That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime review

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime review

One of the most popular anime genres these days is what they call Isekai which means transported to another world. And most of the time, the world involved is one that is similar to online games where the character improves his/her level as the story progresses. If you are into online games, you’ll definitely love this kind of anime. 

Even though I don’t play online games that much, I still love the fact where I see the character level up, get new skills, and get stronger. Plus, most of the Isekai anime comes with a very strong protagonist which makes things even more exciting and fun to watch. Most Isekai protagonists are considered OP or Overpowered characters.

Some might say that due to the number of Isekai Anime, they say that it becomes a boring tale. For me, it still depends on a lot of factors like the kind of characters involved, the whole story, and the whole feel of the anime. Every anime show is different and even if they all have the same genre “Isekai”, each anime still has its uniqueness. And the more unique the anime is, the more you’ll enjoy watching it.

The Best Anime of 2021

Rimuru Tempest together with other supporting characters of Reincarnated as a Slime


Right off the bat, allow me to say that without a doubt, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime” is the best anime of 2021 so far. Currently, it is in its half of the 2nd season. The other half(12) episodes of the second season are expected to air in July 2021.

Even if I have not watched the 2nd half of the 2nd season yet, I am already expecting that it would be phenomenal. So what makes “Tensei shitara slime Datta ken” the best anime. Well, for me it has really nice and interesting characters especially the main character Rimuru Tempest that is actually a slime. It has a nice story, excellent animation and above all, it’s fun to watch. 

All the episodes so far of the 2nd season were really something that you don’t want to miss watching. I might somehow be biased here since I really love this slime anime, but I bet that you’ll also like this if you haven’t watched it yet.

Note, this anime can also be called “Tensura” especially considering that the title is very long. I will often name the anime in this article Tensura.


Slime Anime Story and Setting

Our main protagonist got reincarnated as a slime inside a cave


Since it is Isekai, Tensura is also a story of a person who got killed in the real world and got reincarnated in another world. Sounds familiar right? However, the misfortune of our main character somehow continued on the other world since he was in the form of slime. As we all know slime is among the weakest monsters in an online game.

The journey of our main character slime started in a cave where he endured all hardships and trials brought by his physical nature. I think because of this, he becomes stronger, resilient and always finds a way to deal with things. It also helped a lot that before becoming a slime he is an avid online game player.

The most significant encounter inside the cave is with a powerful and mythical dragon known as Veldora Tempest. This is the reason why the main character got his name, Rimuru Tempest. As the slime continued to journey, he got stronger along the way. This includes getting new skills and constantly leveling up the skills he already has.   

Maybe the reason why I loved this anime is its light and simple story. It does not have any heavy drama in it. Watching this anime is all fun and very exciting. As episodes unfold, you’ll get to know more about the new world the main character is in from politics, to their leaders, knights, monsters, demon lords, fairies and more.  

It feels like our main character Rimuru Tempest is on a constant adventure and along the way gains a lot of comrades. Rimuru even managed to create a nation that he ruled – a nation of monsters with the goal of being able to peacefully live with humans.

Though Rimuru keeps getting stronger every episode, eventually he comes across strong characters in this new world known as Demon Lords which is out of his league in his early state. But this did not stop him from improving his own village or nation. Though it was not mentioned how good he is as a leader in the real world, Rimuru was able to manage to deal with different kinds of monsters and making them live and work together as a family.  

Each episode centers on the different kinds of people and monsters Rimuru would come to encounter. First he encountered Goblins, then a pack of Wolves, Ogres, Dwarves, fairies and a lot more. The different characters introduced in the story also make it more fun and addicting. You will be on the lookout for how strong his new comrades become especially after naming them. In this new world, monsters that are given names tend to become stronger a hundredfold. 

Reincarnated Slime Characters

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest Looking up in the sky enjoying a nice day


When it comes to the characters, of course, everything revolves around the main protagonist Rimuru Tempest. Rimuru is such a lovable character. Most definitely the main reason why people love this anime is because of Rimuru. Rimuru is fun to watch, there are instances where his reactions will surely make you smile or laugh. He has an outgoing character that many would surely fall for. 

Among the best characteristics of Rimuru is his wit and sense of humor. He thinks fast as if he is just playing an online game. Whenever he or his village gets into trouble, he immediately has a plan on how to deal with it. The best times when Rimuru is fun to watch is when he is in the form of a slime. Even though he is just a slime, the animators were able to provide various facial expressions in his slime form.

Are you asking if he is overpowered? Yes, he is. The good side is that this is not the main focus of the anime. Though we already know that he is quite strong, most of the time, this is not the center of most episodes. There are some episodes though that really highlight how powerful he is especially compared to his comrades.  


Ogres – Benimaru, Shuna, Shion, Souei, Hakuro

The ogres group – subordinates of Rimuru Lead by Benimaru and Shuna


For the supporting cast, first we have the high-level ogres – Benimaru, Shuna, Shion, Souei, Hakuro . These ogres play a very important role in managing the nation that Rimuru is building. When it comes to power, they are right below Rimuru, but sadly their power gap is very huge. A very powerful skill of Shion which could blast mountains could easily be handled by Rimuru.

Aside from Rimuru, Tensura also relies on the supporting characters. And gladly these characters were able to meet the expectations, they are very much likable and you’ll admire them especially their loyalty to Rimuru. They all love their slime master and would do anything for him.  

You will be surprised how many supporting characters revolve around Rimuro which has their own story, strengths and uniqueness.

 To name a few we have the main Goblin characters Gobta, Rigur and Rigurd. From the dwarves nation, we have Kaijin, Garm, Dold, Myrd. And some other notable characters are Gabimaru and Rangga. There are actually a lot more characters that will surely get your attention.


Demon Lords

The Ten Great Demon Lords with Milim in the center


Since Rimuru is very powerful, the characters that keep check of his power are the Demon Lords. These characters are actually stronger than Rimuru. In Tensura, the characters that many are always looking forward to watching are the Demon Lords.

To name a few of these very powerful Demon Lords are Milim, Frey, Clayman, Carrion and others.



Rimuru Tempest in the Jura Forest Together with Ranga


Another Tensura character that gets a lot of airtime is Ranga. Ranga is a dire wolf that evolved to Tempest Wolves. This creature carries Rimuru in most of his travels. Even though Ranga is a powerful monster it is really fun to see whenever he acts like an ordinary dog. He loves being petted by Rimuru. Ranga is a loyal wolf always ready to serve his master.

Even though there is a lot of lovable and fun to watch characters in Tensura, the good part is they did not fail to make Rimuru stand out from the rest and give enough focus to Rimuru. Though there are times that give supporting characters enough storytime, this does not do well with most anime. In Tensura, the supporting cast gets some good air time, but the main focus of everything is on the adventure of this little yet powerful slime. 

Another good thing to note in this slime anime is the fact that the writers were able to show the good side of monsters. That they too are willing to live a peaceful life like humans. We often thought that monsters are senseless, merciless beings. 

In Tensura, monsters are just similar to humans. They want to live in peace, enjoy the company of their family and friends and just work on the tasks given to them. They mean no harm to anyone even to humans.

It is also amusing to see a lot of monster characters working together trying to live a peaceful life. These monsters have their own unique qualities and do not intend to threaten anyone. In most cases, various classes of monsters do not live together. But, this is not the case in the Jura Forest ruled by Rimuru. Here, all monsters live together peacefully, even the Orcs. 

Animation and Art of Tensei Shitara Slime

Rimuru Tempest showing his might with an attack called Megiddo

The animation and art of this anime “The time I got reincarnated as a slime” was handled by Studio 8-bit. I have read some news and many have said that Tensura is their first big hit. 

Their studio should be well commended for creating such an excellent animation. Everything is very vibrant, colorful, lively and the animation overall goes very smooth in most instances. The character designs are pretty great as well. 

I am the kind of guy who loves to watch action scenes. And I would say that “Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” really impressed me when it comes to animation on fight scenes. Everything is timed well and you can really see that they spent a lot of time making everything work magnificently. You’ll see every detail of the animation and character design. Overall, everything is just pleasant to the eyes. 

I think it has something to do with the light and vibrant colors that make everything work well with the animation. The character and background design have this fun vibe. And when the action starts, all you could do is be amazed by everything you see.

I am personally ok with fan service but not too much. Good thing fanservice is well managed in this anime. The fanservice in this anime does not cause any distraction.


Audio And Sound

veldora temprest – also known as storm dragon veldora


The audio of Tensura is handled by Elements Garden. And they should be applauded for doing a great job when it comes to the sound effects of this anime. The sounds are nice to listen to and it gives an adventure vibe.  

Everything changes when it’s time to fight. You’ll know that something is about to get real with the action scenes when you hear the sound effect change. 

When it comes to the opening and closing theme, I just simply love all of it. Though I don’t think that it’s something memorable like in other anime series, it is just enough to make you groove and be excited when watching every episode. The opening and ending themes so far are perfect for the adventurous nature of this anime. 

My favorite among the theme songs is the 2nd Ending theme entitled “Little Soldier”. All the theme songs of this anime represent the adventures of Rimuru which include all the hardships and victories. 

Aside from the sound effects and theme songs, it would also be good to note all the voiceovers did a great job in this anime most especially Brittney Karbowski who is the voiceover of Rimuru. He was able to successfully create a fun and exciting character in the form of a slime and his voice just perfectly fits. 

Final Verdict



Do not let yourself be fooled by the lame title this anime has. The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime might sound a boring anime, but it is the exact opposite. It is an anime full of fun and adventure. And if you think you might have seen everything in an Isekai anime genre you are about to be surprised. There are certainly a lot of new things that this anime has to offer.

Rimuru is the kind of protagonist that would make you want to follow all his adventures. The funny reactions he has on different scenarios will make your day. And when he gets serious and gets into a real fight, you’ll be at the edge of your seat wanting more. Though you might think that the end part of the first season lacks some weight, you will surely be hooked after watching the first episode of the 2nd season (12 episodes).

Rimuru continues to amaze me as he pursues his dream in this new world and constantly proves to many that he is indeed not a bad slime. Thus, I would say that this anime is a must-watch for everyone. Regardless of what type of anime you love, you’ll not regret watching this anime led by a slime.


The Good

  • Excellent story with very interesting characters from the main protagonist to all the supporting characters
  • Everything about Rimuru will make you want to watch more of this anime – from his personality, power and all his behavior as a slime.
  • Every episode is enough to satisfy you and have a certain level of factor which makes you want to watch the next episode as soon as possible.

The Bad:

  • Though it has excellent supporting characters they don’t get too much attention and development.
  • I personally don’t have much to hate about this anime, but I would say that the part that I don’t like the most is those episodes that involved the Lizardmen led by Gabiru.

Here is a nice AMV of the Slime Anime

Alternate Recommendations: Isekai Anime


Ainz Ooal Gown together with his subordinates Albedo, Demiurge, Sebas and others


When it comes to Isekai anime, it is impossible not to know Overlord. It is the story of a genius online gamer who got stuck in the game that he loved so much. Since he is a master of his class, he becomes a very overpowered character in the game world. I personally think that Overlord is one of the anime series that made the Isekai genre very popular. 

So I’m a Spider, So What?

So i am a spider, so what , Kumoko trying to survive against monsters in the cave


This is a new Isekai anime that I have watched, it is closely similar to the experience of Rimuru. The person from the real world got reincarnated in another world as a spider. Due to its size, you would already know that he is very unlucky for being born as a small powerless spider. While watching this anime, I really believed that it has a high resemblance to Reincarnated as a Slime, but there is a big difference which you will know once you watch this anime. 


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