Is Attack on Titan a good starter Anime?

Is Attack on Titan a good starter Anime?

Yes, mainly because it’s interesting, has unique characters, a well-written story and plot and to top it all a very high production value. If you want to introduce anime to any of your friends, Attack on Titan would be a good choice. Continue reading to know more.


Anime Genre

Horror / Post Apocalyptic / Zombie



Side Characters were given Emphasis


Only a few anime series have spent time in showcasing side characters. They focus too much on the main characters. This is the reason why an anime that manages to build dramatic tension on side characters are well-appreciated by many anime fans. If the story only focuses on the main characters, it becomes less interesting in the long run.



Excellent Story


AOT fans often mention that this anime has an excellent story with good pacing and I would totally agree with it. You will love the series because its easy to follow and you could easily grasp what is happening. You do not need to have a deep understanding of the Japanese culture in order to understand what is happening. Plus, events are not hastily made which gives a lot of time for you to appreciate the moment – get scared and excited.


Though the general story is a bit cliche, because in general it’s about the survival of men against monsters. But, we all would agree that do we love this kind of scenario which is the main reason why a lot of zombie shows and movies have become a big hit. People these days have this different kind of interest and preference on shows that shows the survival instinct of men against adversaries that threaten their existence.


No FanService


Though I personally like fan service, there are times that too much of it can be really annoying. There is now a lot of anime where lewdness is somewhat a common scene. Though some likes this, there are also many who do not appreciate it.  Its a good thing in my personal perspective that there is no fanservice in this anime series.


Attack on Titan is definitely an anime for everyone. The moment you watch it until episode 3, you will surely be hooked and will continue watching it. The only thing that one might not like about this anime is its rudeness, I mean there are a lot of killings and blood.
Checklist of a Good Starter Anime
  • unique characters
  • good animation
  • well written story
  • little to no fan service
  • easy to understand especially to those who have no experience watching an anime before
  • praised by a good number of anime fans
  • you see high schoolers wearing merchandise from it
  • a show that sparks interest





If I will use our checklist, all Attack on Titans satisfies all of these. Which means that the answer to our question is a big YES. But, at the end of the day, we could generally say that AOT is a good starter anime, but it would still depend on the people who would be watching it. If your friends are into horror or zombie type of shows, then it would be a perfect fit.
Just in case, your friends are not into this type genre, the other best option would be Death Note.

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