Cute Anime Boys You Would Want as Little Brothers

Cute Anime Boys You Would Want as Little Brothers

Are you looking for a cute anime boy to check out? There are a lot of anime boys you’ll find on the internet and most of them are really cute. This list presents some of them. As what japanese word says they are ‘kawaii’. These boys are cute mainly because of their face and hair. But above all, we find them lovable because of their fun and unique character.

Little brothers are thought of as both gifts and curses.  They can be cute and funny at times but they can also be very annoying.  At some point, their toys will be all around the floor waiting for an unfortunate victim.  They won’t bother flushing the toilet. At night, they tend to make loud noises while playing as if they know you need to concentrate as you study for an important exam tomorrow.

Nonetheless, you can ask every big brother or sister and they’ll honestly say that they won’t exchange their little brother to any treasure in the world. Well, unless it’s at least a million dollars, then they might have second thoughts.  Joking aside, seeing a cute little boy grow to a responsible man and influencing him in the process one way or another can be very fulfilling.  If you’re in search of a cute little brother?  What about those cut anime boys who are very popular nowadays?  Check out this list to know some of them and who knows you might find one who exactly resembles the one you already have or want to have.

Gon Freecss

Having a brother who loves venturing to the woods can be considered a gift from god for adventure seekers. There’s no point to seeing wonderful sceneries and discovering the unknown if you won’t experience it with someone.  Gon Freecss is the best candidate if you’re finding one for this purpose.  He grew up in the country side and his hobby was exploring the woods near his home. Gon Freecss is also a licensed Hunter so he can protect you if dire situations arise.  He is strong and agile. Since he possesses Nen, he can easily sense hostility and keep you safe wherever you want to go. Having a little brother like Gon will surely make your weekend hiking in the mountains extra special.


As a certified anime fan, you probably already watched a few Dragonball Z episodes.    If that’s the case, you might also be familiar with the main protagonist of the series named Son Goku.  He is considered as the strongest fighter not just in his universe but among all universes as well.  Having him as an ally during a fight will surely guarantee victory.  However,  this discussion is not about him but his son, Goten.  He is equally as innocent and simple-minded as his father.  Goten is a typical country boy who loves to play around all day while hating studies.   Having him as your little brother will make your afternoon family times more enjoyable.  His guiltless remarks can be a great icebreaker if ever your family is having a serious discussion.  Although he is cute, just be careful since Goten usually miscalculates his strength.  If you won’t pay this heed, you’ll most likely end up with a bruise or two after playing around with him.


Genki is a boy who loves playing video games. His favorite is one called Monster 200X. It is a game where the player can summon monsters and let them battle in an arena.  Genki was looking forward to participating in the frontlines of the game someday but due to unexpected turn of events he found himself sucked into the game.  There he met new friends and monsters who aided him in defeating the tyrant monster that is threatening the peace of the monster world.  Genki is more than just a video gamer. He also finds joy in playing around with his rollerblades.  He is also brave especially when it comes to saving his friends.  What more if it’s his older brother or sister?


Real magic is something that we dreamt of using or at least witnessing when we were young.  This explains why illusions and magic tricks are very popular forms of entertainment.  But what if your one among the many cute anime boys can use magic? Would you be excited if he turns out to be your little brother?  Aladdin is not just a common magician.  He is prophesized as the savior of his nation.  Alongside with his trusted companions, they embark on various adventurers to free their land from the grip of fear and evil doers.  Having him as a little brother would expose you to the world of magic.  Who knows he might even take you as a disciple so you can also use magic as you please.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

A baby little brother is both adorable and annoying.   A baby can muster cute and innocent expressions effortlessly.  Nonetheless, we can’t simply disregard the fact that taking care of one can be a hassle.  This is true especially if it’s your first time and there is no one experienced to give you tips.  Such predicament would intensify a couple of folds if the baby is not a human but the son of the devil himself.  But don’t get me wrong, he still looks like an ordinary baby but with added special powers and weird servants who would immediately come to rescue him at times of trouble.  This is the situation you’ll be in if you happen to be the older sibling of Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.  Is it misfortune or a gift?  That will be for you to find out but one thing that is certain is that your life will turn out to be a little more exciting and dangerous than usual.

Shinichi Kudo (kid form)

Have you ever hid something from your little sibling?  Was it about the last piece of his favorite cookie you ate and passed the crime to his dog?  Or was it the time when you used underhanded tactics to convince your parents that your little brother is too young to go on a summer trip with you so you can enjoy everything by yourself?  Unfortunately, these tricks won’t happen if your younger sibling is Shinichi Kudo.  He is in fact not a child but was transformed into one after being caught by a secret organization during a dangerous mission.  Although he has the body of a kid, Shinichi still has the mind of a well-known detective.  Having him as your little brother might be a little bit bothersome since you can’t fool him for your own advantage but he can be very handy in solving crimes in your neighborhood or even simple tasks that involve great thinking like answering your math homework.


Younger siblings are fun to be with because they are vulnerable.  You can easily tease and make fun of them. This would force these adorable beings to let out cute and innocent reactions.  Some may call this bullying, but for a truly loving older brother it’s simply spending quality time and sharing good memories with family. But would you still treat your younger sibling in a bullish way if he is a member of the knight order?  Climb for instance is a young knight who is directly under the first princess of their kingdom.  Unlike common knights, he is not a member of a noble family.  Climb started from being a commoner and was elected to his current position through hard work and determination. Can you imagine the possibilities of having a loyal and brave knight-like little brother beside you?  It would be really fun spending a sunny day playing outside with him knowing that you’ll be safe and that you won’t be abandoned regardless how dire a situation may come up.

Kozuki Momonosuke

Samurai warriors are known as respectful but cunning swordsmen.  They have devoted all their life to the way of the sword.  So what would happen if you have one like Kozuki Momonosuke as a little brother?  He can teach you how to properly use a katana but such knowledge would be useless in the current time.  Nonetheless, you’ll surely be thrilled since he can transform into a small dragon capable of flight.  You can wander around your neighborhood or visit wonderful places without worrying about travel expenses.  It’s also safe since there would be no one who would dare harass someone riding a dragon. Lastly and probably the best part of all is that you’ll gain a loyal and lovable ally.  Kozuki has proved in several occasions that he has unequalled determination in guaranteeing the safety of the people he cherishes.

Rock Lee

Does martial art interest you? If that’s the case, then having Rock Lee as a younger brother will definitely excite you.  He is a famous ninja in Konoha who specializes in unarmed combat style.  Others often take him lightly because of his innocent face and relatively small body compared to most of his peers.  Nevertheless, underestimating Rock Lee just because of his looks is probably the gravest mistake you can make in a duel against him.  He is capable of unleashing punches and kicks that can break huge boulders like they are made of soft bread.  Having him as a little brother will not only grant you security but also the chance to learn self-defense so you can also help others.


Who would want an annoying little brother?  The common answer is no one but yours might change if we are talking about Shippo.  He is considered a fox monster but has a human boy figure.  The only thing that would give a hint regarding his true identity is his tail.  Shippo might look adorable at first but his feisty attitude will immediately change your impression about him after a few moments of interaction.  He is not fun to be with to the point that even his close friends want to get rid of them.  So what’s the catch?  What makes Shippo an ideal little brother?  He might hide it but Shippo is actually a caring and sweet kid.  He is frank and insensitive most of the time but he also has a cute and lovable side.

Share this list to your little brother and friends who have their own tiny devil to tease them and see if they deny that at least one of these characters resemble them!

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