One Punch Man Review – Why It’s Among the Best Anime Ever

One Punch Man Review – Why It’s Among the Best Anime Ever

One-Punch Man is a webcomic Japanese character that was created in 2009 and instantly became one of the most popular. It had been directed in a way of creating a comedy by a superhero. The superhero role is named as Saitama who could win the battle by fighting with any villain with just one punch (cool right?). He is able to do this because he is insanely strong, fast and full of energy. Surprisingly, his face is in expressionless most of the time.

If you are looking for one reason to watch this anime, it is unanimously known as the best anime of 2015 and many are claiming it to be one of the best anime ever created. So there is only one way to confirm it, watch it yourself.


One Punch Man webcomic got hit talk and many praises from different audiences across the globe.  It gives a unique anime experience which is different from other anime – it’s just so cool and fun to watch. There are a lot of funny scenes in every single episode so you will not get bored with it. Additionally, it provides you with a different yet simple storyline. So its not hard to fall in love with it.

If you’re an anime lover, you will definitely love One-Punch Man. During the initial release of One Punch Man many got hooked. A lot of anime fans have been waiting for each and every episode.

The story revolves around Saitama who wanted to play the role of a hero. For 3 years he had undergone serious training which is one of the reasons why he became bald. And as he claims the reason for his strength. When strong villains appear, they are not aware of Saitama’s out of this world strength and power.

Even though Saitama easily defeats strong enemies, a lot of people thought that he cheats and only delivers the last blow. No one gives him due credit. Good thing someone advised him to register to the Hero Association for him to become a certified hero.


The anime One-Punch Man is well known for comedy, characters, outrageous plot, and ridiculous schoolboy dialogue. Here, I mentioned you some names of villains so that you can easily know what type of comic film it is that included Crablante, Ground Dragon, Armored Gorilla, Subterranean, Vaccine Man, Piggy Bank, and Mosquito Girl.

Aside from these interesting villains, you will also get interested in the various superheroes in this series who are members of the HERO Association.  One of these will eventually become the partner of our main character in the name of Janus. He personally saw how strong Saitama is which led to his desire to become Saitama’s disciple.  Janus just wanted to become strong like Saitama to get his revenge.

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Animation and Audio

The series of One Punch Man is showing you a good anime scenes and the surface of events happened in the series allows getting to know the truth rarely. If you want to view it in a high-quality picture, you need to go to Blu-Ray option and enjoy the series of anime section of One Punch Man. The series was produced by the leading anime studio provider Madhouse and the series is showing you some of the best studio’s work. They are the reason of the intense action in this anime series that have gotten the attention of millions of fans.

Its just great to see the transition of the animation from Saitama being pathetic to becoming intense and back to being pathetic again. You’ll understand when you watch the anime yourself.

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Saitama superhero character in One Punch Man really attracts every audience from kids, teens, young ones and the not so young generation. In this anime series, a lot of effort has been put and surely does the show justice. It is a classic anime series and really waiting to watch next season to be released this year. One-Punch Man is now available in Blu-ray and DVD that you can purchase on best retailers like Amazon.

Overall, we just love everything from this anime series which is the reason why we are giving it a rating of 9/10.

Why excited for the release of Season 2

All throughout the series, there are an incredible set of battles in which various superhero or Saitama have to face insane characters. Though we all know what would be the ending, the action scenes are still pretty cool that would make you want for more. Each episode of this 12-episode anime is worth watching, no time-waster. There is a back-story line that gives the excitement to see the next episode. That means it hooks up the audience on everything ending and leaves them on the edge looking for more and what would happen next.

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