Who Is Aureole Omega? Overlord’s Seventh Pleiades & Gatekeeper Of Nazarick
Aureole Omega with a short katana

Who Is Aureole Omega? Overlord’s Seventh Pleiades & Gatekeeper Of Nazarick

The third season of Overlord just ended so I know a lot of you are still in the denial stage.  Everyone who stay tuned from the first season wants more.  And it’s a fact that there are a lot of available materials left in the novel for them to use to come up with a 4th or even up to the 5th season.  Sadly, the anime studio behind it rarely extends their work beyond three seasons so it is still a tossup if Overlord’s anime adaptation will continue or not.   But don’t be sad.  Let’s just hope and pray that Overlord’s growing popularity continues enough for producers and other animation studios to make their move.

To at least help you deal with your separation anxiety, why not talk about Overlord characters that did not appear in its anime rendition?  There are a couple of them but the most significant I can think of is Aureole Omega, the leader of Nazarick’s Pleiades Battle Maids.  She is the last born which means the youngest.  It’s true that she has been mentioned only a few times in the novel but her personality and possible abilities awakened the interests of many.



What made Aureole Omega special?

Probably the biggest difference of Aureole compared to her sisters is that she’s level 100. This means she can stand toe-to-toe against Dimiurge, Albedo, Shalltear, and the rest of the Nazarick floor guardians if we only consider power levels.  By being strong, she qualified to be the protector of the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown whenever it is not by Ainz.  This is probably among the biggest responsibilities within the guild because the staff is considered their most precious possession.  The fact that Ainz is confident enough to leave it to Aureoles shows his level of confidence towards the maid’s battle abilities and loyalty.



Will she ever leave the Tomb of Nazarick?

The story is far from over because there are still a lot of questions left unanswered, places unexplored, and figures already mentioned in the previous chapters that are yet to be met by the main characters.  There is always a possibility for Aureole to leave Nazarick to either perform a secret mission or help Ainz achieve his goals.  The rest of her sisters already had their moments and only Aureole and Yuri Alpha are in line to have greater involvement in Ainz’s adventures.  It may be that the two of them along with Mare escort Ainz to the Elf Kingdom.  Intruders from the Black Scriptures may also try to infiltrate the Tomb of Nazarick to know more about Ainz and it will be Aureole’s turn to protect her territory.



Why is she considered one of Ainz’s trump cards?

Ainz’s major concern as he starts to explore the new world is the presence of players just like him.  His worries even grew as Shalltear, the strongest among the NPCs, was brainwashed.  Ainz still doesn’t know anything about the person or item that brainwashed Shalltear.  Can it be done multiple times?  What are the conditions for it to be used?  These questions remained unanswered which is why Ainz takes precautions every time he allows his subordinates to join him in his adventures or fulfill tasks outside the Tomb of Nazarick.   If a player does exist and he/she becomes a threat to their guild, then Ainz will be left with no option but to fight.  He needs as much firepower possible during this dire situation and Aureole Omega can be a great source because she can instantly turn the tides of the battle with her level and commanding skills.



What other abilities does she most likely have?

Aureole Omega can use Gate.  It is regarded as the most advanced teleportation skill.  With this in mind, it’s possible that she can use other skills that allow her to manipulate dimensions and time.  She wears a traditional kimono so she might also have samurai-like abilities.  All of her sisters wield weapons so she should have one as well and a short katana perfectly matches her outfit.  It was mentioned in the novel that she can boost her allies’ stats with a skill so it’s expected that she also has debuff skills in her arsenal.  It will be easy to build an impregnable wall to protect the Tomb of Nazarick with her in the center of the formation along with the rest of her sisters.



Can Aureole Omega defeat a player on her own?

With her level, Aureole can buy some time before falling against a player.  NPCs have limited skills and items so they really don’t stand a chance against players unless they have a great class advantage.  Moreover, Aureole’s confirmed skills are only for supporting and organizing allies so she may have limited abilities that can be handy in a one-on-one setting.   But as long as she can stand her ground for a couple of minutes, she’s good enough to face a player.  Ainz can simply revive her and use all the intel he can get from Aureole’s encounter against the player so he can devise a plan to assure victory.


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