Overlord Review: Trapped in Another World Anime

Overlord Review: Trapped in Another World Anime

Since you have reached this page, we assume you have interest with Overlord Anime and with Isekai anime in general. Yes, you have landed on the right page as we prepared a great review to help you decide to watch it or not.


Why Watch Overlord Anime?


Overlord offers a highly relatable topic


MMORPG games were part of every teen’s a few years ago.  Although its glory days have passed, it left a lot of fans with fond memories of dungeon raids with friends, PKing enemy guilds, and exploring new maps in search for rare treasures and ingredients.

Overlord gives everyone who played MMORPGs a feeling of nostalgia. It also dwells upon developing real friendship through an online game and about the troubling fact that such kind of relationship usually ends when the game is shut down.  This is what Momonga, Overlord’s main character needs to deal with all throughout the series as he remembers his friends by interacting with the NPCs they made.


Very entertaining to watch


Overlord is designed to cater to what audiences look forward to from an anime regardless of their age, gender, and anime genre preference.  It features handsome and strong male characters who resemble fairytale-like knights for female anime fans to enjoy.

There’s also an abundance of pretty and sexy female anime characters in Overlord to level up the field and make it extra entertaining to male audiences. Aside from offering a variety of lovable characters,

Overlord does not fall short in the fight scenes department.  Since Overlord is set in a fantasy world, the main characters often have elegant swordsmanship, unique offensive and defensive skills, and out-of-this-world magic under their repertoire which they can freely use during battles making every Overlord fight scene intense and breathtaking. You’ll easily be left asking for more every time a battle sequence ends.


It gives a new perspective about villains and heroes


We usually think of undead creatures and demons as anime villains.  But Overlord defied this norm by introducing the main character, Momonga, with a skeleton body.  He also leads an army of demons, fiends, and other terrifying monsters. Momonga also thinks differently than heroes.

Nothing is more important to him than guaranteeing the safety of his underlings and maintaining the pride of the guild he created with his friends in real life.  He is even willing to kill in the process. Nonetheless, unlike his subordinates, Momonga is not a fan of disrupting the natural order of the world and killing the innocent.

Since he is still human, he also has the tendency to commit mistakes and express frantic emotions during pressure moments but he somehow finds a way to deal with every problem with a little help of his emotion-suppressing passive skill.

Overlord Important Details

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Year Released:  2015

No. of Seasons: 2

Anime Score:

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4/5

Art Style: 5/5

Is it worth watching? Yes

Overlord: The Complete Series

Watch Overlord Season 1 Trailer

Watch Overlord Season 2 Trailer

Most interesting Characters in Overlord

Overlord easily caught the attention of millions across the globe mainly because of its unique and interesting characters. Plus many seem to have a deep interest with another world anime. The main protagonists are not the typical knight in shining armor and princess. It also goes true with the antagonists. To make it simple, the roles are reversed in a sense that the undead and demons play the role of those who practice true justice while the influential and powerful humans are naive and they look down on ordinary folks who are weak and worthless.


Momonga/ Ainz Ooal Gown


Momonga sitting on his throne

An Elder Lich that does not despise humans. That’s odd right? The undead are known to hate the living which is why Momonga is an existence that is unique to the new world. He is the main character who is overpowered in various way. Although he is not the strongest in the Tomb of Nazarick in terms of raw power, his wits, PK experience, and access to cash shop items make him a formidable foe. And if he pours out anything under his arsenal, it is said that no one in the current Tomb of Nazarick can defeat him one on one. Aside from his own power, Momonga also has hundreds of subordinates that can wipe out an entire city on their own. Too overpowered right? That’s a part of Momonga’s appeal because he is left with the exhausting task of pretending to be the Overlord everyone under him admires and in going along with the devious plans his high-ranking subordinates formulated in order to spread the glorious name of their guild. Will Momonga maintain his act as the supreme and magnanimous rule of the Tomb of Nazarick? Is there someone like him who got transported to another world?




Albedo with stretched wings

You might be thinking that Overlord will surely lack romance because the main character is a skeleton but you’re entirely wrong. Although it’s just a one sided love from Albedo and other female characters toward Momonga, it’s still something to look forward to. The topic of being Momonga’s bride usually is a source of humor in the series as the girls would seriously fight over anything that could help them gain even a little advantage towards winning Momonga’s heart. Albedo is the Guardian Overseer of the Tomb of Nazarick and Momonga’s leading fangirl. Her character does not exist in the WN but the LN where the anime is based added her to make things interesting. She openly expresses her feelings toward Momonga thus making each of her encounter with Momonga more enjoyable. Will Albedo become Momonga’s bride one day? What would their offspring look like? This is truly something every Overlord fan would want to know!


Brain Unglaus


Human characters featured in Overlord has their own charm as well. One of them that stood out among the rest is Brain Unglaus. He is a warrior who made a name by almost defeating the strongest warrior in the land during a tournament. After suffering his first defeat, Brain vowed to train his body to its limits and develop new skills to comeback and force a rematch. However, his plans for revenge were turned to dust after meeting an existence beyond his imagination. Will Brain be able to come out alive after meeting one of the strongest beings in the Tomb of Nazarick?

Know more about other interesting characters: Complete List of Overlord Characters


Overlord Manga


The Overlord Manga gives us a rough visual presentation of the exciting scenes described in the novel. It can’t be argued that the art style is average but anyone who read the novel won’t resist the urge to scan through one page after another while expecting how their favorite scenes would turn out as pictures. The Overlord Manga also has added colored illustrations for both main and side characters which help novel readers imagine their confrontations as they read through the chapters.


Overlord Light Novel and WN


This is where everything began. If you can’t get enough of the Overlord anime,reading the Light Novel is the best fix. The Overlord Manga is also a good option but its english translation found online is way behind even if compared to the anime. You’ll surely enjoy the novel equally or even more than the anime and it reaches up to Volume 13. However, be sure you are free from all sorts responsibilities before reading the first chapter of the Overlord LN since it can be quite addictive. You’ll be hooked in no time as you finish one volume to another without realizing that you already spent the whole week doing so. The Overlord WN is also a good read as it has a lot of differences compared to the LN version. One of them is the absence of Albedo. It may sound weird that the main female protagonist in the Overlord anime is missing but that alone makes the overall plot in the Overlord WN very refreshing.


Overlord Season 1


This is where it all begins. Suzuki Satoru never imagined that he will be transported to a fantasy world along with the Tomb of Nazarick and everyone inside it including the NPCs who magically gained their own personality. This season gives us a sneak peek of the new world. Suzuki Satoru who is now Momonga, the guild leader of Nazarick needs to make crucial decisions for the welfare of the guild and the NPCs.

How strong is he in the new world? Will he decide to stay for good? Is there even a way to come back to the world he previously belong?


Overlord Season 2


The adventure of Ainz Ooal Gown, previously named Momonga, continues in the next season. This season focuses on Demiurge’s plan to weaken the Re-Estize Kingdom and make it easier for his master, Ainz, to rule it in the near future. On the other hand, the clueless Ainz has no other option than to go along with his subordinate’s schemes and play his role as Momon, a member of the newest adamantite rank adventurer team in the Kingdom.

Can Ainz satisfy Demiurge’s expectations? How will Demiurge’s plan play out and will our loved human characters introduced in Overlord Season 1 survive the onslaught of the powerful beings from Nazarick?


Overlord Season 3


It has been announced that Overlord Season 3 will be officially released this coming July 2018. Based on the Overlord LN, we expect this season to move the story’s setting from the Kingdom to the Barathum Empire. We will meet new characters here including the rule of the empire who is known as the Blood Emperor because of how he acquired the crown by shedding the blood of his enemies.

How will Ainz deal with a wise leader? Can he find a way to build a good relationship with the Empire without the use of his mighty military force?

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