The anime posters listed on this page are metal posters from our Displate Shop. If you are looking for posters to decorate your wall and you want an anime theme for it, we have great designs for you. Check out the posters below.










Things to Consider when Buying A Poster

If you are thinking about buying a poster right now, hold on for a minute and know first some of the important things that you need to consider.


Your top priority when buying a poster might be the price. However, though I hate to break it on you, its best to consider quality. Remember that you will be placing the poster on visibile areas in your home so it has to be of good quality. Something that you would be proud of when someone looks into.

Quality also means that it has to be sturdy enough to stay in place and would not easily break when it falls.

Easy to Setup

This is also very important. You don't want to spend a lot of time setting up the posters you purchased. And if its difficult to setup, there is also a high chance that it would not turn out good when your done with it plus the chance of being damaged.

You might re do the setup again making it a stressful and time consuming job. All you want to do is to receive the poster, and set it up in just seconds then enjoy watching it already.

Unique Feature

One of the reasons we buy posters is for it to make our walls look more cool. So the poster has to be unique enough to get anyone's attention. This could be its unique design, excellent finish and the material used for the poster. Among the most popular posters today are metal posters.

You should also be able to choose the tight of printing on the poster either matte or gloss.  Or if you want it framed or not.




Are displates good?

To simply answer the question, yes displate offers excellent posters.  It's a one of a kind metal poster with great designs from different artists.  It's magnet mounted and could be setup within 20 seconds.  They boasts of the following:

  • posters are durable
  • posters have vivid color
  • tactile texture
  • extremely detailed and high quality designs
  • thick and steel

The poster is well packaged as well so you could be sure that the poster you ordered will arrived at your home safely without any issues. Check out this displate review.