Best Isekai Anime to Watch [Updated]

Isekai is a growing anime genre recently. If you are among the millions who wanted to watch isekai anime or in another world anime, you landed on the right page. On this article, we listed the most popular other world anime series. Top 10 Isekai Anime Lets start this list with our top 10  Isekai anime. Take note that  these anime series are completed. We did not include those that are still on-going. 1. The Rising of the Shield Hero Year Released:  2018 No. of Seasons: 1 Anime Score: Plot: 3/5 Characters: 3/5 Art Style: 4/5 Is it worth watching? Yes/Maybe The sword, arrow, spear, and wand are the most popular weapons of choice in RPG games.  They are weapons which greatly help players survive by improving their offensive ability.  But what if you can’t use none of them and be restricted to only a shield?  A shield is good … Continue reading Best Isekai Anime to Watch [Updated]