Highschool of the Dead- The only Zombie Anime You’ll Ever Need

Highschool of the Dead- The only Zombie Anime You’ll Ever Need

High school zombie anime is always exciting and fun to watch. Highschool of the dead anime (hotd) is definitely the most popular and effective in this genre. Season 1 is done but even though millions are waiting for Season 2, it might not happen. Find out why below. If you have not watched, High school of the death yet, we highly recommend it. After watching episode 1, you’ll definitely be in for a marathon.

How HOTD Season 1 Started

It was a typical day at school.  Since classes are boring and you are greatly troubled by the fact that your childhood best friend who happens to be your secret crush is already in a relationship with another man, you are currently loitering at the corner of the schools’ hallway where you can clearly see its front gate and the wonderful morning city view.  You kept on thinking about the scene a few days ago when you saw the girl who promised to be your wife someday having a great time walking home with another guy.  Suddenly, a peculiar situation unfolds in front of you.

A man is banging the metal gates with his own body.  Is this a prank?  Or is he just too drunk?  A group of teachers gathered in front of the gates after noticing the disturbance.  They are trying to converse with the man.  Since you are away, you can’t hear them but it’s obvious that they are threatening him to stop what he is doing or else they will call the cops.  The man responded like he can’t hear or see anything.  Your suspicion is growing as the commotion extends for several minutes.

Finally, your PE teacher last year as brave enough to approach the man and use force to drive him away.  But the next series of events shocked you to the core.  The man bit the teacher’s arm.  Blood splattered everywhere as his co-teachers rushed to aid him. You were about to run towards the school clinic and ask for help when the teacher who was shouting in agony just a few seconds ago bit the other teacher nearest to him.  It was like he is possessed.

The remaining teachers ran towards the school. Is this for real? If this happens to you, what will you do? Would you run away on your own or get your childhood friend first?  It’s obvious that’s it’s the start of a zombie apocalypse but how will you handle this gruesome and harsh reality?

If this kind of story line what you’re looking for from an anime series, then you should watch Highschool of the Dead Season 1. This anime overhauled the typical zombie story and sprinkled various anime spices in it to create a show that can entertain both zombie and anime lovers.  Hotd also features sexy moments in some of its episodes so it’s also a good watch for people who simply want to see hot anime girls going all out against flesh-eating monsters.

Is Highschool of the Dead Season 1 worth your time?      

Watch the Complete Series of this Anime Now!

The answer is a big YES! Come on, this anime series is just 13 episodes long.  If you don’t have any plans during the weekend, binge-watching this masterpiece is the best way to go.  Experiencing it from start to finish in one go is the best approach.

Doing so will make it easier for you to fully immerse in the story and understand each of the unique characters it introduces as the story progress.  Just make sure no minor is around as you watch.  This show has a lot of gore and mature content so leave it only to the eyes of adults.

Does this anime series have romance in it?

Anime fans who enjoy a story where the main character slowly falls in love with a girl who he shares both dangerous and happy situations with will be hooked to this anime.

Although the MC in this anime series already has feelings with his love team in the beginning, it started out as an unrequited love.  The girl is in a relationship with another man who is better than our MC in various ways.

Nonetheless, he became a zombie leaving the girl with almost no choice but to start falling in love with our guy.  But don’t get me wrong.  Our MC’s love affairs are not exclusiveto one girl.  Since he has good qualities both in and out, he tends to easily attract the girls around their group even one who seem to be mature, serious, and has a demeanor way above her age.

Who are the Highschool of the Dead Characters you should be excited about?

Takashi Komuro

He is the main boy protagonist of Hight school of the Dead.  The story revolves around him and his group as they try to survive during a zombie apocalypse despite being just normal high school students prior the tragic turn of events.  Takashi is the group’s leader.  He may not have unique abilities like some of his members but he is trusted by everyone.  He is a dependable and brave guy.  Most importantly, everyone respects and acknowledges his authority making it easier for the group to decide on what they are going to do after fulfilling a previous objective.

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Rei Miyamoto

A cool and good-looking boy MC is a waste without a pretty partner.  This is where Rei Miyamoto comes onto the scene.  She is the chief of police’s daughter who attends the same school as Komuro.  She is also Komuro’s childhood best friend and when they were young they promised to marry in the near future. It was almost impossible to happen prior to the zombie outbreak since Rei fell in love with another guy.  Everything changed afterward since the guy who snatched Rei away from Komuro turned into a zombie after being bitten during their escape.  Rei’s feelings for Komuro were rekindled when they were all by themselves as they tried to meet up with the rest of the group after being separated due to unforeseen events.

Kohta Hirano

There is no better way to defeat a zombie other than shooting it in the head.  Unluckily for high school students, they don’t have access to guns which made it easy for the zombies to overrun their school.  However, during the commotion, one student had a brilliant idea.  He never taught that his weird obsession with guns will turn out useful someday as he used a gas-powered nail gun to build an improvised rifle.  It wasn’t easy and time was not on his during the creation but Kohta Hirano did it.  Along with his crush, they joined up with Komuro’s group later on and from that moment on became a trustworthy ally against the undead.

Highschool of the Dead Episode List

Episode 1: “Spring of the Dead”

Episode 2: “Escape from the Dead”

Episode 3: “Democracy under the Dead”

Episode 4: “Running in the Dead”

Episode 5:  “Streets of the Dead”

Episode 6: “In the Dead of the Night”

Episode 7: “Dead Night and the Dead Ruck”

Episode 8: “The Dead Way Home”

Episode 9: “The Sword and Dead”

Episode 10: “The Dead’s House Rules”

Episode 11: “Dead Storm Rising”

Episode 12: “All Dead’s Attack”

Parting Thoughts about this Zombie Anime

This anime series went viral the moment it was released several years ago.  Even now, anime fans are waiting for the Highschool of the Dead Season 2.  Sadly, the chances of this dream turning into a reality are slim.  Even the manga series which was the basis of the show has not been updated for years.  It’s very frustrating but waiting is definitely worthwhile and you’ll understand why after you watch the whole series.  And who knows, a miracle happens and HOTD Season 2 is announced this year.  By that time, you’ll surely be thankful to us by recommending this gem to you.

If you think the other way about Highschool of the Dead Season 1, leave a comment below and express yourself!

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