List of Pretty Anime Girls: Famous And Less Known

List of Pretty Anime Girls: Famous And Less Known

The anime world is filled with pretty, cute and gorgeous girls. This is the main reason why we created this list of pretty anime girls – to know who’s on top. However, it would also be nice to know some pretty faces in anime who are less known but we are confident they will be popular as well in the future. Thus, this list contains a list of the famous characters, as well as characters who we think, has the potential to be well-known in the days to come.

Famous Pretty Anime Characters

These are some of the most popular pretty women in the anime world you surely have heard about.

Asuna Yuuki: Swort Art Online








Asuna is one of the main characters in the anime series Sword Art Online. She is a rich girl since her father is a former CEO of a big company. However, unlike other rich girls, she is kind hearted and someone whom anyone could easily get along with. In the game, she is a healer, but at the same time, she wants to be in action which earned her the name Berserk Healer. Her long brown hair makes her really gorgeous looking with hazel eyes. Aside from being pretty, what made Kirito fell in love with Asuna is above all her personality. She is kind and is always willing to give her life for the safety of the people who care about.


Inoue Orihime: Bleach








Orihime is a high school student and is one of the closest friends of Kurusaki Ichigo in Bleach Anime. Inoue has a long orange hair with brown eyes. When you look at her physically, one of the first thing you will notice is her nicely curved body plus an above average breast size. She looks pretty regardless of what she wears but what I liked most is her outfit when she was captured by Aizen. She’s not only dazzling but very sexy as well. When it comes to her personality, she is friendly, kind-hearted and most of the time clueless about what is happening around her. However, you can depend on her as she will never leave a friend behind.

Elizabeth Liones: The Seven Deadly Sins








Elizabeth is the third princes of the Kingdom Liones. She looks pretty in her look where only her one eye is shown because the other eye is covered by her white hair. She looks really pretty with her long legs which are high lighted and easily noticeable since she is often wearing a skirt. Her light blue eyes fit well in her really innocent looking face.

Elizabeth is a caring person and wants to settle everything in a peaceful manner. Amidst the war, she is showing care to everyone even to the enemies. Though she is perceived as a weak and fragile character, she has a strong will and personality especially when her friends are in danger.

Erza Scarlet: Fairy Tail








Erza is a young and pretty woman with a long red hair. Her brown eyes look pretty perfect especially when she is in serious mode. She has a slender figure and her sexiness depends on what outfit she wears. Though she looks really cute and pretty, everyone has to watch out since she is a real fighter and can be very dependable on fights when she gets serious. She is usually seen in her armored outfit with blue skirts and boots. Others don’t find her appealing since she has a strict personality which is also the reason why she is feared by other members of her guild. But, when you get to know her more, you will definitely discover a different kind of sweetness in her.

Kagome Higurashi : Inuyasha








This list would be incomplete without the character who won the heart of Inuyasha and she is Kagome. She is the main female protagonist of the anime series. She has a cute and expressive eye which makes her really pretty and adorable. The same as other famous female characters she also has a long black hair.

Less Known Pretty Anime Characters

There are hundreds of supporting characters from less famous shows out there that can rival or even surpass the beauty of mainstream characters. Of course it’s our duty to investigate! One thing that Anime and Manga thought us is to be passionate in everything we do and achieve greater heights in spite of dangerous trials ahead. Fooling around aside, below are the anime girls who are not that popular but still can be considered among the prettiest.

Chitoge Kirisaki

A promise between childhood friends to marry in the future is a common anime scenario.  However, it’s a different story if they both forget the other party’s face. They are only left with mementos of their childhood as clues to know who they made a promise with.  Making the situation even more confusing is a third party who also has the same memory and proofs the she received the same kind of promise. Chitoge Kirisaki is a pretty anime girl who is trapped in this peculiar situation.  She is an innocent and outgoing girl.  Despite looking like an average student, she is in fact the heir of one of the wealthiest and most influential gangs in Japan.


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Levy Mcgarden

Levy is a young mage with blue wavy hair.  She loves wearing colorful bandanas and dresses.  She has been a member of Fairy Tail since 11 years old.  Despite, Levy’s carefree and childish attitude, she is quite dependable. Every one of her guild mates acknowledges and trusts her.  When she was saved by Gajeel during the Edolas Arc, Levy started to feel something strange towards him.  Their relationship turned awkward at first because both are clueless about their feelings toward each other.  The cute and bubbly side of Levy Mcgarden is often displayed when she interacts with Gajeel. Levy is a perfect girlfriend for those who wants a date who won’t mind simple dates or gifts.  Her simple attitude denotes that Levy will be happy as long as she can spend quality time with her special someone.


Loli is justice! If you belong to the millions of loli fans out there, then Shana is an anime character worth looking up to.  She is one of the main characters in the anime series Shakugan No Shana.  Most anime lolis are cute, caring, and innocent. Nonetheless, Shan can’t be described by any of them.  She started out as very cold and uncaring.  Shana is the type that will disregard unnecessary details as long as she fulfills her duty as a Flame Haze.  It was to the point where she considers human life as sacrificial pawns just to maintain world balance. Are you turned off? Don’t be since Shana eventually changes as she meets new friends.  She may not have the typical loli demeanor but she definitely have the cute and irresistible looks that comes with being a loli.


Anime girls are often depicted as elegant maids, skillful elf archers, or typical clumsy and easy-go-lucky students. Lisbeth on the other hand is different.  She is a blacksmith in the Sword Art Online Anime Series.  She first met Kirito, the main protagonist, when he was in need of a new sword. He was browsing the products displayed on Lisbeth’s shop but none caught his interest.  This is why Lisbeth suggested that they look for a better material for her to make a sword that would satisfy Kirito.  The two of them bonded while fighting an ice dragon just to acquire a precious metal.  During those times, Lisbeth’s beauty shined as she displayed both her courage and weakness.  She felt like a princess in distress when Kirito carried her to safety.  If you are looking for an anime girl crush who is strong-willed, skillful, and pretty, Lisbeth should be on top of your choices.

Saeko Busujima

Just looking at the image, you would already know that aside from being one of the prettiest, Saeko, could also be part of the hottest female anime characters.

What would you do if a zombie outbreak happens when you are at school? It’s likely that you’ll panic and run straight towards the main gate and seek for help. This is a normal reaction especially for students who are clueless as to how to properly react during dire situations.  But not everyone would fall on this trap.  A few outstanding students can remain calm and come up with a logical escape plan even when cornered.  This scenario took place in the anime series High School of the Dead and Saeko Busujima is one of the students who successfully escaped from her school.  She is a beautiful protagonist with a nice figure which is highlighted when she eliminates zombies using her peerless swordsmanship.

Akiyama Mio

There bass guitar has a peculiar appeal.  Although not considered as the highlight of a band, bass guitarists play a major role in giving depth and life to a performance. If you are looking for a pretty anime girl who knows how to play the bass and can also sing, then you should get to know Akiyama Mio.  She is the guitarist and secondary vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time in the anime series K-On.  Mio acts mature despite being young but she is easily scared.  Her jumpy personality is often a source of humor in her interactions with band mates and friends.  Aside from being a music lover, Mio also values friendship and won’t think twice in helping friends who are in trouble.

Nao Tomori

There will always be that one friend who wants to capture every interesting moment with a camera.  If an anime girl with this kind of hobby excites you then you should meet Nao Tomori.  She is a member of the Student Council and is always eager to get proof about people having special abilities by recording them. She is a friend of Yu, the main protagonist of the anime series entitled Charlotte.   Nao is not the usual simple and sweet girl.  She is outgoing and energetic.  It’s also common to see her lying just to achieve her goals.  Nonetheless, her petty lies and harsh attitude are not enough to completely hide her beautiful heart.  She was the one who helped Yu get over from the death of a close friend.

Sena Kashiwazaki

What would you do if you classmate treats you as a servant?  Most of you would definitely deny that notion but what if it comes from a pretty girl with long blond hair and captivating blue eyes?  Don’t worry if you’ll feel spell bounded after seeing Sena Kashiwazaki since it’s completely normal to be at awe in front of a princess-like beauty.  It can’t be denied that Sena would have been the perfect girlfriend if only her personality is a toned down a bit.  Unlike most girls of her age,  Sena is stubborn and self-righteous which is probably the main reason why she has no female friends.  Nonetheless, Sena is just like a delicious candy with a thick wrapper.  Beneath the façade of self-centeredness is a girl who simply wants to be acknowledged by her peers.


Have you ever thought of what will you do if transferred to a fantasy world?  Would you take it easy or will you aim to be an achiever in the new world despite the unknown dangers up ahead?  How would you react if the first thing you’ll see is a pretty demon lady?  The main protagonist of the anime series Overlord faced a similar circumstance.  He was lucky to have Albedo by her side at that time. Albedo is not just a pretty face.  She is also strong and responsible.  Albedo is the head of the Floor Guardians in the Tomb of Nazarick.  She acts as the overseer every time Ainz is away.  Leaving her obsession towards her master aside, Albedo is an anime girl who can easily capture any man’s heart making her among the top anime girls in 2018. This is among the reasons why Albedo cosplay is now very popular.

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Do you love fantasy anime girls and princesses? Well, Yona from the anime series Akatsuki no Yona will surely capture your heart since she is the combination of both.  This heroine started out as an ignorant royalty.  She does not know about the terrible things that are happening within their kingdom particularly the impending crisis that would bring its fall.  After one disaster after another including the death of her father, Yona was almost left with nothing.  Despite these misfortunes, her despair was cleared by the presence of Hak.  He is a skillful warrior who possesses unwavering loyalty to the princess.  From that point onwards, both of them started a journey to gather allies and reclaim their lost kingdom.

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