Hajime No Ippo Season 1 Best Fights
Miyata, Ippo, and Sendoh

Hajime No Ippo Season 1 Best Fights

Boxing is a popular sport world-wide. Countless fans across the globe are excited every time skillful and well-renowned boxers beat each other up with precise and powerful punches in the ring. Some of them are even willing to spend a crazy amount just to see it firsthand. With the established fame of boxing, it’s not surprising that a lot of manga and anime creators have tried harboring inspiration from this and thus the creation of many spectacular sports anime. Boxing is a sport that could also be considered martial arts. Among hundreds of titles out there, none can match Hajime No Ippo. This might be a debatable claim especially for those who prefer old-school anime but every otaku will definitely agree that Hajime No Ippo perfectly captured the excitement and drama behind boxing.

Are you among the few who still haven’t watched Hajime No Ippo? Don’t be discouraged upon knowing that this anime title was aired way back 2000.  The animation may not be as flashy compared to the current line up but it will definitely meet or even surpass your expectations when it comes to humor and action. As the series progress, you’ll find yourself rooting for the main character, Makunouchi Ippo without even trying.

He is a lovable protagonist. It’s the typical story where he is a weakling at first and gets stronger as he works hard in achieving his goals but there’s something magical on how it is portrayed in Hajime No Ippo which made it an instant hit. I can’t explain it but you’ll definitely agree with me after watching a couple of episodes. Is the hype not enough? Browse through this list of the Best Hajime No Ippo Season 1 Fights. If these awesome clips won’t urge you to watch the series, nothing will.



Makunouchi Ippo vs Miyata Ichirou

Ippo is a complete beginner in boxing yet he finds himself against Miyata who is regarded as the best in the gym when it comes to technical boxing.  The first match between these two rookies is supposed to be just a form of initiation to test Ippo’s resolve to be a boxer. However, the atmosphere eventually changed as Miyata realizes the incredible potential of his opponent. Ippo is sluggish and has no sense of balance but his punches pack and absurd amount of power. Even his jabs are strong enough to intimidate the composed Miyata.  The result was as expected though. Miyata was able to defeat Ippo but a rematch was decided after three months. Will Ippo’s power added with a few experience be enough to defeat Miyata as they clash the second time around?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Yosuke Oda

Yosuke Oda was once regarded as a strong boxer. He held his pride on his strong straight punch which can easily knock out opponents especially if he gets serious. However, Oda rarely does so. He is not a hard worker and is usually goofing off with his coach’s daughter. He is the complete opposite of Ippo who devotes his time and effort in the gym until his body reaches its limit.  Ippo is excited and his confident about his training but having nerves in your first amateur boxing match is completely normal. But then again, this will be one of his disadvantages among with his lack of experience and overall boxing technique. Will this be an outstanding debut for Ippo? Or will Oda turn it around just in the neck of time?



Makunouchi Ippo vs Yoshio Fujigawa

This time around, Ippo faces a tricky opponent. Yoshi Fujigawa is pretty much an average boxer. However, he uses underhanded techniques like head-butts to turn the tides of battle in his favor. Newcomers like Ippo usually fall prey to this way of fighting. Head-butts are inevitable in boxing especially during furious exchanges but it is another story if it’s intentional. Ippo failed to read the situation and got himself into trouble after suffering from a cut. His enemy deliberately aimed his injury to worsen it and force the referee to stop the fight. Will this be Ippo’s first loss? Or can he somehow surprise everyone with a comeback victory?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Jason Ozma

Jason Ozma is an American soldier stationed in Japan.  Unlike Ippo’s previous enemy, he is a compassionate one. He wants glory not just for himself but also for the people who helped him along the way. He boasts an intimidating physique and a powerful hook that rivaled Ippo’s. The fight was brutal. Ippo staggers every time Ozma lands a solid hook. Normally, such kind of exchange would end with Ozma’s opponent laying on the matt but that’s not the case with Ippo.  He absorbs every blow and retaliates. This is only possible because of his unmatched determination and well-trained body. Is Ozma’s powerful hook enough to beat our hero? Or will it be another hard-earned win for Ippo?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Hayami Ryuuichi

Hayami Ryuuichi is Ippo’s most popular opponent yet. He is regarded as a prodigy. Sports newspapers feature him as an amateur to look out for. Although Ippo has been undefeated, his fights were close ones. Hayami on the other hand overpowers his opponents with his fast and destructive jabs called “shotgun”. The eyes can barely follow his jab making it almost impossible to dodge. Hayami also has good footwork since he trains hard like Ippo. Probably the only deciding factor between these two amazing rookies is their heart. Who wants it more? Will Ippo prove his worth by defeating a prodigy? Or will the odds favor Hayami and his shotgun?


Miyata Ichirou vs Mashiba Ryou

Miyata and Ippo promised to meet in the all-rookie championship. It was supposed to be their deciding match to see who really the best is. However, their plan was derailed because of Mashiba Ryou. Miyata is known for his composure in the ring and amazing footwork. He seems like dancing instead of fighting as he barrage opponents with precise punches.  Miyata also has a trump card. By finding a slight opening as his opponent delivers a punch, he can deliver a devastating blow that is reinforced by his enemy’s momentum. This is known in boxing as a “counter”.  Mashiba on the other hand is the opposite of elegant. He is known to do anything just to win. Mashiba’s perseverance and hunger for winning can be explained by his current financial struggle. He is also a loving brother who vowed to provide for his little sister no matter what. Can Miyata overcome this unsuspected hurdle to fight Ippo in the ring once more? Or will Mashiba upset everyone and be the dark horse of the all-rookie boxing tournament?


Makunouchi Ippo vs Mashiba Ryou

The championship match of the all-rookie boxing tournament has finally come. However, everyone was dumbfounded to see the two unexpected parties. Ippo replaced the highly favored Hayami while Mashiba got Miyata‘s spot.  Various speculations erupted. Although a few sided with Mashiba because of his attitude and intimidating aura, boxing analysts favored him over Ippo. They all believe that it’s impossible for Ippo to establish his fighting range against Mashiba with long arms. Mashiba’s arms are not just long but extremely powerful and fast. His jabs look like whips from a far. Even with good defense and dodging maneuvers, any boxer will find it hard to deal with someone who uses the jab so well. Ippo’s advantage against his previous opponent is his power and tenacity. The latter is a trait that Mashiba possesses. It can even be argued that his willpower and drive to win surpasses Ippo’s.  How can Ippo win against Mashiba? Will this be Ippo’s first huge step towards greater heights in boxing?


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