The Ancient Magus Bride Anime Review – First 3 Episodes

The Ancient Magus Bride Anime Review – First 3 Episodes

The ancient magus bride or mahō tsukai no yome in Japanese started streaming for free users in the last week of October 2017. As mentioned in the title, this post will be a review after watching the first 3 episodes. In a short summary, the ancient magus anime is a story of a mage who recently had his apprentice. Since it involves a mage, except that it will involve fairies, magical creatures, and magic and sorcery. In their time, mages live with humans and magic is considered to be a science.

The ancient magus bride episode 1

The very  first thing I noticed in this anime series is the commendable design of the characters and its background. During close-ups, you’ll appreciate the character design even more. And since it involves magic, I can say that the effects were greatly done as well. I have a personal preference for animes that involve magic and mage, in general, that’s why I easily got hooked just with the first episode.

The first episode also gives you an idea that the whole series will be packed with adventure as the main character has the ability to go from one place to another in an instant. No surprise though because with magic anything is possible. Most importantly, it’s not all serious stuff, the makers were able to include funny moments in the 1st episode and most likely we will see this in the whole anime series which is a good plus.
The anime is mystifying not only because of the ancient magus bride main character Elias. The whole story of the other main character and their environment is full of mystery. And after watching the first episode you’ll be left with questions like – how powerful is the main character with a skull in the head?
Aside from this, a lot of anime fans would definitely be watching how their love story would unfold.
I can also guarantee that there is a high chance that you’ll be watching the 2nd episode.

The ancient magus bride episode 2

In all honesty, the 2nd episode was a bit boring, but you should not miss it. Some of the important characters in the anime series were introduced. This episode is important as it tries to establish the story and will give you some ideas on what the main characters are going through and what to expect in the episodes to come.
The good thing was the end part of the episode was a thrilling one and you’ll definitely not want to miss episode 3.
Plus, a common creature in a magical world appeared. Can you guess it? It can fly and it’s huge.

The ancient magus bride episode 3

The third episode will surely play with your emotions, if you are an emotional type of person, you will be teary-eyed if not crying alone while watching. I personally did not cry but, I felt sadness in almost half of the episode. The characters talked about one part of life that we usually do not want to discuss.
The soothing soundtrack made the anime effective in hitting hard my feelings.


This anime looks amazing and promising. I recommend you watch the ancient magus bride especially if you are into magic and adventure.
While mystifying you in most of the episodes, you will not forget how to laugh with some of its fun scenes.
The main characters are both interesting. Common questions like where they came from would immediately come into your mind. You would also be very curious whats behind the skull mask, I’m pretty sure there is a human face behind it. Or I might be wrong. What do you think?

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