Overlord Review: Trapped in Another World Anime

Since you have reached this page, we assume you have interest with Overlord Anime and with Isekai anime in general. Yes, you have landed on the right page as we prepared a great review to help you decide to watch it or not.   Why Watch Overlord Anime?   Overlord offers a highly relatable topic   MMORPG games were part of every teen’s a few years ago.  Although its glory days have passed, it left a lot of fans with fond memories of dungeon raids with friends, PKing enemy guilds, and exploring new maps in search for rare treasures and ingredients. Overlord gives everyone who played MMORPGs a feeling of nostalgia. It also dwells upon developing real friendship through an online game and about the troubling fact that such kind of relationship usually ends when the game is shut down.  This is what Momonga, Overlord’s main character needs to deal … Continue reading Overlord Review: Trapped in Another World Anime