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Top Samurai Anime That you Should Watch

This page will talk about everything related to samurai anime. In the Samurai genre, the main character and other supporting characters as well including antagonists are samurai as well. These guys are sword warriors during medieval Japan.   Top Samurai Anime 2019 Dororo (2019) The top samurai anime in 2019 is no other than Dororo. And it’s not just the best in the samurai genre, many also consider it among the best anime of 2019.  I personally like this anime because of the intense emotion I felt while watching it. I love anime shows that touch the heart, it makes me want to watch it more. About half of the 24 episodes will give you a teary eye. There are a lot of lessons to learn in this anime aside from watching great action scenes.  You might be surprised that the first main character you’ll know is Hyakkimaru. Due toRead More »Top Samurai Anime That you Should Watch

Best Magic Anime Series You Should not Miss

I love magic anime and when its coupled with fighting it becomes more exciting to watch. If you are looking for such an anime in this category, then you’ve landed on the right page. Physical fights plus magic animation makes every action scenes exciting and fun to watch. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic When we talk about magic, one of the most popular anime in this genre is Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. In this anime, you’ll be introduced to dungeons, treasures, Djinn guardians and magicians. The anime is about the journey of Alibaba and a boy who wanted to help him named Aladdin. It’s a shounen anime that you will easily fall in love with. Aside from Magic, there is also a lot of fighting in this anime including fight scenes against animals and other monsters. You will be treated with exciting fight scenes that are done in excellentRead More »Best Magic Anime Series You Should not Miss

samurai anime 2019

Samurai Anime 2019 – Surprisingly There are only Four

As of the time writing this article, I only found 4 samurai anime in 2019. Last year(2018) was better since there are more than 10. Without any delays let us go through these anime shows. Dororo (2019) Date aired: January 7 to June 24, 2019 The most popular and the best samurai anime for 2019 would be Dororo. It is a story of a man named  Hyakkimaru who was deserted by his father who is actually a Samurai Lord. When this man was born, he has no limbs, eyes, nose and even skin, but amidst all this, he is alive. This happened because his father made a pact with demons to grant his desire for power. And with the child’s condition, the heartless king decided to dispose of the child in the river. Good thing this man was saved and now he is on a journey to defeat the demonsRead More »Samurai Anime 2019 – Surprisingly There are only Four

Best Sci Fi Anime 2019

If you are looking for the best sci-fi anime in 2019, we made this list specifically for you. Check this out and you might just find the next anime series to watch in your free time. 10. Cannon Busters Aired: August 15, 2019   This anime is the story of a trio who decided to go on a journey in a dangerous world. The group is spearheaded by SAM “Special Associate Model”.  Their main goal is to find SAM’s best friend Kelby who is actually a prince. In this anime, you’ll be watching out of this world magic and mechs. If you are a fan of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Trigun, then you are in for a treat. You need to watch this and expect great fight scenes. Since the anime is Netflix produced, it has a great visual appeal. Job well done on creating a unique universe inRead More »Best Sci Fi Anime 2019

Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Are you looking for the next martial arts anime to watch? This list is for you. I have compiled all the best and top-rated anime with martial arts action. You’ll certainly agree that the fight scenes of this type of anime series are pretty much exciting and very fun to watch. Plus, if the anime creators did a great job with the animation, it makes things even better.   Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple I would confidently say that one of the most epic martial arts anime would be Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. It’s the story of a guy named Kanichi who has been bullied for a long time and then decided to learn martial arts. The show has a lot of intense fight scenes thus violence is a common scene on most episodes.  The good side is that the violence part is not exaggerated. Its an excellent martial arts animeRead More »Best Martial Arts Anime of All Time

Isekai Cheat Magician Review – First 4 Episodes

Hi Guys, so I was able to watch this new anime series Isekai Cheat Magician today with still only 4 episodes at the time of this writing. After watching all episodes, I decided to make this review to let you know if this anime is worth watching or just a waste of time. Now if you are a fan of isekai anime, this is a good one to watch.   Is Isekai Cheat Magician worth watching?   It’s a big Yes for me. Personally, I love Isekai anime. For those who do not know, Isekai in japanese means ‘different world’ So Isekai anime are also known as “being transported to another world” anime. If you are interested in this type of genre, you’ll definitely love this anime. The story is interesting enough, the animation if well-made and the fight scenes are cool. In general, I would say its bound toRead More »Isekai Cheat Magician Review – First 4 Episodes

Best Romance Anime Series Of All Time

Among the most popular genre in the anime world is definitely romance anime. It is just nice to see anime characters showing love, care and affection. The best thing is all is that these anime series does not only revolve around drama, there is also magic, adventure and comedy. Being an anime fan for a long time now, I have already seen a lot of romance anime series and below I have listed my top recommendation. You surely would have your own list of best romance anime so why not share them in the comment below. But before that, check out the list I have prepared for you.   Golden Time Due to an accident, Banri Tada sadly lost all his memories. Life continues and he was admitted at a Law School in Tokyo hoping to get a new start in life. Here he met Kaga Kouko. After their firstRead More »Best Romance Anime Series Of All Time

Anime Monsters You Need to Know as an Otaku!

In the anime world, monsters take a lot of forms in different sizes and horrifying features. These anime monsters are also the ones who make an anime show more interesting to watch. Check out some of these unusual yet interesting creatures and demons.     Titans  – Attack on Titans     Titans are man-eating giants that vary in sizes from a monster as tall as a house to one that is as tall as a wall. They are the main villains in the anime series Attack on Titan.     Deep Sea King – One Punch Man     This monster is the Lord of the seas. He is one of the main antagonists in the anime series One Punch Man.     Goblins – Goblin Slayer     These goblins are man-eating creatures who torture their victims and do something horrible, especially to women before killing them. These areRead More »Anime Monsters You Need to Know as an Otaku!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie (2018) – It’s Awesome!

As expected of this action-packed anime, it immediately kicked off strong with great fight scenes featuring the past of All Might together with his buddy Dave. I think starting the movie strong and interesting was great which immediately got me hooked. From here, I somehow expected that the move would be a good one. So right of the bat, I would give my hero academia movie 2018 an 8/10 rating – highly recommended. Its a great movie for those who are a fan of this anime series and even for those who have not watched the series yet. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I highly suggest you, but first please watch the movie trailer below before you do so. A Wonderful Start After the wonderful start, the focus came to the story where our main characters – Deku and All Might were invited to a certain islandRead More »My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie (2018) – It’s Awesome!

Bungo Stray Dogs – Fun and Exciting to Watch

Bungo Stray Dogs anime features a small detective agency called Armed Detective Agency where members have supernatural powers, but not the kind of power you expect from Dragaon Ball Z or One Piece, but definitely enough to make the series entertaining and action-packed. The main character is Atsushi who is an orphan and somehow ends up being a member of the detective agency. He will soon discover something unique about him which will change the course of his life. Latest Update: “Bungou Stray Dogs” Season 3 – New PV!! The anime is slated to premiere on April 12 Mood When it comes to the mood of this anime, it more feels like a roller coaster. You will find yourself in a dramatic scene, then it shifts to being serious and lethal. And of course, it also has its comedy scenes in almost all episodes. If you are the kind ofRead More »Bungo Stray Dogs – Fun and Exciting to Watch