God of High School Review

Hello fellow otaku, this page will be intended for my review for the best anime yet in 2020 – God of High School. This review page will be updated as I continue to watch all its episodes.  By far, I have watched the recent 4th Episode.


The anime is about a fighting tournament known as God of High School. This fighting event is participated by strong students in Korea. Among the participant is the main character Mori Jin who is a Taekwando specialist.

Jin meets some friends in the tournament – Yu Mira and Han DaeWi. The anime will be about the story of these 3 characters who have different goals in reaching the top of the tournament.

Do you recommend this anime? 

It’s a big YES.



Episode 4:Marriage/Bonds

When I watch an anime, it has to make me laugh or smile to keep me interested and this is where GOH is really good at.

The opening song is also pretty cool, I could use it on my exercise routines. I love the beat and intensity.

Episode 4 gives us some highlights on the exciting fight that’s about to happen in the next episodes. 

Its focus is on the life of Mira and its Moon Light Sword Style. Though there are funny scenes in this episode, it will surely touch your heart knowing the sacrifices of a girl who was bestowed with big responsibility since she was a child.  

So you might be wondering why she is dressed that way, you have to watch this episode to find out. Would you agree that we looked way better without glasses and when dressed elegantly? 

Now don’t get fooled. You might think at first that this episode will be non-sense, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll uncover later parts in the episode aside from Mira’s life. 

And when we talk about GOH, it’s impossible not to have an entertaining fight scene. But I think they could have given more to it. It would have been more interesting if the fights lasted for even just a minute longer.

Overall, it’s still a great episode. Lookin

Episode 3: Wisdom/Kingdom

The start of episode 3 introduces us to some of the main villains in the anime. They are a group of hooded people. It would certainly be great to see what this group is up to and how they will face our main characters. And as expected, episode 3 has some great action scenes that will surely make you fall in love with this anime.

When its time to get serious, everything gets serious from the action scenes, character design, and animation. The best part is that they also know how to add some fun in the anime.

Episode 2: Renewal/Soul

In episode 2 we were entertained with more actions fights with the start of the God of High School tournament. Here, there are already characters that standouts because of their unique fighting style. Among these is the guy who reads a book while fighting.

Aside from the excellent fight scenes, the characters are very interesting as well.

Episode 1: Set up/Stand up

Right from the bat, episode 1 offers an exciting event where our main character is chasing a vehicle using a bicycle. Along the way, he encounters the other main characters in the anime Mira and Daewi. We also got a sneak peek of their potential strength.

After watching the first episode, I immediately have known that this anime would be one of the greatest this year 2020.  I think that the hype is real.

I Hate Being in Pain so I Think I’ll Make a Full Defense Build

One of my favorite anime so far is I hate being in pain so I think I’ll make a full defense build. Yes, I know your first thought, what a wild title. I could not even understand how they were able to carefully came up with this long title. Well, don’t be fooled, since this anime is a good one. 

I actually did not try watching it when I first saw the anime in the thumbnails and got more interested in other anime like Plunderer and Darwin’s Game. But, then after watching all its 5 episodes so far, I think this would be a great anime to watch. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an anime 2020 to watch.

And before I forget, if you do not want to use the long title, you could also call the anime as “Bofuri”. It’s already the preferred title on twitter. 


This anime is about the journey of Kaede as she plays the VRRMO game called New World Online. Though is not the type of person who is addicted to this kind of game, she made the decision to give it a try due to her persistent friend Risa. She started the game on her own then her friend Risa followed afterward. Her name in the game is Maple.

I think that the title itself would somehow give you an idea of what the story is all about. The main character does not want to get hurt so he decided to allocate all his game points to defense. Usually, to start an online game you allocate points evenly on your stats then slowly decide which one to focus on in the latter parts. 

The case of the main character is definitely something that most tankers can relate to. Though I do not play that much online game, when I do, I also go for the tank build since my brother places most of his points to Agility, giving him so much damage.



Is it an Isekai Anime?

Yes, since our main characters are mostly in a different world, this could be considered as an Isekai Anime. However, it’s not the same as other famous isekai anime where the main characters were trapped in the game or in another world. Here, people who are playing the game could log in and logout without issues. 

But, we still don’t know what would happen in this anime since so far, it still has 5 episodes aired. So maybe there could be a twist in the future episodes. That we don’t know and one thing we should watch out for. It’s not impossible, right?

And so far, in most popular isekai, the main character is male. In BOFURI I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, it’s a she – a female loli. This makes the anime cute while still being exciting and fun to watch.

Is the Main Character OP?

Yes, in this anime, BOFURI – Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu, the main character Maple is OP right from the beginning. Due to his overwhelming capability, the admins of the game decided to run an update to present Maple from becoming too strong which might affect the e is Devour skill and Total Defense is pretty useful. And now that i have come to think about it, the beginning story is somehow similar to Reincarnated as a Slime anime where the main character started somewhat weak. For maple, its because he decide to be on full defence. However, they slowly realize how powerful their acquired skills are which helps them easily outpower opponents.

Anime Genre

Fantasy-based Isekai, Action, Comedy, Adventure and Sci-Fi 

Itai no wa iya nanode Characters


Maple is our main character and her name in the real world is Kaede. Since she’s a newbie, she decided to max her defense in order to avoid getting hurt. And for her first item, of course, she got a shield. 

Even though Maple doesn’t want to get hurt or to feel pain, she doesn’t hesitate to protect his friends in times of need. She shields them from being hit by a powerful attack.

The best trait of Maple is she’s pretty friendly that is why asking other players regarding some parts of the game was not that hard for her. She doesn’t think about levels. When she needs to know something she asks.


Sally is a great pair for Maple since Sally is an attack type. She is also a main character in this anime. Mapple and Sally are best friends in real life so its not a surprise for them to complement each other. Since Maple is in full defense, she relies on Sally to do most of the critical hits. But this does not mean that Maple can’t attack. You’ll need to see the anime to discover how powerful she is when it comes to attacking.

Aside from attacks, Sally also has a very useful skill which is “heal”. This is quite useful whenever Maple gets some damage. This just shows that their duo is very much effective.


Iz is a supporting character. She is an expert when it comes to making weapons like swords and shields.  

Other Supporting Characters


  • May
  • Kasumi
  • Kuromu
  • Kanade

Animation and Soundtrack

I think the animation for this anime is totally great. The character design is on point and very colorful. I have no complains with the design, animation and even the sound track. This just shows how I love this anime. And I’m pretty sure many would also be intereste.

Episode 4

If ever you are the different type and found the first 3 episodes as boring or something that is usual, I highly suggest you watch until Episode 4 and decide from there if you want to continue watching or not. I bet you will definitely check out episode 5.

There are important things that were introduced in Episode 4 that made this anime look more interesting and unique. I have become pretty much excited on what would come in the next episodes. The developers also did a great job of ending each episode with something that would make you look forward to the next one.


Though I really love this anime so far, I also think that there is nothing epic to it so far. Just your typical MMO game anime where the characters go on an adventure, use their powers, skills then rank up. However, it’s definitely fun to watch. 

It’s unique and not the same as other serious isekai anime like SAO or Log Horizon. This one is more centered on the fun part of gaming anime. 

Other Important Details

If you are looking for more details related to the anime, check out below.

i hate being in pain anime release date

Release date of this anime is : January 8, 2020

itai no wa iya nanode light novel

For those who are interested to read its light novel, check it out here:


itai no wa iya nanode illustration

If you want to see some illustration of this anime, check it out here:


Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game is an anime series that was launched in January 2020 and is definitely a must-watched. The very first thing that you’ll notice in this anime is its 40 min. first episode. I personally think it was a good decision by the creators since it gave me more time to really appreciate the anime. After around 20 mins. of watching, I have this feeling that this anime would be big. Of course, it still depends on what would unfold in the following episodes. There is definitely a lot of exciting anime 2020 and Darwin’s Game is definitely among them.


The anime is about a mysterious game called Darwin’s Game. I will not dive into the details of the game to avoid any spoilers. So once you enter the game, you can play with other players. However, this is not your typical friendly game since there is a high reward and of course a very high risk.

Upon entering that game, you will be given a certain skill or power and it’s called Sigil. For example, one Sigil could let you manipulate plants, water, fire, make you disappear and a lot more. So you’ll be able to get one. The more you get used to using your Sigil, the more powerful you become.

Before we continue, check out their anime trailer:

Main Characters

The main characters in this anime series are Shuka and Kaname. Shuka is already a veteran in the game and has a very powerful sigil. She is able to use it naturally. Kaname will be our newbie protagonist who just entered the game and is doing his best to survive.


I like the mysterious character of Shuka. There seems to be something deep in her that you could see through her eyes. Aside from the nice red outfit she wears, her personality is also captivating. She remains calm in every situation and is very confident when it comes to dealing with opponents.


On the other hand, Kaname is somehow the opposite of Shuka. He doesn’t want any fight and as much as possible try to avoid any unwanted situations that would put him at risk. He also has a powerful Sigil but he still has a long way to master it. It’s interesting to see the development of Kaname as the anime progresses. To give you an idea, Kaname’s Sigil lets him get in his hand anything that he would think of, as long as he has touched or seen that certain thing already. Looks like insane right? But of course, it has some limitations which is something that you need to find out yourself. So go watch this anime now.


Anime Genre

This anime falls mainly to the fictional game genre with a serious theme. But, though it a serious anime, it still has some good light moments. Since most of the characters here have powers, so you could also categorize it as an anime with supernatural power and action.

Animation and Soundtrack

I would say the developers did a great job on the soundtrack of this anime. It simply makes watching more exciting. Plus it has a nice opening and ending song theme.

The overall animation is quite good as well. It makes the action more interesting to watch. If I rate animation as 8/10, I would say the characters are 7/10. I personally did not fight the character design outstanding. It does not have a feeling that would make it stand out among the other new anime series this year compared to Plunderer.

Episode 1 was thrilling enough for me to watch the whole 40 mins and to continue watching until the current 5th episode.

Overall 8/10

I would highly recommend you watch this anime if you are looking for an anime to watch this 2020. It has an interesting concept, nice animation, and a great story so far. The developers were also able to successfully make this anime fast pace, without overdoing it. The pacing is good and every episode has something new to offer.

Important Anime Details:

For other details or information, you are looking for related to this anime, check it below:

Darwin’s game anime release date

  • Darwin’s Game was released January 4, 2020

Other Characters

  • Rein
  • Souta
  • Sui
  • Ryuugi

Isekai Cheat Magician Review – First 4 Episodes

Hi Guys, so I was able to watch this new anime series Isekai Cheat Magician today with still only 4 episodes at the time of this writing. After watching all episodes, I decided to make this review to let you know if this anime is worth watching or just a waste of time. Now if you are a fan of isekai anime, this is a good one to watch.


Is Isekai Cheat Magician worth watching?


It’s a big Yes for me. Personally, I love Isekai anime. For those who do not know, Isekai in japanese means ‘different world’ So Isekai anime are also known as “being transported to another world” anime. If you are interested in this type of genre, you’ll definitely love this anime. The story is interesting enough, the animation if well-made and the fight scenes are cool. In general, I would say its bound to become a great anime series.
Let’s discuss further why you need to watch this anime show.




Don’t worry, as much as I can, I will not spoil anyone. So basically since its an Isekai our main characters Taichi and Rin are living normally as students in the real world then suddenly they got transported to another world. This is how their magical adventure started not as ordinary humans anymore but as adventurers.
I would say that the same as other Isekai shows, the story is quite predictable. Since they were suddenly teleported to a place they are not familiar with, their main goal would be to return to their own world. I think that’s the shortest way to describe the story of this anime. However, do not be sad since everything that will happen along the way would definitely be action-packed, adventurous and exciting.




So far, in the 4 episodes I watched, there were 4 main characters who were introduced. As mentioned above, the main characters are Taichi and Rin. In their own world, they are just normal students, but on the new world they live, they are capable of using magic.




Your question now might be is the main character OP? I would say Yes, but not as exaggerating as Overlord where right on the bat, you will know the capacity of the main character. As of the 4th episode, Taichi still has not reached his full potentials. So its quite interesting how strong he will become. Though it was already mentioned in episode 2 the potential of his full magic capacity.




Though for me, Taichi is the main character, an equally important character Rin is also there to give the story a different kind of flavor. I love how their connection was easily established during the first few episodes. And for me, I think they would also be a popular anime couple. Rin and Taichi grew up together and since they know each other a lot, they are an excellent pair of adventurers. She is more of the thinker and is naturally gifted to learn how to use magic effortlessly.


Remia and Myura


The other characters who are worth mentioning for the first 4 episodes are Remia and Myura. They are both adventurers who will play a big part in how Taichi and Rin master their magical powers.
So far, I would say that all these major characters are interesting enough to keep me wanting for more. I am looking forward to the 5th episode and the other episodes to come.




I decided to include this in the review since the ending theme song really caught my attention. Though the opening song is also good, I don’t consider it as great as the ending song. It seems like a good song for the love story of our main characters. The best thing would be to listen to it yourself and you’ll know what I mean.
Let me know what you think of the Ending Song through the comment section below.



Great Action Scenes


When it comes to watching anime, I always give high preference to those with great action scenes. I love watching anime fights and this anime did not disappoint, I love every bit of the action scenes I saw in all the episodes by far. And with the potentials of Taichi and Rin, I know fight scenes would get more intense in the coming episodes. Of course, that’s what I am hoping for, we actually do not know yet.




As of now, we really could not tell if this anime will live up to the expectations, or will it fail. However, base on the first 4 episodes, I would say that it is on the right track of becoming an anime that many would remember and appreciate. Most especially in the genre of another world anime. I recommend it especially for those who are looking for another Isekai anime to watch. And even if you’re not a pro isekai or have not watched one yet, give this a try and you’ll certainly love it.
If I would rate it, I will give it a 9/10 rating.


Watch the Trailer Here: