List of Best Bald Anime Characters of All Time

List of Best Bald Anime Characters of All Time

Long hair is often incorporated with power.  It dates back from the legend of Samson and Delilah to the current anime hero Son Goku. Things changed when bald anime characters became popular due to Saitama.  These famous imaginary pop culture characters suggest that you’re expected to have greater power the longer your hair is.

But in reality, having a fancy long hair is a huge disadvantage in a fight.  Your enemy can easy pull it and gain control over your upper body. Long hair can also block your view and they easily strangle greatly hindering your mobility.  Despite these truths about having long hair, why do we lack famous anime boys with short hair or bald heads?

It’s clear that if not for the recent appearance of Saitama, bald anime would have been easily left less represented.  If you curious whether Saitama is alone as a strong anime character then read through this list and get to know the rest of them.  You’ll be surprised that you haven’t noticed some of them even though they belong to famous anime shows like Bleach and Dragonball Z!

Saitama - Anime Bald Guy with Cape

Last but definitely not the least is the one who made bald anime characters famous again, Saitama from the hit anime series One Punch Man.  He is the lead character of this anime series and as the title suggests, he can eliminate his enemies even the godly strong ones in just a single punch.  He is the epitome of over powered characters to the extent that it’s not even funny anymore. You can either hate or love him for having absurd strength but you can’t help but do the latter as the series progresses.  Even though he became the strongest man in the universe by far through basic exercises, it never went to his head.  He remained living in his simple apartment while saving the day without attracting the world’s attention.  Saitama is the character everyone including those who have long beautiful hair should look up to!

Dragon Ball Z Bald Guys

Master Roshi

Son Goku would never become the famous hero he is today without his pervert yet capable master, old man Roshi.  He is the genius behind Son Goku’s famous final move Kame Hame Wave.  Although most of his appearances in the Dragonball Series  is filled with perverted humor, Master Roshi in serious mode is not someone you should trifle with.  He can easily transform from a flimsy and thin old man to a bulked and strong warrior in a matter of seconds.  In his battle form, Roshi can vaporize a mountain using his famous technique and keep up with younger and agile opponents in close combat.  There’s no better way to start this list of the most badass bald anime guys of all time than with Master Roshi from the Dragonball Series that started the worldwide anime craze!


Dragonball Z features a lot of bald anime characters so we can’t mention all of them in this list.  I intended to have only one representative for every anime show but an exemption can’t be helped if we are talking about the greatest sidekick in the history of anime, Krillin.  Although he is not bald all throughout the Dragonball series, Krillin’s signature appearances happened in his usual hairless look.  Despite his petite body, he excels in martial arts and easily became the strongest human in Dragonball Z.  As a member of the Earth’s protector, Krillin usually finds himself in a tight spot against formidable alien invaders.  He sacrificed his life a couple of times for the common good of all proving his innate courage and resolve in saving earth and everyone dear to him in it.  Hi selflessness alone makes Krillin worthy of having a spot in this list.

Ikkaku Madarame - Strong Bald Character

Samurai warriors are known for their impeccable swordsmanship and just principles.  Various history books feature photos of them with tied up long hairs while wearing fancy robes. They are swordsmen who really more on agility than power in delivering blows.   Their graceful techniques are said to be so beautiful to watch enough that they can be considered as art.  Their interesting look, demeanor, and fighting style  are the main reasons why samurai warriors have inspired several famous anime characters today.  One of them is Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach.  Although he is not the main protagonist in the series, he has a huge fan base because of his crazy battle scenes and outgoing personality.  He is one of the best representations of the Samurai warriors from the past everyone loves and respects minus the long hair because he is bald.  Does a bald samurai who fears no one not even death belong to this list? Of course!

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Cool Bald Guys

Doppo Orochi

There are millions around the world who watch anime shows to rediscover the beauty of love.  Anime shows like Sword Heart Online and Fruits Basket are among the favorites in this genre as they feature cute and lovable couples.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that anime is just for little girls and hopeless romantics.  In fact, anime started out as a venue where mind-blowing fight sequences that are impossible to replicate in real life happen.  Son Goku being thrown hard destroying huge boulders along his path after receiving a devastating hit from his enemy is just one of them.  And if we talk about brutality in fight scenes, only a few anime titles can even equal Baki The Grappler.  Its story revolved around a young man who fights his way to be the strongest in the world even if it would mean overthrowing his own father.  Among the many bald, strong and wild characters in Baki the Grappler, Doppo Orochi stands out.  He is Baki’s mentor and friend who greatly helped in developing his skills so he can at least put up a good fight against his father and be a little bit closer to his dream.

Hanzo from Hunter X Hunter

Samurai’s were mentioned earlier so it would be disrespectful if no anime character who resemble their counterpart, ninjas,  is included in this list.   There are several famous anime ninja characters but the decision is a landslide once I remembered Hanzo from Hunter X Hunter.  It’s almost impossible not to love this character because of his laid back personality.  But don’t even think of underestimating this fellow as he can turn serious and deadly in a split second.  Ninja’s in the past handle dirty works like assassination and it also goes true with Hanzo.  The only difference is that this character treats justice and morality before anything else.  This unique trait coming out from ninja who are expected to be emotionless in carrying out their jobs makes Hanzo even more reputable.

Aang from Avatar

How would you react upon knowing that everyone in your clan including the people who raised you were killed?  Would you be brave enough to stand up once more and save the world just like what is written in the prophecy or would you succumb to the depression and pressure of bearing the weight of such a heavy responsibility?  Moving on after the death of a loved one is never easy.  This is why any bald character who managed to do so should be a part of this list.  Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender did not just accomplish such kind of feat but also mustered enough strength to save the world from the evil plans of the Fire clan along his recovery process.  He sure looks and acts like a kid but he never fails to step up and save the day every time it mattered most.


Major Louis  Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist

As you are walking along a dimly lit and secluded alley, you came across with a tall man with bulging muscles and a menacingly serious look in his face.  How would you react?  You should immediately turn around if it’s a person other than Major Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.  This personality greatly contradicts his physical appearance.  By a single glance, anyone would incorrectly assume that he is a single-minded warrior who thinks of nothing but besting an opponent through brute strength.  On the contrary, Major Louis Armstrong is a friendly and just practitioner of alchemy.  He may resort to violence at times but only in dire and unavoidable situations. This strong but disciplined bald warrior deserves not les s than everyone’s respect and a spot in this awesome list!


Naomichi Yamada from Hajime No Ippo

Boxing is an unforgiving sport. Punches thrown in the ring pack enough power to disable an opponent for the rest of his life or in worst cases take his life.  This is why professional boxers all agree that stepping inside the ring for a fight is like dancing a tango with the death god himself.  The known risks makes boxing even more entertaining because no one knows what will happen after the ring bells. Anime shows inspired by boxing like Hajime No Ippo used this unpredictability and all the dramas associated with the sport to gain millions of fans across the globe.  There are several anime characters in the series who are bald but the one that left a huge impact is Ippo’s student Naomichi Yamada.  He started out as a shy and obedient boxer who has nothing but will and determination to cope with his lack of talent.  Surprisingly, after leaving the Kamogawa Gym, he climbed his own way up the ladder and manage to contend Ippo’s title.  He lost but it was not something to be ashamed of. Ippo acknowledge him not just as a friend and apprentice but as a strong boxer after the fight so there’s no way I’ll finish this list without Naomichi.


Jet Black - Bearded Bald Character

In every anime series, there will always be a war-veteran type character who will become the lead character’s master or father figure.  This odd ball will guide our hero towards greatness by sharing life lessons and even imparting a few of his own secret fighting techniques if needed.  Such kind of role is embraced by Jet Black in the classic anime series Cowboy Bebop.  He is the outgoing and capable captain of the Bebop and led the gang in their bounty-hunting escapades.  Jet was once a criminal investigator and earned the nickname Black Dog in the process because of his stubbornness in chasing down criminals.  Several years after and due to unforeseen events, he became a bounty hunter and partnered with Spike who also became his close friend.  This badass bounty hunter should be a part of any list that highlights bald characters in the anime world!

Bald Anime characters meme

Below are some of the popular memes when it comes to bald anime characters. And of course, most of these memes include Saitama due to his popularity.







Are you thinking about getting haircut after getting to know all these badass bald anime guys?  Hold your horses yet because their greatness is far beyond hairstyle of choice.  Before making a drastic decision, honestly do a self-assessment first and you might discover several things about you that can be improved without doing something crazy like shaving off your hair.  Have I missed out the bald character you admire the most? If yes then that’s weird since I’m pretty sure I have mentioned the best ones I could find.  Well, try to prove your point in the comment section below and describe the anime character who you think is a good fit in this list.  As always, SHARE AND SPREAD THE ANIME LOVE MINA!

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