Goblin Slayer: Does it live up to the hype?

Goblin Slayer: Does it live up to the hype?

The anime world has tons to offer when it comes to RPG/game inspired titles. From the pioneers like, Sword Art Online, down to the newcomers like Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, they introduce new flavors to spice up the genre and keep us wanting for more.

I’ve read a few chapters of the Goblin Slayer manga and was a bit impressed by how they came up with something different. Most RPG-inspired anime shows focus on strong demon lords and huge black dragons as their main antagonists. Goblin Slayer as the name suggests only has goblins as the main enemy. If you have even a little bit of RPG experience then you’ll know that they are among the weakest creature.

But Goblin Slayer, the main protagonists’ real name, thinks of it differently. He believes that goblins are the ultimate enemies of men and should be eradicated on site. His obsession with killing goblins and only goblins turned him into their races’ worst nightmare.

Watch the Goblin Slayer Trailer: 

Visuals: 5/5

Goblin Slayer’s animation and overall visual vibe are outstanding. I was thinking of giving it 5 stars even just after watching its intro.

Colors are also vibrant which surprised me because I expected it to lean towards a darker tone after considering all the brutal scenes in its novel origin. The fluid fight scenes sealed the deal for me. Though short, they are exciting to watch and the character’s movements flow naturally. Topped with decent visual effects, the fight scenes in Goblin Slayer do not just live by the hype in terms of violence but also in entertainment value.

If only the Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’s anime rendition was done the same, it would have been an instant hit.

Voice Acting: 4/5

The voices match the characters well. This is true for Goblin Slayer. Though I would love a deeper voice for him, it’s not to the point that I’ll complain about it. Other character’s voices also complement their corresponding personalities well.

Characters: 3/5

Goblin Slayer’s character is creative and new. However, the rest are not. They are the usual characters we see in RPG-inspired anime. It would help if they can provide even a brief background story for the supporting characters like what they’ve done for Goblin Slayer in the early episodes.

Plot progression (as of 3 episodes): 4/5

The story is a bit fast-paced which I like. I know some of you prefer things to be slower so more details can be introduced white giving us enough time to gain a better understanding of the fantasy world the characters are living but I find such kind of development a bit boring.

Don’t worry because Goblin Slayer’s pace isn’t too fast. There are slow and relaxed scenes here and there. The part where he shared a breakfast with his childhood friend and her father is a good example. It gave us a hint of Goblin Slayer’s simple life and slowed down the story before he jumped into another goblin-slaying quest.

So it is a Nay or Yay? Super Yay!

Goblin Slayer is not just a Yay but a Super Yay! I love it. All those who loved Sword Art Online and other RPG anime should give it a chance. Brutality is there so heads up if you can’t handle it. I’m against the idea of toning the violence down because it gave Goblin Slayer its unique identity. This anime is aimed at mature audiences who were once or are still playing Role-Playing games and want to be entertained by both worlds at the same time.

A few screenshots to convince you more to watch Goblin Slayer:



So that’s it.  Goblin Slayer is a 2018 anime series you should never miss!   So for now, excuse me because I’ll be watching a few more Goblin Slayer episodes and I hope they are as good as the previous 3.  Come and watch with me!  Or if by any reason you can’t do so, then read a few more of the anime articles I’ve written.  You can also say Hi in the comments section and give your personal thoughts about Goblin Slayer.   As always, give us a LIKE and SHARE THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

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