty she is even with wearing simple clothes. It just proves that being pretty is not only about your status in life and the dress you wear. A character who is pretty would remain beautiful regardless of the circumstances and Yona was able to prove this. This anime girl character is not only pretty but strong enough to go on a journey in order to reclaim their lost kingdom.

Sena Kashiwazaki

A pretty anime girl who would soon become even more popular is Sena. If you just look at her face, you would see that she is not only pretty but so adorable as well. Due to her beauty, she is very popular among male students in her school. Aside from his, she is also excellent in terms of academic and athletic performance. Who wouldn’t love a girl like this? I mean, she got everything you need for a girlfriend material. To top it all, her family is also very wealthy. A lot of girls envy her because of her look and how she is very comfortable being with the opposite sex. As she constantly says, she got her looks from her mother and she is very proud of it. When you look closely at her face, you would instantly notice her wonderful blue eyes making her more captivating.

Nao Tomori

With her blue eyes and wavy brown her, Nao is one of the prettiest characters in the anime series Charlotte. She is still young, a first-year student making her not only pretty but cute as well. She looks very adorable in her school uniform. As part of the student council, many find her smart and dependable. Those she is short-tempered a bit of a liar sometimes, a lot of students like her. Due to her past experience, she doesn’t want to rely upon or trust anyone and would prefer to deal with things on her own. I find her really cute and pretty when she is eating her favorite foods – roasted corn and meat. She is the kind of girl that you would be intimidated to befriend from the start, but as soon as you know her, you’ll realize how wonderful her personality is and having her as a friend would be priceless.

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Anime Boys with Glasses


Our first impression of Loke is a playboy mage from the Fairy Tail Guild. He uses his sense of humor to easily talk to girls. This boy is a good friend because he is willing to risk his life for his friends. He represents the celestial spirit Leo and with this making him as the leader of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. His master is Lucy. Loke wears blue sunglasses which makes him look cool plus paired with his orange hair. Because he always looks cool in his glasses, he easily attracts women. But, it does not mean that he is a playboy. It just happens that women like him so much. There are times when he gets flirtatious and one time it almost got him killed because he messed up with the wrong mage. Though she is often surrounded by women, she doesn’t like to see women being harassed or disrespected.

Uryuu Ishida

Another anime boy character with glasses is Ishida. He is more of a serious and quite type of person. The main thing that makes him cool aside from his glasses is his intelligence. In the anime series Bleach, he is one of the most intelligent. You can always depend on him to think about ways to get through different dangerous situations using his mind. Even though Ichigo is a Shinigami which he hates since they are friends he is always there to back his friend up every time an enemy shows up. Ishida also has the tendency to act cool especially when there are a lot of people around him and has the habit of touching his glasses. During fights, you could see how he values life because he doesn’t want to use lethal force or too much power in order to win. He would only disable his opponents and as much as possible not kill them.

Takamatsu from Angel Beats!

Takamatsu looks really intelligent with his glasses. These glasses are not only for a show because he is actually an honor student. Though you can see him slim on the outside you would be surprised when you see the muscles in his body. Maybe because of his intelligence you would always find him calm regardless of the situation. He is able to think things through. Most of the time he is polite and always do his best to avoid any kind of trouble. Takamatsu prefers to settle things in a peaceful way.

Cool Anime Boys

Ryoma Echizen

Ryoma Echizen is a tennis genius. To give you a simple comparison, if basketball has Lebron James, anime tennis has Ryoma. The coolest part is he is just a first-year middle school student. Some of his achievements are winning four consecutive titles in different Junior Tennis Tournaments in the United States. He seems to be unbeatable on the tennis court. What makes him among the coolest is his confidence. He doesn’t get intimidated with strong opponents, and he even gets excited when up against strong players. He is known as the super rookie. His looks, skills, and charisma are the main reasons why he is very popular with ladies. If you watch him play tennis, you will see how cool he is in dealing with various tennis situations. Ryoma just plays around if the opponents are not so good. You know when he gets serious if he places his rocket on his left hand.

Zaraki Kenpachi

Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th Division in Soul Society. So what makes this guy cool? Aside from his looks, as you can see on the images, his fighting style is what makes him among the coolest. He doesn’t know fear and is actually in search of people who are stronger than him to satisfy his need for thrill. He is the type who only get satisfied with good fights regardless of who he is up against. His overall personality also makes him cool, he is the silent type but when it comes to fighting, he becomes very aggressive. Anyone who sees him first time would immediately get intimidated because of his massive build. He is tall, muscular and has a lot of scars in his body which show the thousands of fights he has been involved with.

Trafagal Law

Trafagal is among the many interesting characters in the anime series ‘One Piece’. He and Luffy combined forces in order to defeat the seemingly indestructible Doflamingo. We find Law cool because of his abilities, personality and the long sword he carries. Think about carrying a long sword in your place, wouldn’t it be cool? He is also called by others as the “Surgeon of Death”. This is because he has the ability to interchange parts of your body. Imagine, when you have your leg on your shoulder. Yes, that would be very easy for law. His yellow eyes also make him cool and adding to this is the fur hat he always wears. Trafagal also looks cool with the tattoos in his arm and hands – where it reads ‘DEATH’.