Most Popular Anime Characters of all Times

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L From Death Note

L is a famous character from the Anime Series Death Note. He is also using the alias Ryuga Hideki. He is a secretive person and often works on with his trusted companion Watari. He is not revealing himself to the world so when he is on television he is simply represented by a capital L. He is untidy when it comes to appearance but don’t let this fool you since he is gifted with great powers on insight and deduction. In other words, he has a very high level of technical thinking and excels when it comes to any kind of analysis. This trait makes him the best detective in Japan or even in the world.

He has unusual behaviors like he prefers to crouch on a chair rather than sit, he has an obsession with sweet foods and he has a different way of holding items especially those related to the case he is solving. From the looks of it and looking on his personality you can say that L is the less-physical type of person. However, this is definitely wrong since he used to be champion in tennis when he was in England where he stayed for 5 years.

You will certainly be amazed after his character is introduced in the anime series. You will immediately see that he is a genius.

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

Kakashi Hatake is the well-known leader who manages Team 7 with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. A lot of anime lovers appreciate his character mainly because he appears to be a care-free person like the rest of us. Not to mention he is usually late for meetings and other appointments. Amidst the easygoing character, he had proven many times that he is among the strongest in the anime series. Enormous power is seen from Kakashi especially when he uses his Sharingan. Though this power is well-known to the Uchiha clan, he was able to receive this from one member of the well-known clan.

Kakashi has the ability to mimic the movement and justsu of another ninja. Aside from this, he was able to perfect his own technique which he called Chidori. The power comes from using lightning chakra and focusing it on one of his hands. Aside from being a powerful ninja for his village Konoha, his main purpose was to train Team 7 and teach them the value of teamwork.

Lastly, he has a very strong rival in the name of Mighty guy.

Natsu Dragneel

If you have heard about the anime series Fairy Tail, you definitely have heard or even know Natsu. He is known to be a Fire Dragon Slayer which is the main reason why his power is using fire. In the anime series, those who are dragon slayers are considered to be among the strongest and Natsu is among the only 5 dragon slayer in the series. When it comes to chacter, Natsu can be very reckless and carefree. When an enemy arrives or threatens them, he doesn’t hesitate to get into a fight even without thinking about the odds. Though he often gets into a fight not only with the enemy but also his comrades, he is still loved by many. He is definitely a loyal friend and will protect anyone he loves no matter the cost.

Enemies are enemies but there are also times when Natsu shows compassion for his enemies. This is the reason that some of the enemies in the series became his friends.

Natsu is in constant pursuit to prove his strength to everyone. This is the reason why he usually challenges others who are even way stronger than him. Even though he often ends up being being by the stronger guys in his guild, he never stop challenging. And even with his loss he doesn’t hold any grudge, instead he uses this experience to make him stronger.

It is also important to note that when Natsu gets into a fight, expect that there will be a lot of destruction in the area. And because of the fact that he gets into a fight, this made him better through time as he develops a strategic mind and could eventually find the weakness of his enemy.

Goku – Dragon Ball Z

I believe every one of us knows Son Goku. On the very first episodes of this anime series, Goku was still a child with a tail who was adopted by a hermit. During this time, when he still has a tail, he transforms into a big Monkey when he stares to a full moon. Goku lost this ability when his tail was cut. His first trainer is Kame-Sen’nin who is a strong martial artist. This is when he met his friend Kuririn. It is also his Trainer that gave him his famous Kinton cloud. On the early stages of this anime series, Goku has a cloud and a magical stick.

Goku then learned how to do Kamehameha. This was surprising since Kame-Sen’nin took around 50 years to master the technique, but Goku immediately was able to copy it after one demonstration only. In time, as Goku grew up, he became very strong showing his inhuman capabilities. He then discovered how to be a Saiyan which is also the name of his race. Since the Saiyan race is a race of warriors, it is not surprising why Goku is very strong and has unbelievable strength and power.

Goku can now transform from different Saiyan levels and as the level goes up so as his ability and power. The same as other anime protagonists, Goku is also a carefree person and doesn’t think about anything aside from fighting and getting strong. As he discovers strong enemies, his desire to be stronger just grew. Even though he gets defeated by strong enemies, it doesn’t dishearten him, instead, his desire to be the strongest keeps him going until he surpasses everyone in the universe. Even to the point of fighting with Gods.

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