Best Mind Blowing Anime that you will Not Regret Watching

Best Mind Blowing Anime that you will Not Regret Watching

There is a big percentage of anime fans who just loves mind blowing anime. Usually, these are anime series which requires one to think a lot on what is happening and what is about to unfold in the storyline. This type of anime is very exciting and would make you want to watch the next episode immediately. Its the type that you can watch in a marathon. Below is a list of anime that will leave your mind blown.

Death Note


Death note is without a doubt one of the best and highly recommended in this type of anime show. It's one of the reasons why the main character Yagami Light is among the most famous anime characters.  The concept/story is quite unique and very interesting. To give you a bit of an idea, the story revolves around a notebook where anyone whose name is written on it will die. Interesting right? If you are a fan of anime with mind games, go watch it now.


After watching the first episode you will definitely watch the next until you find yourself marathon watching. Another thing that makes it a must watch is the 2 interesting characters known as Kira and L. You'll understand why when you watch it yourself. One of them will use the notebook according to his own definition of justice, while the other one will do the best of his ability to stop the other from doing unnecessary killings due to being blinded by his own perception of what is right.


Things are also very unpredictable so you will constantly be thinking about what would be the next turn in the story.


Psycho-Pass Season 3 (2019)


A lot of anime fans give Psycho-Pass a thumbs up mainly because it's among those high-quality anime. It's in a mature theme where there are a lot of violence, gore, and even sexuality, however, the writers were able to handle things perfectly making everything look gruesome but real. The main reasons why it is commended by many are its story and characters. To name some of the characters we have Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami and Shougo Makashima. These characters have their own uniqueness and motivation.


Though I have loved both season 1 and season 2, I personally think season 1 is better. When it comes to animation and voice quality acting, I give this anime a 5 star. The same as with Death Note, the mysteries in this anime show will make you keep watching it. The Psycho-Pass is a psychological anime that you will surely not regret watching.
[Update] This anime now has a Season 3 and so far I have enjoyed watching the new episodes. It have not lived up to my expectations, for a continuation of a classic anime but still its a good watch.


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Darker Than Black

The thing that makes Darker than Black mind blowing is the super-powered humans called Contractors. If you are a fan of X-men, those guys with extraordinary powers, then you would surely appreciate this anime show. Now your question might be, who gave these humans these powers? Or how were they able to acquire it? Well, that's for you to find out. After watching this anime, you might also find it somehow similar to what is happening in Tokyo Ghoul. So if you're a fan of Kaneki, then you might as well check this out.
What makes this a good anime is its interesting characters and they have many of these characters in the series. You would easily fall in love with this if you are a sci-fi fan.
Even though the title implies it to be a very serious anime, you will find comedic scenes which are often hilarious.


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Death Parade

We already have heard or read different stories about what happens after we die or what we call the afterlife. The Death Parade gives us another concept of this which surprisingly is interesting as well. Some even claim that this anime is one of the best psychological anime out there.
Everyone who dies will end up in a bar where they have to play a game where their soul is at stake. When these dead people realize what is at stake it would completely show their true color or their real character. This will be the basis if they are reincarnated or not.
This is not only a staggering show but also an emotional one since you will eventually know the life story of these people who died. You will feel their frustrations, regrets as they approach the last chapter of their life. This is the kind of anime that could put a tear in your eye as it will most probably touch your emotions. And also this one is among the anime with unexpected endings. Why? That's for you to find out.


Monster is an psycho anime series that is usually compared to Death Note. This mere fact only means that it's worth watching. But let me establish the fact first that these 2 anime series are different. Monster has its own pros and you'll be able to understand when you watch it yourself. One of the best things about this anime is its rooted in realism. You might find the animation somewhat old, but the story will carry everything. You will love it due to its different and complex story and it's not just an intellectual anime but more of a mature one.

You might see that this series if quite long with its 70+ episodes. On the bright side, expect that the writers were able to properly introduce every important character in the show.

There are anime fans who claim that this anime is a classic masterpiece. It's bloody, its scary and totally different and you would never expect how this will end. A piece of advice, when you watch the anime, give it a chance, its true that its slow at the start but eventually you will see why this anime is also loved by many.

Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan deserves to be on this list due to a different kind of enemy faced by the protagonists in this anime. And these enemies are flesh-eating giants. Yes, you will see a lot of people being devoured by these monsters so you better prepare yourself for one hell of a bloody anime show. The anime is great in terms of keeping tension in the story since it is not certain who among the important characters would die next.

Another thing that is worth mentioning for this anime is the machine or gear used to fight the giants. It gives our human fighters the ability to jump from a high place to another and gives more mobility. Plus, equipped with swords for cutting.

In general, what this anime series portrays is really quite shocking and mysterious as well. The anime comes with plot twists that will surely surprise you.

It's a show that excellently introduced a lot of main characters to the viewers and after you fall for these characters you will eventually find them in a life or death situation leaving you at the edge of your seat watching closely what would happen next.

One Outs

One Outs is an interesting show and it would somehow blow your mind due to how genius the main character is. If you think that Light of Death Note is pretty smart,Kojima, the protagonist of One Outs.

It's fun to watch how the protagonist gets through about every situation with different enemy teams. This is a sports anime called 'One Outs' which is a simplified version of baseball. If you are a fan of baseball or sports in general, you will also be interested in this show.

As soon as you watch the anime, you will most likely end up watching the whole series because each episode ends in a really interested in a cliffhanger. So what would do you? Yeh, you got that right, watch the next episode until you become hooked to it. Most of the time, things that happen in this anime show is really interesting.

This will be one of the few sports anime shows where the main protagonist is enough. You don't have to look for back-story of other characters.

Zetsuen no Tempest

If you are among the anime fans who are very meticulous with the plot and overall story, you will appreciate this anime series. Most of the episodes of Zetsuen no Tempest are worth talking to with friends or anyone who is also into watching this anime. It only means that it leaves viewers with something to think about after every episode. Its a great anime since its something that is not quite predictable.

It has a lot of very interesting characters. You will love some and you will surely hate some. The animation is also good and something that would also make you want for more.

With this anime series, you will be mind-blown with the turn of events in the story. It is praised by anime fans for being mysterious and different.

Steins Gate

Steins Gate is an amazing anime due to excellent character development and a well-created storyline. The whole story is intriguing and every episode leaves you with something that you would surely think about and be excited on the next episode. The main character, Rintarou Okabe is an interesting guy and is one of the reasons why a lot of anime fans are loving the anime series. It will surely give you a thrill as it will tackle a technology that could interfere with time. As we all know in most of the anime which involves going through time, like Dragon Ball, doing this affects a lot of things in the future. Even a slight change could have a big impact.

If you are looking for an anime show to watch in the sci-fi and thriller genre, check this out. The anime is well-applauded character development. You will not only fall in love with one character but most likely you will appreciate most of the main characters and would understand the things they are going through. With this, viewers easily get attached to the characters and get emotional on the hardships and success they encounter.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

This anime has a nice story. It starts with the main character waking up one day without any trace of his memories and whats more interesting is he is already set to be trained as an assassin. Though the story is interesting, the writers somehow did not make the characters likable. What would be more remarkable in the story is the villain. You definitely would hate the villain in this Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Since assassins are involved, expect this series to be action packed plus a lot of emotions that comes with the main character's desires for inner peace. With the tandem of Irino and Takagaki, you will be a fan of this psychological romance anime.

Other Anime Series Worth Mentioning

Aka mega kill

This anime series is a great fighting anime. It has excellent anime, nice soundtrack and very interesting characters. There is one thing that you will definitely not forget about this anime aside from the action scenes and that is No One is Safe. Yes, you will certainly be wrong on who you think will be the characters who will not die.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

This anime is good from start to finish. TTGL is a mecha anime series, but there are a lot more to it. The mecha battles are really excellent and there is good character development.

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

What if you are given a gift that could help you prevent a death of someone? Will you actually consider it a gift or a curse? This is what this anime series would be all about. So if you are looking for a mystery, this anime is what you are looking for. It's somehow astonishing how the main character could go through time and save lives. However, it's one thing that keeps this show really interesting. Since its only 13 episodes, expect that the story would be fast-paced. There are a lot of thrilling parts in this Erased that you should watch out.

Tokyo Ghoul

This anime is one of the most popular anime series today. Right from the start, you will immediately get hooked to it especially on the main characters Kaneki. It's a bloody anime so if you are ok with gore, Tokyo Ghoul will not frustrate you. The overall story and fight scenes will definitely overwhelm you.
So that's our list of mind-boggling anime, do you have some shows in mind not mentioned above? You can leave it in the comments below.

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