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The Best Anime in Hulu We Should be Watching Now!

We enjoy anime shows in different ways.  The majority choose to watch via free websites and the reason why is very obvious.  Why pay for something you can have for free?  But we can all agree that doing so will not help the anime industry other than spreading its popularity.  I too am guilty of this selfish act.  I really can’t spare a few dollars to pay a monthly subscription to watch anime on premium video-hosting websites like Hulu knowing that there are other important bills I need to settle.  Talk about the dark side of being an adult.  I really envy teens living in first world countries who can buy whatever they want and enjoy other privileges that money brings.  But that’s another story.  Going back to the main topic, paying to watch anime shows is a legit way to give back to their producers and writers.  It’s aRead More »The Best Anime in Hulu We Should be Watching Now!

Best Horror Anime Movies to Watch this Coming Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching my Otaku friends.  Have you thought of amazing plans on how to celebrate with family and friends?  Are you going on a trip?  Or do you prefer relaxing at home and giving out candies to horrifyingly cute trick-or-treaters?  If you ask me, I rather stay at home than be exposed to all the stresses that come with traveling.  Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring new places and meeting new friends but Halloween for me is not just a holiday but a chance to relax and step outside all the everyday life hustle and bustles.  And what better way to spend the Halloween night than watching horror movies, right?  For Otakus like us, it’s ten times better if they are horror anime movies. There are hundreds of titles to choose from ranging from old school anime horror to new ones complete with 3D effects and newRead More »Best Horror Anime Movies to Watch this Coming Halloween

Top 10 Demon Romance Anime

Are you tired of the typical anime love story?  Have you tried those that feature interracial couples?  Demon-human relationship anime, for example, is a good choice if you want to deviate from the norm and experience a new and more exciting anime love story.  And like always, I’ll help you save time and effort in searching for the best demon romance anime by making a list of the best I’ve seen so far. The power of love knows no boundaries.  It disregards social status, age, physical appearance, gender, and even race.  Once cupid’s arrow hits you, there’s no fighting it.  Demons are regarded as creatures of malice.  We expect them to have little to no ability to show compassion.  But in the anime world, it’s a completely different scenario since a lot of anime shows showcase good demon characters.  They stepped out from the bubble which society’s beliefs made forRead More »Top 10 Demon Romance Anime

Best Mind Blowing Anime that you will Not Regret Watching

There is a big percentage of anime fans who just loves mind blowing anime. Usually, these are anime series which requires one to think a lot on what is happening and what is about to unfold in the storyline. This type of anime is very exciting and would make you want to watch the next episode immediately. Its the type that you can watch in a marathon. Below is a list of anime that will leave your mind blown. Death Note   Death note is without a doubt one of the best and highly recommended in this type of anime show. It’s one of the reasons why the main character Yagami Light is among the most famous anime characters.  The concept/story is quite unique and very interesting. To give you a bit of an idea, the story revolves around a notebook where anyone whose name is written on it willRead More »Best Mind Blowing Anime that you will Not Regret Watching

Top 10 Anime Villains We All Love to Hate

Almost every credit for the success of an anime series is given to the main protagonists.  Although it’s true that anime characters like Naruto, Son Goku, and Monkey D Luffy gather the most fans because of their lovable appearance and unique personality, it can’t be argued that their villain counterparts play a huge role in molding them into the characters we all enjoy to watch. Can you imagine Naruto without Pain and Uchiha Madara?  Will he become the strong and competent Hokage he is now if they were not there to test his limits? The best protagonist can’t exist without an equally good antagonist.  And the best anime antagonists deserve all the praise they can get for playing a crucial role in the success of the anime series they came from.  The anime villains featured below are the best I’ve found after being an anime fan for more than aRead More »Top 10 Anime Villains We All Love to Hate

Top 25 Cute Anime Couples: [Updated: May 2019]

An anime series won’t be complete without romance.   An interesting protagonist would need a partner who will stay by his or her side no matter what.  It does not have to be a perfect couple but as long as they stay honest and true to their feelings, their love team would easily inspire viewers.  With all the chaos happening around the world, it’s refreshing to see shows that feature cute anime couples every once in a while just to change the atmosphere and inspire us to love more and hate less. I’ve decided to compile the best anime love teams out there to spread happiness, love, and inspiration to all of you my otaku friends!  May the anime love story behind these love teams encourage you to dig deeper into your hearts to forgive those that made wrong to you and have the courage to trust even though almost every newsRead More »Top 25 Cute Anime Couples: [Updated: May 2019]

Best Isekai Anime to Watch [Updated]

Isekai is a growing anime genre recently. If you are among the millions who wanted to watch isekai anime or in another world anime, you landed on the right page. On this article, we listed the most popular other world anime series. Top 10 Isekai Anime Lets start this list with our top 10  Isekai anime. Take note that  these anime series are completed. We did not include those that are still on-going. 1. The Rising of the Shield Hero Year Released:  2018 No. of Seasons: 1 Anime Score: Plot: 3/5 Characters: 3/5 Art Style: 4/5 Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe The sword, arrow, spear, and wand are the most popular weapons of choice in RPG games.  They are weapons which greatly help players survive by improving their offensive ability.  But what if you can’t use none of them and be restricted to only a shield?  A shield is goodRead More »Best Isekai Anime to Watch [Updated]

Best Martial Arts Anime 2018

[Updated] It has been 2 years since we made this post and its still visited since we all love martial arts anime. If you are looking for some great anime in the martial arts genre in the year 2018, please so ahead and check out the entire article. However, if you have watched most of these already and looking for new anime in this genre, check out any of these recent posts: New Martial Arts Anime(2020) Best Martial Arts Anime 2019 1. Baki 2018   Can you imagine yourself facing off someone who can annihilate an entire army barehanded? This might seem like a nightmare for normal people but it is Baki’s dream.  Since his childhood years, he has no other goal in mind other than beating his father, Yujiro Hanma who is regarded as the strongest man alive. He rigorously trained both his body and mind for several yearsRead More »Best Martial Arts Anime 2018

Top 10 Mind Blowing Anime in Real Life You’ve Got to See to Believe!

It’s always awesome to know that someone famous looks just like you. It can take anyone’s pride up by several notches in an instant. What about if your looks resembles an anime character? Would you react the same way? As we all know, anime characters come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are designed to look as pretty as princesses from bedtime stories while others have bodies and faces that can only be described as out of this world. In the end, whether being an anime look-alike is a compliment or an insult will depend on the character you are being compared to. How about famous international celebrities? Would they be offended? Here’s a list of the most mind blowing anime in real life that can help you come up with a reasonable answer.     Eminem & God Eneru of One Piece The Slim Shady himselfRead More »Top 10 Mind Blowing Anime in Real Life You’ve Got to See to Believe!

List of Best High School Anime You Should be Binging Right Now!

Anime High School is one of the most popular genres.  This is not surprising since anime fans find it easier to love shows that successfully portray a part of their lives.  While watching the best high school anime shows, viewers can instantly relate to the character’s struggles and fun experiences since they also tread the same path at some point in their life.   Having secret feelings toward the most popular girl in the school, skipping school to do something fun with friends, and even practicing until evening together with your sports club team mates are just a few nostalgic scenes relived by this type of anime shows that put a smile to fans. Whether you simply want to watch an anime show with a light story during a cold Saturday evening or you really prefer this genre, the titles included in this list of best anime High School will surelyRead More »List of Best High School Anime You Should be Binging Right Now!