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Top 10 New Must Read Manga You Should Not Miss!

Are you fed up on reading mainstream manga?  Does exploring new stories and getting to know interesting characters excite you?  Then why not try reading a new manga series the next time you have free time?  Reading manga is a fun way to pass time.  Do it during a long bus ride on the way home or while you are waiting for your laundry to be done.  And don’t simply settle with the most famous titles like One Piece and Naruto. You should never be afraid to try reading new ones.  Simply do a bit of research about the manga series that caught your attention to make sure that it has good reviews and you’re good to go.  I know the research part can be quite cumbersome so have compiled this list of must read manga to help you out.  You can thank me later by giving us a LIKERead More »Top 10 New Must Read Manga You Should Not Miss!

The Best Reincarnation Manga You Should Be Reading Now!

Are you a fan of Reincarnation Manga?  Have you read the popular ones and is starting to run out of new series to read?  Worry not my Otaku friends since I’m here to save your day! And is the reason why I created this list.  Like you, I’ve jumped to the hype of transported or reincarnated to a fantasy world manga. They are really fun to read especially if the author spends a serious amount of effort in building a new world and describing even the minute details that make it different from what we have.  Although I’m not a fan of overpowered MCs which is a common storyline in a reincarnated manga, it still depends on the story.  For instance, I enjoyed Overlord a lot even though the main protagonist is currently the most powerful being in the story if both his strategic skills and cash shop items areRead More »The Best Reincarnation Manga You Should Be Reading Now!