Bungo Stray Dogs – Fun and Exciting to Watch

Bungo Stray Dogs – Fun and Exciting to Watch

Bungo Stray Dogs anime features a small detective agency called Armed Detective Agency where members have supernatural powers, but not the kind of power you expect from Dragaon Ball Z or One Piece, but definitely enough to make the series entertaining and action-packed. The main character is Atsushi who is an orphan and somehow ends up being a member of the detective agency. He will soon discover something unique about him which will change the course of his life.

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“Bungou Stray Dogs” Season 3 – New PV!!
The anime is slated to premiere on April 12


When it comes to the mood of this anime, it more feels like a roller coaster. You will find yourself in a dramatic scene, then it shifts to being serious and lethal. And of course, it also has its comedy scenes in almost all episodes. If you are the kind of person who easily relates to the characters, you would certainly feel the sadness of Atsushi since from the beginning he has no one. Then slowly he started to meet happiness through the people he meets who showed him love and made him feel a sense of belongingness.

The best thing about this anime is it was able to maintain the balance of putting various mood in the entire series leaving anime lovers wanting for more and excited for the next episodes.


I could certainly say that the story of Bungo Stray Dogs is well-written. It’s good that as early as episode 1 you will already know something the main character’s experience in the past and meeting characters that would kick off the whole story of this anime.

Even though the story is somehow really serious, there are still a lot of humorous scenes in this anime series making it entertaining yet fun to watch. For season 1, you will most likely find yourself with a good laugh with every episode due to the funny side of this anime. However, in season 2, things get a little bit serious since we are not introduced to the other side of the story. Which is actually good since it gives viewers a different taste making it less boring.

And since there are gifted people with supernatural powers, expect there would be a lot of scenes where the protagonists aim to save peoples lives and in constant pursuit for justice. And throughout the whole story, you will slowly know more about the characters as there will be checking of a character’s past so will get to know more each character and understand them better. This also means that every character was given enough screen time.


The main characters in BSD are Atsushi, Dazai, and Kunakita. These 3 are all gifted with supernatural powers and are doing their best to uphold justice and protect the people they love and the citizens in their place in general.

Even though Atsushi is the main character, most definitely many would become more interested in Dazai mainly because of his enigmatic yet fun behavior. You will surely enjoy watching Dazai during fan times and would get more interested in his character when he gets serious. I would say that he has a bipolar personality.
Regarding Atsushi, you might find his character somewhat annoying since he seems to be like holding on to his past too much. To the extent that he becomes a burden to those around him. However, as soon as he realizes his worth and that he could change his path, you will slowly appreciate his effort on getting back on his feet and trying to change his perspective in life.
The other characters who are part of the Armed Detective Agency are Kunida, Kenji, Ranpo, Tanizaki and Akiko. You will know more about these guys as you continue watching the anime.
Aside from these interesting main characters, there is also enough air time for the protagonist in BSD like Kyouka Izumi and Ryunesse Akutagawa.

Animation and Art

Generally, when it comes to animation and art, BSD is a decent-looking anime. For me, there is a high level of art displayed by its creators. Though it’s not as consistent as we wanted it to be. For the character designs, you will surely see that they have given enough effort to create these wonderful characters down to the design of their eyes which somehow makes the intense and emotional moments more effective.
A unique style that you will surely notice on the anime is the part where there are texts added on the scene explaining the character’s name and ability.
And when it comes to the action part, it’s well-animated and entertaining enough for me. You might find the first half of the series to lack entertaining action scenes, but surely things would start to pick up at the 2nd half of the anime where you will see better effects and more vibrant colors.

Final Verdict

One thing I could say about Bungo Stray Dogs is it’s great fun and entertaining – it will not get you bored. The characters are likable enough which will make you strict to watching it for a while until you end up watching the whole season. Aside from being funny, for me, it more of a touching anime with deep emotions especially by the main character. You will surely be touched by the story and struggles of the characters in this anime, both the protagonist and antagonist.

So, do I recommend watching it? Yes, of course. Though it’s not a masterpiece anime, it still is a decent one and is certainly worth your time. Plus, its third season is out this year so you really have to start watching it now.

Below is Season 1 official trailer.

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