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Momonga is the guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown. He was the last member to be in the game Yggdrasil prior it’s shut down. He was surprised to after waking up that he is still in the game. After confirming several possibilities, he came up to the conclusion that he is either trapped in the game or sent in a new world which resembles the game. His gamer mentality, urged him to enjoy the moment to the fullest. He intends to explore the new world while keeping the glory of the Ainz Ooal Gown intact. Although his morals are a bit shaken after having an undead body, he is still merciful and reasonable. Despite his obvious edge in magic power, he looks at every situation in different angles to make sure that no lives will be sacrificed unnecessarily. He is also searching for other people who might be trapped in the new world like him to help them survive. Will Momonga find a way to return to his world? Can he live up to the expectations of his subordinates as the ultimate leader of the Tomb of Nazarick?


Demiurge is the most intellectual being in the Tomb of Nazarick second only to their master, Momonga. He wears a well-tailored red suit and is known for his composed nature. However, he won’t hesitate to express his anger and transform into his real form which is a demi-frog demon once the pride and safety of his master is on the line. He admires his master so much to the point that he misinterprets Momonga’s simple actions and regards them as a part of a well-orchestrated plan to achieve their objective. Seeing his master’s plan unfold right before his eyes, while debunking his predictions, pleases him most.   Like Albedo, Demiurge is not battle-oriented. Nonetheless, like the rest of the Floor Guardians in the Tomb of Nazarick, no human in the new world can equally match him. He even disguised as a demon lord and annihilated famous heroes in the new world to materialize his master’s schemes.



Cocytus is a Floor Guardian of the Tomb of Nazarick that resembles a fusion between a mantis and an ant. He is a towering monster and his size alone can intimidate even the bravest foes. However, his gentle side has been showed in the series every now and then. This is true especially if the topic is his master, Momonga.  Cocytus wields a great sword and together with his strong body that is clad with silver armor, he intends to overpower and eliminate anyone who might dare to intrude in the Tomb of Nazarick. Momonga is convinced that Cocytus is superb when it comes to individual strength. But then again, he wants Cocytus to be more than a vanguard, but a leader. Cocytus was trained through experience. He became the overall commanding office as they subjugate a lizard tribe. He failed as expected yet he learned valuable lessons in war tactics which greatly improved The Tomb of Nazarick’s overall potential.

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If you are still hesitant to watch Overlord and maybe looking for a review so you can finally decide to watch this anime or not, we got you covered. Here is our Overlord Review. This is our unbiased and personal review and some highlights on why this anime series is a must-watched.


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Overlord Short Summary

Before we continue, you might want to learn something about the story of Overlord, do not worry this will not spoil you so go ahead and read our short summary which comes with a nice full review at the end.

A once popular Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Yggdrasil is about to end after 12 years of popularity. This feat is quite respectively since most online games only have a lifetime of at most 5 years. Before the server is shut down, Momonga, the guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown, decided to log in and be inside the game until its end. A fellow guild member was there to accompany him for a bit but that was it. The once lively and prosperous guild hall is left empty. He reminisces all the wonderful experiences their guild had been through from its humble beginnings until it became one of the most formidable in the game.

He slept for a bit expecting that the game would just shut down and he will wake up seeing his room’s ceiling. To his surprise, Yggdrasil is still up and running. He tried to contact that GM but no one is answering. Logging out was also not an option. To most people, this might be a nightmare. But to Momonga, this is what every avid gamer like him is dreaming for. Since he is a top level player, expect a show with a lot of rpg anime fight scenes.  The adventure in a new world while being the ruler of the Tomb of Nazarick begins!

If you have not watched this anime series yet, you might want to read our personal and full Overlord Review. You will never regret watching it especially if you are after transported to another world anime.



Overlord Female Characters


Albedo is the overseer of the floor guardians in the Tomb of Nazarick.  Right before the Yggdrasil server is closed, Momonga played a little on Albedo’s settings. Momonga made her in love with him. This is the reason why Albedo displays intense feelings toward Momonga far more than the rest of the floor guardians. She enjoys in pretending to be Momonga’s wife and even made a life-size pillow of him.  Albedo might be whimsical while displaying his affection towards Momonga but it’s completely different when it comes to the serious matters pertaining Nazarick. She is calm and composed. She is the second most intellectual being in Nazarick so Momonga often consult her before making important decisions. Albedo is not battle-oriented but her strength is not something to be taken lightly. As a demon, her strength surpasses almost every human in the new world. She even treats humans lower than insects.

She has more fans among the other overlord characters but only 2nd to Momonga of course. This is the reason why a lot of otakus follow and talk about her. She is also a popular cosplay figure on various anime gatherings or conventions.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear is a true vampire. She is said to be the strongest among the floor guardians. It’s normal to underestimate Shalltear due to her small and fragile outer appearance but such kind of mistake certainly leads to the demise of her opponent. She is loyal to Momonga and often fights with Albedo for his love. However, there was one time when she was forced to fight with her master. She had a lot of advantages during Ainz vs Shalltear, but she ended up dying. This is expected since Momonga has a decent PVP record in his Yggdrasil days. He is also a great tactician and is supported by various gift shop items which increases his options during a battle. After the intense battle, Shalltear was revived and once again gave her unwavering loyalty to Momonga. She was brainwashed using a world class item back then but the emotional effect of her unforgivable action was deeper than everyone expected. From that day onwards, she vowed to atone for her sins and once again be worthy as a floor master of the Tomb of Nazarick.

Aura(Female) and Mare

Aura and Mare are dark-elf twins. They might be kids but their outer appearances do not justify their battle potential. They guard the 6th floor of the Tomb of Nazarick. Aura is a close-combat warrior while Mare prefers using magic at a distance during battles. This difference makes them a perfect pair where the Aura acts as a vanguard while Mare punishes the enemy with destructive magic while healing and buffing her sister. The Tomb of Nazarick is extra lively with the presence of these two. Aura’s petty quarrels with Shalltear also remind Momonga of their creators who are sisters in real life. Mare on the other hand, is shy.  He is a boy who dresses as a girl as set by his creator which intended it to be a trap. He is even frightened of Momonga’s presence the first time they met. Nonetheless, his feelings became pure admiration once he realized how his master cares for his subordinates.

Yuri Alpha

Yuri Alpha is the deputy leader of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She is the big sister among them. Yuri wears a pair of eyeglasses. Combined with hair bun, she emanates an aura of calmness and intelligence. She is considered by Momonga as safe when it comes to dwelling with humans since she does not express unnecessary hatred or discrimination towards them unlike most of the battle maids. She prefers close combat based on her preferred weapon which is a pair of thorny gloves. Her uniform also has extra armor paddings making her a perfect vanguard. Yuri’s head is detachable so we can assume that even severe damage on her body won’t be fatal.

Narberal Gamma

Narberal Gamma is one of the battle maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She is a magic caster. She was the one who accompanied Momonga in E-rantel Village to know more about the new world. Narberal disguised as Nabe to be an adventure. With the help of Momonga disguised as Momon, they easily gained popularity not just in the adventurer’s guild but in the entire kingdom of Re-Estize after finishing one impossible mission to another.  Many even consider her as the strongest female magic caster in the new world. Rumors say that she can use 4 tier magic but they are clueless that her capabilities are far beyond their imagination.

Lupusregina Beta

Lupusregina Beta is a member of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She has a jolly and outgoing personality. She is also simpleminded and likes to copy other people’s mannerism or expressions to have fun. Lupusregina was assigned by Ainz to look after Carne Village. Her intimidating aura and insensitive humor made her unpopular in the village. She is also fond of teasing Nfirea and Enri as they both secretly love each other.  Despite her childlike personality, Lupusregina is a true warrior. Her enthusiasm during battles can only be matched by a few. She even enjoys how her opponents struggle as she slowly eliminates their hopes and end their life through a dominating show of power.

CZ2128 Delta

CZ2128 Delta is a silent-type member of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She is often teased by her sisters since they find her cute and innocent.  Nonetheless, judging CZ2128’s potential through her personality alone is a mistake anyone would not want to make in the battlefield. She uses guns making her the perfect option in eliminating a huge number of enemies. CZ2128 might have a military atmosphere around her but she is far from being strict and cruel. Ainz even consider her as safe to interact with humans. She hates cannibalism and loves cute things like a penguin-like monster assistant butler of the Tomb of Nazarick named Éclair.

Solution Epsilon

Solution Epsilon is one of the most dangerous members of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick when it comes to human interaction. She treats human as mere food and even requests for a pure body if given the chance. She was tasked by Ainz to investigate the Re-Estize Kingdom by acting as a young noble merchant with Sebas as her companion. Solution’s body can serve as a storage room. It can suck human or objects thus making her a great tool in abduction and torture. She is the definition of nightmare as she baits her victim through goddess-like features and they will only realize that they are treated as food after it’s too late.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is an insect-type humanoid member of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She has an appearance of small-child yet considered as one of the most dangerous among her sisters. Eating human is a norm for her which is why Ainz limit her human interaction. Entoma was the one who first faced the adamantite party Blue Rose during Jaldabaoth’s in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She lost her voice and was almost defeated during that battle yet Demiurge was able to save her. This lost was inevitable because her actions were plainly out of rage and she was also outnumbered. After her shameful loss, Entoma vowed to make it even with Evileye, the elf mage who destroyed her voice.

Aureole Omega

Aureole Omega is the leader of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick. She is not allowed to leave the Tomb because she has very important post. She guards the Cherry Blossom Sanctuary where the real Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown rests. Her sisters think of Aureole as a high-spirited person. Her ability to make quick and just decisions can be compared to Sebas. She is also in-charge of the Teleportation Gates in the Tomb of Nazarick. Her crucial role in the security of their base simply shows how reliable she is. She still has not showed her ability in battle but as the leader of the Battle Maids in the Tomb of Nazarick, she is expected to be as strong as her sisters or even more.

Aureole Omega with a short katana


Brita is an ordinary adventurer. She decided to take up such a risky way of living because it pays well.  Her first appearance in the Overlord anime series was when she was silently admiring a newly purchased potion in a bar. She skipped a lot of meals and saved just to get a hold of the luxurious item which is why she feels proud about it. Yet everything went in vain as the potion was broken after a commotion.  The person involved, Momon the adventurer, replaced her potion with one that is blood red. She asked Lizzie Bareare to appraise the new potion and she was surprised that it was something that of a hundred-fold in value compared to the one she purchased.  She also encountered Shalltear Bloodfallen along the way and the potion saved her.


Clementine is one of the main antagonists in the Overlord Season 1 Anime Series. She paired up with Khajit in forming an undead army and attacking E-rantel.  She is a former member of the Black Scriptures, the strongest in the Slane Theocracy, which explains her battle prowess and experience.  She was the one who annihilated the Black Sword Party. The massacre happened when Momon was not with hem. Clementine has a habit of collecting adventure badges as battle trophies. This weird hobby eventually led to her demise as the badge she got from the Black Sword Party pointed her location.  Momonga killed her without even using any weapon or magic. This is Momonga’s way of ridiculing her skills and expressing her unhappiness after what she did to the people the plans to use in spreading his name.


More Overlord Characters

Sebas Tian

Sebas is the butler of the Tomb of Nazarick. The Battle maids are under him in terms of hierarchy so it’s expected that he is also superior in terms of fighting potential. He was created by Momonga’s guild mate known as Touch Me. According to Momonga’s story, Touch Me was the one who saved him against rude players.  Somehow, Sebas inherited his creator’s sense of justice and merciful personality. He even saved a heavily injured girl who he met in an alley despite knowing that such action can compromise their mission.  Sebas prefers to fight without using any weapon while using monk-type skills. His speed and powerful are far beyond the adventurers in the new world. This was proven when he single-handedly defeated the leader of a notorious criminal group in Re-Estize Kingdom.

Eclair Ecleir Eicler

Éclair is a penguin-like monster and is the assistant butler in the Tomb of Nazarick.  He thinks highly of himself to the point that he wants to be the next ruler after Momonga. Others don’t mind him spouting nonsense though because of his cuteness.  It can be said that his cuteness is his best weapon. Even CZ2128, one of the Battle Maids sisters enjoys petting him. There was one point when he flirted with Shalltear while thinking highly of himself but of course he was immediately turned down. Despite the seemingly impossible odds, Éclair is serious about becoming the next ruler of the Tomb of Nazarick.


Victim is a guardian of the Tomb of Nazarick who is rarely called upon by his master. He is a small flying being with a halo which gives a hint about his unique skill. It is not yet revealed but it seems he can die in replace of a comrade. This selfless act is regarded by Momonga as the ultimate sacrifice one can give to a friend. Victim sounds and acts like an innocent child and his fellow guardians treat him like one. Despite his looks, we still can’t disregard that fact that he is one of the Floor Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick so being weak is certainly not among his lovable traits.


Gargantua is a Floor Guardian of the Tomb of Nazarick that has no will of his own. He is a huge golem.  Simply moving his enormous body causes the ground to tremble which is probably why Momonga does not call him during Floor Guardian meetings aside from the fact that he can’t contribute any idea. There might be more involvement in the future for Gargantua though. With his size and brute strength, it’s certain that Momonga can think of something to put this powerful subordinate into good news. Gargantua’s lack of emotion may have its downside but it can be very useful against opponents who manipulate the mind and those who use magic to inflict fear and other negative buffs. He is also a perfect shield as he won’t feel pain.

Lizzie Bareare

Lizzie Bareare is the grandmother of Nfirea Bareare. She has a pushy and intimidating personality which is odd considering her age. She usually shows off her wild side especially when she meets an interestingly strong person or potion.  Lizzie is considered as the best Pharmacist in E-rantel.  She owns a potion shop and together with her granddaughter, they were the ones who first tried to investigate Momon’s true identity. Their curiosity began when Lizzie’s longtime customer asked her to appraise a potion which turned out as an extremely rare one because there is no known way to create it in the current time.

Nfirea Bareare

Nfirea Bareare is an apprentice pharmacist residing at E-rantel together with his grandmother Lizzie Bareare. He is a kind-hearted person who is secretly in love with Enri Emmot.  He has a gift which enables him to use any kind of magic weapon. This made the adventure Momon wary of him after knowing.  Although he has a special skill, Nfirea doesn’t like fighting. He prefers to lock up in his laboratory and experiment in various potion-making methods.  After knowing Nfirea’s passion, Ainz willingly supported him by providing a new lab, machines and potion samples.  They moved to Carne Village for this purpose which is like hitting two birds with one stone for him as it makes him closer to the love of his life.



khajit laughing
khajit serious face
khajit firing poison magic
khajit full body
khajit illustrated in Overlord LN







Khajit was one of the first magic casters that opposed Ainz.  It happened when Ainz was disguising as the adventurer Momon along with Narbarel Gamma who was also hiding her true identity as Momon’s companion Nabe.  Khajit and Clementine paired up to kidnap Nfirea Bareare and use his potent magic to unleash a horde of undead in the streets of E Rantel.  Despite practicing dark magic and inclining to evil later on his life, Khajit started out as an honest and loving boy.  He loved his mother and was living a simple life as a villager but everything changed when her mother got sick and died.  Resurrection spell is rare and expensive so Khajit desperately searched for ways to bring his mother back which led him to the path towards necromancy.

Peter Mauk

Peter Mauk full body
Peter Mauk laughing in a bonfire
Peter Mauk introducing himself to Momon
Peter Mauk in Overlord manga
Peter Mauk giving battle directions








Peter is the leader of Sword of Darkness, the party which befriended Momon when he was just a copper plate adventurer.  Momon requested them to help him escort Nfirea Bareare to Carne Village and gather medicinal herbs along the way as part of a quest.  During the journey, Peter expressed his admiration towards Momon.  He shared his dream to at least be closer to Momon’s swordsmanship someday.  Sadly, Peter along with the rest of the members of Sword of Darkness was slain by Clementine.

Lukrut Volve

Lukrut full body
Lukrut turned into an undead
Lukrut teasing Nabe
Lukrut nocking his bow
Lukrut teasing Nabe







Lukrut is a member of the Sword of Darkness adventurer party and acts as their eyes and ears.  He is a skilled ranger who is able to discern enemy location and composition at an impressively wide range.  Lukrut claimed to have fallen in love with Nabe the first time they met and pestered her all throughout their journey together.  He usually fools around but can turn serious in just a snap if the situation requires.  Lukrut as a talented ranger but he was deprived of having the chance to improve after he was killed by Clementine along with the rest of his party.

Dyne Woodwonder

dyne as illustrated in the Overlord LN
dyne impressed by Momon's achievement
dyne holding his battle mace
dyne full body
dyne casting a healing spell








Dyne is a member of the Sword of Darkness adventurer party.  He is their party’s main support as he can cast healing and binding skills as a druid.  Dyne’s overall personality is surrounded by a calm and warm atmosphere. He acknowledged Momon as a wise adventurer after pointing out the importance of having a druid while travelling inside a dense and dangerous forest.  He is a good companion to the extent that he chose to die with all the members of their party and even suggested their only magician, Nina, to flee if an opportunity arises.


Ninya full body
Ninya preparing herself for a battle
Ninya smiling to Momon
Ninya's dead body found by Momon
Ninya as illustrated in Overlord LN







Ninya is a talent-holder and a member of the Sword of Darkness.  She is a magician who chose to hide her true gender to avoid being discriminated as an adventurer.  Her goal is to gain both power and enough money and save her sister slavery.  She was also killed by Clementine but the diary she left behind greatly helped Momon understand the current world he is in.  Later on, Sebas coincidentally saved Ninya’s sister.  After realizing the relationship of Ninya and the woman saved by Sebas, Ainz decided to allow Ninya’s sister to live in the Tomb of Nazarick as a maid.  This is his form of reward to Ninya and his friends who helped him in more ways than one.



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