The 7 Deadly Sins Anime: Read Before you Watch

The 7 Deadly Sins Anime: Read Before you Watch

I have watched the 2 Seasons of The 7 Deadly Sins and here is my review. In general, I would give it an 8/10.  If you are one of the anime fans who love to watch fight scenes and overpowered main characters, then this would satisfy you.




The characters of the anime represent the 7 deadly sins namely, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Greed, Pride and Wrath. This itself makes the characters really interesting since you will be watching out how these would be seen in their character and traits.
Since they are the main characters, they are incredibly strong and with this number of characters, expect the anime series from Season 1 to Season 2 to be action-packed. However, in my personal view, there were more action scenes in the Season 1. The writers and those who created the anime made sure that your thirst for anime fights is satisfied. This only means that it did not focus much on the story and character development.
You will know more about the characters with their backstory in Season 2. Most of the characters have their own sense of humor which is one of the things I liked in this anime.
In most of the Episodes, you will be able to see how silly Ban is and how naughty Meliodas is who is the leader of the group.
Aside from the main characters, there are also other secondary characters who add more fun and enjoyment in the series. I would not mention who they are. Its for you to find out. They will surely have their own unique character and powers at the same time.


Top-Notched Action Anime


I would say that the fights scenes are great. Well created and will definitely get you at the edge of your seat. You will be wanting for more after watching the fights since Episode 1. You will surely be more interested to know how strong the main characters are and to what extent could their power reach. The good thing about the fights is that the main characters have their own unique power and abilities which makes them more interesting and fun to watch.
When you search on Youtube, you will surely see a lot of good battles from this anime which only means that it will not fall short of action scenes.




For me, the main story here is the adventure of Elizabeth whose main goal is to gather the 7 deadly sins to save their kingdom. So as the episode progress, you will meet new members of the group. This anime has a good balance of action, humor and drama as well.
Its one of those anime with a simple story but still entertaining.
I guess many would agree with me that The 7 Deadly Sins both Season 1 and 2 don’t have the best ending but I think its good enough which also leaves a hint that there will be a new season we could watch out for.




The art of this anime is well made. You will definitely appreciate the details in the character designs and also how they are able to keep the same great details during actions scenes. This good quality of animation and drawing was well maintained in the entire series.
Aside from the great art, adding to the beauty is the soundtrack which is composed of the very popular Sawano. So expect that even if you have not heard the soundtrack yet, it will surely become one of your favorites.




Since its a wonderful action anime for me, I would give The 7 Deadly Sins a 8/10 rating. And will recommend it to anyone who wants to watch an action-packed anime series with a good taste for adventure.


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