Is Fairy Tail a Good Anime to Watch?

Is Fairy Tail a Good Anime to Watch?

Fairy tail is one of the popular anime series these days and its already in its 3rd Season. One thing for sure, an anime that got this far would certainly mean that it’s a good anime and is being watched by a lot of anime enthusiasts. Below, let’s get into more details why this anime is worth watching and if its the kind of anime you would be willing to spend your time.


Well Polished and Interesting Characters


One of the main reasons we continue watching an anime series after seeing a couple of episodes is the personality of the characters. Most of the time, we search for characters who are interesting and fun to watch which is the main reason why One Punch Man was a big hit.



In fairy tail, there is a fairly large number of characters closely similar to One Piece and Naruto. The main characters are the ones that stands out and have a good amount of screen time all throughout the series. Thus, you will not fall short of meeting interesting characters which will make you look forward to the next episodes.


One of the best things about fairy tail is that aside from highlighting the main characters, it also gives enough time for the story of side characters. With this, you will still even remember even those characters who are less important. This makes the anime series more interesting.


With this many interesting characters, you will certainly have a lot of favorite characters aside from the main protagonists.



Strong Female Anime Characters



Another thing that makes this anime worth watching is the number of strong female characters. I think a lot of anime lovers are used to seeing strong male characters that is why it becomes pretty cool and amazing to an extent when female characters are pretty strong. In fairy tail, among the strongest would be Erza, Mirajane, Juvia and Lucy.


Aside from being strong, they also have different type of skills and magic powers which is very awesome to watch.


Very Good Story Line


The writers of this anime series have been doing well when it comes to the storyline. I personally think that it keeps getting better every chapter. Thou, of course, there are times that a certain arc is less interesting, but overall I like how the whole story is evolving.


If you watch the first few episodes, you might think that the story is going nowhere. However, as you continue with following the next episodes, you will slowly understand the story and eventually appreciate where it is leading. I suggest you don’t judge the storyline just by watching a few episodes.


Many are saying that you have to wait until episodes 20-25 before you are going to appreciate the story which I somehow agree. Personally, I’m not that critical with the storyline. As long as the anime can keep me interested in watching the next episode, I will continue to watch it.


I could assure you that if you made it to episode 20+, it will be hard to stop watching this anime. It is just pretty much interesting and lots of likable characters.


Great Fight Scenes


Many would definitely agree that the fight scenes of fairy tail are one of its main selling points. If you are into action-adventure anime, this would certainly satisfy you. It’s beyond this world. Plus, these fight scenes are backed up with great background music which makes it even more fun to watch. When the sound changes and it becomes intense, expect an epic battle to unfold. Also, watch out for those excellent scenes where a fight is ended in a very clever way which is really cool.



You will definitely appreciate the action scenes of FT because of its quality animation. Many are saying that this anime is a ‘feel good’ anime which is the reason why animation matters. Good thing the people behind this anime was able to hit the mark on this.


Another thing about the action scenes is that you know that there is a possibility that some of the good guys would die. Though not that many since of course, it’s always the good guys who will win. But, it will still lead you at the edge of your seat where you feel the tension in every fight.


It is also good to note that important fight scenes, those we consider as epic fight scenes are not too dragged by back stories. Just when you think that there will be a lot of talk on part of the antagonist, the main character immediately charges and starts the fight. When its time to fight, the fighting is done without too much delay unlike other anime series where the backstory could last for one episode before the fight starts.


Though there are a lot of fight scenes, there are also times that characters get emotional which is a good point.


If you are among the million of DBZ fans, there is a big chance that you will also like Fairy Tail. It’s an anime that most likely you will remember because of the battle scenes.


Fun to Watch


In order for an anime series to last long, it must be fun to watch. FT never fall short of having comic scenes in all their episodes. It’s great since one of the reasons we watch anime is to have fun, relax and enjoy. I can say that in general, Fairy Tail is a fun anime.  It has a light story, fun characters, bright and colorful animation – all this makes you watch the anime with a smile.



Aside from being fun to watch, watching the anime would also give you a sense of hope and inspiration. Hope in the sense that whenever you are down and at your lowest, expect that someone will be there to pick you up like your friends or family. The idea is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It will inspire you to love, trust and be glad that you have your friends around. The anime has a very strong message about bonds and friendship.


Some Negative Points


Even though there are a lot of good things to say about this anime, there are still some things that could be improved. Many would agree that there are some events in the anime that are too predictable. They say that some ending part of every story or arc is cliche, this could be due to the different anime series that have already been released and finished prior to Fairy Tail. However, the writers could do better in lessening cliche.


Anime Rating:




So to the question ‘Is fairy tail a good anime to watch?’. The answer is a Big YES!


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