Bell Cranel – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Bell Cranel – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Bell Cranel is the main character in the anime series. He is an adventurer who wanted to get stronger in order to serve his Goddess Hestia to the fullest and to catch up to the one who inspires him. He was given the title Little Rookie mainly. This is because he is just a starter. However, amidst being a rookie he was already found with great potentials and has got some commendable achievements.



A younger teenager with white hair and very expressive eyes. I could say that he is cute since I lot of female characters seems him that way and most of them become attracted to him at first meeting. Even though his life is at risk during adventures in the tower, he prefers light weight armors. He wears a high boots, black pants and black long sleeves aside from his armor. He also has a small sword which is a gift from his Goddess.
bell cranel in battle



Bell is your typical shy type teenage boy. He gets shy when there are other people especially girls who want to be close to him. His main concern is helping his Goddess to the best of his abilities, protecting her and bringing the best for their familia. He has a deep concern for people who is very special to him.
The only problem with his personality is his trusting nature. He is easy on trust even to complete strangers. I think he just wants to show other people that they can be who they are in front of him and that he is willing to accept them as who they are. But, this character often leads to dire situations for him.
He has the tendency to help others regardless of the situation and even though it could mean the end of his life. He doesn’t care as long as he commits to what he believes is right.




Fighting Skills

He has excellent fighting skills. And his light armor makes him more agile when it comes to battle. He could easily dodge and attack when needed.
Bell is fast so he could easily get to a certain spot or area where he has a big advantage to strike the enemy.


Liaris Freese

This is the skill that makes him grow really fast. That is why he is able to reach a high level in a faster rate than the usual adventurers. As long as his feelings are strong towards something like his desire to protect his Goddess, this ability will last.



I think this is the handiest skill for a person like Bell. He easily gets into a dire situation; however he doesn’t run out of luck due to this skill. As Hestia mentioned, it is like he has a divine protection. This could also explain why they get a lot of drops when he clears dungeons.



This skill is used to strengthen his attacks. This is very useful for situations where there are very strong enemy and he has to rely on an attack that could defeat the enemy in one strike. Bell is able to use this skill more efficiently as he continues to experiment on it and use it in battle.




Hestia Knife

This knife was crafted Hephaestus who is a Goddess. It was due to a request from Hestia who is the Goddess of Bell. She wants to give bell this gift for him to become stronger and have a better chance of surviving in the dungeon.


The best thing about this weapon is it’s alive and becomes stronger as the wilder continues to grow. This could mean that the possibilities for this knife are limitless as long as Bell continue to level up.
There is nothing much special in the knife when you look at it physically aside from the hieroglyphics embedded in it. Additionally, the knife only works in the hands of Bell. If others use it, it will just be a dull and useless knife.



Prior to having Hestia Knife, the first weapon of bell is a dagger.


Salamander Wool

It’s a red clock that serves as a protection against fire attacks.


Green Supporter

This equipment is a gift from Eina – a close friend of Bell. It serves as a protection and is lightweight which Bell prefers a lot.


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Review

Though there are really a lot of girl characters in this anime that somehow got attached to the Bell who is the main characters, there is a lot more to this anime. It’s not all fanservice.
The whole story of this anime revolves about the main character Bell and her Goddess Hestia. Bell is a rookie adventurer who suddenly became famous due to his accomplishments. The main character easily attracts gilrs not only because of his charm, but also because of his personality. He looks so innocent.



Fight Scenes

If you are after action and fight scenes, then this anime will surely satisfy you. When there are dungeons, there are definitely monsters and adventures and this makes the anime action packed. Aside from sword skills, adventurers can also use magic making things a lot more fun and really interesting to watch.


The anime focuses on how the main character gets stronger as the day goes by and as he slowly climb up the dungeon and meeting stronger enemies/creatures.



There are also a lot of interesting characters in this anime series like Aiz Wallenstein. She is the girl whom Bell idolizes so much because of her swordsmanship. She is one of the strongest characters in this anime series.


The different Goddess in the anime are also very interesting. Though they did not get as much screen time on this series yet, surely for the future seasons, some of them will be highlighted and will make things pretty much interesting. Some of these Goddesses are Hephaestus, Hermes and Freya who seems to be one of the antagonists.
Other characters to watch out would be Mikoto, Asfi, Riveria and Welf.



It is best to mention that the setting of the anime is that of a MMORPG where adventurers level up and gain new skills and abilities. The only difference is that there is no re-spawn, when you are killed in the dungeon, you die. Adventurers grow as they continue to kill monsters as part of clearing parts of the dungeon.
The same as in an RPG game, then a monster is killed, it explodes and leaves gold, gems or items. So if you are a gamer, you would certainly appreciate this anime and would be very much interested to watch it.
This is also the main reason why when I watched this anime, it only took me 3 days to finish the whole season 1.


How about Fanservice?

I am personally not a fan of fanservice, for a find it uncomfortable to watch. However, I think it has become a part of most anime series. For Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, it was just right. It was not horrible for me. The only character with most fanservice is Hestia with her really large boobs, but aside from that, everything is cool.


The title might make you think that there will be lots of panty shots in this anime, but great to know that there is nothing like this in the anime. But still, you will see the face of the main character in the boobs of girl characters, not that often though.


Design and Animation

For me, everything in the design an animation was crafted well. I could give it a 9/10. The first thing you’ll notice when it comes to the character designs is how they were able to make them different. Every main character looks different. You can confirm for yourself by going to this link: Character Design.


So, Is it Recommended?

I would say YES. If given a rating, it would be 7/10. This is no good for those who are looking for lots of fanservice – it’s great to let this know upfront. However, when it comes to story, action, drama and characters, it is something that you would certainly enjoy watching.
Also a heads-up for those who are easily irritated with dumb main characters, I think most of the time, Bell is just so dumb failing to see through things.



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