Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is all about Suzuki and his adventures after being transported in a new world. He is an adult programmer who has been working in the gaming industry for a couple of years. Anyone would definitely complain upon seeing his work schedule as he manages multiple MMRPOG games on his own. The situation was better when his junior programmer was around but his partner suddenly disappeared leaving a truckload of obligations behind. Suzuki stayed up for more than a day just to keep up from all the pending requests. After the well-deserved sleep, he woke up not on his office but on a valley. This beginning is the reason why it belongs to the anime series related to mmorpg plus the potential of being popular in the future.

His first impression like every one of us would assume is that everything is just a dream.  Nonetheless, he slowly realized that it’s not the case as days pass while he is still in the new world. He was attacked by lizard warriors right from the start but he was lucky to have cheat skills. He eliminated was able to eliminate the entire army by calling forth meteors from the sky.  He gained an enormous amount of experience after the incident and reached level 310. This sudden level up also gave him thousands of skill points at his disposal and made him the most overpowered among Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Characters . Can Suzuki find a way to come back to his world? How will his new adventure turn out? Will he remain to be an underpaid and overworked citizen in this new world or he can somehow turn everything around with his cheat skills?

If you are reading the Death March to the Parallel World light novel, this list can serve as a guide since the story tends to make use of characters from previous volumes that can be easily forgotten.

Satou Pendragon/Suzuki Ichiro

Race: Human

Age: 25 yrs. old/ 15 yrs. old

Aliases: Nanashi, Kuro

Class: Commoner, Shiga Kingdom Noble

Level: 310

Occupation Type: Management, Self-proclaimed Peddler

Affiliation: Territory of Baron Muno of Shiga Kingdom

Unique Skills: Unit Creation, Unit Arrangement

Title: Devout Believer, Combat Ready, Skilled Warrior, One Who Dances with Demons, Hero, One who prays for the Dead, Rescuer, One who Protects Books, Labyrinth Explorer, Insect Slayer, Trainer(Tamer), Undead Slayer, Demon Slayer, Labyrinth Traveler, No-Life King Slayer, Maze Traveler, Survivor, Friend of Elves, Magic Spear Blacksmith, Bounty Hunter, Magician of Dining Table, Doctor, Healing Specialist, Saint, Poor Actor, Clown, Magic Blacksmith, One who flies without Wings, Demo Lord Slayer, Demon Lord Slayer(Golden Wild Board King), True Hero, Unsung Hero, Blacksmith of Magic Weapons, Great Monstrous Fish Slayer, Phantom Technique User, Light Technique User, Sky Chef, Holy Swords Blacksmith, Counterfeit Specialist, Soothing Skill, Sword Dancer, Fast One, Conqueror of the Heavens,

Skills: All Map Exploration, Meteor Shower, Foreign World, Cultivation, Farming, Harvest, Weeding, Lumbering, Arithmetic, Lost Knowledge, Painting, Game, Carpenter, Weapon Creation, Leather Craft, Cleaning, Prayer, Shiga Language, Excuse, Deception, Negotiation, Lip Reading, Eavesdropping, Estimation, Haggling, Negotiation, Scamming, Surveillance, Poker Face, Nonchalant, 3D Maneuver, Jump, Retreat, Persuasion, Bribing, Shooting, Aiming, Sniping, Lightning Magic: Demon, Lightning Resistance, Paralyze Resistance, Pain Tolerance Resistance, Self-Healing, Spy, Surprise Attack, Spear, Shock Resistance, Fear Resistance, Reckless Courage, Bow Skill, Iai, One-handed Sword, Demon Language, Poison Resistance, Shield, Throwing, Evasion, One-hand Staff, Dagger, Parry, Shield Bash, Cooperation, Kicking, Two-handed Staff, Petrification Resistance, Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic, Fire Resistance, Wind Resistance, Earth Magic, Water Magic, Ice Magic, Earth Resistance, Water Resistance, Ice Resistance, Light Magic, Light Resistance, Two-handed Sword, Helm Splitter, Air Battle, Weapon Destruction, One-handed Axe, Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Hammer, Dual Wielding, Herculean, Decay Resistance, Quick Dressing, One-Handed Hammer, Blacksmith, Fighting, Capture, Life Magic, Holy Magic: Parion Belief, Appraisal, Lip Service, Interference, Behind the Scene, Abduction, Assassination, Conspiracy, Condemnation, False Charge, Loudspeaker, Leadership, Formation, Trap Release, Trap Usage, Trap Discovery, Excavation, Treasure Discovery, Treasure Chest Unlock, Strategy, Contract, Service, Mind Resistance, Mind Magic, Questioning, Item Box, DeRiddle, Continuing Attack, Carriage, Experimentation, Verification, Marshaling, Compounding, Refining, Sex Technique, Lover’s Talk, Seduction, Educational, Ash-Mouse Tribe Language, Green Scales Tribe Language, Elf Language, Shadow Magic, Shadow Resistance, Packing, Off-road, Sprint, Tongue-twister, Smooth Talking, Cooking, Dismantling, Dissection, Enemy Search, Danger Sensing, Space Grasp, Mind’s Eye, Thrusting, Heavy Blow, Penetration, Magic Edge, Spiral Spear, Magic Manipulation, Weapon Reinforcement, Armor Creation, Music Performance, Engraving, Metal Carving, Magic Tools Creation, Mowing, Gathering, Provocation, Etiquette, Horse Riding, Mount Riding, Magic Healing, Acting, Tact, Distant View, Bird’s Eye, Seeing at a Distance, Evidence Destruction, Name Order, Straining Ears, Mud Wall, Hard Clay, Rock Smasher, Freeze Water, Air Curtain, Deodorant, Condense, Furnace Flame, Signal, Sonar, Fence, Short Stun, Cube, Sky Drive, Hiding, Invisibility, Stealth Steps, Magic Hand, Strange Voice, Counterfeit, Anti-Personnel Battle, Decryption, Tenion Belief, Spirit Light Control, Mana Control, Space Walk, Survival, Taming, Animal Training, Sky Deer Rider, Flash Drive,  Kaleidoscope, Survey Laser, Through Eye, Return,

Equipment: Excalibur, Durandal, Muramasa, Kotetsu, Divine Blade, Dummy Shoulder Bag, Green Robe, Gjallarhorn

Suzuki is a programmer who found himself in a new world upon waking up after a gruesome work shift.  He called himself Satou since it’s the name he normally uses while testing new games. He is the main protagonist of our story. Satou is a kind-hearted person. At some point, we can even say that he is too kind. In every situation, regardless how dire it may be, he always thinks of a solution that will not only achieve his goals but also guarantee minimal casualties.  Those who meet him for the first time and experience his kindness firsthand initially scrutinize the ideal. However, they are always proved wrong as Suzuki overcomes every challenge in front of him even those involving ancient Demon Lords and an army of absurdly strong monsters as if it’s nothing.

Tachibana Arisa

Race: Human

Age: 11 yrs. old

Class: n/a

Level: 10

Occupation Type: n/a

Affiliation: n/a

Unique Skills: Never Give Up, Over Boost

Skills: Charm Person, Fret, Temptation Field, Heat Heart, Self Status, Status Check, Hide Skill, Item Box, Mind Magic, Dodge Field, Ennui Field

Title: Witch of the Lost Kingdom, Mad Princess, Satou’s Slave

Equipment: n/a

Arisa is a loli who loves to tease Satou. She is a Japanese woman who was reincarnated to the new world while retaining her memories. Arisa originally uses mind magic but she later on changed it to space magic to be useful. She became Satou’s slave after being bought at Seryuu City. Satou was hesitant to do so at first because of her ominous titles but he continued the purchase after getting a hint that Arisa is also Japanese. Eventually, she became one of Satou’s trusted companion’s and member of Team Pendragon. Her magic powers equal that of an elf making her a valuable ally especially in transporting units and limiting enemy movements through their space magic spells.

Liza Kishreshgalza

Race: Lizard kin

Age: 19

Class: Spear wielder

Level: 70

Occupation Type: Retainer, Viceroy Tagenkoumi

Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom, Scale Tribe, Marquisdom Muno, Brighton Town, TagenkoumiTown

Unique Skills: n/a

Skills: Spear, Dismantling, Cooking, Thrusting, Heavy Blow

Title: Believer of Tenion, Viscount of Shiga Kingdom, Retainer of Pendragon, Shura, Enlightened, Illustrated, Dragon King

Equipment: Magic Spear Douma

Liza is a scale kin demi-human.  She is a loyal servant of her master, Satou.  Unlike her two beast kin companions, Tama and Pochi, Liza acts maturely. She considers herself as a bodyguard. Liza is willing to give up even her life just to protect Satou. She wields a magic spear that her master made himself.  Her ability in wielding a spear is only second to Satou and she even beat the strongest among the Shiga Kingdom Eight Swords during a duel.  She also proven her strength by defeating a lesser dragon.  Despite her achievements, Liza’s feet remains on the ground because of her overpowered master.  Satou offered her freedom several times but she insist that serving her master is her sole purpose.

Pochi Kishreshgalza

Race: Dog kin

Age: 11

Class: One-hand Sword weilder

Level: 60

Occupation Type: Retainer

Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom, Marquisdom of Muno. Brighton Town

Unique Skills: n/a

Skills: Throwing, Enemy Search, Dismantling, Short Sword, Shooting

Title: Satou’s Slave, Baroness of Shiga Kingdom, Believer of Tenion, Hero, True Hero


Pochi is a dog kin who loves meat. She is one of the three demi-humans saved by Satou during the Seryuu City incident. Pochi is simple-minded. She loves her master so much as well as her other companions. Satou often teases her because of her innocent reactions and innate playfulness. During their travels, she hunts together with Tama while patrolling their camping are. Pochi uses a one-handed sword and a small shield during battles.  She may not be as fast as Tama or as strong as Liza but she perfectly balances both defense and offense. Her straightforward attacks might be easy to read but because of her high level and good equipment, only a few monsters can parry or them.  Later in their adventure, Pochi was able to defeat a baby dragon and earn the title “True Hero”. She might be small but Pochi will do everything to protect and help the weak, punishing the abusive villains along the way without taking their life needlessly. This is the sense of justice that her master, Satou, engraved in her heart.

Tama Kishreshgalza

Race: Cat kin

Age: 11

Class: Ninja

Level: 60

Occupation Type: Retainer

Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom, Marquisdom Muno, Brighton Town

Unique Skills: n/a

Skills: Collecting, Dismantling, Short Sword, Throwing, Enemy Search

Title: Believer of Tenion


Tama is an energetic and nimble cat kin girl.  She was saved from a labyrinth by Satou during the Seryuu City demon incident.  Among the companions of Satou,  Tama trusts him the most.  Even during the early days of their journey, when Arisa and Liza are clueless about Satou’s level and skills, Tama does not worry whenever Satou rushes toward danger.  She truly believes that Satou is the strongest and he will never fall even if the enemy is a demon lord.  Tama uses a sword in both hands during battles.  Although this technique reduces the power in each of her attacks. it also gives her more attack options. She is also able to land more strikes while dual-wielding.  As their adventure progressed, Tama became more inclined in becoming a ninja.  Its started out as a play thing but eventually she developed  skills that allow her to teleport using shadows and move without being detected like a ninja.  Tama also loves meat but not as much as Pochi.  She is a bit lazy and often take naps but Tama is always ready to answer her master’s call whenever and wherever.

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Aialize is the only high elf awaken when Satou visited the Bornean Elf Village.  She is clumsy despite having a higher status. She is called Aze by her friends.  Aze likes eating and does so like a kid. Putting aside her child-like attitude, Aze is reliable when it comes to using magic. She even taught Satou how to control the spirits that are surrounding him and the mana leaking out from his body. Due to the perfect combination of beauty, innocence, and kindness that Aze has, Satou fell in love with her. Satou confessed to Aze a couple of times but rejected in all occasion. It’s not that Aze does not feel the same way but the race difference keeps Aze from being true to her feelings.  Satou worked hard to find way and discovered that it’s possible for him and Aze to be together if he becomes a god.  This impossible requirement to be with the love of his life became the burning flame that kept Satou going despite being obstructed by various trials  just to talk with the gods.


Lua is one of the four mikos in Bornean Elf Village who escorted the high-elf Aialize. She first met Satou during the thanks giving ceremony where the high elf and other leaders express their gratitude towards Satou after saving Mia and escorting her safely back to their village. Lua is the one who frequently accompanies Aze every time she goes out of the underground village.  She admires the Aze and Satou’s relationship. She also willingly mediates for the two when misunderstandings occur. Because she is single, Lua can’t help but be envious every time she sees the couple during their sweet moments. Nevertheless, she is happy that Aze finally found someone who is deserving of her love.


Shagnig is a leprechaun which acted as the tour guide of the youth troupe when they were exploring attractions in the Bornean Elf city. His teacher created the attractions which served as a training and playground for young elves. Although he is a guide, Shagnig was still trapped inside the attraction together with Satou’s companions during their visit. It’s a good thing that their overpowered master was there to save them from their hilarious predicament.


Sotorineya is a living doll crafter at the Bornean Elf City.  His dolls are used not just in helping the townspeople on their daily chores but also in the attractions.  He taught Satou on how to create living dolls. Prior teaching Satou, he warned him that it’s not possible to create living dolls outside Bornean forest since the raw materials are not available outside. Nonetheless, Satou easily got over this rule due to his resourcefulness and cheat-like skills.


Jia is an elf researcher who accompanied Satou and Aze in the observatory as they investigate the pest problem on the World Tree.  She explained to Satou why the World Tree is not destroyed despite extending to space from the ground.


Futsuna is a spell-user woman who Satou saved when he revisited the Dutchy Capital to find a curry ingredient. She was extorted by a criminal guild late at night. After refusing to pay up, they tried to sexually assault her so Satou immediately butted in and saved her.  Since Satou was looking for a place to stay during that night, Futsuna invited him to rest at her place.


Natalina is a creative worker of the scroll shop in the Dutchy Capital owned by Viscount Shimen.  She helps Satou creates scrolls. Since Satou can’t chant during the early days of his adventure, he turned to scrolls in order to use magic.


Jang is the head of the Scrolls Workshop owned by Viscount Shimen.  He was the one who examined the Dragon Scale Powder that Satou offered in exchange for advanced Space Magic Scrolls. Upon thoroughly examining the powder inside a vial, Jang was surprised to confirm that it was made from the scales of a genuine and old dragon. This is expected since Satou got the powder from the scales of Heiron the Black Dragon.


Hiya is an elf hunter in the Bornean Elf Village. She was asked to gather more chicken meat together with Tama, Pochi, and Mia. The chicken meat was for the curry festival. The meal was greatly accepted by the elves and the every member of Satou’s group.


Nea is a devoted recipe researcher in the Bornean Elf Village. She helped Satou during the curry festival. Nea also shared recipes that she developed during her long existence.  Her recipes are influenced by a hero who retired in the elf village.  Although the hero is not a cook, he helped her develop new recipes by describing the meals he had in the world he came from.


Rek is the Spriggan who owns the abandoned workshop where Satou created the sleeping potions that were used during the extermination of the space Jelly Fishes.  The Jelly Fishes were not monsters but mythical creatures. They made their nest in the world tree and consumed mana that was supposed to be distributed to the land.


Giril is a brownie who serves as the caretaker of the mansion in Bornean Forest where Satou was staying while he is experimenting and creating armor or weapon for his group.  He is a farmer explorer in the labyrinth city. He also has a great-grandchild who is currently staying in the labyrinth city.


Ms.Kua is an elf cook who knows how to cook white bread. Her creation was the first soft bread that Satou tasted. 

Ms. Poltomea

Ms. Poltomea is an elf sword master.  She is the teacher of Pochi during their stay in the Bornean Elf Village.  Her preferred approach during battles matches with Pochi.  Ms. Poltomea finds it exciting to look for the right time to unleash a single yet devastating attack during a fight.  While waiting for the perfect timing, he defends using a shield.  This straightforward approach is risky but very effective as it aims to unleash a powerful attack and eliminate the enemy in the least possible time. Having a drink with his woman is fun because of her knowledge about various liquors in the elf town. The only downside is her habit of undressing when drunk.


Shishitouya is Tama’s teacher in using two swords.  He is the wielder of Daisho Katana.  The sword is said to be given by the king of Shiga Kingdom hundreds of years ago. There is no inscription so the creator is unknown.  The sword is most likely inspired by the famous Japanese katana and is as strong as one of Satou’s magic swords called Torate.


Gulgapoya is Liza’s teacher for the spiral spear.  He is an expert in using magic edge.


Yuseku taught Liza the Magic Edge Cannon Technique. He is Spriggan who is a master of magic edge and other spear skills. He focused on teaching Liza how to effectively use a short spear. Even Satou was able to learn from Yuseku by observing his lessons with Liza.

Ms. Gimasura

Ms. Gimasura is one of Nana’s teachers.  He is a magic swordsman.


Keriul is Nana’s teacher in using the shield.  He is the uncle of Zajir, one of the dwarves who Satou came in contact with during his first visit in the dwarf territory.  He is living as a guest of the elves for already three years.


Roa is an elf who is the sister of Jia. She is strong and energetic. She played a major role in the execution of the Jelly Fish extermination during Satou’s stay in the Bornean Elf City.

Kiya and Doa

Kiya and Doa are the teachers of Sotorineya. They were the ones who did not react when Aze called the mission to be aborted. The two of them were so attached to the golems they were riding so they can’t abandon them. Good thing Satou was there to save them from being electrocuted by the world tree.


Daisaku is a previous hero who spent his remaining days in the Bornean Elf Village. He greatly influenced the city and even made a mock one above ground to satisfy the expectations of visitors. He even helped the elven cooks to recreate the dishes from the world he came from by describing their taste, texture, and ingredients even though he doesn’t know how to cook.

Baron Eugon

Baron Eugon is a noble who Satou visited a couple of times during his stay in the duchy capital. The two reunited in the port of Ukeu Earldom.  Baron Eugon travel commands the route for getting spices on the archipelago.

Viscount Rendo

Viscount Rendo is a noble known to deal with jewelries in the duchy capital.  He owns a jewelry engraving and polishing shop. He often travels to personally meet important customers who are spread from the duchy capital to the labyrinth city.  He was involved in an accident while travelling to Kirik Earldom. The bridge they were crossing collapsed because maintenance has been postponed after a dispute between the two neighboring earldoms.  Satou rescued him along with his retainers while disguising as Nanashi.

Earl Ukeu

Earl Ukeu is a polite speaking and honest person. The information regarding his personality was handed to Satou by Baron Eugon.  He owns a strong army but only has several galley ships serving as his marine forces.  Their sea territory security is not the best against pirates but it’s good enough to ward of monsters that are attacking the port.

Earl Kirik

Earl Kirik is a noble that shows different personalities depending on the give situation.  He is said to be friendly during trade negotiations but strict when it comes to money.  He is the rival of Earl Ukeu. His territory is weak compared to Earl Ukeu’s but he improved his military force by gathering more personnel and giving them better equipment.  The situation is different if we talk about marine forces though since his is slightly better than his rival.


Gina is a daughter of Chevalier Daryl. She is a startup explorer when she first met Satou.  Their paths crossed when Gina rode the same carriage with Satou towards the labyrinth in Selbira. Gina is a capable warrior based on her skills and equipment.  She explored the labyrinth for the first time with other explorers who came from her hometown.

Marquis Ashinen

Marquis Ashinen is the viceroy of Silbera City.  He is in-charge of the labyrinth city defense. Toruma described him as an awful noble who likes to bribe. He is also hard to please unless given with expensive gifts.  Marquis Ashinen likes muscular men which relieved Satou knowing that he is out of his reach.


Jeje is an explorer in the Silbera City. He is a member of the pary called Red Ice.


Jenna is an explorer in the Silbera City. She was among the explorers who were chased by 300 ants when Satou and his group first entered the Silbera labyrinth. Jenna is also a member of the party called Beautiful Wings.


Iruna is a charming explorer in the Silbera City labyrinth.  Together with Jenna, their party was attacked by 300 ants. The baggage carriers that they hired were almost caught by the ants but Satou and his group was there to save them. She is also a member of the party called Beautiful wings.


Heson is the owner of the inn where Satou stayed in the Silbera City.  He sold Satou’s horses and carriage after hearing rumors that they were abducted by monsters in the labyrinth.  Satou found out about his schemes and indirectly forced Heson to treat them a luxurious meal for compensation.

Honorary Earl Elltall

Honorary Earl Elltall is the General of the labyrinth army.  He is the younger brother of Duke Bishtal.  He looks like an arrogant noble but he is actually approachable and friendly.  Satou together with Marquis Ashinen visited him and asked for an apology after the commotion they’ve made in the Silbera labyrinth.


Geritz is the second son of Marquis Ashinen.  He was rude when he first met Satou. This can’t be helped since he is a higher noble compared to Satou who is just an honorary noble.  The one who introduced him to Satou is her mother and it happened when Satou was doing a courtesy visit to the house of Marquis  Ashinen.


Gona is the third daughter of Marquis Ashinen. She is 12 years old when she first Satou. Gona is slightly obese so her mother reprimanded her when she tried eating more of the cake that Satou presented during his visit.


Shina is the fourth daughter of Marquis Ashinen. She is 10 years old when Satou visited their house in the Silbera City.  Shina was sick back then.  Her parents claim that they would do anything just to cure her rare illness.  They have tried various methods to do so and even hired strong magicians for this purpose yet all of their efforts prior Satou’s intervention were all in vain.


Heliona is a friend of Gina, the daughter of Baron Keter. She met Satou during the explorer guild lecturer that his companions participated.  She is a member of Moonlight, and explorer guild party in Silbera City.  Satou described her as a sexy woman wearing knight-like clothes and pants.  She was part of the group that Gina mentioned when she was riding a carriage towards the labyrinth with Satou.


Leriril is a House Fairy that serves in the Mansion Ivy.  She is the daughter of Giril.  Leriril is a shy brownie. Nonetheless, she initially discriminated Satou after visiting the mansion with Mia for the first time.  She thought that Satou was just ricking Mia and that he is not worthy to be welcomed.  Despite having the looks of a 6-year old, Leriril is already 60 years old. She emanates an aura similar to her father but other than race specific skills, she also has scouting skills. Her treatment towards Satou only changed when she witnessed herself how Satou used the tools left by Trazayuya with ease. They require absurd amount of mana and great skills to use  and anyone who manages to accomplish such feat deserves respect.


Ushana is the assistant of the explorer guild master in Silbera City.


Besso is a shrewd explorer in the Silbera City Labyrinth.  He was with the Beautiful Wings party when they extracted the giant ant’s nectar which caused hundreds of monsters to run amok.  He also tried to grab Nana’s breast in the explorer guild base but got the bad side of the bargain due to Nana’s armor and got his fingers broken.

Great Shield Gell

Great Shield Gell is an explorer in the Silber Labyrinth City. He first met Satou and his company in the Gururian City demon incident.  Gell was downed by the demon that time and he was dragged by Pochi and Tama to safety.  The second time they meet is in the Silbera City guild building where Satou and his crew got involved in a fight against Besso and his gang.  Great Shield Gell was delighted to be reunited with his saviors.


Miteruna is the head maid and overall manager of Satou’s villa in the labyrinth city.  She is strict but skilled.  Miteruna trained the five children who were found starving near the well of Satou’s newly purchased mansion.  Satou trusted her to do house-keeping after being recommended by Viscount Shimen.  Miteruna did not fail Satou and served him with outmost respect and loyalty.


Roji is a former bagger handler in the Silbera explorer guild.  She was hired by Satou to be a maid in his mansion after being chosen by Miteruna.


Annie is one of the two kids who stay in front of the explorer guild in Silbera City who was hired to be a maid in Satou’s mansion.  She was also among the 20 children who helped mow the grasses in Satou’s mansion when it was newly purchased.

Junni, Aina, Kitona, Suna, and Teriona

Junni, Aina, Kitona, Suna, and Teriona are the five children that Satou has found lying beside the water well of the mansion he bought in Silber City.  They were all seriously injured and malnourished at that time but Satou treated their wounds and gave them nutritional supplements to improve their health.  They were hired later on as Satou’s maids in the mansion.


Koshin is the leader of the party who got surrounded by monsters in the labyrinth after being tricked by Besso.  They celebrated by drinking with the Pendragon party the day after successfully getting out of the dungeon.  His veteran explorer party is called White Horse Mane.  Although they are not strong individually, they trust each other and have already shared a lot of battles together thus improving their cooperation during battles.


Ogusho is an acquaintance of Viscount Shimen. He was introduced to Satou during the viscount’s farewell party in the Silbera Labyrinth City. Ogusho is in-charge in the trading of luxury goods, books, and magazines between the royal capital and the labyrinth city.

Baron Sokel

Baron Sokel is among the many nobles and merchants that Viscount Shimen introduced to Satou during a dinner in the Silbera Labyrinth City.  He was the one who introduced the topic about the discovery of Golem Hearts and how the king bestows them every year to someone who has done meritorious deeds.

Baronet Dyukeri

Baronet Dyukeri monopolizes the market of magic medicines and tools in the Silbera Labyrinth City during Satou’s first visit.  He was able to do so by providing Marquis Ashinen with money which allows him to continue his weird hobbies like an underground arena where people fight with swords, men, and gambling.

 Marchioness Reter

Marchioness Reter is the wife of Marquis Ashinen. Despite being a higher noble, she is not as shrewd as her husband. Marchioness Reter even reprimanded her son when he disrespected Satou during their first meeting.  Satou gained her favor by giving jewelries and letting her sample a cake called Castella.  The cake was a hit among nobles and all of them agree that it tastes better than the hot cake which is popular in the royal capital.

Marchioness Hoshes

Marchioness Hoshes is the wife of Baron Dyukeri. During the tea party arranged by Marchioness Reter, she appealed to Satou regarding the liquor called Water of Life.  It was said that this potion can cure any disease.  The medicine was for their son who is suffering from a rare condition called Goblin Disease.


Jeans is a beginner explorer in the Silbera labyrinth who is also an Earl’s eldest son.  He received a bronze plate after being trained in the labyrinth by his cousin who has a Red Iron Plate.


Peison is the fourth son of Baron Larupod.  He was among the children nobles who tried exploring the labyrinth on their own and was almost captured by the criminal group called Lost Thieves.


Dirun is the third son of Viscount Gohat. He is described as a clever-looking young noble but it was proven that labyrinth exploration is still too early for him as he was almost captured by bandits known as Lost Thieves.  He can use wind magic but he is inexperienced and is low leveled.   Dirun along with his noble companions were lucky that Satou’s companions were able to save them.


Lulam is the second son of Baron Notoke. He was at first not interested about explorer plates when the topic was introduced by Jeans nd Peison. Nonetheless, he was convinced that young nobles like him can explore the labyrinth with no problem since even commoners can do it.


Merian is the eldest daughter of Baron Dyukeli. She is an excellent swordsman considering her age.  Jeans can’t even beat her in a match.  Merian was able to slay weak monsters in the labyrinth but her swordsmanship can still be considered as child’s play in front of old-timer criminals like the members of Lost Thieves.


Mitia is the Princess of Norooku Kingdom who is living in Silbera Labyrinth City under the house of Marquis Ashinen.  She aspires to fight alongside the hero but obviously she is too young for it.  Mitia with other young nobles attempted to explore the labyrinth on their own, but after successfully killing one monster they were cornered by the criminal group called Lost Thieves.  Luck favored her that time since Satou’s companions were there to save them.


Rudaman is the leader of Lost Thief.  He wields a magic axe and is quite high-leveled compared to his subordinates.  Satou initially planned to let Rudaman take him as hostage to see how Liza and his other companions would save him but he immediately changed his mind after noticing the stench that comes with Rudaman’s body.


Porina was the representative of the women who were forced to make fiend drugs.  She was saved by Satou disguised as Kuro.


Usasa is a rabbit kin baggage carrier in the Silbera Labyrinth City.  She was among the 100 children who applied to the training school that Satou established.  She won the first trial after running a lap around r Silbera outer wall.  Although arriving first among her peers, she was not satisfied about the results after seeing how Pochi and Tam easily passed her.


Tifaliza is a former slave in the duchy capital.  She was turned into one after being rude to Earl Lesseu.  Satou disguised as Kuro bought her because of her Naming Skill.  With Tifaliza’s skill, Kuro can change the name of the slaves with compounding skills that he had sheltered in the Mansion Ivy so they can be released without being exposed to further danger.


Nell is a former slave in the duchy capital. Like Tifaliza, she was also previously employed by Earl Lesseu and was turned into slave after committing a mistake.  Nell’s beauty can be considered as plain compared to the group which Kuro picked her from but she can use life magic.  Nell claims to be a true maiden so she once insisted for Kuro to take her but her master refused and instead gave her magic books that she can study with Tifaliza.

Ann, Beth, Chris, Debbie, and Emily

They are the five slaves rescued from Lost Thief.  They are renamed by Tifaliza in the Mansion Ivy so they won’t be pursued by other criminal groups for their skill. They were asked to stay in Furusau, a town near Silbera.  Kuro asked them to compound medicines from time to time and they willingly do so because he treats them well.


Kerou is a beginner explorer who invited Satou while disguised as Kuro to join them.  He was surprised to see many women greeted Kuro like their master in front of the labyrinth gate.


Sumina is an explorer in Silbera City with the looks of lion.  She was among the many captured and forced by Lost Thief to produce fiend drugs.  Sumina became the commander of the explorer group that Kuro formed to escort the capture Lost Thief members out of the dungeon and deliver them to the Silbera guild leader.


Geryl is a handsome noble who is also an explorer.  He was with the party who subjugated a floor master before Satou’s group. Geryl is also called Crimson Blade.


Duku is the prime minister of Shiga Kingdom.  He is loyal to the king. Duku is also skilled in negotiation since he was able to persuade Satou to become a vice-prime minister.  Despite only having Self-Defense as his battle skill, he has bulging muscles which is clearly unfit for his current job.

Demon Lord Origin

Demon Lord Origin is a level 140 demon lord that used the summing magic intended for the floor guardian in the Silbera Labyrinth City to come out.  Unlike the previous demon lord that Satou fought, the Demon Lord Origin has his senses intact and has a human-like figure.  He has Dog Head while wearing formal attire equipped with a staff.  Demon Lord Origin conversed with Satou for a while but after being convinced that all his efforts for many thousands of years  and the horrific things he did to innocent people were all for nothing, he transformed into a giant wolf-like demon.  Satou struggled to defeat the Demon Lord Origin’s raged state because he has seven unique skills that have absurd effects and crazy amount of mana pool. Satou tried his best to put the demon lord back to his senses but it wasn’t possible anymore.   In the end, Demon Lord Origin was subjugated with the use of ten consecutive meteor showers.

Gon, Ken, and Han

Gon, Ken, and Han are dog kin boys who hired Pochi and Tama to be baggage carriers. They are of the same age as the two.   They did so without knowing that the two have Red Iron Plate Rank.  Pochi and Tama ended up saving Gon and his group after being cornered by monsters.


Rabibi is a graduate of Pendragon Training School for Explorers in the Silbera Labyrinth City.  Along with Usasa, they helped the dog kin group that was in distress while fighting goblins in the labyrinth.  Although Pochi and Tama were together with the group, they were reprimanded to help since they were hired as baggage carriers.


Shiro is a white feather kin who Nana purchased from a slave trader.  She was only a child back then which activated Nana’s motherly response.


Crow is a black feather kin purchased by Nana after seeing him along with Shiro in a cage.  Satou insisted that Nana should return them but he was forced to concede when everyone pleaded that they keep the two feather kin.


Trell is a member of the Shiga Eight Swords.  He is the fourth seat in the group of warriors that is said to be the strongest in the kingdom.  Trell is known for riding a wyvern. He is a strong spearman capable of using magic edge but he was useless against a dragon and was heavily injured after battling with one. Trell challenged the dragon not out of a simple whim but because he is retiring and was searching for a formidable opponent for him to die with content.


Jon is a one-armed and a black-haired boy from Seryuu City.  He met with Zena’s group in Fau City.  Joi was the kid who was waving at Lilio, Zena’s friend, when they were leaving Seryuu City en route to Silbera Labyrinth City.  Joi is Lilio’s boyfriend.  He was also the one who led them to a shortcut in order to evade a dragon-like monster that is blocking the usual road towards Silbera City.

Knight Henz

Knight Henz is Zena’s captain when her group was heading towards Silbera Labyrinth City from Seryuu City.  He became the captain after the previous one got injured when their group fought a demon in Lesseu Kingdom.  Knight Henz is still inexperienced as a leader yet he is described as a hard-working and passionate warrior.


Mito is an acquaintance of Jon. She treats Jon as her little brother. With her grandmother-like attitude, she easily gain the trust of Zena and his friends during their first meeting as they were scouting the new shortcut road that Jon proposed.  Jon told Zena that he found Mito in a ruin.  They were also told that she was a previous explorer but in reality she is the founder of Shiga Kingdom Yamato and the junior of Satou in his original world.