Fairy Gone is an upcoming anime series to premiere on April 7, 2019 and will first air on Tokyo MX.  The anime is set in a world where humans can summon and use fairies as a weapon. These fairies are in the form of an animal and come with special powers.

Due to the power of these fairies, they were used during the war and after the war ended, the people who use these fairies are in a quest to blend into society.







Marlya Noel

Marlya Noel

Illegal fairy control agency “Dorotea” new recruit. Got her fairy power without transplanting which is pretty unusual. Her fairy has the ability to turn what it grabs into ash.







Free Underbar


The acting first commander of Dorothea.  This two-sword guy is extremely agile and very much reliable when it comes to battle.







Serge Tova

Illegal fairy commanding agency “Dorotea” first force members.  A great sniper in the group.







Clara Kisenaria

Illegal fairy commanding agency “Dorotea” first force members. She volunteered for a transplant to be part of the agency after being saved by a fairy soldier.









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Additional Information:

Kenichi Suzuki

Character Design
Takako Shimizu

Music Production

Animation Production

Official Site

Opening theme:
(K) NoW_NAME “KNOCK on the CORE”

(TOHO animation RECORDS)

Ending theme:
(K) NoW_NAME “Ash-like Snow”
(TOHO animation RECORDS)

Fairy Gone Official Trailer

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